Annie Leonhart: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Annie Leonhart - Age: 23 (in 857) Height: 153 cm (human), 14 m (titanium). Warrior Marlya, the owner of the power of the Female. Participant in the operation on Paradise Island. Cadet of the 104th corps, during training took 4th place in the top ten. This allowed her to join the Military Police. Participant in the Battle of Trost. Participated in the war with the Middle East Alliance and the battle in the Shiganshin district. She was directly involved in stopping the Hum of the Earth. Subsequently, the ambassador of the allied countries in the peace negotiations.


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Annie Leonhart: Basic Info

Annie Leonhart: Appearance

Annie Leonhart is a very petite girl with an athletic build. She is blonde with hair just below the shoulders. It is very rare to see them loose, usually Annie collects them in a bun at the back of her head, and shorter strands fall out from her face, forming a fringe framing her face. Annie is most often apathetic or morose. She has a crooked nose and blue eyes that appear darker due to her grim expression.

As a child, Annie wore a gray tracksuit during training with her father and a Warrior candidate uniform during training. On Paradise Island, she wears a milky hooded sweatshirt and dark trousers. Upon entering the cadet corps, she dresses in a standard uniform with the same sweatshirt underneath. She later joins the Military Police and wears their uniform. Annie’s essential accessory is a ring with a sharp spike.

Annie Leonhart: Character

Due to her father’s strict upbringing, Annie Leonhart became an introverted person. It is difficult for her to open up to people and have close relationships. It is extremely rare to see her smiling sincerely. Most of the time, Annie has an impassive expression. Although Annie looks unemotional, she only hides her feelings out of habit. She prefers to be alone, even if that means hiding in a hoodie among a large crowd of people.

Annie values ​​her time, is critical of everything that happens, so she does not seek to work hard where it objectively makes little sense. Annie maintained throughout her studies that she would join the Military Police for the sake of safety and a quiet life. Nevertheless, she respects people who are committed to their duty and their convictions. Annie’s sense of humor can be sarcastic, sometimes even violent.

When Annie loses her composure, she usually reacts aggressively. For example, she beats Reiner for leaving Marcel and for trying to manipulate her to continue on a mission she believes has already failed. In addition, when he forces her to get serious about training, she uses her fighting style against him, keeping him from getting out and forcing him to take up the challenge in front of his comrades.

Annie is very intelligent, able to deeply analyze situations. This helps her to be a good strategist and tactician. At the same time, Annie is not a leader, her potential is fully revealed in solo work. However, she is a bad liar, Eren caught her insincere about her apathy for martial arts skills, and Kenny had no difficulty in recognizing the lie that she was his daughter.

On the other hand, she is very good at recognizing the lies of other people, for example, she feels Armin’s insincerity when he asks her for help in Stochess. Annie is extremely sober about her abilities. She appears to be very focused on her duty as a Marley Warrior, however her true goal is to return to her father. When Annie missed Eren in the Giant Trees Forest, she realized that the easiest chance to return home was gone, and she began to cry.

It is important to note that after being released from the crystal, Annie’s character changes, she becomes more open. She also learns to work as a team to stop Eren and the Yeagerists. She admits to Hitch that she did unforgivable acts, although she usually kept such thoughts to herself. She later tells Armin that she truly appreciates his visits during her four years in prison. Annie also tells him that she sees herself as nothing more than a monster.

Annie Leonhart: Interesting Facts

Annie Leonhart: Famous Quotes

"Confronting the majority opinion requires extraordinary courage," Annie Leonhart tells Marlo Freudenberg in Stoges when they are tasked with guarding the arriving scouts.

"Why can the titans be opposed only by those who are privileged to avoid meeting them? Why such a farce was made of this?" - Annie Leonhart makes Eren Yeager think during hand-to-hand combat training.

"I know that I have many grave sins, but for the sake of returning home to my father, I would commit them again" - Annie Leonhart says after she gets out of the crystal.

Annie Leonhart: The Fall of Shiganshina Arc

When victims in Shiganshin County are evacuated behind Wall Rose, Annie Leonhart is there as well. She stands in line and receives a small loaf of bread as food aid to the refugees. Later, Armin speculated that Annie, in Female form, could send the foolish titans with a cry through the gap in the wall of Maria. However, this conjecture has not been confirmed by anything.

Annie Leonhart: 104th Cadet Corps Arch

Annie Leonhart, Berthold Hoover and Rainer Braun decide to become soldiers and enter the cadet school. At the initiation ceremony, instructor Kees Shadis does not approach the girl to humiliate her. This is due to his ability to see a special sparkle in the eyes of a person, which indicates that he has already met with the titans and knows what he is doing. At one of the training sessions with titan dummies, the instructor tells Annie that she is a loner, but is good at blades and UPM.

After a while, the cadets practice hand-to-hand combat skills, but Leonhart is messing around. She is noticed by Reiner and Eren. Brown tells the girl that she should get serious. Annie is hurt, her face contorted into a fierce grimace, which shocks Eren. Reiner pushes him forward to practice with Annie in hand-to-hand combat. Leonhart takes up a stance and, when attacking, turns out to be more agile than an opponent, knocking him down.

Annie then approaches Reiner and insists that he fight her too. Brown is defeated in the same way that Leonhart defeated Eren. Yeager asks the girl who taught her this, and she replies that this knowledge was given to her by her father. Annie calls hand-to-hand training stupid, because it is not judged. She points out to Eren that the most skilled soldiers are farthest from the Titans, which is paradoxical. He realizes that he has not noticed this before.

Annie launches an attack with another cunning move to prevent the instructor from approaching them. She tells Eren, who is lying on the ground, that this world is absurd, and she is not a fool to follow stupid rules. Annie leaves, and Rainer tells her after her that she is not suitable for the role of the Warrior. After a while, training in the cadet corps comes to an end. Annie Leonhart ranks fourth in the ranking of cadets, which gives the girl the opportunity to join the Military Police.

Annie Leonhart: The Battle of Trost Arc

The day after graduation, the Colossal Titan breaks through Trost’s outer gate. The cadets are assigned to the central detachment, which must support the vanguard. Due to interruptions in the work of the supply detachment, the guys have almost no gas left, and they stop on the roof of the house. Annie stands with Rainer, Berthold and Marko, as they are in the same group. The girl asks Brown what they will do. He replies that you need to wait until everyone is gathered.

Mikasa runs up to them and asks Annie if she knows where Eren is. The girl replies that she did not see him, anyone climbing the wall. Armin states that everyone in his group has been eaten by the titans, which is why Mikasa decides to lead the soldiers and get to the headquarters. Annie listens to her speech with her mouth open. Leonhart follows Mikasa with the rest of the soldiers. They get to the headquarters, from where they see the Attacking Titan.

The soldiers decide to split into two groups according to Armin’s plan: some will go down the elevator and blin the titans with a shot of their guns, others will attack the giants’ weak points from under the ceiling in every way. Annie notes that the risk is the same for everyone: one is wrong - everyone dies. Leonhart is among the cadets who have to attack the titans from the ceiling. In the end, Connie Springer and Sasha Braus miss out of the seven. Mikasa and Annie come to their aid.

Leonhart finishes off the titan Connie, who thanks the girl. Rainer approaches them and says that Annie is very fond of taking risks. The operation is successful, and after replenishing the gas reserves, the cadets go out into the street. There they see the Attacking Titan, who no longer has the strength to regenerate. Reiner offers to save him, and Annie supports the idea of ​​a companion. She says that this titan is capable of becoming their most powerful ally.

However, they notice Eren Yeager emerging from the titan’s body and help bring him down from the wall. They have been ordered not to divulge this information. They are resting with the rest of the cadets when suddenly there is a crash and a column of smoke is seen against the wall. Annie hurries there with Reiner, Berthold and Jean. They see half of the Attack Titan against the wall, surprising Leonhart. However, Dot Pixis appears and takes over the leadership of the military forces.

After a while, the cadets are gathered at the wall. Dot Pixis appears on it and declares that he intends to close the hole in the wall of Maria with the help of Eren, who can turn into a titanium. Part of the soldiers must remain to lure the titans on the Rose’s wall, part is obliged to protect the Attacking Titan at all costs until he closes the gap in the wall with a boulder. The operation begins. Annie, along with her comrades, fights the titans on the streets of the city.

They are divided into teams of three. One of the soldiers explains to the guys that their goal is to distract the titans and lure them into a corner. Annie asks if they are allowed to act on their own in case of danger, and gets an affirmative answer. Leonhart is on the same team with Jean and Connie. Kirstein’s UPM breaks, which makes him the target of the Titans, but Annie saves him.

As the Attack Titan carries a stone to close the gap in Wall Maria, Marco Bott accidentally overhears Reiner Braun and Berthold Hoover talking. In it, they mention that they broke through the wall and in which case they can get out with the help of their titans. Marco asks them to explain. Reiner says it was just a joke and Bott heads out to fight the Titans. He turns around and sees the serious faces of Berthold and Reiner.

Marco lands on the roof of one of the houses. Rainer catches up to him and knocks him down, pushing him to the roof. Annie Leonhart lands there and asks what is going on. They see the Titans approaching. Brown says that Marco needs to be killed and orders Annie to remove the UPM from him as a proof of loyalty to them. She does not want to do this, but obeys. They drop Marco on the roof and fly away. The Titan walks up to the roof, grabs Marco and eats him.

It is curious that after the completion of the operation, Annie Leonhart with the rest of the cadets helps to remove the corpses from the streets of Trost. Reiner watches as she walks from corpse to corpse in shock and apologizes to the people killed by the titans. Brown walks up to Annie and indifferently says it won’t change anything. He reminds them that they should help with the cleaning in order to bury the corpses as soon as possible. Annie says nothing to this.

Annie Leonhart: The Female Arc

After someone killed the titans Sonya and Bina, captured by the Intelligence Corps, all the cadets were gathered to check the UPM. Annie stands next to Armin and Connie. The guys are discussing the upcoming entry into one of the three types of troops. Springer asks Annie what she thinks of Jean’s intention to become a scout. Annie says nothing to this. Connie then thinks out loud whether he should go with her to the Military Police.

Then the girl asks if he will die by order, and receives a negative answer. She says that in this case, Connie is able to independently decide where to join. Annie asks Armin about his plans and learns that he is going to become a scout. Leonhart says he is weak, but he has endurance. Armin thanks her and notes that she is very kind. This greatly surprises the girl.

Armin speculates that she has a good reason to join the Military Police. Annie replies that she just wants to be saved. Armin casts a glance at the UPM that the girl brought to check. The offender was not found among those present. In the evening, Survey Corps Commander Erwin Smith arrives and delivers a speech to the cadets. Annie is interested in his statement that they are closer to understanding the nature of the titans.

Erwin also reveals the plans of the Intelligence Corps to return to Shiganshina. The commander asks those who wish to join their troops to stay. Annie, having learned important information, leaves without hesitation to join the Military Police. The rest of her comrades join the Intelligence Corps, the commander of which is preparing for the 57th Expedition beyond the Walls. Erwin creates a special formation, and after a while the scouts set out.

The right flank is attacked by the Titans brought by the Female. Armin is surprised at the speed of her movements and knowledge of the principle of the UPM. The Titan kills Luke Cis and Dita Ness and then flees towards Arlert. He tries to run away from her on horseback and realizes that this is not a deviant, but a man with the power of a titan. However, the Female catches up with him, removes the hood from Armin to see his face, and then runs on.

Reiner and Kirshtein drive up to him, together they chase the titan. Armin speculates that the Female is a human in the body of a titan and that she also led the unreasonable giants to the right flank. Reiner asks why he thinks so. Armin replies that the Feminine killed for the sake of killing, and not for food as usual. Arlert also suggests that she is capable of summoning titans, and did so when the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan broke through the wall.

Reiner is surprised by Armin’s quick wit and realizes that you need to be very careful around him. Arlert believes that the Feminine is looking for Eren in the formation. Reiner notices that Yeager is with Squad Levi in ​​the right wing. However, Jean says that he is in the left wing, and Armin says that he is in the vanguard. Reiner wonders where Eren really is. Armin ponders and concludes that he is centered at the back of the formation.

Jean offers to distract the Female to buy time. They catch up with the titan, Jean attacks her, but misses and falls, the titan knocks out the horse from under Armin. When the Female swings at Jean, Armin begins to scream that they need to avenge the death of Eren, whom she crushed with her foot in the right wing. Reiner attacks her, but she catches his fist. Brown carves Armin’s information into her palm and breaks free from the titan’s grip.

The female examines her palm carefully. Rainer convinces her comrades that she will not chase after them. Together they escape. Armin notices that the Titan has run towards the rear of the center of the formation. Along the way, the Female kills all the scouts who are trying to resist her advance into the center. Thus, the construction approaches the Forest of Giant Trees. The commander gives the order to enter it only with a convoy of a convoy from the center of formation.

Levy’s squad with Eren also drive into the thicket, which lures the Female there. She catches up with them and misses the opportunity to grab Yeager several times. Reinforcements arrive, with which the titan is quickly dealt with. Despite the requests of the members of his squad, Levi does not give them the order to kill the titan, but only releases a noise grenade. He orders to continue moving forward. The female settles down with the next reinforcements and accelerates.

However, Levy’s squad manages to lure the titan into Erwin’s trap. The Commander orders the Lock-On Weapon to fire, and as a result, multiple cables securely hold the Female. She managed to cover the back of her head with her palms, and is now immobilized in this position. Levi and Mick repeatedly attack the titan’s weak point, but she uses the hardening ability, which only breaks the blades.

Erwin gives the order to set the explosives in such a way that the Woman’s wrists are severed. Levi stands on the titan’s head and convinces him to surrender, because she will not be able to escape, and she has made a lot of enemies. Ackerman says that they will not let her die, but will cut out the titan alive from the body. The female screams, to which the titans from the area run up and eat her flesh, despite the efforts of the scouts to protect her.

In this chaos, Annie manages to escape thanks to the previously prepared UPM and the form of the Reconnaissance Corps. She fires a smoke signal and receives a response from members of Levi’s squad, who have been ordered to hide Eren away from the Female. Erwin suspects that the possessor of the Titan’s power has disguised himself and lurked among the soldiers, so he told Levy to replenish his gas supplies. Annie gets to the members of Levy’s squad, and when they realize that he is a traitor, she attacks.

She first kills Gunther Schultz, and then transforms into a titan a second time. Armin guesses that the owner of the power saw Eren transform into an Attack Titan in Trost. Erd Jin, Oruo Bozard and Petra Rahl blind the Female. She covers the back of her head with her hands, and also leans against a tree trunk for additional rear protection. The soldiers cut her shoulder muscles, causing her arms to drop.

They target the muscles in the neck, not realizing that the Female has managed to repair one eye. She grabs Erd’s mouth and bites his body in half. Then the titan starts to run after Petra and, having caught up, smears her on a tree. Oruo attacks the back of the Female, but she manages to strengthen it with hardened flesh, and then Bozard is killed by a kick from the titan. Eren returns to kill her.

He transforms into an Attack Titan and attacks the Female. Her arm muscles have not yet recovered, and therefore she has to fight back with her legs or dodge punches. The attacking titan manages to lay her on her shoulder blades. The female manages to regenerate and chooses the right moment to get out of the capture. She barely manages to dodge the Attack Titan’s melee attacks.

Seizing the moment, the Female strengthens her hand and hits her opponent in the jaw and starts to run away. However, he stops after a few steps, hesitates for a short time, and resolutely returns to the Attack Titan. With a kick, she blows his head off and gently gnaws Eren out of the back of his head. Mikasa flies to the site of the battle of the titans and sees the Female put Yeager in the mouth and flee.

The Scout attacks and knocks her down, but is unable to cut through the hardened flesh over the weak spot in the back of her head. Levi arrives, and together they chase the Female trying to escape. The captain orders him to focus on saving Eren. Mikase manages to distract the Female, and Levi inflicts a lot of damage on the titan, making her unable to move. They remove Eren from the mouth and fly away. Levy turns around to see the Woman crying.

After a while, Commander Erwin Smith convenes a meeting, which is attended by Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean and Levy. He announces the discovery of a suspect with the power of the Female, as well as a plan to capture him. The commander intends to use Eren as decoy to lure the target into the dungeons. If the suspect refuses to go into the trap and transforms in the city, he must be caught with the help of the Attack Titan.

Eren asks how the commander knows their target will be at Stohess that day. Erwin says that the suspect is in the Military Police there, that this girl most likely killed Sonya and Bean, and she also most likely studied in the 104th Cadet Corps. Eren is shocked by what he hears. But Erwin’s next confession - that the suspect’s name is Annie Leonhart - amazes him even more.

Eren asks Armin to explain his guesses. Arlert reveals that the suspect was originally supposed to have known Yeager by sight and his nickname "suicide bomber", which narrows the circle down to their fellow students. Armin also believes that the same person killed Sony and Bean, which requires the skills of fighting the titans and UPM. During the check of the equipment, Annie provided the UPM to Marco, who recognized Armin that day. Levy asks for the rest of the evidence.

Mikasa points to the external similarity between the Female and Leonhart. Levy is unhappy that they have no direct evidence. Mikasa says their actions will either clear Annie’s suspicion or allow them to capture her. Eren recalls the hand-to-hand combat between the Attack Titan and the Female, and realizes that the enemy was using techniques characteristic of Leonhart. However, he does not want to believe in Annie’s betrayal. It was decided to implement the plan.

In the morning, Annie Leonhart wakes up in Stohess in her room, dresses in the Military Police uniform and goes down to her colleagues. Her neighbor - Hitch Dreis - makes fun of the terrible grimace with which the girl slept. Marlo Freudenberg says Annie relaxed too much. Boris Foylner asks the guys to leave the girl alone and reminds that only she among those present has the experience of fighting the titans.

An officer comes up to the guys and says that today a group of scouts will arrive in Stoges, for which police officers are assigned and they are allowed to use the UPM in the city. The recruits take to the streets, Marlo is outraged by the degree of neglect of the system. Annie says that if people are in power with the same noble goals as his, then everyone will end. The recruits then proceed to their mission and arrive at Stohess’s outer gate.

Annie watches as Marlo is beaten by officers whom he has convicted of a crime. Leonhart approaches them and uncompromisingly asks them to stop. Together with Hitch, they manage to drive the officers away. Annie sees that Marlo reaches for the gun, and urges him to repay the dishonest ones, she also offers her help. However, he hesitates and asks the girl if an acquaintance Annie who looks like him could do this. She replies that most likely he would have done so.

Annie admits she is weak and says that she goes with the flow. Scout carts arrive in Stoges. Annie takes her position and follows her comrades. Suddenly, she hears Armin calling out to her from a dark alley, which surprises her. Annie asks why he is wearing a thick raincoat and learns that under it he hides the UPM. Leonhart demands to know what is happening, and Armin asks her to help Eren escape.

Interestingly, Annie refuses to help, however Arlert claims that otherwise Yeager will be killed. This makes the girl change her mind and she agrees. Secretly, she puts on a ring with a sharp spike. Annie and Armin meet with Mikasa and Eren and perform. Leonhart asks how they would have acted without her help. Armin replies that they would try to climb over the wall to the UPM. Annie believes that it was easier to escape before arriving in Stoges and does not understand the motives behind their actions.

Armin replies that they gain time with seeming submissiveness and at the same time can get lost in the streets of the big city. Annie calls this explanation compelling. Arlert points to the entrance to the underground catacombs. Leonhart refuses to go down and says that he will only help them on the ground. Annie notices that there is no one around, and Armin looks at her with frightened eyes. He asks why she showed the UPM to Marco after killing Sonya and Bean.

Annie says she picked him up, which confirms Armin’s suspicions that the girl is guilty of that crime. She wonders why he was inactive, if he understood everything a month ago. Armin replies that he just didn’t want to believe it, and he also says that because of this, Annie didn’t kill him either. Leonhart agrees with him and says that she didn’t expect Armin to push her against the wall. Eren still hopes that the girl is just jokingly assenting to Arlert.

Yeager invites her to go down and prove that she is not a traitor. Annie refuses and says that she could not become a Warrior. Mikasa interrupts her and prepares to attack. Annie laughs heartily and says that she was glad to be a good person for Armin. She says that their bet was won, but now it’s time to play her bet. Annie brings her hand to her mouth, Armin immediately signals the ambush soldiers. They grab the girl, preventing her from transforming.

However, Annie wounds her finger on her spike ring and becomes a Female. Mikasa manages to drag Eren and Armin to the dungeon. The guys run along it, but the hand of the Female is trying to grab them. Arlert realizes that Annie initially suspected something was wrong with his request. He decides to meet up with the third group and leave the catacombs, and then proceed to the plan, according to which the Attack Titan fights the Female.

The titan kicks a hole in the vault of the dungeons, which makes the guys understand Annie’s willingness to get Eren even at the cost of his death. Armin says that they will be crushed if they continue to sit inside, but they will not be able to get out without falling into the hands of the titan. Eren cannot transform because deep down he does not want to fight Annie. Armin proposes the following plan: he and Mikasa will simultaneously exit through the exit and the hole, while Eren will be able to leave the dungeon through the third exit after a while.

Directly above Eren, the Feminine collapses the vault. Mikasa distracts her while Armin tries to pull Yeager out of the rubble. Reinforcements arrive, but they fail to distract the titan. Jean and Armin manage to provoke the Female and lead her away. They manage to lure the titan into a trap. The Scouts use the Target Acquisition Weapon and Heavy Net to immobilize the Female. Hange Zoe drops down next to her.

The commander brings a blade to her eye and says that it will not be possible to summon the titans and escape. Hange promises to try and squeeze out all the information Annie knows. Upon hearing this, the Female kicks down the target’s grapple weapon and flees. The scouts set off in pursuit. Eren pulls himself together and transforms into an Attack Titan. The female turns around, but does not have time to evade the blow.

She falls on the Wall Cult Church, killing many of its members. Then the Female runs towards the square, where the soldiers on the UPM will be powerless. Eren follows her and wonders what purpose she killed people for. The attacking titan grabs her by the leg and throws her at the houses, and then delivers a couple more precise blows. Annie remembers her father. She forms a hardness on the leg and hits the Attack Titan, which gnaws into this shin with its teeth.

The female pounds on his head with a hardened fist, temporarily immobilizing Eren. However, she does not gnaw it out of the back of her head, instead Annie decides to run away to return to her father. However, Eren’s spirit is so great that the Attack Titan catches up with her with even greater zeal. He grabs the Head of the Female with his palm and squeezes it. She screams in pain and manages to push him away from her with her foot.

The female takes advantage of the moment and makes her fingers harden, turning them into a kind of claws. She starts to climb the wall. Eren jumps to her, but Annie is ready to sacrifice her leg to escape. However, Mikasa meets her upstairs and cuts off the fingers of both hands. The female falls and is attacked by the Attack Titan. He bites into her flesh, while Annie remembers her promise to her father to return to him.

The attacking titan bites off a piece of the Female’s body so that the girl emerges from it. Tears run down her cheeks, she uses the hardening ability and becomes covered with a solid, like a crystal. Hange orders to take Annie to the dungeons. It was decided to transfer the girl to the Intelligence Corps, but she will continue to be imprisoned underground, where the Stohess Military Police will look after her.

Annie Leonhart: Clash of the Titans Arc

During the Attack Titan’s fight with the Armored Titan, Eren recalls training in hand-to-hand combat with Annie. Leonhart put him on his shoulder blades to teach a lesson in communicating with girls and to show that the superiority of an enemy in strength does not mean inevitable defeat. Then Mikasa went to Annie and asked to show her this technique, to which the girl replied that it was for people, but for a monster it might also work. However, Eren could not remember how the battle ended.

After abducting Eren and Ymir, Berthold and Rainer talk in the Forest of Giant Trees. They remember Annie and decide to return home with her. Brown asks a friend to tell her about his feelings when he returns home. Berthold is embarrassed and begins to deny everything, but Reiner chides him for looking at the girl. Brown calls him and Annie a couple of madmen with death just around the corner who are able to perfectly understand each other.

When Armin climbs onto the Armored Titan, he figures out how to get Reiner and Berthold to be distracted. He asks if they are ready to dump Annie and leave. He says that she is kept in the very north of the kingdom underground and is constantly tortured. Armin colorfully describes how the torturers keep Annie on the brink of death and continue torturing her every day. As Arlert suspected, this threw Berthold off balance. However, he said nothing more to the traitors.

Annie Leonhart: The Royal Government Arc

While patrolling the forest, Hitch Dreis and Marlo Freudenberg discuss the Battle of the Titans in Stoges caused by the Survey Corps. The girl says that many that day were never found or could not be identified. Hitch complains that Annie hasn’t returned and her things are arranged as before in their common room. The girl is uncomfortable because of this. Apparently information about Annie Leonhart’s possession of Females’ powers was not disclosed.

When they are caught by the scouts, Hitch blames Levy for the deaths of the residents of Stoges. She recalls that Ackerman studied in the southern branch of the cadet corps, like Annie Leonhart. Dreis asks if they were friends, and she herself replies that the girl definitely had no friends. Hitch seems like she was afraid to communicate with people. She laments that she did not have time to recognize Annie before her disappearance on the day of the tragedy in Stoges. Levy tells her that Leonhart was a Female. This shocks Hitch.

Berthold Hoover and Reiner Braun get to Zeke Jaeger and tell him about the situation, about Annie Leonhart’s separation from them, and about information received from Armin about her capture and torture. The Beast Titan and the Armored Titan battle to decide who will direct their actions. Zeke wins, informing him that saving Annie Leonhart must wait, as capturing Eren’s Coordinate is a priority.

Annie Leonhart: Return to Shiganshina Arc

While waiting for his turn to join the battle in Shiganshin, Berthold thinks of Annie. He recalls the Battle of Trost when they had to kill Marco Bott, and how Reiner forced Leonhart to do it in the name of proving she was a Warrior. Hoover also thinks about Zeke’s opinion about Armin’s words - Yeager believes that the islanders did not capture Annie and do not torture her. The man tried to convince the guys that Leonhart was able to escape and hid.

Ultimately, Berthold agrees to postpone the question of saving Annie for a while, and even rejoices that she will not have to go through the battle with the scouts in Shiganshin with them. Reiner tries to cheer up his friend and says that they need to make the last dash so they can take care of his precious Leonhart. Berthold counters that it’s not about feelings, but Brown notices his red cheeks and says that he has every chance of sympathy in return.

When Berthold infiltrates Shiganshina, Armin tries to talk to him peacefully. They land on neighboring buildings and communicate at a safe distance. Arlert again tries to play on Hoover’s feelings, recalling Annie’s torture. However, Berthold questions the fact of her capture. He says that he no longer cares about the girl’s well-being, and will not be confused at the mention of her or about harming her.

Annie Leonhart: The Marley Arch

Reiner, returning to Marlya, recalls the days when the Warriors were still only candidates. When a fight breaks out between him and Porco Galliard, all the guys, except for Bertholod and Annie, leave. Hoover helps his friend to his feet and tries to cheer him up, he seeks approval from Leonhart. However, she kicks a tree trunk to the side, and responds to her name in surprise and says that she did not listen to them, and then runs away after the rest of the candidates.

After a while, they are trusted by the powers of the titans, Annie accordingly receives the Female. She and Rainer, Berthold and Marcel are solemnly escorted to the port. And of Annie’s guys, one does not wave, but keeps restrained and looks at his feet. By boat, they get to Paradise Island, and then part of the way follow on horseback. In the evening they stop near the place where Ymir sleeps under the grass and earth.

When the titan woke up and ate Marcel, Rainer fled, and Annie and Berthold followed him. The girl kicks Brown and praises him for running faster than her for the first time in his life. She says that they should have killed that titan right away, then they would not have lost the power of the Tooth Titan. The girl insists that they find Ymir together and return home. He and Berthold begin to walk, but Reiner tries to convince them of the need to continue the operation.

Annie brutally beats him and says that everyone thinks only of themselves, like herself. She claims that her goal is to return home at any cost. Reiner succeeds in capturing her and defeating her, he promises that they will all return to Marlya. Thus, it was decided to proceed with the operation. The morning after the breakthrough of the wall Maria, Annie wakes up in the barracks with the rest of the evacuees from Shiganshina.

In the subsequent years of the life of the guys on the island, Annie sneaked into the capital of the kingdom and tried to find out information about the government. One day, disguised, she tracks down Kenny Ackerman. She tries to deceive him with a story about an illegitimate child. When the lie is revealed, Annie escapes through the metropolitan sewer system. She returns to Reiner and Berthold at the Cadet Corps.

The girl again invites them to collect some more information and return with her to Marlia. Rainer counters that this is a bad result after 5 years on the island. Annie asks if he has a plan of action. Brown says they will tear down Wall Rose to lure out the Titan Progenitor. Leonhart hints that his close cadet friends will die, and then tells Reiner that he is sick of him.

They decide to return to the barracks. On the way, Berthold remembers the man whom the guys met after the fall of Shiganshina. He wonders why he told them the story of his encounter with the titans and hanged himself. Annie assumes that he wanted to ease his conscience and find someone who can forgive him. She says that they themselves left Marcel. Berthold believes that the man was looking for those who would punish him. They do not come to a common opinion.

During Annie’s imprisonment in the crystal, Armin often visits her and tells her news or his thoughts. One day he argues out loud whether it was possible to prevent the ongoing nightmare several years ago, when ships with anti-Marl volunteers arrived on the island. Armin shares his regrets about the coming war and the death of many people, about the changes in the character and worldview of Eren.

Annie Leonhart: The War of Paradise Arc

When Eren Yeager gains the power of the Primordial Titan and activates the Rumble of the Earth, the crystal in which Annie Leonhart was imprisoned also dissolves along with the walls. She rises from the dungeon into one of the rooms of the barracks and hides there, as she is too weak for active actions. The footprints she left are discovered by Hitch Dreis and Annie. Leonhart attacks the girl from behind and promises to kill her if she screams.

Hitch deftly throws it over him and says that Annie is as weak as an old woman. Dreis decides to hurry up and return the girl to the basement before she defeats the city again. Leonhart shows the wound on his arm and warns that he can transform at any time. She demands Hitch to fulfill her demands. Although she doubts that Annie has enough strength for this, she helps her down to the stables. Hitch says. that she would be happy to help the girl leave the city so that she would no longer see her face.

Annie reveals that she overheard them with Armin when they visited her in the dungeon. She also says that she heard a message from Eren about his intention to destroy the whole world, except for the island. Hitch saddles the horse, puts Annie on his back and drives her through the city streets full of corpses. Dreis asks Annie what she thinks of all the victims of their big plans and strategies. The girl replies that she was taught from childhood that all deaths are justified outside of Marliya.

Annie reveals that she was abandoned after birth as the child of a gauze and an Eldian. A man with a similar history adopted her and trained her for Marlia’s service, hoping in this way to improve his own life. One day she severely beat him, depriving him of the opportunity to walk, but he was only glad that now the girl was able to kill with her bare hands. Annie admits that she did not understand the value of life.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that on the day the young Warriors sailed to the Paradise Island, her adoptive father knelt in front of her, apologized for his attitude towards her and begged to return at any cost. Then Annie realized her worth and decided to return home by all means. Hitch says that due to the Hum of the Earth, it is unlikely that she will be able to catch her father alive. Dreis takes the girl to the dining room and leaves her wrapped in a cloak for a few minutes.

Annie is eating a pie while Armin, Gaby, Connie and Falco are sitting at the same table with her. They discuss the likelihood of releasing the Female from the crystal when their gaze falls on the girl sitting next to them. Springer can’t help laughing as he stares at Annie with his mouth full. She leaves Hitch a note that she left with the guys. They arrive at the Yeagerist fortress, equip the wagons and, taking Mikasa with them, drive to where Gabi left Rainer.

Hange Zoe, Levi Ackerman, Finger Peak, Elena, Onyankopon and Theo Magat took refuge in the forest. The guys join them, all together they arrange a dinner by the fire. Conversations often turn into skirmishes, long-standing enemies need time to get used to each other. Annie asks the islanders if they can kill Eren. Mikasa counters that this isn’t the only way to stop him. Annie says this is the expected answer.

Armin offers to talk to Yeager. Annie asks about their actions in case of Eren’s refusal to cooperate. Leonhart claims that if the Marli are killed, the islanders will deal with them, and Mikasa will be in the forefront of this. Ackerman takes this with hostility and is ready to fight Annie, but they are stopped by Theo Magath and Hange Zoe. Annie says that she will not try to kill Eren if he agrees to stop the Rumble of the Earth, but otherwise his death is inevitable.

Elena brings up provocative topics. She reminds Annie of the death of the residents of Stohess and hints to Jean that Leonhart and Brown are to blame for the death of Marco Bott. Annie confesses that she took the UPM away from him. Reiner says that the cadet overheard him and Berthold by chance, and he ordered Annie to do it while he was holding him. After Jean beats up the penitent Rainer, the soldiers go to bed.

In the morning they move out in accordance with the plan to the port of the island. The Titan Carrier heads forward to scout the situation, and returns with bad news - the harbor has already been captured by the Yeagerists. Soldiers stop nearby to work out a course of action. Annie offers to transform into a Female and kill opponents to protect the plane. Connie and Mikasa object, Peak says that the Azumabito they need will suffer so much.

The discussion continues, Annie sums up: they need to protect the plane and members of the eastern clan without injuring the Jaegerists who will try to kill them. Leonhart makes fun of this crazy plan. Connie breaks down and screams about the need to save as many lives as possible, and not to commit genocide. Annie says they don’t have to agree with their way of thinking. She assumes that they would not have destroyed the wall of Mary in the place of the Marli.

They decide to seize the ship, to which the plane they need is tied, and, together with the Azumabito members, sail away on it. Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan, Annie into the Female, they fight the Yeagerists. Opponents fired thunder spears at her, but Brown took their blow. They continue to fight, but it is difficult for them. The female’s head rips off. Seeing this, Falco transforms into a Toothy Titan and saves the day.

Mikasa helps Annie board the ship. Then they sail off. Leonhart loses hope of saving Liberio and declares that he wants to leave. The guys are trying to convince her. Annie then asks again if they can kill Eren or not interfere. until she kills him herself. She says she doesn’t want to fight anyone anymore. She goes to the deck to be alone. After a while, Armin rises there, and the girl invites him to sit next to him.

Interestingly, Annie thanks him for coming and saving her from loneliness with his conversations. She asks why he needed it himself. Armin is embarrassed and admits that he just wanted to see her. He asks if she really doesn’t understand, even after so many jokes from Hitch on the subject. Annie is confused too, however she suggests that Arlert was just trying to talk peacefully with his enemy.

She says that he puts up with the company of a monster like her just to try and talk to Eren. Annie gets up, but Armin grabs her hand and asks her to sit down. He reminds him that he doesn’t like being seen as a good guy. He admits that he just dreamed of traveling with friends around the outside world. Annie remarks that he was not as beautiful as Armin imagined him to be. They arrive at the city of Odia.

People left it, so here they stop to prepare the plane. Mikasa brings Annie new gear so she and Rainer can practice using it, and learns Leonhart has no plans to fly with them on the plane. Annie is interested in the girl’s plans, and she admits that she is going to return the old Eren instead of killing him. Leonhart notices that Mikasa is no longer wearing the scarf, to which he is told that Ackerman has him with him.

When the preparations are complete, Annie approaches Reiner and announces that she will sail away on the ship with Lady Kiyomi and the children. Brown apologizes for insisting on continuing the mission after Marseille’s death. She and Annie hug goodbye. Rainer asks to take care of Gaby and Falco. Leonhart climbs aboard the ship and holds the door of the kids’ cabin to prevent them from escaping. They set sail from Odia.

Annie asks Lady Kiyomi where they are going and learns that in a couple of days they will arrive at Hizuru. Leonhart asks if the woman will hide what she knows about Paradise. Lady Kiyomi replies that she will take care of protecting Eldia’s future. She says that she began to appreciate things more important than the development of the clan only when she lost them. Annie remembers her father, childhood, Warrior candidates, cadet school mates, Armin.

Gaby and Falco come up to her, the boy confesses that he saw Zeke’s memory. He asks if the Feminine is actually capable of copying the abilities of other titans by biting off a piece of their flesh. Annie confirms this, the children are delighted. Falco states that due to cerebrospinal fluid, Zika inherited some of the Beast Titan’s powers and feels that he too can fly. Annie is categorically against, as the ship will not withstand the transformation.

However, Ms. Kiyomi is in favor of doing her best. Falco succeeds in transforming into a titan with wings, on his back Gaby and Annie fly to the aid of their comrades. They rescue Jean, Connie, Rainer, Mikasa and Levi at a critical moment. Annie says she’s glad to come to their rescue. She reveals that Azumabito’s ship sank after Falco’s transformation, and Lady Kiyomi and Elena were put into a lifeboat.

Annie demands from Mikasa to focus on saving Armin. Gaby reveals to Leonhart that when she shot Eren’s head off, she was joined by the "centipede" - the power of the Primordial Titan. They decide to behead Yeager. They return the soldier to the body of the Primordial Titan. Annie, Mikasa, Connie and Gaby remain on the Falco titanium. They notice the only resurrected titan in the form of an okapi fleeing from them and understand that it is necessary to destroy him.

Leonhart, Springer and Ackerman jump down to retrieve Armin. Annie transforms into a female and fights the titans surrounding them. She helps Mikasa quickly get to the okapi titan by throwing her like a ball. However, this is unsuccessful. They see him heading towards the reincarnated Colossal Titan Berthold. Annie doesn’t have the strength to fight off so many titans. However, Armin, along with Zeke, asked the deceased comrades for help.

Their titans are resurrected, Berthold’s Colossal Titan rescues the Female. Gaby and Connie manage to extract Armin from the jaws of the Okapi Titan. Annie catches him, Arlert explains that the Titans will help them. He says he transforms into the Colossal Titan in order to destroy Eren. Annie, along with Levi, Mikasa, Connie and Gaby, fly off on the Falco titan. It lands close to the surviving Marli. Annie asks Karina Brown how they got here.

The woman says that they were brought by Mr. Leonhart. Annie notices him, but they do not have time to hug. Because of the vapor emitted by the "centipede", the Eldians are transformed into foolish titans. The girl is thrown back by the shockwave, she transforms into a Female and helps to retain the power of the Primordial Titan. When Mikasa kills Eren, all Eldians become human again, the dead are resurrected.

Annie cries and says that Eren, with the help of Coordinate, wished her to live happily ever after. She notices her father and hugs him tightly. He congratulated his daughter on returning home. The Marli men approach the Eldians with guns at the ready and demand to prove that they are no longer titans. Armin comes out of the crowd, he takes responsibility for himself. Annie is very happy to see him. The island is slowly recovering from what happened.

Three years after these events, Annie, along with Rainer and former intelligence officers, is the ambassador of the peace talks. They sail on a ship to represent the interests of Paradise Island. Annie asks Armin if they can make the right impression given that they betrayed their homeland and killed Eren. Arlert replies that the differences will never go away, but people will be interested to know their history. He believes in a bright future, and the girl listens to him.

Annie Leonhart: OVA-3 Lost Girls

Annie Leonhart dreams of the day she killed Marco Bott in Trost. The next morning, she wakes up with the thought that she must fulfill her obligations, and for this she will have to shed a lot of blood. In front of the girl’s eyes are the numerous corpses of victims in Trost. Annie is mentally preparing for the next day: she must infiltrate the rear of the Survey Corps during the 57th expedition and capture Eren Yeager.

Annie changes into the Military Police uniform and reads a letter from friends who inform her of the upcoming foray into the walls. Hitch Dreis enters the room, she asks why Leonhart wears a uniform even on a weekend, and advises her to compensate for her inability to communicate with people with a pleasant appearance. Annie says she won’t be on patrol tomorrow.

She asks a neighbor to cover her. Hitch objects to the idea that all personal matters should be decided on the weekend. Annie explains to the girl that her meeting is possible only tomorrow, and this convinces her. Hitch agrees to say that Annie is sick, in return she asks Leonhart to find the missing girl in her place. Dreis wonders if the guy Annie is seeing is good-looking. She jokes that he looks like a 15-meter titanium.

At breakfast, Leonhart is researching information on the missing girlfriend, Karlie Stratman. Annie decides to go looking for her so as not to worry about tomorrow’s mission. She visits Mr. Stratman, who accuses her of incompetence and that the Military Police were not looking for his daughter. Annie admits that two police officers were assigned to the case before her. Mr. Stratman scoffs at the fact that a newcomer is taking care of his daughter’s disappearance.

However, he notes that he is ready to confide in her. Annie asks him about the circumstances of the disappearance of Carly, but it turns out that the father knows nothing about his daughter, except that she studied chemistry in college. Mr. Shtratman dismisses the assumption of the kidnapping, since no ransom demands have been received. He admits that he does not understand his daughter, Annie says that this is characteristic of all fathers in the world.

Mr. Shtratman asks why a girl unlike the other police officers went to serve in the Military Police. To this Annie replies that she wanted to hide in the inner lands. To herself, she notes that the man noticed her lies. However, she also realized that he was not being honest. Annie returns to the Military Police headquarters and inquires about Shtratman’s firm. It turns out that despite the financial collapse of his business, he and Carly continue to live in luxury.

Annie decides that this is a strange family, but she realizes that her relationship with her own father is no better. Leonhart recalls training to wear and tear and demanding absolute obedience from her. Annie dawns that Carly should live on her father’s money, but he talks about her daughter as an equal to himself. Leonhart looks through the interrogation records and finds mention of Carly, who was found drunk and sleeping in a bar.

Annie goes there and asks the staff about Carly, but they don’t remember her. The girl orders lemonade and walks over to a table where three men are sitting. Annie guesses that they recognized Carly, but they are not going to admit it. One of the men is acting vulgar towards Leonhart and she twists him and then finds the drug on him. She promises to turn a blind eye if they talk about Carly.

Men say that the girl often visited this bar, treated them to beer, danced and bathed in the good disposition of other visitors. Before she disappeared, she yelled at them, angry over the codeeroin, although she had not previously paid attention to the use of other drugs. The men confess that they decided that Annie came to "bind" Carly because of her money, obviously earned in a dirty way.

They mention that Carly was looking for a fashionably dressed guy with a glass eye. The bartender gives the address of the lover of the missing. Annie arrives in Stohess’s slum and searches for Kampfer Bort. She finds his house and discovers that the door is open. The house is a mess, the window is open. Annie finds a man’s corpse and three boxes of codeeroin under the bed. An angry man begins to break into the door, however, having failed to achieve a result, he leaves. Annie examines the corpse.

The girl finds Kampfer Bort’s ID in his pocket and realizes that he was recently killed. Annie realizes that she will not be in time for her tomorrow’s mission, either if she leaves the corpse in the house, or if she reports it to the Military Police. Annie decides to find Carly and then dispose of Kampfer’s body. The girl recalls how she beat her father because he pressed too hard on her in training. The man praised her for her strength.

Annie surreptitiously leaves Bort’s house and returns to the waiting wagon. There she is met by three armed men, their leader has a glass eye. They take her notes, the ring with a thorn and make her sit in the carriage. The girl’s hands are tied and explained that Annie is not poking her head around. Leonhart says that if she dies, the Military Police will take a firm grip on the case. The leader replies that Mr. Stratman told him about the lack of interest in the disappearance of Karla.

The man also concludes that Annie cannot report to the authorities about Kampfer’s corpse. Leonhart asks if they killed Bort. The gang leader says that the guy has become a victim of his own situation. Annie is informed that they will drown her in a cesspool, and she asks before she dies to return her dear ring to her. One of the gang members - Lou - plays with him to make fun of the girl. Annie provokes him and he cuts her cheek.

She partially transforms into a Female, but the gang leader survives and attacks her with a knife. Annie manages to defeat him, and when she asks about Carly’s whereabouts, one of the gang members shoots her right in the heart. Leonhart falls to the pavement, Lou also shoots the leader. When he leaves, Annie gets up and asks the still living man about Carly. He gives the address and says that Kampfer was going to blackmail the girl’s father.

The gang agreed to help Bort, they found Carly and were waiting for a ransom from Strathman when Annie intervened. The girl comes to the specified address and repels the attack of Lou’s accomplices. He shoots Annie, but misses, she takes away the gun and, threatening them with the guy, says that she was not there, and they never met. He loses consciousness from fear. Leonhart returns the ring to himself, and turns to the sound of the voice.

Annie sees Carly and asks the girl to come home. Shtratman says that the gang extorted the coderaine formula from her, and confesses that they invented the drug that Kampfer was selling. Carly reveals that the business belongs to her father, and the Military Police are supplying the resources for manufacturing. Annie realizes that Mr. Strathman has violated an agreement not to sell codeeroin in Stoges. Carly confesses that she wanted to run away with Kampfer.

The girl also says that she created a drug to support her father’s financial condition after the collapse of his first business. She asks Annie not to report that she found her. Leonhart agrees. After a while, the girls meet on the embankment. Annie gives Carla permission to travel to Wall Rose and they say goodbye. Leonhart visits Mr. Stratman, who welcomes her and shows off his cigarettes of exclusive quality.

Annie asks if he killed Kampfer Bort. He asks for evidence for such a charge. Annie says. that Bort was watching the house and was worried when a policeman entered it. She suggests that Kampfer demanded the money ahead of schedule for Carly’s return, and then Mr. Stratman went to Board and killed him. Annie shows the butt of an exclusive cigarette that she found in the victim’s house.

The man agrees to go to the Military Police, but Leonhart takes him to a purification pit. There they dump Bort’s corpse and things that can betray Annie’s identity. Mr. Stratman doesn’t understand why Annie is helping him cover his tracks. She replies that she is doing this solely for her own sake. He invites the girl to visit him, but Annie says that she will return to her father. She draws up a report in which she sends on the wrong track the next investigator.

Annie Leonhart: Female

The female Annie Leonhart is 14 meters high. It has pronounced signs of similarity to the female body, which is why it got its name. The figure of a titan is anatomically proportional and as close as possible to a human. Titanium is not covered with skin, all muscles and ligaments are visible. The Female has blue eyes and blonde hair, just like Annie’s. The only difference is in the hairstyle: in titanium, they are not gathered in a bun and are shoulder-length.

The previous owner of the Feminine power is not known. Annie inherited her as a Warrior and became the last holder of this titan’s power. She is able to copy the traits of other sentient titans by eating their flesh. The female is capable of shouting to call unreasonable giants. Annie also possesses the skill of strengthening and is able to transform more than 1 time in a row, as during the 57th expedition. In combat, the Female uses Muay Thai techniques that Annie was taught by her father.

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