Eren Yeager: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Eren Yeager - Height: 183 cm, Age: 19 years old. Main character in Attack on Titan. A student of the 104th Cadet Corps, after graduation he joined the Intelligence Corps. Became a member of Squad Levi and Squad Alpha. Unleashed the powers of the Attacking Titan and the owner of the Coordinate. Participant in the Battle of Trost, an operation to capture the Female. Led scouts to Grisha’s basement, where books about the outside world were found. Lived undercover in Marley to get to know its inhabitants. Ymir Fritz convinced him that he was right and took possession of the power of the Progenitor Titan. Launched the Earth Buzz to exterminate humanity outside of Paradise Island. Killed by Mikasa Ackerman.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. Attack Titan
  4. Titan Hammer
  5. Progenitor Titan
  6. The appearance and personality of the hero
  7. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  8. History, biography and death
  9. Hero Relationship

Eren Yeager: General information about the character

Eren Yeager: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Able to change his destiny. Eren reproached fate for all the bad and unfair things that happened to him. However, after he got the opportunity to explore the memories - his own and Grisha’s. - he realized the truth. Eren realized that he himself directed the actions of his father from the future and he himself forced the Smiling Titan to eat Carla. This was necessary in order for the future of his comrades to develop according to the best possible scenario.

Possesses the power of Coordinates. Eren Yeager was not a member of the royal family. This freed him from the oath of peace given by the island king. However, his origin prevented Eren from using the Coordinate’s potential. It would seem an insoluble dilemma and why then Eren seek to seize the power of the Progenitor Titan. Nevertheless, he calculated a plan of action, according to which he was able to use the Coordinate for his own purposes and provide his comrades with a long and happy life.

Strong-willed. Eren Yeager has gone through many situations that can break any person. Seeing the death of a mother from the position of a helpless child is the first serious trauma for him. Later, he watched the death of his comrades, faced the responsibility of protecting friends from an external enemy. This is something that constantly tests Eren’s character for strength and forces him to make difficult decisions. However, Eren remained the same person he had been since childhood. He made all decisions out of a desire to help his loved ones.

For the sake of friends, ready for anything. Since childhood, Eren did not hesitate to get into a fight with those who bullied his friends. Growing up, he trained hard and strove to become stronger in order to protect his comrades from increasingly powerful enemies. When Eren took possession of the limitless power, he sent it all to the same goal - to achieve a safe living conditions for his friends.

Capable of self-sacrifice. Eren Yeager is the main victim of Attack on Titan. He deliberately doomed himself to a hard life and death in his youth. Everything that he could gain, Eren sacrificed in the name of saving his homeland and his comrades. Nevertheless, he was afraid to die and it was a pity to leave Mikasa, with whom he could start a family and live carefree. Including in the name of his love, Eren exchanged his personal happiness for the happiness of many people.

Eren Yeager: Attack Titan

Appearance. Eren’s attacking titan is 15 meters high. His physique is the closest in proportion to a human. Titan muscles are highly developed. Attack Titan’s hair is almost the same shade as Eren’s. They hang down to the shoulders. His ears are pointed, very wide jaws with bare lips teeth. The Attack Titan’s eyes are green.

Peculiarities. A feature of Eren’s Attack Titan is that he has mastered the ability to create hardened flesh. Thanks to this, he was able to cover certain parts of the body with armor or leave a crystal copy of his body, for example, to close a gap in the wall. The attacking titan is called upon to fight for freedom, which is very close in spirit to Eren himself, so he is able to realize the full potential of his strength.

Capabilities. A distinctive ability of the Attacking Titan is the ability to see the memories of not only previous owners, but also future ones. Thus, its owner is able to see future events. Thus, Grisha learned that Eren’s plan would come true, not Zeke’s. And Eren Kruger knew the names of Mikasa and Armin so long before they were born into the world.

Eren Yeager: Titan Hammer

Appearance. Eren’s Titan Hammerhead has no special appearance. When using his abilities, Eren remains in the form of his Attack Titan.

Capabilities. With the help of the powers of the Hammer, Eren is able to create spikes from the densest material. He most actively used this in the battle with the Armored Titan and the Tooth Titan when Marlia invaded Paradise Island. Eren also threatened to use the power of the Titan Hammer,

to escape from prison when Hange came to talk to him after the events on the mainland.

Eren Yeager: Progenitor Titan

Appearance. The dimensions of the Progenitor Titan in height are unknown, since it is much larger than the same Colossal Titans. Its body consists of massive bone outgrowths, imitating a long skeleton with developed ribs and processes of the vertebrae. In front of his body passes into the human skeleton of the upper half of the torso. The face of the titan resembles Attack Titan Eren. The hair is dark and long, hanging down to frame the head of the Progenitor Titan.

Peculiarities. Eren’s real body is hidden inside the Progenitor Titan in such a way that his neck and head protrude from the throat inside the Founder’s head. This is exactly what Mikasa Ackerman hoped for, deciding to cut off Eren’s head in order to stop the Rumble of the Earth.

Capabilities. The Progenitor Titan has the ability to alter the physical bodies of the Eldians. Zeke Yeager counted on this when he developed a plan to euthanize the people of Ymir. Also, the Progenitor is able to change the memories of the Eldians. So did the first island king, as well as Frieda Reiss in relation to Historia. In addition, each holder of the power of the Progenitor Titan received the memories of all previous owners.

Eren Yeager: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. As a child, Eren was not strong. He was a rather thin little boy. After training at the Cadet Corps, Eren gained muscle mass. He became a rather tall young man. Self-confidence and self-righteousness became the basis of his stately demeanor.

Appearance. Eren has been brown-haired since childhood with sea-green eyes. He wore short hair. Eren’s face is pretty with rounded cheeks even after studying at the cadet school. Later, Yeager began to grow his hair and collected them in a bun at the back of his head. The upper eyelids of his eyes began to cover the iris in the way that wise men do.

Clothing. As a child, Eren wore brown boots, dark breeches, a light green laced T-shirt and a brown sweater over it. After entering the Cadet Corps, he began to wear the standard uniform of a cadet, and then a soldier of the Survey Corps. Under it, most often, he wore a light jacket with lacing, reminiscent of the one he wore as a child. In Marley undercover, he wore a white shirt with trousers and a light-coloured cloak, as well as an Eldian bandage on his arm. Later, Eren began to wear black pants and a black hoodie.

Initiative. From childhood, Eren was restless and always strove to initiate some kind of adventure. This applies to both numerous fights with street boys, and the decision to join the Survey Corps, where he dragged Armin and Mikasa along with him. Eren then became less proactive as he relied on the decisions of the captains and Commander Erwin. However, realizing the need to act in the name of saving loved ones, he initiated all further events: from the attack on Marley to the Rumble of the earth.

Curious. Eren easily believed Armin’s claims about the diversity of the world beyond the walls. The boy so wanted to see everything with his own eyes that he decided to become a scout. It spoke of a thirst to know the world around him. He clearly adopted this trait from his father, who never stopped improving his knowledge throughout his life. Moreover, Grisha actively encouraged his son’s curiosity.

Purposeful. At first, Eren made the extermination of the titans the main task of his life. However, over time, he realized that behind this was a more global desire to ensure a safe life for his loved ones and acquaintances. Then it became the purpose of Eren’s existence. And he achieved what he wanted at the cost of an incredible amount of effort and numerous sacrifices.

Impulsive. Eren had never thought about his decisions since childhood. He immediately rushed into the thick of things, without considering the consequences. Just as impulsively, he refused handouts from the inhabitants of the Wall of Rose after the fall of Shiganshina, without considering the need for food and a roof over his head. However, Mikasa did a great job of knocking Eren down and making him analyze what was happening and its consequences. Thanks to the girl, he learned to think in this way at a more conscious age.

Eren Yeager: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"If someone wants to take away my freedom, I’d rather take their freedom away" - Eren Yeager tells Zeke Yeager in the Unknown Lands after traveling through their father’s memories.

"There is nothing further from freedom than ignorance" - Eren during a conversation with Mikasa and Armin at Nikolo’s restaurant.

"Across the sea and within the walls, all people are the same" - Eren Yeager tells Reiner Braun during their conversation in the basement of one of the buildings in the Liberio ghetto.

"You are all valuable to me. More than anyone" - Eren says to his comrades during the construction of railway tracks on the island. This phrase expresses the main motivation of the character and explains all the decisions made by him.

Eren Yeager: History, biography and death

Eren Yeager’s backstory. Eren was born to Grisha Yeager and Carla Yeager in Shiganshina County. The boy had a happy childhood. His only friend was Armin Arlert, who infected him with the dream of seeing the world beyond the walls. One day, his father took Eren with him when he was going to visit the Ackerman family. However, they found the corpses of a married couple in the house, and their daughter was missing.

Eren managed to find clues and find the hideout of the slavers who kidnapped Mikasa Ackerman. The boy outwitted the criminals and stabbed them with a knife. At the same time, he contributed to the awakening of the Ackerman force in the girl. Grisha scolded his son for his recklessness, but he had no remorse for killing the slavers. Eren gave Mikasa a scarf and called to their house. The Yeager family adopted the girl.

Fall of Shiganshina arc. On one of the days of his carefree childhood, Eren told Mikasa about his intention to join the Survey Corps. The girl told her parents about this in order to take care of her brother. Karla forbids the boy to do this, while Grisha supports his son in his curiosity. The father promises to show his son what he hid in the basement upon his return from a business trip.

In reality, the man goes to the cave of the Reiss family on the orders of Eren from the future to capture the Coordinate. Grisha is seen off by the whole family, after which Eren quarrels with his mother and runs away. The boy gets involved in a showdown with hooligans, but Mikasa came to his aid. The kids meet at Armin Arlert and chat nonchalantly. Suddenly, they spot a Colossal Titan behind the wall, and it punches through Maria. Titans poured into Shiganshina.

Eren and Mikasa hurried to the house and found Karla under the rubble. Armin called Hannes for help. The Soldier didn’t have the guts to fight the Smiling Titan, so he let it eat Carla, but saved Eren and Mikasa. The boy saw his mother’s death with his own eyes, which greatly traumatized him. Hannes helped the children board the evacuation ship, and they, along with the rest of the refugees, were taken over the wall of Rose.

Grisha Yeager, having learned about the tragedy in Shiganshina, hurried to Kis Shadis. He turned to this old comrade to help him find Eren. From him, Grisha learned about the death of his wife. The man found his son, secretly took him to the forest and gave him the power of the Attacking Titan and the Coordinate. Keys, at the request of a friend, took the boy to a refugee camp.

The next morning, Eren had only vague memories of what happened, like a dream. He, along with Mikasa and Armin, lived behind the Rose wall for 3 years. The guys decided to become scouts. All this time they worked on farms to have food and a roof over their heads. Upon reaching draft age, the guys went to the 104th Cadet Corps. The purpose of Eren’s life was the extermination of the titans.

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. On the first day, Eren’s classmates learned that he had arrived from Shiganshina. At the same time, Yeager publicly expressed his desire to wipe out all the titans from the face of the earth. Jean Kirstein speaks the opposite, as he thinks it’s smarter to join the Military Police and live safely in the interior. This becomes the reason for their mutual dislike for each other.

Later, the cadets began training at the UPM. Eren showed the worst results and risked being expelled from the school. As it turned out later, instructor Kis Shadis ruined Yeager’s UPM belts, as he did not want Grisha’s son to become a soldier. However, Eren’s persistence took over: he managed to hold out even on a broken device.

Kees recognized Eren’s desire and decided that he would no longer interfere with the boy. During his studies at the Cadet School, Yeager became close to many classmates. Ehren took fifth place in the alumni ranking, displacing Jean Kirstein from the top five. Yeager graduated from the 104th Cadet Corps in 850.

Arc Battle for Trost. Eren was cleaning the cannons on Rose’s wall with the newly minted graduates when a Colossal Titan appeared right in front of them. Unlike his comrades, Yeager did not lose his head and attacked the titan. However, he disappeared before Eren could hurt him. The graduates were ordered to defend downtown Trost County from the Titans. Eren convinced Mikasa to obey his personal order and fight in the vanguard.

He himself was in the same squad with Armin and other classmates. However, when they met with the titans, all but Eren and Armin were eaten by the giants. After this, Yeager sacrificed himself to save Arlert, he was swallowed by the Bearded Titan. Eren lost his arm and plunged into the titan’s stomach, where he saw many corpses. He went berserk and transformed into an Attack Titan.

He killed the Bearded Titan first, then defeated the other nearby giants. So he accidentally saved Mikasa. After a while, the former cadets noticed that the Attack Titan was exhausted and wanted to help him. However, they were shocked when Eren appeared from the back of his head. The guys were ordered not to disclose information about what happened. Eren and Mikasa with Armin were surrounded by soldiers, they were going to kill their comrades.

Dot Pixis intervened and prevented the death of the guys. Armin managed to convince the commander of the usefulness of Eren’s forces. Yeager promised to do his best to close the gap in Rose’s wall with a boulder using Attack Titan’s powers. The soldiers were ordered to support this mission. Immediately after the transformation, Eren lost control of himself and attacked Mikasa. However, Armin later talked to him, and then Yeager gained self-awareness. He lifted a boulder and closed the gap in Rose’s wall with it.

Arch Female. Eren became a recruit for the Survey Corps and arrived at their headquarters in the forest with his colleagues. There, Yeager trained to control the power of the Attack Titan under Hange Zoe, but he was not good at it. One day, he unintentionally partially transformed, which scared the members of Squad Levi. The soldiers immediately took him at gunpoint and demanded to prove their peaceful intentions.

After Levy and Hange intervened, the situation calmed down, the scouts apologized to Eren. As a token of remorse, they bit their hand in the same way that Yeager does every time he tries to transform into a titan. Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Connie Springer, Sasha Braus, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Jean Kirstein later joined the Survey Corps. From them, Eren learned about the death of Marco Botta in Trost.

Then all the recruits took part in the preparations for the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls. When the scouts were outside the kingdom, only a few knew Eren’s true whereabouts. Commander Erwin Smith entrusted this information to the most reliable soldiers. Eren was in the central part of the formation. He began to suspect that something was not going the way he thought.

He thought about it thanks to messengers reporting losses on the right flank and flare shots from the same side reporting an anomalous titan. When approaching the Forest of Huge Trees, Commander-in-Chief Erwin ordered the central part of the formation to enter the thicket, while the rest of the soldiers had to disperse around the periphery. Squad Levi was moving forward with Eren, crossing the Forest when they were overtaken by the Female Titan.

Realizing the threat to his comrades, Yeager was about to transform into an Attack Titan. Levi Ackerman gave Eren a free hand in this matter, but asked him to still trust the experienced soldiers of his Squad. The boy struggled with himself for a long time, but decided to rely on Levi and his subordinates. Thanks to this, the soldiers were able to lure the Female Titan into a prepared ambush.

However, she managed to break free and start chasing Eren again. Yeager was accompanied by members of Squad Levi to protect him. Eren again began to doubt whether he should trust the experienced fighters or intervene in his Attack Titan form. He again decided to rely on the Levi Squad, however, this led to the death of the soldiers protecting him. After that, Eren could no longer stay away and, succumbing to emotions, entered into battle with the Female.

He quickly lost his advantage and was captured by the titan. However, Mikasa and Levi caught up with Annie and brought Eren back. The surviving scouts returned to the kingdom. Erwin and the Survey Corps were accused by the Military Police. Eren attended the secret meeting along with Armin and Mikasa. It discussed Annie Leonhart’s suspicions of possessing the power of the Female.

At first, Yeager refused to believe this was possible, but Mikasa pointed out to him the similarities between Annie’s and the Titan’s fighting styles. Afterwards, Eren agreed to take part in Erwin Smith’s plan to capture the Female Titan. To do this, he, along with Armin and Mikasa, arrived in Stohess under the guise of scouts hiding from justice. They turned to Annie with a request to get them out of the city and began to lure the girl into the catacombs under the district.

When Leonhart refused to follow the guys and transformed into a Titan, Eren couldn’t transform into an Attack Titan. This was due to his unwillingness to harm the one whom he considered his comrade for many years. While Mikasa and Armin distracted the Female Titan, Eren found the strength and motivation to fight Annie. He then transformed and engaged in combat with the Female.

Although the preponderance of forces was on the side of Annie, then on the side of Eren, he still managed to achieve recognition of Leonhart’s defeat. Then the girl decided to escape by climbing the wall. However, Mikasa stopped Annie’s escape. Eren was one of the witnesses to the creation of the crystal around Leonhart’s body. He also saw a titan hiding inside the walls of the kingdom. The scouts decided that Eren needed to develop the ability to create hardened titan flesh.

Arc Clash of the Titans. When information appears about the break in the wall of Rosa, who had all of Eren’s classmates under observation, he, under the command of Hange, goes to help his comrades. Yeager, along with the soldiers, arrives at Utgard Castle and sees that he is surrounded by titans. Then Eren kills a titan for the first time in his human form. It is also there that he learns about Ymir’s ability to transform into the Tooth Titan.

Hannes reported that the detachments had not found a defect in the Rose wall. Hange ordered the scouts to return to Trost. However, Reiner and Berthold start a conversation with Eren. In it, Brown talks about the impossibility of pretending further and asks Yeager to return to their homeland with them. Eren pretends to take it as a joke, despite the fact that Reiner and Berthold were suspected of being in touch with the enemy of humanity.

Mikasa immediately reacts and attacks Brown and Hoover, but does not kill them. Then the traitors transform into Armored Titan and Colossal Titan. Eren transforms into Attack Titan and fights Reiner. Berthold distracts the scouts. As Yeager was about to win, the Armored Titan signaled to the Colossal, and it fell off the wall right on top of them. Thus, the traitors managed to escape, capturing Eren and Ymir.

They retreated into the Forest of Giant Trees. When Eren came to his senses, he witnessed a conversation between Ymir, Reiner and Berthold about the enemy of mankind. Yeager tried to get the details from the girl, but that Reiner offered to protect Historia Reiss in exchange for silence. Ymir agreed to join the traitors. The scouts showed up, then Berthold tied Eren to his back and climbed onto the Armored Titan.

When Ymir managed to persuade Historia to go with her, all the traitors gathered at the edge of the forest and began to flee from the soldiers. However, they quickly caught up with them and decided to talk with their former comrades. However, the negotiations were not successful, then Erwin managed to cut the fasteners from Eren’s body. Mikasa caught Yeager in the fall. However, they ended up in the middle of the battlefield without weapons. The Smiling Titan headed towards them, and Mikasa decided to say goodbye to Eren before she died.

Hannes died protecting the guys from the titans. Eren did not intend to end his life and rushed at the titan with his bare fists. Surprisingly it worked. At the moment of contact with Dina’s Smiling Titan, Fritz Ehren unknowingly used Shout and ordered the unintelligent giants to attack Reiner, Berthold and Dina. Thanks to this, the scouts managed to retreat behind the Rose wall.

Arch Royal Government. Later, Eren, along with the rest of the Levi Squad, arrived at the abandoned headquarters in the forest. There, a meeting was held with the Hange Squad, where they suggested the possibility of the return of the wall of Maria if Eren mastered the ability to create hardened titan flesh. Under Zoe’s guidance, Jaeger’s Attack Titan took part in the experiments.

However, they could not be called successful. On urgent orders from Erwin, the scouts leave the headquarters and head to Trost, but the real Eren and Historia are hiding in one of the houses. They are only reunited with the scouts after Jer Sanes is captured. Yeager remembers a conversation between Ymir, Berthold, and Reiner in the Forest of Giant Trees, writes it down, and gives it to Hange Zoya.

Neef arrives with a report from Erwin Smith, who has planned a coup d’etat in the kingdom. According to the idea of ​​the commander-in-chief, Zhen and Armin will pretend to be Eren and Historia, who will actually follow separately from the soldiers. This was to prevent them from being kidnapped by the Military Police. However, they were still discovered and taken to Rod Reiss. When Eren came to his senses, he realized that he was in a cave, bound by a cliff.

It also seemed familiar to him. Then Rod, together with Historia, touched Eren, thanks to which he remembered how Grisha killed the Reiss family in this cave in order to capture the Coordinates. Then Yeager realized that he ate his father and thus received the power of the Attack Titan. Rod turns to Historia and offers his daughter to become a titan and restore justice. However, the girl refuses her father.

Then he himself transforms into a huge titan. Historia tried to free Eren, in this she was helped by the scouts who came to the rescue. Eren notices a vial labeled "Hardening" nearby and drinks the contents. Then he manages to create a crystal copy of the body of the Attacking Titan and slow down the process of the collapse of the cave. He, along with his comrades and soldiers, gets out to the surface.

The scouts are forced to go to Orwood County, where the mindless titan Rhoda Reiss has gone. Along the way, Hange, Eren, and Historia discuss the Coordinate, a power that only a member of the royal family can use. By morning, Rod Reiss reached Orwood County, where he was met by soldiers of the Survey Corps. Eren’s attacking titan tossed a bunch of barrels of gunpowder down the giant’s throat.

The titan Rod Reiss shattered into pieces, which were chopped up by the soldiers. Historia destroyed Rod’s body and won the trust of the people of the district. After a while, she was crowned. the scouts returned to Trost. Eren found a man in his father’s memories, who turned out to be Kis Shadis. The Survey Corps soldiers decided to visit the instructor and ask him about Grisha. After some time they set off.

Arc Return to Shiganshina. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Hange and Levi agreed to speak with Keese Shadis. They learned from the man that Grisha Yeager had been found outside the walls. He also convinced everyone that he had amnesia, so he was able to infiltrate society and even create a career and family. After that, the guys return and prepare for the operation to return the wall of Mary.

After a while, scouts led by Erwin Smith set off at sunset for the Shiganshina district. Along the way, the soldiers encounter a sleeping titan, Eren trembling with fear, but tries to hide it. When they reached Wall Maria, Yeager transformed into an Attack Titan and sealed the gap in the wall with the giant’s solidified body. The rest of the soldiers were busy looking for Berthold and Reiner.

Eren watched in amazement as Brown found himself in a hollow section of the wall and killed one of the scouts. Yeager then spots the Beast Titan and the Carrier Titan with an army of mindless giants. Erwin Smith ordered Eren to transform into an Attack Titan and distract the Armored Titan. A difficult battle ensued between the giants, as a result of which Hange’s squad managed to blow up the back of the head of the titan Reiner with thunder spears.

When the soldiers notice Berthold’s appearance in the sky, Eren helps the comrades escape from the supposed epicenter of the explosion from Hoover’s transformation into a Colossal Titan. However, the enemy agrees to negotiations, but only in order to indicate their position: they are now enemies, finally and irrevocably. Then Berthold transformed into a titan. The scouts, along with Eren, tried to stop him.

It was enough for the colossal titan to kick the attacking titan with a wave of its leg to deprive the guys of the hope that Hoover could be stopped. Eren, in the form of a titan, lay motionless on the wall of Maria. Then Armin offered him his plan. According to him, Arlert distracted Berthold when Eren played a little scene: his titan slipped and fell off the wall. In fact, this was necessary in order to leave a copy of solid flesh on the ground.

Armin, clinging to the teeth of the Colossal Titan with the help of the UPM, endured the unimaginable heat of the steam. Eren trusted his friend, not knowing that he was ready to sacrifice his life. Yeager managed to extract Berthold from the back of the Colossal Titan’s head. He put his blade to Hoover’s throat as Zeke Yeager appeared. So the brothers met for the first time. Zeke was scared off by Levi Ackerman. Eren was shocked to see Armin’s charred body.

With the holder of the powers of one of the Nine Titans in his hands, Eren hoped that Captain Levi would give Armin the transforming serum. However, Flock reported that Commander Erwin could survive with the same injection. Eren was ready to use force on the captain to save his friend. And so he aggressively began to remind Levi of Armin’s merits to humanity. Eren remembered the Battle of Trost, and the capture of the Female, and the discovery of the enemy in Shiganshina.

Levi took into consideration Armin’s accomplishments and bright mind and decided to use the transforming serum on him. Eren was happy to tears when Armin came to his senses. Then Yeager, along with Mikasa and Levi, go to Grisha’s basement in search of valuable information about the titans. There, they found three books with information about the outside world and a photograph of Eren’s father’s first family. They reported this to the command.

After returning beyond the Rose Wall, Mikasa and Eren were placed in the dungeons as punishment for attacking Captain Levi. While spending time in captivity, Yeager ponders the information contained in the books and Grisha’s memories. It is then that Eren realizes that her mother has been eaten by the Smiling Titan of Dinah Fritz, his father’s first wife. Levi and Hange freed Mikasa and Eren. Together they went to a meeting with Queen Historia.

The surviving participants in the mission to recover Shiganshina were awarded medals. Then Eren managed to touch the queen again, it awakened memories - his own, as well as other owners of the power of the Attack Titan. All those close to Yeager noted that after that day he had changed. It was what he saw that day that made Eren actively develop a plan of action and begin to act.

A year later, the scouts were able to reach the wall, from which the Marley soldiers sent the convicts to "paradise", and to the ocean. The expanse of the water surface amazed the Eldians and gave them hope for a brighter future. Even experienced fighters began to fool around. However, Eren did not share their naive joy. He asked aloud a rhetorical question: would the islanders gain freedom if all people outside Paradise died?

Arch Marley. Since 851, Eren, together with the Survey Corps, began to prepare for the confrontation with Marley. For this, it was decided to capture the Malian soldiers arriving on the island on ships for the purpose of reconnaissance. Among the members of the captured vessel were the Anti-Marley Volunteers. With their help, Eren and the Survey Corps learned a lot about the outside world and Marley’s weaponry.

The Volunteers also organize a meeting between the Paradise authorities and Hizuru representatives. However, their proposal to inherit the Beast Titan by Queen Historia is vehemently dismissed by Eren. Under these conditions, their cooperation continues. Railroad tracks are being laid on Paradise Island. Eren helps his comrades during the construction.

After one of the working days, he confesses to his friends that there are no people dearer and closer to him. After a while, Flock organizes a secret meeting between Elena and Eren. The woman explains to Yeager the essence of Zeke’s plan. Eren decides to play along with his brother in order to ultimately achieve personal goals. Later, a delegation from Paradise Island arrives in Marley to see the mainland with their own eyes.

One of the delegates was Eren. He met a boy on the street and realized that in the future he would kill him by launching the Earth Rumble. Eren tells himself not to get involved, but he doesn’t hold back his emotions and apologizes to the boy with tears in his eyes. Yeager acknowledged that Zeke’s plan would result in fewer casualties, but did not agree to such a fate for the islanders.

The next day, Eren attended Marley’s open speech on the Eldian issue. There he heard what kind of hatred for the islanders cultivated by the state. Eren silently left the hearing. The Paradise delegation returned home to develop a foreign policy strategy. Meanwhile, while Marlia was waging war with the Middle East Alliance, Eren infiltrated the ranks of the victims after the battle and ended up in the Liberio ghetto.

As a disguise, he amputated his leg and gouged out his eye. Falco spotted him as he stood among the shell-shocked soldiers. The officer mocks the shell-shocked. Falco helps Eren to his feet. So they met, and Yeager used the name Kruger as a pseudonym. Falco visited Eren when he was in the hospital for soldiers. The boy, at his request, sent letters to the islanders. Falco thought Herr Krueger was writing to the family.

During his stay in Marley, Eren meets with Zeke. From the conversation of the brothers, it turned out that the Ackermans did not have a tendency to be servants of the royal family and that they did not have a tendency to headaches. Zeke thought Mikasa just liked Eren. The same one says that he does not have long to live, while his friends deserve a longer and happier life. The brothers again discussed Zeke’s euthanasia plan and agreed to follow it.

Also in the hospital, Eren meets with Mr. Yeager - his grandfather, who still suffered deeply from the fate that befell his family. Thanks to the help of Falco, Ehren was not left without the support of the islanders on the day when Willy Tyber staged his performance. Then the boy, at the request of Eren, arranged for him to meet with Reiner in the basement of one of the houses in Liberio. Reiner is deeply terrified by the meeting, Falco gradually realizes the reason for his superior’s horror.

Eren apologized to the boy for the deceit and said that he was able to understand the Marleys and realized that they and the islanders are the same. When Reiner noticed signs of Yeager’s transformation, he was able to shield himself and Falco with the arms of the Armored Titan. Eren turned into an Attack Titan and attacked Willy Tyber. Paradise scouts showed up just in time and helped Eren capture the Hammer Titan and escape in an airship.

On board the flying boat, Yeager meets up with Zeke, Elena, Hange, and Levi. He does not resist putting him in a cell. On the island, Eren easily endured imprisonment in a dungeon. He only became stronger in his opinion that the island needed to continue to fight. Hange tried to talk to him, but Eren was rude to her. He informed her that he was under arrest of his own free will, otherwise he would have been out of custody a long time ago.

Arc War for Paradise. When the Jaegerists set off an explosion in Darius Zakklai’s office, Eren escaped from prison using the powers of his Titans. He went to the agreed meeting point with Flok and his subordinates. Eren set a goal for the Yeagerists - a meeting of the Yeager brothers. After a while, they captured the scouts located in the Nikolo restaurant.

In the same place, Eren locked himself in a room with Armin, Mikasa and Gabi. He intended to quarrel with his friends so that they would not suffer in the implementation of his plans. Eren informed his comrades that he acted only of his own free will. He confused Armin by declaring his affection for Annie only because of Berthold’s feelings for her.

Eren insulted Mikasa by calling her a slave and made her question the nature of her affection for him. A fight took place between Yeager and Arlert, which is better described as the beating of Armin. Eren ordered that the former comrades be placed in a cell along with the rest of the scouts captured in the restaurant. He also arrived at the fortress along with the Jaegerists.

Later, Eren met with Gaby to offer her a deal: Falco’s life in exchange for information about the Marley spies. At that moment, Peak Finger entered the room. She expressed her desire to join the Jaegerists. Eren listened to the girl and asked her to point out where the Marley soldiers were hiding as proof of her sincerity. Peak agreed, then Yeager led her and Gaby to the roof of the building.

On the way, the girl signaled to Porco Galliard. Climbing up to the rooftop, Peak pointed at Eren and called him an enemy. At that moment, Porco the Toothy Titan attacked him from under the floor. Eren noticed Marley’s flying technology approaching. Such an imminent attack on Paradise Island puzzled Yeager. However, he decided not to run away, but to fight back the enemy.

A fight ensued between Eren’s Attack Titan, Reiner’s Armored Titan, and Porco’s Tooth Titan. Yeager was on the brink of victory several times, however, he received two headshots from the Titan Carrier’s anti-titanium cannon. Eren noticed Zeke’s appearance on the wall and realized that they needed to unite as soon as possible. The bestial titan tried to restrain the enemy and help his brother.

Meanwhile, the Attack Titan fought the Armored Titan and the Tooth Titan with the last of his strength. Zeke screamed, causing the soldiers who drank wine with his cerebrospinal fluid to turn into mindless titans. Eren, taking advantage of Reiner’s confusion over Falco’s transformation, left his Titan’s body and ran towards Zeke.

Before Eren could touch his brother’s hand, Gabi decapitated him with a well-aimed shot. However, the head managed to fall into Zeke’s hands when life did not completely leave the younger brother. Because of this, the Jaegers met in the Unknown Lands. Eren is surprised that Zeke is in chains. He explained to him that the fetters are a symbol of the oath of peace, and introduced him to Ymir Fritz.

Zeke urged his brother to set their plan for an easy death in motion. However, Eren confessed to using it and asked Ymir Fritz to share the power of the Founder. Then Zeke stated that he had found a way to get rid of the oath of peace, and now Eren was chained. The older brother decided to show the younger one the past of their father Grisha. Eren saw Zeke’s childhood, then came the turn of Grisha’s memories of life on the island.

The brothers visited their father’s memory of the day he went to the Reiss family’s cave. At the decisive moment, Eren pressured his father to kill the descendants of the king and seize the power of the Coordinate. Zeke is shocked by what he sees. The brothers returned to the Unknown Lands. Zeke gave Ymir the order to deprive the Eldians of their ability to reproduce. Eren broke free of his chains, missing his thumbs, and embraced Ymir.

He freed the girl from having to follow the orders of the king’s descendants. Ymir decided to share her powers with Eren. His real body transformed into a giant Progenitor Titan and the walls collapsed. The colossal titans started the Earth Rumble. Eren telepathically contacted all the Eldians and informed them of his intention to kill all mankind outside of Paradise Island.

The Progenitor Titan then follows the Colossal Titans to Marley. Along the way, Eren contacted each of his acquaintances to talk in person. Yeager explained to them that he was sacrificing himself and that after his death, the power of the titans would disappear. Armin Eren confessed his love for Mikasa. All the heroes will remember these conversations after defeating Yeager.

At the current moment, Eren has telepathically contacted the comrades flying on the airship behind him, and made them aware that he did not intend to participate in the negotiations. He also said that they would have to kill him in order to stop the Earth Buzz. After a while, his friends reached him in an airship and jumped onto the back of the Progenitor Titan.

Ymir assisted Eren by resurrecting the former owners of the titan powers to protect him. However, Armin decided to transform into a Colossal Titan, causing an explosion that could blow off the head of the Progenitor Titan. This does not kill Yeager, he became a titan again and entered the battle with Armin’s titan. Eren was close to victory when Mikasa, with the help of Falco’s Toothy Titan, flew into the mouth of the giant Yeager.

Death. Mikasa tearfully raised her blade over Eren’s real head. He was ready for such a development of events and humbly met death at the hands of his beloved. After that, the rumble of the earth stopped, the dead were resurrected, and all of Eren’s comrades remembered telepathic conversations with him. Mikasa buried Eren at the foot of a tree that he often slept by as a child. She visited his grave until the end of her life and even herself was buried nearby.

Eren Yeager: Hero Relationship

Eren Yeager and Carla Yeager. The woman raised the boy in love and care. After the birth, she told Kees Shadis that Eren was wonderful simply because he was born into the world. The boy loved his mother very much. Like all children of his age, he was restless. Eren often fought with bullies on the street, which caused Carla to often worry about her son.

One day, Carla found out about her son’s desire to join the Survey Corps. She yelled at Eren for fear of burying her young son after another failed expedition beyond the walls. The boy was offended by Karla because of the rejection of his dream and, snarling, ran away. However, Eren lost his obstinacy when he saw his mother under the rubble of the house.

With his last strength, the boy tried to pull his mother out in order to save her from the titan. Carla was eaten in front of Eren, this psychological trauma affected his later life. Including the desire to destroy all the titans. The boy was tormented by conscience due to the fact that he and his mother quarreled before her death. However, Carla’s death purposefully set up Eren from the future.

Eren Yeager and Grisha Yeager. Eren Yeager saw in his father the support of the family, the boy respected his father. The man greatly pleased his son by praising his desire for knowledge of the world, having learned about Eren’s desire to join the Survey Corps. Grisha even decided to encourage this by promising to reveal the secret of his basement. On the day of the fall of Shiganshina, the man left the house due to the need to capture the Coordinate.

Eren from the future manipulated his father into acting according to his plan. Since Grisha possessed the power of the Attacking Titan, he could see the memories of the future owner, that is, his son. However, Eren deliberately showed his father only some memories so that Grisha would dutifully act in the interests of his son. And only after the capture of the Coordinates did the man realize what this would actually lead to. However, he handed over the Attack Titan to Eren, dying.

The boy, for a long time, could not understand where his father had disappeared after the fall of Shiganshina. Eren was able to realize his father’s death at his own hands only after his abduction by Rod Reiss. Touching Historia brought back memories in Yeager. At first, Eren condemned his father’s crimes. Later, he realized that this was a necessity. Moreover, he realized that he himself was the one who forced Grisha to commit the murder of the Reiss family.

Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. They met on the day Mikasa’s parents were murdered. Eren showed the girl a true desire to live despite the circumstances. This contributed to the awakening of the power of the Ackermans in Mikasa. Eren gave the girl a scarf, which she almost never took off throughout her life. The boy also invited Mikasa to live with his family.

As children, they were best friends, the girl took care of Eren and stood up for him in fights. They were family members for each other. After the death of Carla Yeager, Mikasa took responsibility for the survival of her brother in any conditions. To do this, the girl sometimes had to force-feed Eren and convince him to come to terms with the injustice of the world for the sake of a roof over his head.

Later, she joined with him in the Cadet Corps, and then in the ranks of the Intelligence Corps. Mikasa saved him both during clashes with mindless titans, and during the abduction of Eren by the Warriors of Marley. The girl showed signs of romantic feelings for Yeager. She also sought to support him even in the absence of understanding of his actions by their comrades. Mikasa was ready to protect Eren to the last drop of her blood.

However, it was her fate that prepared a role in saving humanity from the Buzz of the earth. Mikasa had to cut off Eren’s head. She kissed him goodbye. After the death of Eren, Mikasa remembered that he contacted her telepathically and admitted that he dreamed of living with her for many years. The girl buried her beloved under a tree in Shiganshina and visited the grave throughout her life. And then she herself was buried next to Eren.

Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert. As a child, Eren often saw that Armin did not fight back bullies, and therefore stood up for a friend. Arlert told him about the diversity of the outside world. The dream of seeing it together became Eren’s motivation to join the Survey Corps. When they both became cadets, Eren continued to protect his friend from danger. For example, when Yeager pulled a comrade out of the mouth of a titan, because of which he himself was eaten.

Eren later developed a deep respect for his friend’s sharp mind. By explaining to Armin the significance of his insights, he helped Arlert gain confidence in himself. Eren had to zealously prove his friend’s merits to Levi when the captain chose who to inject the transforming serum. Yeager managed to convince the man, with tears in his eyes, he watched the recovered friend.

After a while, Eren tried to quarrel with Armin so that he would not suffer because of Yeager’s genocide. However, Arlert quickly guessed the true motives of his friend and tried to talk to his friend. Yeager also stated that his friends would have to kill him to stop the Buzz of the earth. Armin had to come to terms with this need. When Mikasa took out Eren’s head, Arlert mourned his friend’s death.

Eren Yeager and Hannes. The man was a friend of the Yeager family and often looked after the boy on the streets of the city. Eren often resented the idleness and drunkenness that Hannes allowed himself as a soldier. The boy often spoke out on this subject to the man. However, Eren did not take Eren’s words seriously until the day Shiganshina fell. When Hannes discovered the boy at Yeager’s ruined house, he decided he could handle the titan.

However, the man chickened out in the face of danger, but saved Eren. Hannes had to confess his weakness to the boy. The man helped Eren sail away on the evacuation ship behind the Wall of the Rose. Hannes later told his subordinates that he had no doubts about Eren. The man believed that he would survive as long as he was with Armin and Mikasa.

Hannes was ready to protect Eren when he became a strong soldier of the Survey Corps and Attack Titan. When the man saw Yeager’s helplessness in front of the Smiling Titan in the middle of a plain filled with other unintelligent giants, the soldier rushed to help without hesitation. Hannes died protecting Eren. The death of an old friend hit Yeager hard and led to the accidental activation of his Scream ability.

Eren Yeager and Kees Shadis. Keys hasn’t interacted with the Yeager family since about the time Eren was born. Therefore, the boy believes that their meeting in the 104th Cadet Corps was the first. However, Eren simply did not remember the night after the fall of Shiganshina. Then Kis helped Grisha find his son among the refugees and escorted them to the forest. Shadis denounced his treatment of Eren, suspecting something was wrong when the man roughly dragged the boy into the thicket.

Keys then brought Eren back to the refugee shelter without realizing what really happened in the forest. When the boy entered the Cadet School, Shadis sought to prevent this. The instructor disabled Eren’s UPM belt mounts. However, he saw that the cadet was able to hold out on the faulty equipment and resigned himself. Eren learned about the role of Keys in the life of his family much later, from the memories of his father.

Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein. Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein became rivals after the first conversation. In terms of strength and success, they were not inferior to each other. Those around them even noted some external resemblance, which in the future helped Eren hide while Jean pretended to be him. Nevertheless, they had absolutely opposite views on the world, which constantly became an occasion for quarrels and fights.

After the Battle of Trost, the tension between the young people subsided. Although each of them could easily recall a couple of unflattering incidents to each other. Ironically, it was Jean’s pessimism and pragmatism that helped him understand Eren’s motives. Kirshtein did not condemn Yeager for the genocide, as he understood that this was only a measure to protect people dear to Eren.

Eren Yeager and Marco Bott. Marco earned Eren’s respect for his sincerity, despite wanting to join the Military Police. Yeager considered him an excellent leader due to Marco’s willingness to put the best interests of the team first. Upon learning of Bott’s death, Eren did not believe what he heard. When Jean Kirstein confirmed the death of their comrade, Yeager was amazed.

Eren Yeager and Connie Springer. Eren and Connie quickly hit it off when they became classmates in the 104th Cadet Corps. Springer was among those guys who listened eagerly to the details of the fall of Shiganshina. At first, Connie had no ambition or desire to join specific troops. However, Eren’s ideas were so contagious that Springer overcame his fears and became a scout.

Connie could not understand why Eren had changed so much and began to act aggressively, up to the attack on Marley. An even greater rift between them arose when Yeager reacted inappropriately to the death of Sasha Braus. Connie considered it wild to laugh at the last words of their comrade. However, after the death of Eren, Springer remembered that he finally promised that his mother would become human again. For this, Connie was grateful to Yeager all his life.

Eren Yeager and Bertolt Hoover. Eren considered Berthold a good friend and trustworthy person during his training at the Cadet School. When the truth was revealed that Hoover was the Colossal Titan, Yeager hated him. Eren wanted to kill him with the same passion as he wanted to exterminate all the titans. And he got what he wanted when he fed Berthold to the mindless titan Armin Arlert.

The destruction of the Colossal Titan responsible for the destruction of Shiganshina brought relief and satisfaction to Eren. However, Eren was sad to witness the death of his classmate Berthold. He silently cried when Hoover was eaten by titanium. Much later, Eren remembered that he himself took the Smiling Titan away from Berthold on the day Shiganshina fell, as it was too early for him to die.

Eren Yeager and Rainer Braun. While studying at the Cadet School, they quickly found a common language. Eren admired Reiner’s ability to help anyone in need by word or deed. Yeager referred to him as a "big brother" to his classmates. Eren even looked up to him during his training. Reiner was happy to share his knowledge and skills with his friend.

However, the truth about Brown’s possession of the power of the Armored Titan was revealed. Then, in the eyes of Eren, he immediately became a vile traitor who did not have the right to further life. He planned to kill him at the first opportunity. However, Reiner fled to Marley, and the former comrades met only after 4 years thanks to the help of Falco Grice.

During this time, Eren changed his mind and understood the inhabitants of the Liberio ghetto while he lived undercover in it. Reiner was afraid of him, but was surprised to find the understanding and leniency in Yeager’s treatment of him. Eren admitted that they are the same. He then attacked Marley, which forced Reiner to pull himself together and fight his former comrade. Brown later retaliated against Paradise, but did not get Eren killed.

After a while, Reiner teamed up with the Marleys and Eldians who want to stop the Buzz of the earth. In a conversation with them, Brown stated that he understood Eren. However, Reiner selflessly fought the Progenitor Titan to stop the genocide. When an ancient centipede separates from Eren’s body, Brown does his best to hold it back. Only the death of Yeager brings relief to Reiner, because now his family is safe.

Eren Yeager and Annie Leonhart. They rarely interacted with each other, but Eren admired the girl’s fighting skills. One day, Annie taught him the trick of her father. Then she taught him another lesson, teaching him to see the unobvious truth behind beautiful words. When Eren found out that Annie was a Female Species, he refused to believe it for a long time. He also resisted having to fight a fellow student.

However, Eren had to fight her. He overcame the victory with the help of fighting techniques that Annie taught him herself. When Leonhart imprisoned herself in the crystal, Eren sought to understand the girl’s motives. He tried to justify her, since the respect he had for her earlier did not allow Yeager to treat her the same way as Reiner or Berthold.

After the Earth Hum began, Annie freed herself from the crystal and joined the islanders and Marleys in opposing Eren. Leonhart was determined to kill Yeager because she wanted to protect her home. After Eren’s death, Annie remembers that they had a telepathic conversation. In it, Yeager sincerely wished the girl a long and happy life.

Eren Yeager and Dot Pixis. They met under rather difficult circumstances. Dot intervened in the lynching of Eren, accused of being an enemy of humanity. Pixis decided to talk to a young graduate of the Cadet School. Eren managed to convince the Commander that it was possible to close the gap in the wall with the Attack Titan. Thanks to this, humanity won the Battle for Trost.

Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman. Eren knew Levi as a skilled fighter and had admiration and respect for him. Yeager understood that the captain beat him in court by force, and therefore did not hold a grudge against him. Eren sought to adopt as much of Levi’s experience and skill as possible. Yeager implicitly trusted his decisions and orders.

Over time, their trust in each other grew. Levi turned a blind eye to Eren’s small missteps and helped him grow above himself. However, a conflict arose between them when it was necessary to choose who to inject the transforming serum - Erwin Smith or Armin Arlert. However, Levi understood Eren’s desire to save his friend and did not hold a grudge against Yeager.

Eren Yeager and Erwin Smith. As a child, Eren loved to watch scouts return from behind the gates of Shiganshina. The boy saw Erwin at the head of the procession and considered him the best soldier. Later, after meeting the Commander at a conscious age, Eren admired Erwin’s intelligence. Smith, on the other hand, was able to understand the boy’s motives for such a desperate fight against the titans and realized that he could rely on him.

Eren Yeager and Hange Zoe. Upon first meeting, Eren showed interest in Hanji’s study of the nature of the titans. Because of this, he had to listen to Zoya’s story all night, from which he did not learn anything new for himself. Their relationship went through a crisis after Eren’s invasion of Marley. Yeager’s aggression towards Hange during his imprisonment in the cell and the threats did not help to improve relations between them.

Eren Yeager and Oruo Bozard. Oruo made an indelible first impression on Eren: boasting and bullying the recruit ended in bleeding from a bitten tongue. Nevertheless, the recruit respected the older soldier, as Captain Levi personally selected him for his squad. Eren was touched by the female’s murder of Oruo Bozard.

Eren Yeager and Petra Ral. Of all the Levi Squad members, Petra was the friendliest to Eren. The girl was open to communication with him and quickly won the recruit’s trust. Eren admired how skilled a soldier Petra was. She apologized when she impulsively acted hostile towards him due to her mismatched transformation into a titan. Relations between them remained benevolent until the death of the girl due to the actions of the Female.

Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss. During training in the Cadet Corps, they rarely communicated. Eren was repelled by the insincerity in the girl’s emotions and behavior. However, after revealing that she is Historia Ress, she became more open, which contributed to their more active communication. Eren showed the girl concern for her fate when he abandoned the plan, according to which her descendants continued the inheritance of the Progenitor Titan.

Afterwards, Yeager devised a plan to wipe out all humanity outside of the island and shared it with Historia. He did not win her approval, then Eren demanded not to tell anyone about his strategy. Yeager activated the Earth Rumble, among other things, so that the royal dynasty of Historia lived without the burden of the power of a titan. The girl was grateful to him for his sacrifice. It also gave the island the opportunity to find a common language with other states.

Eren Yeager and Rod Reiss. Rod kidnapped Eren in order to restore the power of the Progenitor Titan to his family. However, his behavior clearly showed a desire to avenge the death of his family members, if not to the killer himself, but at least to his son Eren. The young man was not touched by the man’s speech, although he was ready to be eaten in order to atone for Grisha’s sins. However, Eren later helped destroy the titan Rod without a trace of compassion on his face.

Eren Yeager and Ymir. Even while studying at the Cadet School, they practically did not communicate with each other. It was only during their abduction by Berthold Hoover and Reiner Braun that Ehren was interested in talking to Ymir. This was necessary for him, since the girl did not hide that she knew more about the enemy of mankind than the inhabitants of the kingdom. Ymir criticized Eren’s shortsightedness and admitted that he had nothing to offer her. After the girl went over to the side of the traitors, Eren was unable to find out anything from her.

Eren Yeager and Dina Fritz. Dina Fritz was Grisha’s first wife, who was then turned into the Smiling Titan. Little Eren didn’t know about it. To him, the Smiling Titan was exclusively the one who killed his mother, and later Hannes. Eren from the future specifically sent the titan Dinah Fritz to Carla Yeager: so that Berthold would survive, and so that the psychological trauma would make him seek to destroy the titans. One day, Yeager came into contact with him, wishing for his death, which allowed him to use his Scream ability. Nevertheless, he learned the truth about Dean Fritz, having grown up pretty much.

Eren Yeager and Zeke Yeager. Eren learned that he had a brother only from his father’s memories. Zeke and Eren met during the operation to retrieve Shiganshina. Each of them noted the resemblance of the other to Grisha. The elder brother believed that the father had brainwashed the younger in the same way that he had once been brainwashed. Therefore, Zeke sought to save his brother by opening his eyes and applying his plan for an easy death. Eren only played along with his brother in order to appear in his father’s memories and force Grisha to kill Frida Reiss and get the Coordinate. After that, Zeke became disillusioned with his younger brother.

Eren Yeager and Falco Greiss. When Eren, under the name of Kruger and the guise of a war victim, made his way into the Liberio ghetto, Falco showed friendliness and helped him. Obviously, Yeager was favorable to the boy, but he had to use him for his own purposes: to send letters to his comrades and to arrange a meeting with Rainer Braun. When the truth was revealed, Eren apologized to Falco, but he was shocked by the deception and frightened by the presence of a man from Paradise Island.

Eren Yeager and Gaby Brown. Gabi couldn’t forgive Eren for his invasion of Marley, which killed her friends. She wanted to kill him so badly that she decided to board an enemy airship. Gabi saw Eren as she and Falco were led into the command room. Yeager was not impressed by the girl. Later, Eren offered to hand over the Marley spies on the island in exchange for Falco’s life. Gaby froze in fear every time she saw Yeager.

Eren Yeager and Elena. Elena was Zeke Yeager’s right hand and oversaw the activities of the Anti-Marley Volunteers on the island. Due to this, she closely communicated with Eren regarding the implementation of Zeke’s easy death plan. When Elena realized that he was only pretending to be their like-minded person, she stopped sympathizing with him. This happened when Eren activated Earth Rumble.

Eren Yeager and Mr. Yeager. In the Liberio ghetto, Eren was treated at the hospital where his grandfather worked. One day, Mr. Yeager sat down to him to ask him not to cause problems for Falco. Then Eren asked the man if he regrets the fate of his family. Mr. Yeager had a nervous breakdown. So Eren met his grandfather and made sure that he deeply regrets the fate of his children Faye and Grisha. Mr. Yeager himself did not know with whom he was speaking.

Eren Yeager and Flock Forster. Initially, their communication did not work out, as Flock actively protested against the introduction of the transforming serum to Armin. However, later they found a common language. Flok became the commander of the Yeagerists, that is, Eren’s right hand among his supporters. Forster supported the plan to destroy humanity outside of Paradise Island. Eren used his location to achieve his goal.

Eren Yeager and Ymir Fritz. Eren meets Ymir in the Unknown Lands, where he learns her history and realizes that the girl has been a hostage of the royal family for two thousand years. Yeager wonders if it was her will that led him to where he is now and who he is. Eren seeks to free Ymir, so she shares her powers with him to carry out genocide. She protected him by creating the bodies of long-dead sentient titans. The girl became truly free after Mikasa cut off Eren’s head.

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