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Connie Springer: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Connie Springer - Age: 22; Height: 180 cm. Cadet of the 104th corps, during training he took 8th place in the top ten. At first he planned to serve in the Military Police, but joined the Reconnaissance Detachment. Member of Squad Levy. A close friend of Sasha Braus. Participated in the Battle of Trost, the operation in Shiganshin, the war with Marlia. Ambassador of the allied countries in peace negotiations.


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  12. Marley Arch
  13. The War of Paradise Arc

Connie Springer: Basic Info

Connie Springer: Appearance

Connie Springer is a diminutive young man. He has a short stature and slender, but like all soldiers, an athletic physique. Connie’s hair is close to an ash blonde, he cuts it very short - the length is only a few millimeters. His eyes are green. Connie dresses up in the standard uniform of first the Cadet Corps and then the Reconnaissance Corps. In his spare time, he wears brown trousers and a long green T-shirt with a belt over it.

By the events of the war with Marlia, Connie grows her hair a little, moreover, leaving her haircut rather short. After the operation in Shiganshin, he receives a green award badge, which the soldiers wear on a string around their necks. He dons a white shirt for the new Scout Corps uniform, both casual and combat, but still wears a green jersey underneath.

Connie Springer: Character

While studying at the cadet corps, Connie Springer is very sociable, active, a little boastful, he likes to be in the spotlight. In addition to this, he is absent-minded, careless, lazy and even stupid. After several battles with the Titans, his fervor diminished. Connie does not become serious, but seeks to understand the reality around him and to help his comrades, while remaining optimistic.

It is interesting that sometimes it became obvious that he hides pain, doubts, and fears behind humor and cheerfulness. Denial is another common response to stress. For example, when Berthold and Rainer betrayed him, Connie tried to talk to them, to justify them in his own eyes. Springer strove to preserve the safe world that he imagined, despite what was happening around him. This became his weak point.

After many tragedies, especially the transformation of his mother into an unreasonable titan, Connie became more aggressive and impulsive. His character has become more solid, allowing him to act violently in his personal interests or for the benefit of his loved ones. For example, Connie tricked Falco to his mother to feed him to her. However, Springer considered his friends to be his family and therefore remained a reliable support for them in any circumstances.

Connie Springer: Interesting Facts

Connie Springer: Famous Quotes

"As noble as you, will never understand me - bastard" - Connie Springer to Armin Arlert when kidnapping Falco in order to feed him to his mother.

"We have to save people, and you say, let’s start with the mass destruction of people on the island. This is how it happens" - Connie when discussing the plan to free Azumabito and hijack the plane.

Connie Springer: 104th Cadet Corps Arch

Connie Springer stands on the parade ground during the induction ceremony with other 104th recruits to the Cadet Corps. Instructor Kis Shadis approaches him and asks to introduce himself. He puts his left hand, clenched into a fist, to the right side of his chest and reports that his name is Connie Springer and that he comes from the village of Ragako, which is located outside the Rose Wall in the south.

Kis Shadis draws attention to the fact that the gesture meaning the mute slogan of the soldiers "give your hearts to the country", Connie performed incorrectly - it is necessary to apply the fist of the right hand to the heart, that is, to the left side of the chest. The instructor grabs the boy by the head and lifts him off the ground, scolding him for the mistake. Keys’ attention is distracted by another cadet’s antics, and he dumps Connie Springer.

In the evening, Connie Springer, along with Armin Arlert, Mina Carolina, Marco Bott and Eren Yeager, discuss the events of the past day together. They also pay attention to Sasha Braus, whom the instructor punished by running until exhaustion during the day. Connie reveals her knowledge of the kingdom’s territories, noting that the girl’s home village - Dauper - is in the mountains. Then the guys learn that Eren and Armin saw the invasion of Shiganshina.

At dinner, the cadets gather around Yeager and question him about the Colossal and Armored Titans. Connie listens closest to him. When Marco Bott pulls the guys off to stop making Eren remember the horror he has seen, Connie apologizes to him. However, Yeager states that they will be able to defeat the Titans, which surprises all the guys.

Later, Connie walks past Jean Kirstein, who has a bad conversation with Mikasa Ackerman, unlike Eren. He runs his hand over Springer’s back. Connie bustlingly tries to find what happened to his clothes after that, and asks Jean what he wiped about him. He replies that it was trust in people.

The next day, the cadets are taught how to use the UPM. Connie Springer, although slightly staggering, is holding on confidently. Eren Yeager, not getting on with his balance, comes up to him and Jean in the evening and asks for advice. The cadets only bully him. Connie replies that his nature has endowed with genius, and Eren can easily return as a weakling to the lands being developed, which he said yesterday. However, in the morning, he witnesses Yeager’s success.

Later, the cadets conduct training at the UPM in a forest with titan dummies. Connie watches Jean, who leads him straight to the target, and tries to get ahead of him. However, both of them are ahead of Sasha Braus. Kis Shadis is watching the training progress. Upon completion, he sums up the results. About Connie, he says that he moves quickly and nimbly, but does not think well.

After graduation day, Eren Yeager, Connie Springer, and Marco Bott are cleaning the anti-titanic cannon on the wall. The cadets are talking about plans for the future. Eren is surprised that Connie is going to join the Survey Corps. Mina Carolina, who approached them, attributes this to the effect of Yeager’s speech. Connie is embarrassed and states that he made this decision on his own.

Sasha Braus approaches the cadets and shows the meat that she stole from the officers’ storerooms. At first, all the guys are shocked, including Connie. He even calls her brainless. However, after the girl’s speech that they will be able to raise livestock again after reclaiming land from the titans, everyone decides to support the idea of ​​eating it together, Connie says that he is also in business.

Connie Springer: The Battle of Trost Arc

The Colossal Titan attacks the wall. The cadets see him and rush in all directions so as not to get caught in the stream of steam he exudes. Connie, Thomas, and Eren notice that the titan has punched a hole in the wall. Yeager attacked Colossal, but he disappeared. Looking at Eren, who has withdrawn from reality in confusion, Connie reminds him to fight the infiltrated titans.

After a while, the cadets stop on the roof, all of them on the verge of despair. Connie is indignant at the irresponsibility of the suppliers, but Jean Kirshtein stands up for them and says that they succumbed to fear. Then Springer proposes to use the remaining gas to get to the headquarters to replenish supplies, otherwise they will not survive without the UPM. Jean doubts that they will be able to pull off this plan. Connie is also discouraged.

Mikasa Ackerman appears, she convinces the cadets that under her leadership they will be able to get to the headquarters. They perform, with Jean and Connie following Mikasa first. Suddenly, the girl runs out of gas, Springer and Arlert fly to her aid. Connie tells Jean to take command. Mikasa is rescued by her comrades just at the moment when the Attack Titan protects her. Armin and Connie lift the girl to the roof of the building.

Armin voices a plan, which is to lure the Attack Titan to a cluster of giants at the headquarters, where he will kill them. Connie seems crazy, but the guys decide to give it a try. Jean instructs the cadets to follow to the headquarters. Mikasa forces the Attack Titan to move in the same direction. Connie flies with Arlert on the same UPM. They get to the headquarters, but the crowd attracts the titans. One of them breaks through the wall.

The soldiers decide to split into two groups: some will go down the elevator and blind the titans with a shot of their guns, others will attack the giants’ weak points from the ceiling in every way. Connie Springer is among the seven cadets to attack the Titans from behind. When the Titans are blinded by a group of elevator descendants, they are attacked by cadets lurking under the ceiling. Connie Springer and Sasha Braus miss out of the seven.

Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart come to their aid. Connie thanks them. Thus, the plan was successfully implemented. The cadets are replenishing gas reserves at the UPM. Sasha begins to worry that she has shown herself not in the best light in front of everyone, Connie tells her that they have no time to despise her now. Cadets are selected from headquarters in full readiness to continue the battle with the titans.

When the evacuation of Trost’s residents is successfully secured and the titans within the area are killed, Connie tells Christa Lenz and Ymir about what happened. They ask him if it is true that all those who were absent were killed. Connie confirms this. Krista and Ymir are surprised if Mikasa Ackerman is also dead. However, Springer advises them to ask Jean about it. He does not respond to questions, thinking about the order not to disclose the appearance of Eren from the body of the Attacking Titan.

After a while, the commander of Dot Pixis appears on the wall and informs about Eren Yeager’s ability to turn into a titan, as well as plans to close the gap in the wall with his help. Connie Springer says she doesn’t understand anything. The soldiers are ordered to protect Eren at the cost of their lives. Connie Springer is among those who have to fight the giants on the front lines.

It is worth noting that Connie says there is no point in keeping the titans in one corner. Jean replies that the war with the Titans is always waged for attrition. To this, Connie asks him if the soldiers died just like that. Jean claims that he fully agrees with the decisions of the administration. This answer satisfies Springer, he turns around with a smile and wishes his comrades that their names are not included in the list of victims of the Battle of Trost.

The cadets are instructed to split in threes and move around, luring the Titans away from Eren. Connie teamed with Annie Leonhart and Jean Kirstein. They see how the Military Police officer who gave them the order is killed in the titan’s jaws. Connie barely dodges the giant’s hand. He wants to climb with the UPM cable to the wall, but he does not cling to the surface. Jean comes to the rescue, he leads the titan in the other direction.

Annie and Connie manage to climb the wall. From there, they see Kirstein fleeing the giant without using the UPM. Connie realizes Jean’s equipment is broken. Annie and Connie are joined by Marco Bott. Together they see Kirshtein trying to remove the UPM right in front of the titan from the dead soldier. The three of them manage to distract the giants surrounding Jean and save him. They climb the wall and see how they manage to close the gap in the wall with a boulder.

Connie Springer: The Female Arc

After the Battle of Trost, the cadets will have to choose which unit to serve. On the day when each evening had to make a choice, the cadets are gathered to check the UPM. The fact is that with his help someone killed two titans, on which a member of the Intelligence Corps Hanji Zoe was experimenting. Connie Springer stands next to Armin Arlert and Annie Leonhart, waiting for her turn.

He says that he previously intended to join the Survey Corps, but after meeting the titans face to face, he does not want to see them again. He turns his attention to Jean Kirstein, clenching his fists in silent reverie. Connie wonders how determined he is to join the Survey Corps, as he announced the previous evening during the incineration of those killed in action.

Before sunset, the cadets gather at the gate, using their last chance to make a final decision before the soldiers arrive. Annie Leonhart, Armin Arlert, Sasha Braus and Connie Springer are leaning against the wall as Jean Kirshtein approaches. They ask him if it’s scary to go to the Intelligence Corps. He replies that he is not a suicide bomber Yeager to throw himself out of the fire and into the fire, but he decided everything for himself. Connie notices that Eren has already joined the ranks of the scouts and thinks about it.

It is worth noting that the commander of the Intelligence Corps, Erwin Smith, makes a straightforward speech and asks those who are ready to join the Intelligence Corps to stay. Connie Springer thinks about how he would be respected in the village, how happy his parents would be, and he also recalls the horrors he saw in the Battle of Trost. However, he does not leave and joins the ranks of the scouts. Everyone else is scared, Connie says he relies on chance.

In the morning they start training. In the first, recruits study Commander Erwin’s long-range reconnaissance plans. However, despite all the details, the location of Eren Yeager is not disclosed to them. They are told that they are responsible for the spare horses and the transmission of information within the formation. They later meet up with Eren, who is surprised to see many of them, especially Connie and Jean.

In the evening, in their spare time, Berthold Hoover, Rainer Braun, Ymir, Christa Lenz, Sasha Braus, Connie Springer, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirshtein and Eren Yeager get together to chat. Jean raises the subject of Eren’s ability to transform into a titan, and he also mentions that he injured Mikasa. Thus, the guys learn that he did not previously know about his abilities and that he still cannot always control the giant’s body.

The next day, the members of the Reconnaissance Corps set off behind the walls on Expedition 57. Following the route, they encountered many titans and the Female. Having met the Forest of giant trees on the way, the right and left flanks are forced to go around it, while the central part of the formation drove into the thicket. Connie Springer does not understand the logic behind Erwin Smith’s decision and asks Mikasa what she thinks, but no one knows the answers.

Recruits sit on tree branches at the edge of the forest. Whiling away the time, Connie leaned back against a tree trunk and thought that he did not understand the actions of the scouts. The noise of a fight and shots is heard, then an inhuman scream, to which the titans rushed. As it turned out, the Survey Corps had lured the Female into a trap in order to capture it. She was able to break free and put it in Eren’s mouth, however Mikasa and Levi save him. They miss the female.

Later they collected the bodies of the dead, fed and watered the horses. At this time, Connie and Sasha talk about how luck it was to survive. Connie is very depressed. He thinks out loud that he will not return home. Commander Erwin Smith gives the order to move. The scouts return to the city. There they are met by a crowd of people dismissive and negative towards them. However, they pass through it as if through something familiar.

The scouts arrive in Stohess County. Wherein Armin, Mikasa and Eren are secretly, Zhana is guarded by the Military Police as Yeager. Thus, Commander Erwin decided to trap Annie Leonhart, who is suspected of being able to become a Female. Because of this, there is a fight between the titans Eren and Annie, in which Yeager wins. The girl creates a crystal capsule around herself. The rest of the scouts, including Connie, support Yeager from the rear.

Connie Springer: Clash of the Titans Arc

When the Titans breached Wall Rose, the former 104th Corps cadets were bored and complained about being ordered to dress in civilian clothes and not train. Thus, they were tested for the presence of titans after discovering the abilities of Annie Leonhart and Eren Yeager. Connie Springer is even thinking about running away to visit her native village nearby. Rainer Braun says he is ready to help him.

However, Sasha Braus suddenly begins to claim that the titans are approaching them, no one believes her. Nanaba appears and gives the order to dismantle the horses and evacuate people from the villages, as the Rose Wall is broken. It was decided to divide into groups so that each one had one officer with UPM and scouts, and go to all directions of the world.

Connie asks to be released to his home village of Ragako, since the Titans came from that direction. For this reason, he is appointed as the leader of the group to the south. Reiner Braun and Berthold Hoover are summoned to go with him, Rene also joins them, Officer Gerger is appointed to lead the detachment. They get to Ragako. Connie sees the village ruined and deserted, he remembers his family.

He hurries to his house, where he sees a titan lying on a broken roof with the same eyes and blond hair as his mother’s. The rest of the group drives up to him. It becomes obvious to everyone that the titan itself cannot move due to extremely thin arms and legs. The soldiers do not understand how he ended up on the roof of the house. They are exploring the village.

Reiner and Berthold approach Connie and ask if there are any survivors. He begins to cry and says that his homeland and their inhabitants no longer exist. They are joined by Rene and Gerger. The officer notices that the bodies of the residents are missing. Rene concludes from this that people were able to escape from the titans. This gives Connie hope. However, Gerger is puzzled by the fact that the titans do not tend to destroy the village just like that.

Also a stall, suspiciously full of horses, on which people had to flee. Nevertheless, Gerger gives the order to move on. Connie saddles the horse when the titan tries to slurred something to him. This shocks him. Reiner walks up to him and hastens to leave. Connie tries to explain what happened, but Brown doesn’t listen and tells him to concentrate.

Connie cannot come to his senses, he claims that the titan is similar to his mother. Rainer is angry and reminds that hundreds of lives depend on them. He encourages Connie to think about the safety of his escaped family. This sobering up Springer and they set out. Until late at night, the group continues to move until they meet with Nanaba’s group. This way they learn that no break in Rose’s wall has been found.

The moon comes out from behind the clouds and the soldiers see the ruins of the castle. They decide to spend the night in it. In the castle, they find signs that recently someone was hiding in it. Gerger also discovers wine with a label in an unknown language. Sitting by the fire, the soldiers talk to each other and try to understand where the titans came from, because nothing indicates the existence of a gap in Rose’s wall.

Ymir asks Connie what happened to his village. He replies that it is destroyed, but the Titans did not kill anyone. He also shares his feelings about the giant, similar to his mother. Reiner tugs at Connie but is interrupted by Ymir’s laughter. She makes fun of his small stature despite his titan parent. Connie gets angry and asks Ymir to go to bed. The soldiers go to the couch, who to search for food in the pantries.

Connie is asleep when Rene orders to urgently climb to the roof. There they see titans able to move without sunlight, they surround the castle. Connie grabs the soldiers’ attention by pointing at the Beast Titan heading for the wall. The sight of this deviant shocks everyone. The officers destroy the titans at the tower, but they cannot prevent them from entering the castle.

The scouts descend, where Reiner discovers the titan. To help him, Connie, Christa and Ymir roll the cannon up the stairs and push it down. Thus, they immobilize the titan. Christa offers to retreat upstairs when she sees a small titan appear behind Connie. When the giant is about to bite him, Reiner pushes Springer away. The titan bites Brown’s arm, who lifts him onto his shoulders and carries him to the window opening.

Interestingly, Connie doesn’t want his comrade to sacrifice his life just to kill the titan. Therefore, he slices through the muscles of the titan’s jaw with a knife to free Reiner’s hand. and Ymir pushes the titan down. The guys go back down. Ymir, Berthold and Connie set up the props at the door. Connie thanks Rainer for helping him out every time. Springer also says that the moment will come to return the debt to a friend.

Connie asks Berthold if Rainer has always been such a reliable companion. At this time, the Bestial Titan begins to throw whatever comes to hand into the castle. The guys run to the roof to see what happens. They see Rene and Henning badly wounded. Connie says it was a monkey titan sitting on the wall. He also notices that a crowd of giants is approaching the castle twice as large as the previous one.

The Titans are tearing down the tower where the young scouts are. Nanaba and Gerger die, eaten by the giants. Connie is desperate, he says that he does not want to die without finishing work. Ymir asks him for a knife, when asked about her intentions, she replies that she will fight. She leaps into the crowd of giants and transforms into a Toothy Titan. As she watches her fight, Connie notices that unlike Eren, Ymir knew she was capable of transforming into a titan.

The tower collapses, Ymir offers to climb onto her body to escape. Thus, the guys manage to avoid death. Reinforcements from the members of the Reconnaissance Corps arrive. When all the titans are destroyed, the scouts climb the wall. Connie thanks Mikasa for saving her. Hanji Zoe approaches him and promises that the case of his village will be investigated. She orders him to focus on rebuilding the walls.

The scouts move to Trost. Reiner and Berthold confess to Eren that they are the Armored and Colossal Titans and transform. The soldier is knocked down by a wave of steam, Connie manages to lie down and catch on the surface. A battle ensues between the Armored, Colossal and Attack Titans. Krista and Connie retreat to the rear, as they cannot fight without the UPM. Springer asks to take care of Reiner and Berthold, who also have no equipment.

As the Attack Titan has almost defeated the Armored Titan, it lets out a terrible scream. Connie tries to figure out what he’s up to, and then sees the Colossal Titan begin to fall from the wall right onto Eren and Reiner below him. Yeager and Ymir are kidnapped by traitors. The scouts received various injuries. Connie escaped with minor injuries.

After a while, the soldiers received first aid, and the Reconnaissance Corps’ reinforcements, led by Commander Erwin Smith, arrive. Christa Lenz offers to catch up with the kidnappers. Connie agrees with her. He says that he will not be able to believe that Reiner and Berthold are their enemies until he hears it from themselves. Along with the rest of the soldiers, Connie listens to Hange’s argument that traitors are hiding in the Forest of Huge Trees.

They move up there. The scouts on the UPM rush into the thicket of the forest, where they find Ymir in the form of a titanium sitting on a tree. Connie stops the soldiers preparing to attack her and asks about what happened. Not receiving an answer, he jumps on her neck and kicks her in the head, explaining this in a hurry. When Ymir absorbs Christa and escapes on the back of the Armored Titan along with Berthold and Eren, the scouts follow them on horseback.

Former cadets of the 104th Corps use the UPM to climb the Armored Titan. Connie does not want to believe in the guilt of former friends, and he asks them to say that this is not serious. The guys turn to the memories of their studies. Berthold explains that they pretended to be soldiers, but did not deceive their comrades in everything. Addressing Connie and Jean, he says that he really considered them his friends. The despair in Berthold’s voice confuses the guys.

They spot a crowd of titans running towards the Armored Titan and scatter. Commander Erwin orders Eren to be recaptured. The Survey Corps soldiers charge, take Jaeger, and retreat. Connie and Sasha see Christa killing her first titan. Springer grabs her at a gallop, to his surprise the girl resists and asks her to let go of Ymir. Connie follows sound logic and explains to Christa that they want to cheat her.

Ymir catches up with them and the girl uses the UPM to move to the Toothy Titan. Connie calls her name to reason. However, Christa asks him to remember that her name is History Reiss. When Eren uses Scream, they see a crowd of titans carrying out his mute order, which is shocking. Connie says to back down anyway. He calls Ymir and History to leave together, but only the latter can convince him.

Later, Connie Springer and Hange Zoe enter Erwin Smith’s room, which also houses Levi Ackerman and Dot Pixis. The young man is given the opportunity to talk about what happened in his home village of Ragako. He reports to the Commander on the assumption that the titans who have appeared behind the wall are villagers.

Connie Springer: Royal Government Arc

At the new scout headquarters in the mountains, Connie Springer tells his comrades that he wants to fight the Beast Titan and that he will not forgive him for what happened to his home village. Then he and Mikasa Ackerman go to change the sentries. In Trost, first the dummies are kidnapped, and then the real Eren and History. The scouts are attacked by the Military Police. Connie notices the wagon with the kidnapped, Kenny Ackerman and the Military Police soldiers attacking him.

Eren and History manage to be recaptured. The scouts discuss in the evening how difficult it is for them to kill people. Later, during the torture of Jere Sanes, Connie says that in order to save his friends he is ready to go through this, but at heart he is disgusting. Springer and the rest of the scouts later capture the Military Police soldier and watch as Levi Ackerman brutally interrogates him.

Hanji Zoe arrives and announces that the coup d’etat has been successful and all charges have been dropped from the scouts. This is very good news for the guys. They leave for the Reiss family chapel to rescue Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss. On the way, they discuss the danger of Kenny Ackerman. Connie initially suggests waiting for help, but then agrees that there is no way to wait until morning.

They arrive at the chapel, penetrate the caves below it, and encounter a squad of Liquidators. A fight ensues. Connie kills one of the opponents, another soldier wants to take revenge for him, who aims at Springer, but Sasha Braus hits him with a bow. The liquidators retreat, Rod Reiss turns into a titanium, the vaults of the cave begin to collapse. The scouts enter the main cave just as History tries to free Eren.

Connie Springer, Levi Ackerman and Jean Kirshtein remove the shackles from Yeager and drag him away from the cliff. Eren loses his presence of mind and apologizes to the guys for not completing the assigned tasks. Connie jokingly says that the guys noticed his weakness long ago and that it will not be easy to get out of the cave. Eren was able to transform and create armor to protect his comrades. Having got out from under the rubble, the scouts go to Orwood to destroy the titan Rod Reiss.

It is worth noting that when the soldiers are outside the wall, Levi tells History that she will become queen. Connie Springer stands up for her and vaguely explains that it is unfair to take away the girl’s right to choose. However, History Reiss agrees to rule. When the titan of Rhoda gets close to the wall of Sin, the scouts manage to blow it up, from which the body of the giant shatters into pieces, one of which is Reiss himself.

Connie Springer helps chop them down. History kills his father, the operation ends in success. Connie is present at her coronation. After the ceremony, friends walk down the hallway and urge her to hit Captain Levy. Connie is very happy about this mischief. However, he, like the rest of the guys, is pleasantly shocked to see a smile on Ackerman’s face after Historia’s attack. Later, at dinner, Connie warns her friends that she will leave for her home village early in the morning. There he visits his mother.

The next day he returns, and all the soldiers are given meat for dinner. Sasha, sitting next to Connie, pounces on him alone. He and Eren have to tie the girl to a pole to keep her cool. With a smile, Connie recalls the day when Sasha stole the meat from the officers and wanted to share it with friends from the 104th Cadet Corps. Eren thinks, and Springer decides to defuse the situation, finding positive aspects in their situation.

At sunset, scouts gather on the wall to get to the other side and go to Wall Maria on a mission to close a gap in it and return territory to humanity. The residents of the town gather below and shout to the soldiers that they believe in them, asking them to return with success, safe and sound. Connie, Jean and Sasha are encouraged by the trust of the citizens. They shout to people that they will not let them down, under the bewildered glances of the soldiers. The reconnaissance corps is on the move.

Connie Springer: Return to Shiganshin Arc

Reconnaissance Corps soldiers arrive in Shiganshina. There they are surrounded by opponents prepared for their appearance: the Armored Titan, the Colossal Titan, the Beast Titan, the Titan Carrier, and many foolish titans. Squad Levi is tasked with destroying the titan Reiner. Connie and his comrades use Thunder Lances twice against the Armored Titan, detonating them at the back of his head.

When the scouts think they’ve killed Reiner, Connie cries. However, he was able to survive. When the Colossal Titan transforms, Springer takes cover from the blast wave behind Eren’s Attack Titan. Connie is used to hiding his fear behind jokes, and so he asks if Berthold could have destroyed Eren’s house and laughs hysterically. Sasha brings him to his senses. Connie asks Armin to come up with something and give the order. The same transfers command to Jean.

Mikasa retrieves Springer’s Thunder Spears. On Jean’s orders, he, along with Connie and Sasha, distracts Berthold while Mikasa attacks the back of his head. However, Colossal emits a powerful stream of steam, protecting its body. Connie inhaled the hot air and burned his throat. The armored titan is once again able to fight, Jean orders Connie and Sasha to fire one spear at the corners of his mouth so that Mikasa can detonate Reiner from the inside. This plan is working out. The colossal titan is also defeated.

Hange Zoe tries to get information from the immobilized Rainer. This is watched by Jean, Connie and Mikasa, who is tasked with finding Levi. When the Titan Carrier kidnaps Reiner’s body, Springer rushes after him without hesitation, but Hange stops him. They all find Levy, who has to choose who to give the transforming injection to. Connie believes that Armin died anyway, so he takes Sasha away to give her first aid.

Not having time to fly away, he sees Berthold being eaten by an unreasonable titanium. Levy changes his mind about the injection and saves Armin, who gains the power of the Colossal Titan. Connie is crying with joy that his friend will live. He takes care of the seriously wounded Sasha. When all the survivors come to their senses, Hange Zoe gives the order to return home, completing the mission, albeit at a monstrous cost.

Connie Springer: Marley Arch

When Eren Yeager travels to Marlya to kill Willie Tiber and retrieve the Titan Hammer, Connie Springer and other scouts arrive to his aid. They organize a pogrom in the city, kill the enemy military. Connie lands on the rooftop next to Sasha Braus when she decides not to kill Gaby Brown, who is standing below. Therefore, she distracts a friend, reminding him to set a signal fire.

They then gather with the rest of the scouts on the roof of another building, watching the fight between Mikasa, Eren, and the Hammer Titan. When the Toothy Titan joins the battle, Connie and his comrades attack him with UPM and Thunder Spears. Springer comes under fire from Beast Titan with stone debris, but is not injured. After that, the scouts’ task is to neutralize the Carrier Titan, they succeed.

An airship arrives for the Eldians, and they board it. Connie helps Jean climb up and reports that Lyme’s vanguard is not yet there. Then they hear the joyful exclamations of the soldiers about the defeated Marli, Springer just purses his lips. He hugs Sasha and Jean and tells them that they are special for him.

Gabi Brown and Falco Grice get on board the airship, the girl hits Sasha with a rifle. The children are tied up, and Jean takes them to a room where the superior military has gathered. After a while, Connie comes to them with tears in his eyes and says that Sasha is dead. When Eren asked about her last words, he replies that they were the word "meat". The Eldians return to Paradise Island with their captive Marli children.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that after Sasha’s funeral, Connie and Jean meet Nicolo. Springer tries to support the cook and thanks him for feeding Sasha delicious food. He asks in response how Connie is feeling. He says that he and Sasha were like twins, and now it is as if half of him is gone. These words are saturated with sorrow. The loss of a loved one deeply traumatized and changed Connie Springer.

Connie Springer: The War of Paradise Arc

Connie, as part of the Intelligence Corps delegation, accompanies Hange Zoe to a meeting of all Paradise troops. There are reports of Yeagerist activity, and the Garrison and Military Police suspect the members of the Reconnaissance Corps of harboring Eren’s supporters. After the meeting, Connie disbelievingly asks Mikasa if she is acting in Yeager’s best interests. Then they all go together to Nicolo’s restaurant, where the Braus family with Gabi and Falco are having dinner at that moment.

Connie and the scouts run into the hall to the noise, where Nicolo attacked the Marley children who killed Sasha. The young man manages to calm down, Springer and Kirstein tied him up. Nicolo asks to rinse Falco’s mouth to avoid getting Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid from marli wine into his body. Connie understands why the cook had aggressively taken away the bottle of the same wine from them earlier and washes Falco’s mouth.

The Yeagerists, armed with pistols and machine guns, burst into the restaurant and twist the scouts. They are taken to the headquarters, where they are kept behind bars. In a conversation with his comrades, Connie says that Eren has become a different person and turned into the last bastard. Elena comes down to them and tells about Zeke’s plan to deprive the Eldians of the ability to have offspring. Connie and the rest of the scouts are shocked by this.

When Marley soldiers and warriors attack Paradise Island and Eren in particular, Onyankopon releases captured scouts. Connie immediately pounces on him, because he is tired of betrayal and blames him for another deception. Onyankopon is justified, the conflict subsides. Armin expresses the theory that Eren will betray Zika and Elena when their help becomes unprofitable. Connie and the guys go upstairs to help Yeager. Armin decides that they must help Eren and Zeku meet.

When Reiner is one step away from destroying Eren, Connie and Jean appear and interfere with him. They see Yeager’s head fall, shot by Gaby Brown. However, Eren ends up in the Unknown Lands and, with the help of Ymir, the progenitor, launches the Hum of the Earth. The guys understand that he is doing this for their sake. Jean captures Falco, who has the power of the Toothy Titan, and Connie offers to feed him to his mother. At the right moment, he kidnaps the Marli man.

When Falco comes to his senses, he cannot remember what happened to him. Connie tricks him into convincing him that she is taking him to the hospital, but stops in his home village. Falco recalls that he has already met with him. Connie realizes that his plan is almost revealed and offers to brush the teeth of the titan together. Armin and Gaby appear, Springer drags Falco onto the rafters to throw him into the giant’s jaws.

Armin gets ahead of him and jumps himself, but Connie saves him. This act sobering Springer, and he repents. Connie realizes that his mother would not be happy and that she did not raise him like that. The four of them go to town for lunch and meet Annie there. After that, they visit Rainer together. Connie says he needs to get up because it’s time to save the world.

They leave, in the forest they meet Hanji Zoe, Elena, Titan-Carrier and Theo Magath. Their dinner is held by the fire, discussing interpersonal misunderstandings. Connie restrains Jean as he lashes out at Rainer for killing Marco Bott. In the morning, they go to the port of the island to rescue Azumabito and take possession of the plane, but he is guarded by the Jaegerists. The soldiers are developing a plan.

Armin and Connie ride horses into the square and call Flock to report to him about the Titan Carrier and the Armored Titan that have jumped into the ocean. Not giving the Jaegerists a chance to recover, they hurry to the flying ship, where they see Daz and Samuel with bombs. Mikasa and other accomplices rescue Azumabito, and the Yeagerists open fire, especially on Connie and Armin. To save both the friend and the plane, he has to shoot his former comrades. Connie does it with tears in her eyes.

Thanks to this, the soldiers can sail away on the ship, taking the plane with them. They dock and begin to alert the aircraft. The rumble of the earth is approaching and Connie, Levy, Rainer, Peak, Jean and Mikasa fly away. Springer tells Brown that after killing Daz and Samuel, he understood him, Annie and Berthold. Suddenly, the comrades find themselves in the Unknown Lands, where Eren tells them that in order to stop Ghul, they must kill him.

They reach Eren and Zeke’s whereabouts and jump down from the plane. On the body of the Primordial Titan, Connie and his comrades have to fight the resurrected former owners of the titans. Connie is stunned, he hangs on the UPM cable unconscious, risking being swallowed by the giant. However, he is saved by Levy. Annie and Gaby appear astride the flying titan, pick up the soldiers, and fly off to a safe distance.

After discussing the plan, they return to the Primordial Titan to behead him and bring Armin back. Connie is part of Arlert’s rescue team. Armin in the Unknown Lands asks for the help of the deceased owner of the titans, and they are all resurrected. Connie and his comrades fly away on the Titan Falco, so that they are not hit by the explosion of Arlert’s transformation. They watch from the ground as the "centipede" emerges from the decapitated Primordial Titan.

Curiously, Connie and the other scouts are turning into foolish titans. The Springer Giant is very similar to it, only the upper lip is missing, which shows the teeth and gums. When Armin kills Eren, they all become human again. Connie recalls hearing Yeager’s voice telling him that even his mother would return to normal. Springer sees Sasha revived and hugs her.

Three years after these events, former intelligence officers are ambassadors of peace negotiations and are sent to the island. Connie urges her friends not to be nervous about how they will be received and to trust History to protect them. Presumably, the negotiations were successful, and human civilization existed until its century passed.

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