Armin Arlert: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Armin Arlert - Age: 22 (in 857); Height: 168 cm (human), 60 m (titanium). After graduating from the cadet school, he joined the Intelligence Corps, became a member of Detachment Levi. Participated in the Battle of Trost, the Shiganshin operation, the Marlia war, the operation to end the Hum of the Earth. The last holder of the power of the Colossal Titan. Ambassador of the peace talks on behalf of Paradise Island.


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Armin Arlert: Basic Info

Armin Arlert: Appearance

Armin Arlert is a short, thin youth with an athletic build. He is blond with shoulder-length hair. He wears them loose in the middle in the middle, the bangs cover his forehead and fall over his eyes, later he cuts them "under the pot". Armin has big blue eyes. He wears the standard uniform of first a cadet and then a soldier of the Reconnaissance Corps. As a child, he wore a white shirt, brown trousers with suspenders and a blue sweater. In the form of an unreasonable titan, he had the same hairstyle, no nose, and a frail and disproportionate body.

Armin Arlert: Character

As a child, Armin learned about the outside world and fired up a dream to see it. Because of this, other children thought him strange and was often bullied, but he never responded with his fists. He was too timid and in addition believed that he did not lose if he didn’t run away. Armin could always rely on Mikasa and Eren’s protection, which is why he later began to consider himself weak. He was not confident in himself and his abilities.

This continued until, while studying at the cadet school, friends helped him to raise his self-esteem. Since childhood, Armin has retained an approach to conflict resolution based on peace negotiations. For example, he hoped to stop the Hum of the Earth by convincing Eren. Armin is able to think outside the box and find extraordinary solutions even in the most difficult situations.

This was appreciated by Commander Erwin Smith and his comrades. Armin admires him, as he is able to throw away humanity itself in order to defeat the enemy. However, Arlert himself is very sensitive, he highly values ​​the life of every person and grieves hard the death of innocent people at his hands. Armin does not like to call himself a good person, because he considers it equivalent to a comfortable person.

Armin Arlert: Interesting Facts

Armin Arlert: Famous Quotes

"Those who are unable to sacrifice something important have nothing to hope for change" - Armin Arlert cheers on Eren Yeager during the capture of Annie Leonhart in Stoges.

"People who are able to change something in this world, they all, without exception, have the courage to give up everything that is dear, in the name of a good goal. They are the ones who are able to cast aside even their own humanity, if otherwise the enemy is not crushed" - Armin Arlert says Jean Kirstein in the Forest of Giant Trees during the operation to capture the Female.

"I don’t like the words good or bad. The fact is that, as it seems to me, they only indicate people who are comfortable and uncomfortable for you," Armin Arlert says to Annie Leonhart in Stohess.

Armin Arlert: The Fall of Shiganshina Arc

In Shiganshin, three boys beat up little Armin. He refuses to hit them back because he doesn’t want to stoop to their level. He claims that the guys beat him only because they realize the truth of his words. Armin concludes that he has driven the boys to a standstill. Mikasa and Eren appear from around the corner and chase them away. Yeager brags about his frightening appearance, but Armin counters that Mikasa scared the guys.

Armin refuses his friend’s outstretched hand and gets up, albeit with difficulty, on his own. He then reveals that he was beaten because he said that one day people would have to leave the walls. Armin recalls the royal decision to declare the very idea unacceptable. Arlert learns that Mikasa told Mr. and Mrs. Yeager about Eren’s desire to become a scout, and sympathizes that his parents did not support him.

Armin speaks out about the misunderstanding of the hope of people for eternal peace in the kingdom. He says that the reliability of the walls for a century does not guarantee that they will be able to stand for another day. After that, a crash is heard and the earth trembles, the guys run to the square. Behind the wall, they see the Colossal Titan breaking through the outer gates of Shiganshina, letting the titans in. Eren and Mikasa run towards their house, Armin does not have time to stop them and realizes that it is dangerous to follow them.

Later, Armin and his grandfather are sitting in an evacuation ship. The boy notices Eren and Mikasa with horror on their faces, his grandfather advises him not to touch them. They see the Armored Titan breaking through the inner gates of Shiganshina. On the way, Eren declares that he will kill all the titans, which shocks Armin. They are evacuated behind Wall Rose. In the morning, Armin makes friends and shares with them loaves of bread that his grandfather could beg for them.

When Eren provokes the Garrison soldiers, Armin stops the beating of the boy and asks for forgiveness for him. Yeager promises to kill the Titans, to which Arlert objects that humanity does not have such opportunities now. After a while, Armin’s grandfather is sent for an operation to return the wall Maria, from where he does not return. Arlert decides to go to the cadet school with Eren and Mikasa.

Armin Arlert: Arch 104th Cadet Corps

At the initiation ceremony, instructor Kis Shadis approaches Armin and asks why he entered the school. Arlert introduces himself and reports that he intends to contribute to the victory of humanity. Keys makes fun of the boy’s name and predicts the future of titanium food for him. In the evening, Armin and Eren, along with Connie Springer, Marco Bott and Mina Carolina, watch the punished Sasha Braus. During the conversation, the cadets learn that Arlert and Yeager are from Shiganshina.

After training with UPM, Armin supports Eren, who cannot keep his balance. He advises to stay calm, because even he did it. In the evening, Armin bypasses other cadets with Eren to ask for advice on owning the UPM. They talk for a long time with Berthold Hoover and Rainer Brown. Armin confesses to them that he decided to become a soldier because he was unable to watch the death of ordinary people at the hands of the titans.

Arlert listens to Berthold, who blames himself for wanting to hide in the Military Police from the titans, and says that the ability to value your life is worthy. The next morning, Eren copes with the training at the UPM, which Armin is very happy about. When the cadets are sent to a running class in full gear in a night forest in the rain, he falls behind everyone due to lack of stamina. Rainer takes the backpack from him to relieve his comrade’s workload.

However, Armin does not want to be the weakest and, with the help of willpower, finds strength for a satisfactory result of the assessed lesson. Instructor Kees Shadis says that he is physically weak, but works great as a team. As a result of training, Armin did not enter the top ten cadets, but he mastered the skills necessary for a soldier well. On the evening of the graduation day, Eren speaks out about the possibility of humanity to defeat the titans and runs out into the street.

Armin and Mikasa find him on the steps. Eren confesses to a friend that he borrowed his dream of living outside the walls and seeing the outside world. Then Armin says that he decided to join the Intelligence Corps. He promises not to get under the feet of his friends. The three of them decide to become scouts. In the morning, they watch in admiration as the Scout Corps soldiers leave Trost and meet with Hannes. Then the cadets disperse to carry out assignments for the maintenance of military units.

Armin Arlert: The Battle of Trost Arc

After the Colossal Titan appears outside the Trost Wall, Mikasa and Eren find Armin with a supply of gas cylinders. His whole body is shaking, and he confesses that he does not see any way to repair the gap in Rose’s wall. He panics that this will make the moment of humanity’s destruction a matter of time. Eren manages to calm his friend down, Armin pulls himself together. The cadets are tasked with fighting in the central part of the city and supporting the vanguard.

Armin is in the 34th group along with Eren, Mina Karolina, Thomas Wagner, Nak Tirs and Milius Zeremski. Yeager tells Arlert that he needs to prove himself in the Battle of Trost in order to prove himself even before joining the Survey Corps. This encourages Armin and ignites a spark of excitement in him before the battle. They come forward and see the deviant eating Thomas. Eren attacks the titan and Armin flies after him.

Arlert sees that his friend has been bitten off his leg and stops on the roof of the house. The rest of the 34th group perishes before his eyes. Armin is frozen in horror and then notices that the Bearded Titan is approaching him. The giant swallows it without chewing. Eren hears a friend screaming and recalls how he showed him a book about the world outside the walls and told him about his dream of seeing all the wonders of the world with his own eyes. This brings Jaeger to his senses, and he manages to fall into the jaws of the giant and catch Armin by the hand.

Eren manages to throw him on the roof of the building when the titan bites off Yeager’s hand and eats him. Armin cries and screams in horror. Connie’s group finds him in a stupor. Springer asks him about what happened, but Armin is unable to tell. Ymir tugs at Connie and says that the rest of Arlert’s group are dead. Armin excuses himself and heads for the rearguard.

On the way there, he reflects on the simple structure of the world - the strong overcomes the weak. He realizes that Eren and Mikasa tried to be strong even in such a reality and helped their weak friend. Armin loses concentration and misses the hook of the UPM cable, causing him to fall. He blames himself for Eren’s death. He notices how nearby Hannah is trying to revive Franz, and tries to convey to the girl that she cannot bring him back to life, but she ignores.

Due to an interruption in the work of the supply detachment, the cadets gathered on the roof of the building, losing hope of escape from the remaining gas. Mikasa arrives from the vanguard and finds Armin. She asks if he can go and gets a nod in return. She is also interested in Eren’s whereabouts, and Armin finds strength through tears to report the death of their groupmates. Arlert asks Mikasa for forgiveness that Yeager died in his place.

The girl calms her friend down and convinces the cadets to follow her to the headquarters on the remaining gas. Armin wipes away his tears and performs with his comrades. He notes that Mikasa recklessly uses the gas and at the moment when it ends, rushes to help the girl. Together with Connie, they lift her to the roof on their UPM and learn that the Attacking Titan saved her. Then they see with their own eyes how he deals with another giant.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Armin exchanges gas cylinders with Mikasa, taking an empty one for himself, and asks to leave him a broken blade so that he can commit suicide when the titans approach. However, Mikasa throws out a piece of the blade and says that he will not leave Armin on this roof. He comes up with an idea to use the Attack Titan to break into the headquarters. To do this, you must kill the titans around him. Mikasa and Connie agree.

This plan is successfully implemented, the guys get to the headquarters, where other cadets were able to break through. They later find guns from police supplies and discuss a plan that will allow them to get to the gas cylinders. According to Armin’s idea, they are divided into two groups: one goes down the elevator, luring the titans, and blinds them with shots, the second attacks from behind and kills the giants. Although Arlert himself is not sure of his idea, his comrades support him.

The plan is being carried out successfully: all the titans are dead, no one from the squad was injured. The guys replenish gas supplies and get out into the street. Armin goes up to Mikasa’s roof with Annie, Berthold, Rainer and Jean. They notice Eren emerging from the Attack Titan’s body. What they see shocks them. They help get Eren to the wall. Armin cannot explain that his friend survived, nor that the arm and leg, bitten off by the titanium, grew anew.

He supports him by throwing a hand on Eren’s shoulder and hears him delirious, promising to interrupt everyone. However, they and Mikasa are surrounded by the soldiers of the Garrison, who see them as enemies of humanity. Armin asks Eren to explain everything to the military in order to be saved. He tries to convince friends to act in such a way that they are understood and not feared. However, the soldiers do not believe them and shoot the guys with a cannon. To protect his friends, Eren transforms partially into a Titan.

Armin is amazed that he and Mikasa are surrounded by the body of a titan, inside which even flowers are preserved. Eren comes down to them and shares a plan to return to Shiganshina in order to get into the basement of their old house. They notice that Yeager is bleeding through his nose and realize that he shouldn’t try to transform a third time. According to Armin’s calculations, they have about 20 seconds before the cannon fires again.

He wants to tell his friends that he will go with them to Shiganshina, but worries that he will only interfere again and will not be able to help. He is afraid of losing them forever. Eren turns to Armin and invites him to decide for himself whether he will use what he will now offer. Yeager says that Arlert can convince the soldiers of the usefulness of the army of mankind from an ally in the form of the Attack Titan. Armin doesn’t understand why his friend entrusts him with an important decision.

However, Eren recalls that when the wall Maria was broken, it was he who called Hannes for help, thereby saving his friends’ lives. Armin realizes that he has convinced himself of his own helplessness. He dares to convince the soldiers. Armin steps forward and addresses the soldiers with the words that Eren is not the enemy of humans. He reminds that the rest of the Titans tried to kill the Attack Titan, just like ordinary soldiers.

Armin salutes and speaks of the strategic value of a human being capable of transforming into a titan. However, out of fear, the soldiers are ready, contrary to common sense, to kill the guys. The commander of the Garrison Dot Pixis appears in time and stops them, admiring Armin’s noble deed. Dot, along with Eren, Mikasa and Armin, climbs the wall to discuss everything without unnecessary eyes and ears.

The Commander asks Arlert if he really believes in the possibility of Shiganshina’s return with Eren’s help, or if he only said this to save his life. Armin admits that both took place at that moment. He shares his idea that the Attack Titan is able to lift a huge boulder and close the gap in Trost’s outer gate with it. This answer pleases Commander Dot Pixis.

He explains to Eren that he has no right to make a mistake, but must close the gap. Dot Pixis summons all the soldiers in the square and announces the operation to return Trost. He says that according to the plan, the Attacking Titan with a group of soldiers will go to the outer gates of the city, while the rest will lure as many giants as possible to the opposite corner of the wall. This idea also belongs to Armin.

During the operation, Arlert is on the wall. But when the soldiers see a red smoke signal indicating mission failure, he breaks loose and runs up the wall towards Eren. Mikasa reports the situation to him. He sinks onto the Attack Titan’s back, pierces the back of the head with a blade, and speaks to Yeager. He asks a friend to remember the importance and purpose of the operation. Armin demands him to wake up and save everyone. It is only when he talks about his dream of seeing the outside world that Eren wakes up.

The attacking titan lifts a boulder and carries it to the outer gate of Trost. Armin reports on the possibility of successfully completing the operation. He and Mikase are ordered to be near Eren. They accompany the Attack Titan until a boulder closes the gap. Armin helps extract Eren from the giant’s body. Thanks to the return of the Survey Corps, the remaining titans are destroyed.

Armin Arlert: The Female Arc

Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman are invited to a court hearing, where the fate of Eren Yeager will be decided. During the hearing, it is revealed that their friend does not remember anything about losing control of the titan and hitting Mikasa. When the girl wants to stop beating Eren by Captain Levi, Armin stops her, as he understands the need for this. The judge decides to leave Eren in the care of the Survey Corps.

The guys still have to decide which troops to join. On the day when each evening had to make a choice, the cadets are gathered to check the UPM. The fact is that with his help, someone killed two titans, on which a member of the Intelligence Corps Hanji Zoe was experimenting. Armin stands next to Connie Springer and Annie Leonhart, waiting for her turn. Arlert considers what happened as a blow to humanity and says that the murder of the test subjects is in the hands of the Titans.

Hearing about Jean Kirstein’s intention to join the Intelligence Corps, Armin is surprised. Annie asks what his plans are. Armin says that he is ready to give his life for a good purpose, although he does not want to die. The guys understand that he decided to become a scout. Armin suggests that Annie has a good reason to join the Military Police. However, the girl says that she does it for her own safety. At this time, Armin examines the girl’s UPM.

The Commander of the Survey Corps arrives at Trost and makes a sincere speech to the cadets. Armin is surprised by his frankness and wants to figure out his intentions. He joins the Intelligence Corps. In the morning, the recruits start training. In the first, recruits study Commander Erwin’s long-range reconnaissance plans. However, despite all the details, the location of Eren Yeager is not disclosed to them.

They are told that they are responsible for the spare horses and the transmission of information within the formation. They later meet with Eren, he is surprised to see many of them, especially Connie and Jean. In the evening, in their spare time, Berthold Hoover, Rainer Braun, Ymir, Christa Lenz, Sasha Braus, Connie Springer, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirshtein and Eren Yeager get together to chat.

Jean raises the subject of Eren’s ability to transform into a titanium, and he also mentions that he injured Mikasa. Thus, the guys learn that he did not previously know about his abilities and that he still cannot always control the giant’s body. The next day, the members of the Reconnaissance Corps set off behind the walls on Expedition 57. Armin, Rainer and Jean wish each other good luck and take their positions in the formation. Arlert notices that a deviant is heading towards him and two nearby soldiers.

It turns out to be a Female, she kills the military in front of Armin. He tries to gallop away from the titan, but she is faster than he bargained for. He understands that this is a man in the body of a titan, but is unable to understand his motives. The female catches up with him and removes the hood from him, and then continues to move inside the formation. Reiner drives up to Arlert with a spare horse and explains that he was moving in response to a deviant signal.

Brown asks if he is running in front of them now. Armin declares that this is not a deviant, but a man in the body of a giant. This statement is confusing to Reiner. Jean joins them and informs that the right flag is occupied by a huge number of titans. Armin speculates that the Female is a human in the body of a titan and that she also led the unreasonable giants to the right flank. Reiner asks why he thinks so.

Armin replies that the Feminine killed for the kill, not for food as usual.

Arlert also suggests that she is capable of summoning titans, and did so when the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan breached the wall. Arlert believes that the Feminine is looking for Eren in the formation. Reiner notices that Yeager is with Squad Levi in ​​the right wing. However, Jean says that he is in the left wing, and Armin says that he is in the vanguard.

Reiner wonders where Eren really is. Armin ponders and concludes that he is centered at the back of the formation. Jean offers to distract the Female to buy time. She knocks Armin out of the saddle. He distracts the Female by screaming for the death of Eren on the right flank. Reiner attacks her, but the titan catches him in a fist. Brown carves Armin’s information into her palm and breaks free from the titan’s grip. The guys run away together.

Armin notices that the Titan has run towards the rear of the center of the formation. Brown bandages Arlert, who has suffered a head injury. Reiner then informs that someone will have to stay here as there is only one horse left. However, they are approached by Christa Lenz with two spare horses. The guys notice smoke signals and change course to follow them. Upon encountering a Forest of Giant Trees on their way, the recruits settle down on tree branches at the edge of the forest.

Jean and Armin are standing next to each other. Kirshtein says he thinks the orders they received are stupid. He also hints that in a situation like this, someone might want to take command. Armin is alarmed by such thoughts, but Jean assures his comrade that in this way he simply copes with anger. Arlert is lost in thought and realizes that Commander Erwin planned the capture of the Female.

Jean condemns the commander for the deaths of many soldiers, to which Armin objects that it is easy to reason after the fact, but the choice had to be made at that particular moment. Arlert says Erwin Smith found the courage to take on so much responsibility. Armin understands that the commander had to sacrifice his comrades in the name of changing the situation for the benefit of all mankind. After a while, they receive a signal to retreat through the trees.

Armin believes that if the operation was successful, then it should already be known who is the owner of the Feminine’s power. Jean is surprised that Commander Erwin was able to predict the titan’s behavior. Armin recalls that when attacking Trost, the enemy suddenly stopped the attack and gave Eren the opportunity to close the gap in the outer gate. Consequently, someone who saw Eren’s transformation into the Attack Titan was himself the owner of the titan’s power.

The scouts retreat to a safe distance from the Forest of Giant Trees and organize the return of the bodies of the dead behind the wall. Armin stands with Jean in a wagon full of the dead. Arlert admits that he tries not to think about his death, otherwise he will not be able to continue to fight. The scout corps moves to the walls. After a while, the soldiers notice that a huge number of giants are catching up with them, which cannot be fought with the help of the UPM on flat terrain.

Armin realizes that their only way out is to throw the bodies of their dead comrades out of the carts. So they do, thanks to which the scouts manage to break away from the titans. They return to Trost, under the protection of Wall Rose, to the disgruntled cries of the townspeople. Armin walks with his head down. After a while, Commander Erwin Smith convenes a meeting, which is attended by Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirshtein and Levi Ackerman.

He announces the discovery of a suspect with the power of the Female, as well as a plan to capture him. The commander intends to use Eren as decoy to lure the target into the dungeons. If the suspect refuses to go into the trap and transforms in the city, he must be caught with the help of the Attack Titan. Eren asks how the commander knows their target will be at Stohess that day.

Erwin says that the suspect is in the Military Police there, that this girl most likely killed Sonya and Bean, and she probably studied at the 104th Cadet Corps. Eren is shocked by what he hears. But Erwin’s next confession - that the suspect’s name is Annie Leonhart - amazes him even more. Eren asks Armin to explain his guesses. Arlert reveals that the suspect was originally supposed to have known Yeager by sight and his nickname "suicide bomber", which narrows the circle down to their fellow students.

Armin also believes that the same person killed Sony and Bean, which requires the skills of fighting the titans and UPM. During the check of the equipment, Annie provided the UPM to Marco, who recognized Armin that day. Levy asks for the rest of the evidence. It was decided to implement the plan. Annie takes her position and follows her comrades. Suddenly, she hears Armin calling out to her from a dark alley, which surprises her.

Annie asks why he is wearing a thick raincoat and learns that under it he hides the UPM. Leonhart demands to know what is happening, and Armin asks her to help Eren escape. Interestingly, Annie refuses to help, however Arlert claims that otherwise Yeager will be killed. This makes the girl change her mind and she agrees. Secretly, she puts on a ring with a sharp spike. Annie and Armin meet with Mikasa and Eren and perform.

Leonhart asks how they would have acted without her help. Armin replies that they would try to climb over the wall to the UPM. Annie believes that it was easier to escape before arriving in Stoges and does not understand the motives behind their actions. Armin replies that they are gaining time with seeming submissiveness and at the same time can get lost in the streets of the big city. Annie calls this explanation compelling. Arlert points to the entrance to the underground catacombs.

Leonhart refuses to go down and says that he will only help them on the ground. Annie notices that there is no one around, and Armin looks at her with frightened eyes. He asks why she showed the UPM to Marco after killing Sonya and Bean. Annie says she picked him up, which confirms Armin’s suspicions that the girl is guilty of that crime. She wonders why he was inactive, if he understood everything a month ago.

Armin replies that he just didn’t want to believe it, and he also says that because of this, Annie didn’t kill him either. Leonhart agrees with him and says that she didn’t expect Armin to push her against the wall. Annie laughs heartily and says that she was glad to be a good person for Armin. She says that their bet was won, but now it’s time to play her bet. Annie brings her hand to her mouth, Armin immediately signals the ambush soldiers.

They grab the girl, preventing her from transforming. However, Annie wounds her finger on her spike ring and becomes a Female. Mikasa manages to drag Eren and Armin to the dungeon. The guys run along it, but the hand of the Female is trying to grab them. Arlert realizes that Annie initially suspected something was wrong with his request. He decides to meet up with the third group and leave the catacombs, and then proceed to the plan, according to which the Attack Titan fights the Female.

The titan kicks a hole in the vault of the dungeons, which makes the guys understand Annie’s willingness to get Eren even at the cost of his death. Armin says that they will be crushed if they continue to sit inside, but they will not be able to get out without falling into the hands of the titan. Eren cannot transform because deep down he does not want to fight Annie. Armin proposes the following plan: he and Mikasa will simultaneously exit through the exit and the hole, while Eren will be able to leave the dungeon through the third exit after a while.

Directly above Eren, the Female collapses the vault. Mikasa distracts her while Armin tries to pull Yeager out of the rubble. Reinforcements arrive, but they fail to distract the titan. Jean and Armin manage to provoke the Female and lead her away. They manage to lure the titan into a trap, but she breaks free. Armin with scouts rushes in pursuit of the Female. The Attack Titan appears, Arlert with Jean and Hange watch the battle of the Titans.

Armin notes that Eren has never been able to defeat Annie, despite his attitude. However, on that day, the Attack Titan, along with the soldiers of the Survey Corps, was able to defeat the Female. Armin and the rest of the military watch in amazement as a crystal forms around the opponent’s titanium. Later, Armin with Mikasa and Jean visit Eren. Arlert guesses that Yeager let Annie hide. Then Armin is summoned to testify about what happened.

Armin Arlert: Clash of the Titans Arc

After a while, Armin returns to the room where Eren and Mikasa are talking. He runs in and informs his friends that the Titans broke through Rose’s wall. Commander Erwin is organizing a rescue operation that will march to the location of the troops guarding the former 104th Corps cadets. In the evening, Armin, Eren and Mikasa are waiting in the carriage. Arlert ponders the possibility of the Titans not breaking through the gates, but the walls themselves, which could have been made from the hardened flesh of giants.

Hange, Levi and Pastor Nick also get into the cart, which surprises the guys. Armin asks why the priest is traveling with them, Hanji only replies that they are friends. On the way, Arlert reflects on the fact that other titans are protecting humanity from the titans. He later receives confirmation of this from Hange and discovers the true reason for Nick’s presence on the trip. Zoe shows off a piece of the hardened skin of a Female.

Armin notes that he does not evaporate like the bodies of the titans. He learns of plans to use Eren’s hardening ability to close a gap in the walls. Armin believes that this will bring Wall Maria back and reduce the maintenance of the building materials carts. He notes that this will also allow for faster travel to Shiganshin. He offers to overcome the path at night, when the titans are motionless.

Hange finds this idea sensible. Eren promises to do his best for his part. The scouts reach Germina and prepare to continue the operation in unsafe territory. There, Pastor Nick reveals the identity of Historia Reiss, who lives under the name Christa Lenz. Sasha arrives with a dispatch from the commander. The scouts decide to urgently move to the front line. Levy orders Armin to keep sharing his thoughts with Hanji.

The scouts set out for Utgarde Castle. In the morning they get there and rescue the surviving soldiers. Armin, along with his comrades, is shocked by the news of Ymir’s ability to transform into a Toothy Titan. Soldiers climb the wall. Eren helps Armin climb when Reiner shares his memories of being nearly crushed by the Female in her fist. Berthold invites his friend to return to his homeland, and Brown supports his idea.

Hannes’s squad reports that Wall Rose is intact, despite signs of a breach in it. Armin reflects on the past five years of calm when Eren is summoned by Reiner and Berthold to reveal the possession of the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan’s powers. Yeager recalls that in Hermine, Hange told the guys that Brown and Hoover are from the same place as Annie. They also recall the suspicious behavior of the guys.

For example, when Reiner could give Leonhart information about Eren’s location. Then it was decided not to dismiss the fears and to be on the alert, but not to betray this to the suspects. When Ehren pretends to take Berthold and Reiner’s confession as a joke, they transform. While the Attack Titan is fighting the Armored Titan, the scouts’ attack on the Colossal Titan is unsuccessful.

Armin realizes that he is defending himself with the help of the emitted steam, which makes it impossible to attack with the UPM. Hange decides to wait until the Colossal Titan is depleted. She orders Armin and the first squad to follow her to deal with the Armored Titan. They watch him fight the Attack Titan. Armin tries to convince Eren to retreat so that the enemy cannot kidnap him and achieve his goal.

Arlert retreats to the wall and watches as the Attack Titan defeats the Armored Titan. However, as the last dash, he is substituted for the fall of the Colossal Titan and kidnaps Eren and Ymir. Armin screams after the traitors. First aid is given to the soldiers. Armin sits next to Mikasa and talks to Hannes, who brings him food. The girl comes to her senses, Arlert tells her about the abduction of Eren and Ymir about five hours ago.

Armin also says that it is necessary to wait for the delivery of the horses to the other side in order to pursue Berthold and Reiner. He notices that Eren is destined to run far away from him and Mikasa so that they can catch up with him again. Hannes calls this a bad unbreakable bond. He supports the guys and says that Eren will not allow himself to be humbly taken away and will wait for the help of his friends. This encourages Armin.

The Reconnaissance Corps’ reinforcements arrive. The soldiers gather around Hange and listen to her suggestion that the traitors are hiding in the Forest of Giant Trees. They go there immediately. At the entrance to the Forest of Giant Trees, Armin notices that there was a flash of light in the thicket, similar to the transformation into titanium. He and other soldiers go to the UPM and move between the branches of trees. The soldiers spot the Toothy Titan Ymir Armin is the first to notice that she seems to be looking for someone.

Before his eyes, the Toothed Titan catches History with his mouth and runs away. The soldiers chase her, Armin says that she acts like she is helping Reiner and Berthold escape. The scouts reach the border of the Forest and see that the Armored Titan is carrying Berthold with Eren and Ymir with History. The soldiers change to horses and continue the pursuit. Armin and Jean, Connie, Mikasa, Sasha climb onto the Armored Titan’s body to talk to their former comrades.

Interestingly, Armin is shocked by Berthold’s confession that he and Reiner considered them close companions. However, the traitors are not ready to give up Eren. When Commander Erwin leads crowds of foolish giants to meet the Armored Titan, Armin and his companions leave his body and return to their saddles. Armin tries again to talk to Berthold. He realizes that he can be blackmailed by Annie’s cruel torture. This distracts the traitors and allows Eren to be kidnapped.

Armin saddles his horse and retreats with the rest of the soldiers. The armored titan hurls foolish titans at them. Armin realizes that the enemy is capable of going to Eren’s death. He sees that Jean falls and runs up to him, but he does not come to his senses. Armin pulls his friend close to him and waves his blade away from the approaching titan. Eren uses the Shout, the soldiers have time to retreat behind the walls. Armin speculates about Yeager’s ability to control the Titans.

Armin Arlert: Royal Government Arc

Eren’s comrades from the 104th Cadet Corps became new members of Levi’s squad. Armin helps the guys bring things to the new headquarters. He wonders why they were recruited into the new elite squad, whose goal is to protect Eren. Sasha replies that each of them is good enough for this. Armin notices that Braus is stealing food again, and demands to return it. However, they are interrupted by Captain Levy.

Hanji summons Eren to experiment with the Attack Titan, and Armin is present. After failing to use hardening, Levy says there is still work to be done. Armin remarks in response that the plan for Shiganshina’s return looks unpromising. However, Levy thinks the plan is good, especially if Eren manages to carry it out. The soldiers return to headquarters, Levi and Hange visit Commander Erwin.

After a while, Zoe returns and reports on the murder of Pastor Nick by the Military Police. Armin guesses that he was tortured to find out how much information he gave to the Intelligence Corps. Suddenly Levy receives a message from Erwin. The scouts hurriedly leave the headquarters, allowing them to escape from the Military Police. The soldiers learn that the police are ready by all means to get Eren and History.

Levy decides to travel to Trost and asks members of Hange’s squad to join. Armin and Jean change into the clothes of History and Eren. As Captain Levy suspected, they are being kidnapped. The guys are taken to the warehouse and tied up, one of the kidnappers harasses Armin. Then Dimo ​​Reeves comes to the warehouse with his son Flegel and two subordinates. Mikasa attacks them, Armin and Jean help the girl. Arlert and his comrades return to Levy.

They find themselves in the midst of a battle with the cops. Levi orders Armin and Jean to land on the wagon carrying Eren and History. It is run by a police soldier. She disarms Jean and points the barrel of the gun at him. However, Armin is the first to shoot the girl. The scouts take them out of the wagon, but do not have time to free Eren and History. Arlert vomits, he can hardly bear the realization that he took the life of another person. Armin cries and apologizes.

In the evening, Levi, Connie, Jean, Armin and Mikasa gather around the fire. Arlert tells Kirstein that he shot the girl when he thought Jean was going to die. Armin asks how it happened that he fired first. Levy explains. that the girl hesitated, making a choice - to shoot or not. Jean apologizes for shifting responsibility on a friend in such a matter. Armin worries that he pulled the trigger without hesitation, while the girl was tormented by doubts.

Levy convinces him to accept the fact that Armin will not become the old man. He invites Arlert to think that he saved a friend from death. The captain thanks him for saving the soldier of his squad. The scouts then interrogate Dimo ​​Reeves, who agrees to cooperate. Thanks to this, Levy’s squad later captures the Military Policemen Jere Sanes and Ralph. They are taken to the dungeon, the recruits listen to them being tortured.

Armin says that they all became criminals and kill enemies not because they want to eat them, but because they belong to another unit. Arlert argue that they can no longer be called good people. Hanji rises and says that she learned from the report on the conversation between Ymir and Berthold that Historia Reiss is the heir to the throne. Zoe suggests that she and Eren were kidnapped by Rod Reiss.

The soldiers realize that it is likely that Eren will be eaten to take away the powers of his titan. Captain Levy gives the order to prepare for a sortie into the lands of Rod Reiss. The scouts take refuge in the woods, Armin, Mikasa and Jean return from the city with purchases and leaflets about the dangers of the Intelligence Corps, which were handed out on the street by the police. Arlert says that the Military Police are blocking all roads and asks Levy about the way forward. The captain replies that they have a day to develop it.

Sasha Braus hears that someone is approaching them. Cops Marlo and Hitch find Armin on the banks of the river and take him at gunpoint. He raises his arms and distracts the soldiers as Levi and Mikasa attack them. The police are persuaded to cooperate. Thanks to this, the scouts attack the Military Police post in the forest. They capture one of the captains and interrogate him, but they do not get information about History or Eren.

Hange and Moblit return to Levy’s squad and report that the coup was a success, and that the members of the Reconnaissance squad are no longer prosecuted. The scouts drive to the Rod Reiss chapel. Armin is driving the carriage in which Hanji, Mikasa and Levi are riding. He asks to tell Zoya what is known about Rod. She talks about the deaths of members of the Reiss family and the mother of History and notes that there are a lot of inconsistencies in this story.

It is worth noting that Armin, on the way, is pondering over who gave Eren the power of the Attacking Titan and when he managed to eat it. Captain Levy reveals that Kenny Ackerman will fight on the side of the enemy. Armin says that he is not invulnerable, because he has been in battle only once. They arrive at the chapel and prepare to attack at the entrance to the dungeons. Armin constructs smoke devices from barrels, gas cylinders and oil skins.

He says that he was able to discover the weakness of the police weapons, which the scouts can use. When the operation begins, Armin uses smoke bombs to keep the smoke in the cave and cover his comrades. Hanji is injured. Levi orders Armin and Moblit to help her get out. They see the titan Rod Reiss. Then they help the scouts to get out from under the ruins of the caves.

Armin leads the wagon again until their squad meets with Commander Erwin’s squad. Smith gives the order to advance to Orwood. On the way, History states that Grisha Yeager took away the power of the Titan-Progenitor and gave it to Eren, since there is no other way to save humanity from the will of the first king. Armin agrees with the girl and says that Grisha has thought of everything. After the meeting, it is decided to kill Rod Reiss when he reaches the wall by dawn.

Armin helps make a bunch of explosive barrels. Eren shares his feelings about the horror the inhabitants of Orwood will experience at the sight of the titan, but Arlert objects that now the soldiers are waiting for him. During the attack on the Titan Rhoda, Armin is in charge of the upgraded target acquisition weapon. With its help, they achieve the loss of balance of the titanium. Thanks to this, Eren manages to blow it up from the inside. History is crowned.

Armin, along with her and their comrades, walk down the corridor to watch the girl hit Levy on a bet. Unlike his smiling friends, Armin doesn’t look forward to this moment so much. However, when Levy reacts humorously to the girl’s blow, Arlert and the others are confused. Two months after Historia became queen, she invites the children to the orphanage she maintains.

Armin observes the strict and active girl she has become, and says that he did not represent the queen like that. Armin says that on the streets she is called the Shepherd Goddess. After a while, Marlo Freudenberg was transferred to the ranks of the scouts. The recruit reveals that he criticized Hitch, who remained in the Military Police. Armin calls him a fool. The guys remember that Eren shared his father’s memories of the Intelligence Corps soldier he met.

Yeager also says that he himself is very familiar with this man’s face. Armin makes him wonder if he really saw the soldier in person or if it’s just Grisha’s memories. Eren suddenly realizes that the soldier is Kis Shadis. Together with Hange, the scouts decide to visit him. At the meeting, they learn about the acquaintance of Kees and Grisha outside the walls, the story of Eren’s birth and the circumstances of the transfer of the power of the Titan-Progenitor and the Attacking Titan.

Armin Arlert: Return to Shiganshina Arc

Commander Erwin organizes an operation to recover Wall Maria and Shiganshina. They walk through the forest at night, Armin notices that Eren’s hands are shaking. Arlert asks if he is afraid, to which he receives a negative answer. Armin is not shy about admitting that he himself is terribly frightened by the titans. He asks Eren why he didn’t freeze in horror when they were attacked by a titan in Trost. Yeager said that he found strength in Armin’s dream of seeing the outside world.

The scouts reach Shiganshina. According to Erwin’s plan, they, with Eren’s help, must seal the outer and inner gates of the city, and then kill the remaining titans inside. The Commander sees Armin Arlert giving him signs. He reports that he noticed traces of the enemy’s stay in Shiganshin. Among the things he found were three mugs and a metal teapot. Erwin asks if he had time to cool down, to which he gets an affirmative answer.

Then the commander realizes that the enemy knew in advance about the approach of the scouts and prepared. Erwin considers the main task to be the detection of the enemy, and entrusts this to Armin, appointing him the commander of the search detachment. Smith calls him a trump card up his sleeve. After a while, Erwin notices a smoke signal fired by Armin and approaches him to find out the state of affairs. Arlert argues that the enemy must be sought in the hollow sections of the walls.

It is worth noting that the soldiers consider this idea stupid and do not want to obey Armin. However, Erwin agrees with the young man and reminds the scouts of the need to be flexible in battle with a cunning enemy. Smith gathers all the soldiers on the wall. Armin orders the soldiers to examine the walls for cavities where the enemy might be hiding. Suddenly, one of the scouts reports that he has found such a site. In front of Armin’s eyes, Reiner appears from the wall and kills the soldier.

Behind them, the city is surrounded by the Bestial Titan, the Titan Carrier, and a crowd of foolish giants. Erwin gives orders to the squad leaders and asks Armin to stay. He assigns Arlert, together with Hange, to lead the operation to destroy the Armored Titan. He gives the squadron Erwin’s plan to distract Reiner with an Attack Titan bait. However, he reminds us not to forget about the danger from Berthold, whose location they do not know.

Armin suggests not fighting the Armored Titan near the walls in order to minimize the chances of Hoover’s fatal intervention. When the plan to detonate the Armored Titan’s weak point succeeds, the scouts decide that they have killed Reiner. Armin laments that they could not talk to him and that humanity does not have the technical ability to capture the owners of the titanic power alive.

However, suddenly the Armored Titan lets out a scream, Armin sees a barrel flying towards them and realizes that Berthold is inside. Arlert commands to retreat away from Reiner. However, the enemy does not transform into the Colossal Titan, despite the fears of the scouts, and goes down to his friend. Armin wants to have a peaceful talk with Berthold first. Hoover accepts his offer, but declares that after communication they will die and give Eren.

Armin tries to pressure Berthold by reporting the brutal torture of Annie Leonhart. However, Berthold questions the fact of the capture of the girl. Hoover explains that he no longer worries about the girl. He also reveals the scouts’ plan, which is being carried out while Armin takes time to talk with him. Arlert asks why he agreed to talk if he knew about it. Berthold replies that he wanted to make sure that he did not get emotional before his comrades.

Armin asks if he will kill them because humanity is hellish geeks. Berthold denies this, but says that they cannot live longer. Mikasa protects Armin until the enemy flies away. The girl also stops Arlert from chasing, because at any moment you can expect a transformation into the Colossal Titan. Armin believes that Hoover will not destroy Shiganshina now, because in this way he will kill Reiner.

He offers to meet the enemy in close combat while they can use Brown as a hostage. However, the scouts find the Armored Titan rolling onto its back. Berthold transforms into the Colossal Titan. Armin and Mikasa take cover behind the building. They get to Sasha, Jean and Connie sitting on the Attack Titan. The guys remind Arlert that he is in charge of the operation.

He orders to retreat and receive orders for action from the commander. Armin says that the battle with the Colossal Titan must be fought with attrition. Jean reminds that Berthold cannot be allowed to the internal troops. to save the horses. The guys understand that they will have to defeat the Colossal Titan in the city. Armin guesses that Berthold wants to set the whole city on fire. He confesses that he doesn’t know what to do and asks Jean to take command.

Kirshtein commands him to climb onto the Attack Titan and warns Arlert that he will have to come up with a plan while he himself guides the soldiers according to the situation. When the Attack Titan reaches the Colossal Titan, he tries to stop Berthold, while the soldiers land on the rooftops nearby. However, Berthold throws Eren against the wall with a swing of his leg. Armin watches the Colossal Titan guys attack from the side.

He notices that the steam can even deflect the thunder spears. Armin was losing hope of coming up with a plan of action that could turn their situation from deplorable to winning. Suddenly, he notices that the Colossal Titan has lost weight due to active evaporation. Armin concludes that all tissues except bone are being depleted. He orders everyone to distract Reiner and convinces the guys that he and Eren will deal with Berthold.

Armin reaches the Attacking Titan lying motionless on the wall. He realizes that he will not be able to see the sea with friends if his plan is successful. He manages to bring Eren to his senses. Armin explains that he must pretend to be weak while Arlert distracts Berthold. Under a mantle of steam, the Attacking Titan must leave its hardened counterpart while Armin is held by the Colossal Titan’s teeth with the UPM.

It is important that Arlert tells his friend that he is not going to die until he sees the sea. He looks determined. Armin then descends on the wall, and Eren, following the plan, pretends to slip and fall from the wall to the ground. Berthold swings to kill Armin, but he flies to the head of the Colossal Titan and secures the UPM cables to the giant’s teeth. Berthold exudes hot steam, while Armin holds on with all his might.

Berthold does not understand why Arlert decided to burn alive, he sees the motionless Eren below, not suspecting that this is just a copy of him to distract attention. Hoover decides to accept the sacrifice of a former comrade and end his torment by exuding heat more actively. Despite peeling skin, Armin does not let go of the cables, he mentally bequeaths his life and dream to Eren. The idea that friends can see the outside world gives him strength and courage.

When Berthold considers Armin dead, he stops the evaporation, and then Eren uses the UPM to cut Hoover from the back of the Colossal Titan’s head. Yeager drags him to the roof of the building, where the incinerated body of the still living Armin is also located. Levi arrives there, Yeager is ready to feed Hoover to Armina if he is made an unreasonable titan. Ackerman has already agreed to inject when Flock climbs onto the roof with a breathing Erwin on his back.

The captain is convinced that the commander is still alive, and warns that he chooses to save him. Eren objects, but Levy stands firm: he believes that Erwin Smith is more useful for humanity. He starts a fight with Mikasa. Levy argues that without Smith’s help, humans cannot cope with the Titans. However, Eren recalls all the merits of Armin to humanity.

Flock stands up for Erwin, he talks about the commander’s counteroffensive. Forster talks about how he found him half-dead and wanted to finish him off. However, Flock ultimately decided that he survived to return to life the only hope of people - Erwin Smith. Hanji Zoe also lands on the roof and disables Mikasa. Captain Levy draws liquid from the ampoule into a syringe, Eren continues to persuade him to inject Armin for his dream.

However, Ackerman does not listen to him and orders everyone except Erwin and Berthold to leave the roof so that the operation goes as planned. Levy has to choose between two dreams. As he already holds the needle against Erwin’s vein, the commander jerks his hand. The captain realizes that it is time to let his friend go and injects Armin. He turns into an unreasonable titan and eats Berthold in front of his comrades.

Armin comes to his senses, friends rejoice at his return inform him about the acquired power of the Colossal Titan. Arlert is shocked by this and asks Levy why they chose him. The captain reveals that he was forced by Eren and Mikasa, who face punishment. Armin believes that the commander was supposed to lead the salvation of humanity, but now this responsibility falls on his shoulders. Then the surviving scouts go to Grisha Yeager’s basement.

Hanji orders Armin to stay with the rest of the soldiers on the wall and keep an eye on the surroundings. After their return, they talk about the state on the mainland of Marliya. The scouts return behind the wall, Rosa, and Eren and Mikasa are placed in cells. Yeager finds in his father’s memories his conversation with Eren Kruger, from which he learns about the power of the titans, about the curse of Ymir, about communication through the Paths, about Coordinate. Armin writes down his story.

After a while, Levi and Hanji release Eren and Mikasa from captivity ahead of schedule. Together with Armin, they come to an audience with the Queen of History. She regrets that she could not be with the guys when they were going through difficulties. However, Armin says that her main duty is to stay alive and well. Later, they come to a meeting with Darius Zakclay, where they report everything they could learn about Marley.

When Armin and his comrades descend from the conference room to the first floor, they meet Flock. He complains about Levy’s decision to save Arlert. He considers the choice made to be irrational. Armin desperately agrees with Flock, but Eren reminds him of the dream, this encourages him. The guys are summoned to be presented with medals for services to humanity. Subsequently, the Intelligence Corps began to explore the lands outside the walls.

One day the scouts reach the place where the Eldians were turned into foolish giants. Having overcome this wall, they find themselves on the seashore. Armin is happy, his dream has come true. He picks up a shell and takes it with him as a keepsake. However, Eren does not share the joy of his friend, since dangerous enemies are waiting for them across the sea, instead of the long-awaited freedom. He explains to his friends that they can achieve what they want only if everyone who is opposed to Paradise is killed.

Armin Arlert: The Marly Arch

Armin, along with the rest of the Levy squad and anti-Marl volunteers, has to arrive in Marlya to rescue Eren. Arlert did not enter the city, as his task was to destroy the enemy fleet. On a boat, he entered the harbor and transformed into the Colossal Titan. At that moment he understood how Berthold looked at the world. Armin leaves the titan’s body and is picked up by the islanders’ airship.

On board he is greeted by Hange, who says he has a great plan and asks if Erwin Smith’s spirit has taken over him. Armin says that he would only be glad of this, because after what happened, they will either return to the island with Eren, or their days will be numbered. However, they manage to pick up both Yeager and the rest of the scouts on the airship. Armin helps Eren to his feet and then stops Mikasa, who wanted to stop Captain Levi from beating him.

They are in a separate cabin when Gabi Brown and Falco Grice board. Jean has children bound to them and announces that the girl shot Sasha Braus. Hearing this, Armin, along with Mikasa, ran to their friend. However, she dies in their arms. Armin sobs inconsolably. When the scouts return to the island, Arlert visits Annie Leonhart once again. He wonders out loud if they could have taken a different path when the anti-Marlian volunteers arrived.

On that day, Armin was glad that among the opponents who arrived on the ship were those who were ready to cooperate with the islanders. He participated in the capture of subsequent crews in the form of the Colossal Titan. In the future, they learned a lot about the opponents, were able to develop some industries on Paradise. At that time, Armin expressed doubts about the feasibility of Elena’s plan to intimidate the world with the Hum of the Earth. However, Arlert concludes that there was nothing left for them anyway.

Armin Arlert: The War of Paradise Arc

On one of these visits to Annie Armin wanted to touch her. However, Hitch called him and embarrassed him with her banter. He makes excuses with all his might and asks not to forbid him to come. Hitch escorts him upstairs and discusses Eren with him. He sees the rally and notices Mikasa with whom they go to meet Darius. They are surprised by the presence of recruits in the headquarters. The Commander-in-Chief prevents them from meeting Eren.

This is due to his connection with the anti-Marlian volunteers and his presence in Marliya, about which details are unknown. Armin believes his friend has submitted to Zeke. They are interested in the further fate of Eren, they notice Zakklai’s famous torture chair and worry that it is intended for Yeager. However, Darius says that the recruits foolishly brought him into the office. The guys leave, but they hear an explosion, as a result of which the commander-in-chief dies.

At the meeting about the incident, Armin speculates that the chair that the Recon recruits brought in exploded. Unexpectedly, Eren is reported to have escaped from prison. Hange decides to focus on revealing Zeke’s true goals. Armin with scouts goes to the restaurant where Nicolo works. He goes out to Hanji, Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Jean and Onyankopon. Zoe tells him that he can work in peace, but during the break she would like to talk to him.

Nicolo agrees and escorts them to the waiting room, where high-ranking soldiers usually rest. Armin witnesses how the chef rudely takes a bottle of the famous Marley wine from Jean and Connie. After a while, Armin runs to the noise in the main hall and calls the rest of the scouts. Nicolo asks them not to interfere and uses Falco as a hostage. Ultimately, Sasha Braus’s parents persuade him to let the children go.

He warns that Falco swallowed Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid along with the wine. Armin and Mikasa take Gabi to the next room. The restaurant is seized by the Jaegerists, Eren enters and orders them to keep their hands on the table. Yeager insults Mikasa, he makes every effort to quarrel with friends and convinces them that he is acting of his own free will. Armin punches Eren for this, but Yeager brutally beats him in response.

Yeagerists take everyone out of the restaurant and take them to the fortress in Shiganshin in guarded carts. There they keep prisoners in a common cell behind bars. Elena comes to them, accompanied by Onyankopon and Gris. She addresses them as heroes of Shiganshina and says that this meeting is an honor for her. Elena sinks into a chair and tells the scouts of the plan for an easy death, according to which the Eldians will lose the opportunity to have children.

Jean objects that then they will remain helpless in front of other states. The girl replies that for this purpose it is necessary to transfer the powers of a titan of royal blood and a titan with a Coordinate. Thus, the Hum of the Earth will protect the island. Listening to Elena, Armin Arlert begins to cry. She asks about the reason for the tears. Armin recognizes Zeke’s goal as a noble one, and this explains his emotional impulse.

Elena shares with the guys that she is happy to know that they could understand and appreciate their plan. A soldier runs up to the girl and reports on a spy who has penetrated the fortress. After a while, the prisoners hear a roar from above, indicating a battle of the titans. Onyankopon comes down to them and opens the camera. Unlike his hostile comrades, Armin wants to listen to him. Onyankopon deserves his trust.

Armin expresses the theory that Eren will betray Zika and Elena when their help becomes unprofitable. Connie and the guys go upstairs to help Yeager. Armin decides that they must help Eren and Zika meet. They climb to the roof of the fortress and see the battle between the titans. Armin is in favor of joining the Yeagerists, and so they do. The guys are fighting the Marley soldiers.

Armin, along with his comrades, sees the transformation of Zika, who drank cerebrospinal fluid, into unreasonable titans. He and Mikasa are battling the Carrier Titan when Gaby Brown shoots off Eren’s head. In its place, the Primordial Titan appears, the walls collapse, the Hum of the earth begins. Armin is shocked at the number of giants freed. Suddenly, he finds himself in the Unknown Lands and hears Eren’s appeal.

So they learn about his decision to destroy the whole world, except for Paradis. Jean and Connie fly up to them, capturing Falco, who has captured the power of the Toothy Titan. Springer declares that she will feed the boy to his mother. Armin explains to him that this will lead to a conflict with Reiner and Peak, and insists that he abandon his idea. However, Connie escapes with Falco while his comrades are distracted by the Titan attack.

Armin and other scouts fight the giants, Arlert sees Dota Pixis among them and kills him. When all the titans are dead, the soldiers return to the fortress. Gaby falls to her knees in front of Arlert and begs him to ask Eren to return Connie’s mother to a human form and not to kill civilians outside the island. Mikasa asks about Brown’s whereabouts, but Gabi only says that he is badly injured and unable to move.

Armin realizes that Annie could free herself too. Brown and Arlert ride out in search of Connie and Falco. They arrive in Ragako, where Springer trickery into feeding Grice to his mother. Armin is ready to sacrifice himself and jumps into the titan’s jaws, but Connie saves his friend and Falco. Springer admits his mistake and regrets what he did. The four of them go out to eat, where they meet Annie Leonhart and decide to find Reiner.

Together with Mikasa, in two carts, they leave for the place where Gaby left her brother. There they find him, and then join in the forest with Hange, Levi, Peak, Theo, Elena, Onyankopon and Jean. They are having a dinner by the fire. Annie asks if they are ready to kill Eren. Armin objects to the girl, because he considers it more correct to talk to a friend first. Elena then raises controversial issues, including reminding Armin of those killed at the hands of his Colossal Titan.

Arlert does not react to this, then everyone goes to bed, and in the morning the soldiers get together and move. They arrive at the port of Paradise, which is occupied by the Jaegerists. The soldiers are developing a plan. Armin and Connie ride horses into the square and call Flock to report to him about the Titan Carrier and the Armored Titan that have jumped into the ocean. They then rush to the flying ship, where they see Daz and Samuel with bombs.

The Yeagerists open fire and shoot Armin. Connie deals with former comrades, the rest of the scouts, along with the titans, deal with the Yeagerists. Theo Magath helps Armin board the ship. Annie invites him to sit next to him and thanks him for the visits during her imprisonment. She asks why he needed it himself. Armin is embarrassed and admits that he just wanted to see her. He asks if she really doesn’t understand, even after so many jokes from Hitch on the subject.

Annie is confused too, however she suggests that Arlert was just trying to talk peacefully with his enemy. She says that he puts up with the company of a monster like her just to try and talk to Eren. Annie gets up, but Armin grabs her hand and asks her to sit down. He reminds him that he doesn’t like being seen as a good guy. He admits that he just dreamed of traveling with friends around the outside world.

Annie remarks that he was not as beautiful as Armin imagined him to be. The soldiers sail on the ship to Odia, where they alert the aircraft. The rumble of the earth approaches, and Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Reiner, Peak, Levi and Onyankopon fly towards the Primordial Titan. Suddenly, the comrades find themselves in the Unknown Lands, where Eren tells them that in order to stop Ghul, they must kill him.

They reach Eren and Zeke’s whereabouts and jump down from the plane. On the body of the Firstborn, they have to fight the titans. Armin guesses that Zeke hid his real body, forcing Arlert to decide to blow everything up with his transformation into a Colossal Titan. However, the titan okapi swallows it. Armin finds himself in the Unknown Lands, where he meets Zeke. Arlert learns from him the story of the appearance of the Primordial Titan.

Armin wants to help his friends with something, he and Zeke manage to convince the dead Eldians to rebel and fight on their side. Gaby and Connie manage to extract Armin from the jaws of the Okapi Titan. Annie catches him, Arlert explains that the Titans will help them. He says he transforms into the Colossal Titan in order to destroy Eren. When his comrades fly away to a safe distance, he sets off an explosion.

However, this does not kill Eren, as the Colossal Titan and the Primordial Titan fight each other. Thanks to a successful blow from Armin, Mikase manages to chop off Eren’s head. Arlert recalls how he and Yeager met in the Unknown Lands and talked about their motives. Armin scolded Eren for ignoring Mikasa’s love. Yeager admitted that he would like to live with her and with his friends life. Armin realizes that he has been forced to fulfill his role for humanity.

Arlert wakes up and sees Mikasa carrying Eren’s head. He cries and says that every choice of Eren has led to such an outcome. All Eldians become human again, the dead are resurrected. The Marli men come up to them with guns at the ready and demand to prove that they are no longer titans. Armin emerges from the crowd, he calms the soldiers down and takes responsibility and honor for killing Eren himself.

Three years after these events, he is the ambassador of the peace talks. They sail on a ship to represent the interests of Paradise Island. Annie asks Armin if they can make the right impression given that they betrayed their homeland and killed Eren. Arlert replies that the differences will never go away, but people will be interested to know their history. He believes in a bright future for the island thanks to Queen History.

Armin Arlert: Colossal Titan

Armin Arlert’s colossal titan is 60 meters high. Anatomically, it is close in proportion to a human. However, he has slender arms hanging down to his knees, but very muscular legs with short, steady feet. His ribcage bones, ribs protrude. The Colossal Titan’s body is not covered with skin, in some places it is replaced by bone tissue. His eyes are deep-set, which gives him a sad look.

He does not have an external nose; instead, the nasal cavity is visible. He has lips, but teeth on his cheeks are not covered with flesh. Armin gained the power of the Colossal Titan by eating Berthold Hoover. Arlert became the last owner of the Colossal Titan. He is able to exude hot steam using the tissues of his body, which allows him to incinerate everything that is nearby. Titanium’s transformation is like an explosion.

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