Dina Fritz: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Dina Fritz - Height: 168 cm, Age: 25 years old. A representative of the royal family, who remained in Marley. The first wife of Grisha Yeager, together they led the activities of the Restorers of Eldia. She gave birth to Zeke Yeager. After Marley’s treason is revealed, she is exiled to Paradise Island and turned into the Smiling Titan. Ate Carla Yeager and Hannes. Killed by a mob of mindless titans on the orders of Eren Yeager using the "scream" ability.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. Smiling Titan
  4. The appearance and personality of the hero
  5. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  6. History, Biography and Death
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Dina Fritz: General information about the character

Dina Fritz: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Courageous. Being the only descendant of the royal family in Marley, who will be killed at the first opportunity by the Marley soldiers, one must have outstanding courage and courage. In addition, the girl did not live in hiding, but actively fought for her idea. As a member of the Eldia Restorers, Dina Fritz was under constant threat of being discovered and executed.

Loving wife and mother. Despite her important mission and constant concern for the safety of her family, Dina knew how to enjoy the simple things. She found pleasure in everyday life and was grateful to fate for the days spent with her beloved husband and son. This helped the girl to give her family warmth and care.

Devoted. Dina Fritz is extremely committed to the idea of ​​resurrecting Eldia. Hearing the inspired speech of Grisha Yeager, she burst into tears of happiness. The girl gave birth to a son, so that he would play his role in the restoration of Eldia. She put in the forefront not her own experiences and emotions, but the needs of the Restorers. That is why, under the influence of her husband Grisha, the girl exerted so much pressure on her son.

Dina Fritz: Smiling Titan

Appearance. The smiling titan of Dina Fritz is 15 meters high. Like all giants, he resembles a male human. Dina’s main distinguishing features are her hair and smile. The Smiling Titan’s hair is the same shade and length as Dina Fritz herself. His lips are always stretched in a smile, leaving his teeth and gums open. Moreover, the eyes of the Smiling Titan have a sad expression, reflecting the fate of Dina Fritz.

Peculiarities. Dina Fritz is a descendant of Karl Fritz. All titans of royal blood are special even in the form of a mindless titan. For example, both the giant Rhoda Reiss and the Smiling Titan are initially taller than the rest of the Titans. Also, the titan Dina has a long neck, sloping shoulders and a wide chest, giving her a special stateliness.

Capabilities. Being a non-sentient titan, he does not possess distinctive abilities on his own. However, Dina Fritz is a descendant of the king, and therefore is able to realize the potential of the Coordinate. Due to the fact that Eren Yeager possesses it, it only happens once. When Eren strikes the Smiling Titan’s palm with his fist, he wishes the giant’s death with all his heart. Thanks to the power of the Coordinate, the surrounding unintelligent titans obey this order. This ability is called Shout.

Dina Fritz: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Dina Fritz is a petite girl of short stature. All the features of her body are sloping, soft. Living in Marley, she did not have much physical activity. However, before turning into a mindless titan, Dina appears to be very thin. However, the posture and demeanor betray her high origin.

Appearance. Dina Fritz’s hair is blonde and straight, shoulder length. She wears them in the middle. The front strands are somewhat shorter than the rest and like bangs fall over the eyes. The girl’s face is pretty, with delicate features. Dina’s eyes are gray-blue, they are deep set and often express sadness.

Cloth. She first appears at a meeting of the Eldia Restorers wearing a long green skirt, a white shirt, a gray jacket, and a red shawl over it. Sometimes Dina wears a cloak or a black coat as outerwear. On her left arm, like all Eldians in the Liberio ghetto, the girl wears a white armband. For a family photo, Dina Fritz wears a long blue dress with cuffs, collar and frills on the chest. In addition, she puts her hair in a bun, leaving bangs in front, divided into a parting.

Optimistic. Dina Fritz does not seem to be an active person, but optimism is definitely inherent in her. At the edge of the wall, before losing the ability to realize, she realizes that a sad future awaits her. Nevertheless, Dina encourages both herself and her husband Grisha, promising to find him, no matter what happens to her.

Caring. Dina is able to take care of the people around her. From these motives, the girl actively participates in the activities of the Restorers of Eldia. After all, if the revival of the state of the people of Ymir can be restored, many people will be able to live freely and happily. Dina Fritz shows the same concern for her husband and son. She is concerned about the future of Zeke, for him and his descendants, she wants to recreate Eldia.

Dina Fritz: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"Grisha, no matter what happens to me. I’ll find you" - Dina Fritz promises Grisha Yeager before turning into the Smiling Titan.

Dina Fritz: History, Biography and Death

Background of Dina Fritz. Dina Fritz, being a descendant of Karl Fritz, remained in Marley. She participated in the activities of the Restorers of Eldia and married an active oppositionist - Grisha Yeager. Dina bore him a son, Zeke, who was taught the real history of the Eldian people, so that he would continue the work of his parents. However, this pressure on the boy turned out to be excessive, as a result of which he denounced the Restorers to the Marley authorities. Dinah Fritz was exiled to Paradise Island and turned into a mindless Smiling Titan.

Fall of Shiganshina arc. When the wall of Maria was destroyed, the Yeager family home was crushed by the rubble of the wall, under which was the lower body of Carla Yeager. The smiling titan entered through the gap and moved towards the woman. Little Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman were unable to pull their mother out of the rubble. Hannes, who arrived in time to help them, did not have the fortitude to fight the titan. Thus, Eren had to see the Smiling Titan eating his mother.

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. At one of the dinners, Eren Yeager was surrounded by cadets, they were interested in details about what happened in Shiganshina. When asked what regular titans look like, the boy remembered how Dinah Fritz’s Smiling Titan ate his mother. This traumatic memory unsettles Eren. However, he quickly pulls himself together and pretends not to care.

Death. When Mikasa rescues Eren from Berthold and Reiner’s captivity, she finds herself unarmed by the surrounding Titans. They are attacked by the Smiling Titan, but Hannes comes to the rescue. Nevertheless, the man dies, and Mikasa says goodbye to Eren, foreseeing an imminent death. However, Yeager becomes furious and goes to the titan Dinah Fritz with his bare hands, wanting only the death of the one who killed people close to him. Hitting the palm of the royal blood titan with his fist, Eren unconsciously gives the order to the unintelligent titans. They pounce on the Smiling Titan and tear it to pieces.

Mentions after death. During the Survey Corps’ return to Shiganshina, three books were found in search of Grisha Yeager’s cellar. One of them contains a photo of Dina Fritz, Grisha Yeager and little Zeke Yeager. When Eren returns to Trost, he sees Grisha Yeager’s memories and realizes that Dina Fritz is the Smiling Titan. After the events of Earth Rumble, when Eren is killed, Armin remembers the conversation they had in the Unknown Lands. In it, Yeager revealed that he was the one who ordered Dina Fritz to ignore Berthold and eat Carla Yeager in the past.

Dina Fritz: Hero Relationship

Dina Fritz and Grisha Yeager. They met at a meeting of the Restorers of Eldia. Their common goals brought Dina and Grisha closer together. They fell in love and, a year after they met, they got married. Then they had a son - Zeke Yeager. After revealing the activities of their opposition group, Dina and Grisha were sentenced to transformation into mindless titans and taken to Paradise Island. Before the transformation, Dina promises her husband to find him, no matter what happens to her.

Dina Fritz and Zeke Yeager. Zeke was the only son of Dina, she considered him a reward, a gift of fate. The girl loved him very much, but she had too high hopes for her son. The boy grew up, not receiving parental affection, being under constant pressure from his father and mother. This was one of the factors that influenced his decision to tell the Marley authorities about the Restorers of Eldia. Dina was shocked by the act of her son.

Dina Fritz and Eren Yeager. They didn’t know each other personally. Dina did not know that Grisha Yeager had a second family on Paradise Island, as she did not realize her life in the guise of the Smiling Titan. However, Eren met her giant several times, and also saw the girl in the photo left by Grisha. Because the Smiling Titan ate Carla Yeager and Hannes, Eren hated him with all his heart. He managed to get revenge and kill the titan Dinah thanks to the accidental use of the Scream.

Dina Fritz and Carla Yeager. It would seem that the Smiling Titan ate Carla Yeager by pure chance. However, it later turns out that Eren from the future forced Dinah Fritz’s titan to eat his mother on the day of Shiganshina’s fall in order to start a chain of personality changes.

Dina Fritz and Hannes. During the rescue of Eren Yeager from the captivity of Bertolt Hoover and Rainer Braun, Hannes has to protect the unarmed Eren and Mikasa. Then, having fulfilled the request of Carla Yeager to save her children, the man dies. The smiling titan first kills Hannes and then eats him.

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