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Eren Kruger - Age: around 40 (exact age unknown) Height: 188 cm (human), 15 m (titanium). Eldian by birth. He grew up in Marliya, having lost relatives who were participants in the preparation of an uprising against the government. He worked undercover in the Marli "secret police". Secretly supervised the Eldia Restorers under the call sign "Owl". Wielder of the Attack Titan strength from 819 to 832. He went to his death voluntarily, eaten by Grisha Yeager in the form of an unreasonable titan for transferring the Attacker to him.


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Eren Kruger: Basic Information

Eren Kruger: Appearance

Eren Krueger is a tall, athletic man. Age is reflected in his appearance with gray strands in his brown hair. He always brushed his bangs to one side on the right side. Eren Kruger’s face is sunken, with pronounced cheekbones. His eyes are gray-green.

Eren wears the standard Marley Soldier uniform. Most often he can be seen wearing a raincoat and hat. In his spare time, he wears dark trousers tucked into boots, with a white shirt. Outwardly, he is somewhat similar to Grisha and Eren Yeager.

Eren Kruger is a person who survived the loss of loved ones in childhood, which determined his future life. He set himself the goal of avenging his relatives and reviving Eldia and went to her without losing his way. That is why Eren has spent most of his life undercover, pretending to be a Marlian. He masterfully controlled the external manifestations of emotions.

As a soldier of Marlya, he was forced to portray cruelty and hostility towards the Eldians, indifference to the problems of other people. Nevertheless, his true feelings can be noticed when he is present during the conversation between Gross and Fay Yeager’s parents after the girl’s death. Before his death, Kruger told Grisha that he repented of all his sins.

Ehren Kruger was a very organized person, he led the Restorers of Eldia. For the revival of the state of the Ymir people, he was ready to sacrifice a huge number of people. In addition, he was a relativist: Kruger denied the possibility of an objective view of reality and argued that everyone has their own truth.

"There is no truth in our world. This is the reality. Anyone can become even a god, even a devil, if there are those who recognize it as true" - Eren Kruger to Grisha Yeager in a conversation about the origin of the power of Ymir.

Eren Krueger: Character Story

Arch Return to Shiganshina

For the first time, we get to know the character thanks to the memories of Grisha Yeager about his childhood, which Eren sees. They describe the events of the day when he took his younger sister Faye Yeager outside the gates of the Liberio ghetto to see the airship by the river. On the way, they were stopped by two Marley soldiers: Ehren Kruger and Gross. They asked the children to show their passes, which they did not have.

Kruger scares Grisha and gives him a choice: detention or punishment. Yeager does not want to let his parents down, and therefore chooses the punishment. In addition, he claims that he brought his sister against her will, and asks to be solely responsible for what he did. Eren Kruger brutally beats the boy as Gross leads Faye off the river.

After a while, Eren sits on the hill and smokes, at his feet lies Grisha, hunched over after the beatings. Kruger praises him for not removing the bandage from his arm, because in that case he and his sister would be shot on the spot. Eren also invites him to admire the airship, since the children have come so far because of this. For some time they sit together in silence and look at the aircraft.

Faye Yeager was found dead a few days later. Ehren Kruger was present at the conversation between Grisha’s parents and Gross, who denied his guilt and reproached them for the poor upbringing of children. All this time, Eren stood silently against the wall with his head bowed, his hat pulled deep over his eyes.

When Grisha grew up and started working as a doctor, he met a member of the Eldia Restorers. He learned that they were being run by a so-called "Owl," an undercover employee of Marlia’s Public Security. As it turns out later, it was Eren Kruger.

It should be noted that Grisha became an active member of the organization. One day, Dina Fritz, the last of the royal family on the mainland, who was sent by the Owl, appears on the doorstep of their headquarters. Thus, thanks to Eren Kruger, Dean and Grisha got married and gave life to Zeke Yeager.

As time went. One day, the Marli government announced that it would select seven of the Eldians to make them sentient Titans. Owl explained to his followers such a decision as the need for Marliya to catch up with neighboring countries in military-technical development. The Owl also tells them about the threat of the Earth Drone from the island, as well as the fact that they and the Marli have similar goals at the moment.

Ehren Kruger explains that it is extremely important for the Restorers to participate in the operation to secretly capture the Progenitor Titan living on Paradise Island. They can’t let him get into Marlia’s possession. It was under the influence of this that Grisha decides to make a Marly Warrior out of his son Zika.

The idea turned out to be a failure. Ultimately, out of good intentions, Zeke turned his parents over to the Security Division soldiers. Eren was present at the torture of Yeager, where he was interrogated about the identity of Owl, but he did not confess, even having lost all his fingers.

Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz are sentenced to exile to Paradise and becoming foolish titans. To do this, they are brought by ship to Paradise Island and led onto a high wall. At the same time, Eren is behind the kneeling Grisha. He tells Kruger that he recognized him because they already met when Yeager was a young boy. Eren is surprised that Grisha remembers him.

When all the soldiers are giving transforming injections to the condemned, Kruger hesitates. He explains this to Gross by the fact that he wants to interrogate Grisha at last. Dina Fritz is brought in, it turns out that Yeager did not reveal her royal origins during interrogation, which surprises Eren.

Grisha starts screaming in panic and almost gives out information that Dina is the last of the royal family. Eren quickly silences him, feigning impatience and annoyance with the noise Yeager made. Krueger holds him over the edge of the wall while Dinah transforms into a Titan.

A verbal skirmish ensues between Grisha Yeager and Gross. Eren listens all this time in silence, until his Marley colleague comes close to the edge of the wall. Then Kruger pushes him down to the unreasonable titan.

Eren turns to Grisha and, imitating Gross, asks if this is a funny sight. Yeager asks who he is. Krueger takes off his hat, throws it aside and replies that he is the Owl. Grisha is shocked by what he heard.

Eren tells him to memorize how to use the power of the titans and uses a knife to cut himself in the palm of his hand. Krueger transforms into Attack Titan. He breaks the gauze ship into 2 parts along with the soldiers on it. He crushes the survivors with his hands, and throws the remains into the sea.

Eren returns to human form and unties Grisha Yeager’s hands. It can be seen that Kruger is bleeding through his nose, and he wipes it off with a handkerchief. Grisha asks who his interlocutor really is. Eren Kruger introduces himself to him by name, speaks of his belonging to the people of Ymir and his strength as a Titan.

He says that he pretended to be a Marl in order to work undercover in the secret police. He managed to fake blood tests with the help of a doctor he knew. Eren praises Grisha for doing an excellent job as a spy in the role of an inconspicuous doctor.

Yeager wonders why, of all his comrades and loved ones, he was the only one survived, because he did not cope with any of his roles. Grisha accuses Eren of inaction, of not protecting either the members of the Restorers or Dina Fritz. He asks why Kruger didn’t transform earlier, because so many people could be saved.

Suddenly, Eren turns pale and drops to his knees, his nose is bleeding again and shortness of breath increases. He reveals that he stained his hands with the blood of many Eldians, turning them into titans and depriving them of their fingers during interrogations. He claims that he did it in the name of the future Eldia.

Eren tells him that there is no time and that the last mission must be completed. He starts talking about a tragic day from Grisha’s childhood and claims that it was then that hatred for the Marli people arose in him. Kruger explains that this was one of the reasons why he chose Grisha Yeager.

Interestingly, Eren says that he experienced something similar. He talks about how his father enrolled in the Resistance Army, which was founded by members of the royal family who remained on the mainland. The rebels were then burned alive. Little Ehren Kruger witnessed such death of his relatives. He watched, looking through the crack between the cabinet doors.

After this incident, Eren vowed to avenge the death of his loved ones and restore Eldia. He regretfully realizes that for the sake of achieving his goal he did nothing but torture and torture his fellow countrymen. However, he served regularly and therefore remained undisclosed.

Ehren Kruger wonders if he has lived his entire life as if continuing to look at the world through a crack in a closet. Grisha listens to his thoughts in silence. He begins to understand Eren’s motives and what kind of person he is on the inside.

Yeager asks what is the mission that he must complete. Eren reveals her essence. He explains to Grisha that he will inherit the Titan from Kruger, penetrate the walls of the island and capture the Titan Progenitor. From Eren it is clear that he is not afraid of death in the name of his goal.

Yeager is shocked that he will have to become a titan and eat Eren, and then seize the power of the Progenitor in the same way. He asks why Kruger will not carry out his plan on his own. He replies that after the awakening of the power of the titan, people live only 13 years and calls this the curse of Ymir. The day will soon come when Kruger will die.

Eren also says that if the owner of the power of one of the nine Titans dies before the deadline, then the power goes to a random newborn Eldian. He explains to Grisha that all representatives of the Ymir clan are connected by invisible paths, which were named Coordinate. These paths converge at one point, which is called the Titan-Progenitor.

Grisha asks him with interest about what Eren knows about the titans and the ability of people to transform into them. Kruger explains to him that the ultimate truth cannot be reached, because history is written by people and consolidated by those who believe in it. Yeager asks why he dumped a member of the royal family, Dina Fritz. Eren replies that she had to say goodbye precisely because of her ancestry, until Zeke told the Marli about it.

He explains that in this way he saved Dina from dedicating her life to giving birth to one by one Marley children. Eren says that he has done his duty, now it’s Grisha’s turn. Krueger sees Jaeger’s doubts and encourages him.

Eren reminds him of his desire to revive Eldia, takes a photograph from his pocket and hands it to Grisha for him to take a look. Yeager knows what is depicted on it and does not find the strength to look. Then Kruger begins to insult him in order to anger him.

This approach is also ineffective. Eren tells why he chose Grisha. The fact is that then, as a child, Yeager decided to go beyond the limits imposed on him and change something in his life. Kruger imagines scenes of the quiet life of his family in Marliya, which would have been possible if Grisha had not then made the choice to go beyond the wall.

Eren compares their sins to each other and claims that they cannot leave everything as it is until they atone for them. He reminds Grisha of the responsibility that lies with him. This gives Yeager the strength to move on and act according to Eren’s plan.

Kruger talks about the titanium that Grisha will receive. Eren says his name is Attack Titan. He also says that at all times he continued to go forward in search of freedom. The attacking titan rushed into battle for the achievement he desired and therefore got his name.

Finally, Eren explains to Grisha that Marliya should never take over the power of the Titan-Progenitor. With this outcome, the Eldian people will only be exterminated. He also explains that King Paradise cannot be relied upon - he will not fight Marlia.

Eren tells Grisha about the oath of peace made by the members of the royal family. He also says that the Titan-Progenitor in their hands is not able to act for the good of the Eldians, being bound by this vow. Kruger reports that the king of the island changed the memory of its inhabitants, and they consider themselves to be survivors outside the walls. Thus, Grisha becomes aware of everything that Eren could tell him.

At the end of his story, Ehren Kruger draws cerebrospinal fluid into a syringe. He tells Grisha that he should start a family outside the walls and find a successor. Eren speculates that memories of their conversation may be seen by one of the following owners of the Attack Titan.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that Kruger tells Yeager that he has no room for error, otherwise everything will be repeated with different people and in different eras, bringing only pain and suffering. Eren asks Grisha to save Mikasa, Armin and his people. They are both surprised because they don’t know whose names they are and why they need to be taken care of. Eren wonders whose memories these are.

Eren Kruger: Death

The death of Eren Kruger is not shown directly. However, based on his conversation with Grisha and the known data on the inheritance of the power of one of the nine titans, it becomes clear how events developed. He gave Yeager a transforming injection, he turned into a foolish titan and then ate Kruger. Thus, Eren took death for granted, as his last contribution to Eldia’s rebirth.

Eren Kruger: Appearances After Death

War for Paradise Arc

Eren Krueger is one of the many titanic powers that Ymir Fritz created to protect Eren Yeager during the Rumble of the Earth. During the battle, Kruger and the other human titans meet with Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert at the point where the Paths converge. They ask the already deceased owners of the titans for help.

In Attack Titan form, Eren Kruger fights countless giants protecting the body of Titan Eren Yeager. He holds them back long enough to gain access to the back of his head. Kruger, along with the other Titans, guards Armin until he transforms into the Colossal Titan to destroy Yeager’s body.

Attacking titan Eren Kruger is 15 meters high and has a very muscular body. The hair is brown, like the human form. They are disheveled, but they look neater than those of the Titans Grisha or Eren Yeager. Face with pointed features, sunken eyes and pronounced cheekbones. The teeth of his titanium are bare, arranged in one row.

It is unknown who Eren Kruger received the Attack Titan from. Accordingly, the previous host was killed by him in the form of an unreasonable titan. Also, having transformed on the island of Paradise, he killed at least 9 Marli soldiers. Attack Titan Kruger did not have any individual unusual abilities.

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