Erwin Smith: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Erwin Smith - Age: over 30 (exact unknown); Height: 188 cm. He was trained in the cadet corps and joined the Intelligence Corps. After Kees, Shadisa became the new commander. An ingenious strategist. Supervised the operations of the Reconnaissance Corps during the Battle of Trost, the operation to capture the Female, rescue Orwood, change the royal government and return to Shiganshina. He died heroically due to the bombardment of stones by the Bestial Titan, surrounded by his comrades.


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Erwin Smith: Basic Information

Erwin Smith: Appearance

Erwin Smith is a fairly tall man of strong build. He later lost his right arm. He is blond, the lower tier of hair is cut short, and the upper tier is slightly longer, which allows him to be divided into a parting over the eyebrow and styled with gel in a smooth hairstyle, which he used to wear since childhood. Erwin Smith has the face of a strong-willed person: strongly pronounced cheekbones, a crooked nose. Erwin’s calling card is his thick and wide eyebrows. His eyes are blue.

Erwin wears the standard Reconnaissance trooper uniform with a white shirt underneath the harness. A green badge on a string is tightened under the collar. In his spare time, he dresses in gray trousers and a gray T-shirt, on top - a snow-white shirt and a light jacket. After losing his right arm, it is noticeable that Erwin stops buttoning buttons or cufflinks on the free sleeve, however, he keeps his clothes neat as before.

Erwin Smith: Character

Erwin is always a strategist first and foremost. He subjects any new information to objective criticism and analysis. He does not give it any emotional coloring, perceiving it as a set of facts of varying degrees of reliability. This peculiarity of thinking helps Erwin to make sometimes exceptional conclusions and see the most promising decisions. He always remembers the global goal and acts in such a way as to steadily approach it.

Erwin has the gift of persuasion and is a skilled speaker. He is able to turn any facts into an advantageous and attractive side for the interlocutor. This helps Erwin in solving life problems. Smith lives with the dream of confirming his father’s theory of the lives of the people behind the walls. Before his death, he admits that for this he is ready for anything: send many comrades to death, quit his job duties and go alone to the basement of Grisha Yeager.

Erwin Smith: Interesting Facts

Erwin Smith: Famous Quotes

"As long as one person lives, wars will never end" - Erwin Smith tells Dot Pixis after the coup d’etat.

"It was only when I joined the Intelligence Corps that I realized how fragile humanity is" - Erwin Smith tells Keys Shadis in the OVA "Choice without regrets".

"Regret will dull all your future decisions, and then others will begin to decide for you. You will only have death. No one can predict the outcome, each new decision only makes sense to affect your next" - Erwin Smith supports Levi Ackerman after the death of his friends in OVA "Choice without regrets".

Erwin Smith: OVA Choice Without Regrets

When young Levi with his friends Farlan Church and Isabel Magnolia in the Underground City take an order and appear at the UPM, a detachment of the Reconnaissance Corps is sent after them. Among these soldiers is Erwin Smith, who manages to stop Levi. As they cross blades, Ackerman notices that his comrades are captured. Levy gives up, Erwin praises his quick analysis of the situation. The guys are handcuffed.

Smith asks Levy questions: where did they get their UPM, who taught them how to use the equipment, is he a leader. When he gets no answer, one of the soldiers dips Levi’s face in a puddle. One of the guys - Farlan - says that they themselves learned how to use the UPM. Erwin offers Levy a deal: the soldiers let the guys get away with their pranks, and they instead join the Reconnaissance detachment. In case of refusal, they will be handed over to the Military Police.

Levy decides to accept Erwin’s terms. Thus, they become scouts. Smith attends a squad leader meeting with Commander Kees Shadis and claims that he is ready to vouch for the guys’ skills. Keys also reports that Erwin has developed a completely new formation, in which it becomes possible to avoid combat with the titans. After a while, Erwin and Keys are riding in a cart.

Smith reports on the completion of preparations for the sortie. Shadis reports that the leader of the protesters against her - Nikolai Lobov - suspiciously suddenly changed his mind. Erwin is not surprised by this news, Keys guesses that he somehow forced Lobov to agree. Meanwhile, Levy, Isabelle and Farlan received orders from Nikolai to steal Erwin’s documents and get rid of him. Smith tells Schadis that they must at all costs justify the sortie for the sake of all of humanity.

He salutes and walks to headquarters, where he intersects with Ackerman. Levy remembers his humiliation and promises himself to kill Erwin. Farlan is searching Smith’s office when he is signaled by his friends that a soldier is approaching. The next morning the Reconnaissance Corps sets out on an expedition beyond the walls. As the soldiers confront the titans, Erwin sees the recruits dealt with the giants. He drives up to them and praises them, but reproaches Levy for wasting too much gas.

Ackerman is outraged, and Smith says that his death is only a matter of time if he doubts anything. They continue to move, a downpour begins, greatly impairing visibility. Levy decides to take advantage of this and sneak up on Erwin, but stumbles upon the tracks of the deviant and finds his friends eaten. In a fit of rage, he kills the giant. Erwin drives up to him with other soldiers and praises him for his good work.

Levy insults him and says that he is only here for Smith’s death. He swings his blade, but Erwin stops him with his palm and throws a scroll to the ground. He admits that these papers about Lobov are a forgery, while the real ones have long been kept by the commander-in-chief Zakklai. Levy loses the meaning of everything. However, Erwin supports him and proposes to continue his life with the Intelligence Corps. Levy decides to follow him and live without regrets.

Erwin Smith: The Fall of Shiganshina Arc

In 845, on the day of the fall of Wall Maria, Erwin Smith, as part of the detachment, is outside the walls on the Expedition Corps. He reports to Commander Kis Shadis that he has noticed the titan. Then, with the rest of the attacking team, he goes to the UPM and, together with his colleagues, destroys the giant. After the end of the reconnaissance mission, Kees Shadis asks Erwin Smith to accept the position of commander of the Intelligence Corps.

Erwin Smith: The Battle of Trost Arc

The day after the graduation of the 104th Cadet Corps students, the main forces of the Reconnaissance Corps arrive in Trost County, led by Commander Erwin Smith. Thus, he is in the city when the Colossal Titan is behind the wall. He learns about Eren’s ability to become a titan. When Yeager wakes up behind bars, he sees Erwin in front of him with Levy and two Military Police guards.

Smith asks Eren if he has any questions. He is interested in the place in which he woke up. Erwin reveals that they are in an underground dungeon. He also says that he received permission to speak with Yeager despite Yeager’s imprisonment by the Military Police. He shows Eren the key to the basement of his house in Shiganshin and reminds him that there is secret information about the Titans. Yeager confirms this information.

When Levy is sarcastic about a lucky coincidence that favors the Yeager family, Erwin pulls him back and notes that they have resolved the issue of trusting Eren. Smith wants to know Yeager’s intentions. The Commander states that they need the power of the Attack Titan in order to get to Shiganshin and enter the basement of his family’s house. Levy approves of the boy’s entry into the Survey Corps and asks permission to supervise him personally, Erwin agrees.

Erwin Smith: The Female Arc

Later, Garrison Commander Dot Pixis invites Erwin Smith for a walk along the Trost Wall. The Survey Corps Commander remarks that their meeting could be misinterpreted. Dot shrugs off these worries and starts talking about Eren Yeager. Erwin says there will be a trial to decide whether the cadet will remain under the Military Police or join the Intelligence Corps. Dot announces that the meeting will be chaired by Darius Zakclay.

Shadis states that he would not want Eren dead, but is only able to oppose the Military Police. Erwin says they have little chance, but reveals that he has a plan. However, everything will depend on how the trial goes. Dot laughs at Erwin’s reliance on chance. But he objects that during the expeditions they are forced to do the same. Shadis then laughs, notices that Erwin is not so strict, and leaves.

After a while, Smith represents the side of the Intelligence Corps at the trial. He invites Darius Zakclai to allow Eren to join the ranks of the scouts so that they can retake Wall Maria and the territory beyond. The commander-in-chief is skeptical and asks where they are going to start their expedition from. Erwin does not hesitate and replies that the Caranes district on the east of Wall Rosa is ideal for this purpose.

Smith, after the demonstrative beating of Eren Levi by Ackerman, again proposes to the judge to appoint to watch over Yeager the Survey Corps. Erwin also proposes, based on the results of the expedition, to decide whether the boy will be useful to humanity and whether he can control the power to turn into a titan. This, coupled with Levy’s strength, convinces the commander-in-chief of the advisability of trying such a plan of action, and he makes a court decision in favor of the Intelligence Corps.

After the trial, Erwin approaches Eren and apologizes for the beating, and also says that this pain was not in vain and that he is counting on the boy. Under the command of Smith, the scouts arrive at the new headquarters - the ruined castle at Wall Rose. Erwin meets with Mick as he draws up a distribution plan for the expedition, which will begin in 30 days. Zacarius thinks they are in too much of a hurry.

However, Erwin realizes that it is necessary to show the benefits of Eren to humanity as soon as possible. Mick asks to be honest with him at least, and Smith praises him for his excellent flair. He also says that he will tell the truth when the time is right. The next morning, when everyone gathers at the killed experimental titans, Erwin approaches from the back to Eren and asks what he thinks about the enemy. Having received no answer, he apologizes for the strange behavior and leaves.

Erwin Smith arrives at the graduates of the cadet corps to deliver a speech to them. With the onset of darkness, young soldiers gather at the stage on which the commander is standing. He frankly talks about the dangers of the intelligence service and initiates them into plans to return Shiganshina and infiltrate the Yeager family’s basement. He demonstrates the movement from Caranes to Wall Maria. Erwin asks those who decided to join the Intelligence Corps to stay.

A small number of frightened guys remain. Erwin asks them if they will die by order, and hears a cry that they do not want to die. This answer satisfies the commander. He expresses his respect to those who remain and accepts them into the ranks of the Intelligence Corps. In the morning, he returns with the recruits to headquarters and continues to prepare for the expedition. A month later, everything is ready, the members of the Intelligence Corps are lining up at the gates of Karanes.

After raising the gate, they set out for the 57th expedition. After leaving the city, Erwin commands to take positions according to the structure he developed. Smith himself is at its center. The Female appears and, with the help of Rainer and Armin’s naivety, learns that Eren is in the center of the formation. She heads there. The formation gets to the Forest of Giant Trees, and on Erwin’s orders, only a convoy of a convoy from the center enters it.

Thus, he lures the Female into a trap, and with the help of the Target Lock, he manages to immobilize the titan. Erwin is watching from a tree branch when Levi lands on him and notes that they achieved it at the cost of the lives of the vanguard soldiers. Erwin decides to play it safe and use the spare projectiles of the Target Capture Weapon to more reliably immobilize the Female. Eren surmises that the commander planned this from the beginning.

Together with the soldiers of Levy’s detachment, he realizes that Erwin only gave the details of the operation to those who have been loyal to the Intelligence Corps for 5 years. They realize that answering Smith’s strange questions about the enemy could increase the level of trust in them. At this time, Erwin observes a hopeless situation - the blades do not take the hardened flesh of the brushes with which the titan covers his head. He makes the assumption that it is similar to the Armored Titan’s armor.

The Commander realizes that they do not have time to check if the tactic of attrition of the owner of the Feminine will work, and gives the order to plant explosives at the titan’s wrists. However, the giant lets out a terrible cry, and Mick reports to Erwin that foolish giants are approaching them. Smith sees the small titans attacking the Female and eating her flesh. He orders the protection of the sentient titan.

It is worth noting that when he realizes that the soldiers cannot cope, Erwin gives the order to retreat and restore the formation. He decides to return to Karanes. Levy notices his insane look and asks what he thinks. Erwin replies that the enemy is ready to sacrifice everything to keep his identity secret. Ackerman notes that their return could end badly for both Eren and themselves. However, Smith replies that he will think about it already behind Wall Rose.

He orders Levi to replenish gas and blades, he does not understand the meaning of this, but obeys. Erwin saddles his horse and rides alongside Hange from the forest. He suggests that the last time Colossal prepared an UPM in advance and disappeared on it under the cover of steam from the body of the titan. Erwin believes that their new adversary can use the same technique. However, Hange counters that such experiments on Eren were not successful.

Erwin notes that it was a mistake to consider Yeager’s capabilities as the norm, because, apparently, there is a possibility of training his abilities to wield the power of a titan. He believes that the reappearance of the Female can be expected, assuming that its owner is able to maintain strength after the transformation. Erwin understands that the enemy cannot be overcome with the usual train of thought and only one perfect strategy.

They get out of the thicket and, as part of the formation, retreat to a safe distance. There, Erwin is reported on the dead and missing soldiers. He gives the order to move to Karanes immediately. One of the young soldiers is outraged by the attitude towards the fallen comrades and asks the commander if he has human feelings. Erwin doesn’t answer and walks away from them. The reconnaissance corps moves on its way back.

On the way, they meet the titans. Due to the lack of the ability to maneuver on the UPM, Erwin believes that it will be faster to get to the wall than to engage in battle. They get to Caranes and walk into the area to the humiliating comments of the townspeople. After such a major failure, Erwin Smith is summoned to the capital. He gathers a narrow circle of scouts to implement his plan to capture the suspect.

Erwin hopes to lure Annie Leonhart in Stohess into the underground catacombs. The scouts secretly arrive in the metropolitan area, except for Smith, accompanied by Ackerman and Kirstein as Yeager. Their carriage is stopped by Niall Doc, who, after the sound of transformation from the depths of the city, Erwin advises to throw all his strength there. He also states that a Titan has appeared behind Wall of Sin. Jean takes off his wig and obtains the commander’s permission to receive equipment from the fourth capture group.

Erwin is brought his UPM and puts it on. He orders everyone to take care of Annie Leonhart. Neal points a gun at him and states that Smith is revolting against the king. The Attacking Titan and the Female are fighting each other, turning the city into ruins. Erwin confesses that he was initially ready to make such sacrifices. Niall grabs his breasts and asks why he did this. Erwin replies that he is acting for the good of humanity.

Niall threatens to execute him, then Smith behaves submissively and invites Dok to take the lead in capturing the Female. Then the Military Police officers agree to assist. However, Erwin remains in custody. Eren manages to gnaw Annie Leonhart out of the nape of the Female, but she creates a crystal around herself. Levy approaches Erwin and reports on the success of the operation. Smith says they gave the Survey Corps a chance to hold out.

The mayor of the capital summons Erwin and asks why he, in the presence of a suspect, did not request the help of the Military Police. Smith explains that he feared Annie had accomplices. However, the mayor says that even at the cost of such sacrifices, Erwin did not prevent the extinction of humanity, and also did not provide the possibility of interrogating the enemy. Smith states that capturing a human capable of transforming into a titanium is a big step forward.

Erwin declares his intention to track down all owners of the titanic power on the territory of humanity. He says that in this way they are moving in the direction of freeing people from the oppression of giants. The commander is determined. Erwin manages to convince the government and knock out time for further actions by the Intelligence Corps. However, he understands that their position is very fragile - one wrong step and they will not get out of the bureaucracy.

Erwin Smith: Clash of the Titans Arc

After the battle between the Attack Titan and the Female, a titanium was found in the wall, as reported to Erwin Smith. He says that no one could have guessed this, only there were those who knew and those who did not know. After revealing the truth about Annie Leonhart, the commander suggests that there may be traitors among the former cadets of the 104th Cadet Corps. That is why he orders the guys to be followed.

After a while, Erwin Smith is informed that the Titans have appeared behind Wall Rose. By evening, he prepares the Intelligence Corps to move to the aid of his comrades who were looking after the recruits. Erwin distributes Hanji, Pastor Nick, Levi, Mikasa, Eren and Armin into one squad. They are heading to Germina County, from this safe area to the Titan-infested area. Sasha reports to the commander on the situation on the front line.

Erwin sends Hange’s party to Utgarde Castle. The next morning he finds Dota Pixis on the wall and draws his attention to the fact that the Military Police are finally sent to the territory where it is possible to meet with the titans. Then the scouts arrive in Trost with a report, which Erwin listens carefully to along with other soldiers of the Garrison and the Intelligence Corps. Hearing that there are three more titans among the former cadets of the 104th Corps, Smith is not surprised.

He asks what happened after their identities were revealed. The soldier reports on the battle between the Attacker, the Armored and the Colossal Titans, as well as the abduction of Eren and Ymir. Then Erwin with the Survey Corps goes to the scene on horseback along the wall. Moblit reports to him that the situation has not changed. Erwin orders to use the elevator to lower the horses down. He listens to Hanji’s suggestion that the traitors are hiding in the Forest of Giant Trees.

Battle-ready scouts are advancing there, led by Commander Smith. Erwin makes decisions on the way, sticking to the plan to get to the Forest on the shortest path. After a while, smoke signals indicate that the scouts are surrounded by titans, but Erwin orders them to go ahead. He sees a flash of transformation into a titan as they reach the Forest of Giant Trees. Erwin calls the priority goal to find Eren and return.

When the traitors on the Armored Titan leave the Forest, Commander Smith gallops towards them, leading a crowd of unreasonable titans. Thus, he sets them on the traitors. Soldier Erwin also directs the attack on the Armored Titan, Berthold and Ymir. He gives the order to take Eren and retreat. At one point, Erwin is distracted by the command of the attack and is captured by the agile titan.

The giant grabbed his hand with his mouth, but even being in such a situation, the commander orders the soldiers to advance. Smith loses his right arm and is saved from the Titan. After providing first aid, he catches up with Berthold and cuts Eren off his back. Then he saddles the horse and commands to retreat. Erwin is pursued by the titan, and Ymir in the form of the Tooth Titan rescues him. However, the commander falls from his horse, a soldier runs up to him.

Erwin tells him to take care of Eren, not who can be replaced, but in front of Smith, the scout is eaten by the titanium. His life is only safe after Eren screams, which distracts all the titans. Thus, the soldiers manage to recapture Yeager and return behind the walls. Erwin receives medical attention and is resting in his room. Levi, Dot Pixis, Hange and Connie come to him. Springer reports on the situation in Ragako Village.

What matters is that Erwin concludes that all titans are ordinary people. After the visitors leave, Levy turns to Smith and sees a smile on his face. Erwin asks not to pay attention to his oddities and explains this by the fact that they are closer to the truth. Levy replies that this small step forward has cost them too much. The commander declares that one day they will be able to break through the wall behind which the truth awaits them.

Erwin Smith: Royal Government Arc

In Trost, Erwin is planning a performance in Shiganshin to reach the basement of the Yeager family’s house. Together with Levi, they discuss the failures of Eren’s titan strength training and the possible benefits of History Reis. Erwin tells what he learned from the report about the fate of the girl. Smith cannot understand why a petty aristocrat - Rod Reiss - was entrusted with the secret of the walls. After a while, Erwin remains in Trost, and the scouts move to the new headquarters.

The commander, with the help of Nifa, gives Levi a letter in which he announces his arrest. Hange and Moblit decide to help Erwin. Togo, after his arrest, is placed in an apartment. There he is visited by an old friend of Smith - Niall Doc. However, Erwin expresses his distrust of the government, which worries the military police officer. He asks Erwin about his plans, but he only admits his intentions to take the risk.

Smith is then visited by Hange and Moblit. Zoe reports on a conversation recorded by Eren between Berthold and Ymir, as well as problems with the Military Police. Erwin gives the girl water, after drinking it, she declares that Eren will be eaten. The Commander is in his apartment while Dimo ​​Reeves kills Kenny Ackerman. In the evening, Dot Pixis comes to him to discuss Erwin’s intentions to remove the king in order to return Wall Maria.

Smith says that he has a plan of action, thanks to which he will not have to kill people. However, he admits that the main link is still in question, and all participants in the coup risk being pulled up on the gallows. Dot laughs because Erwin is once again trusting the will of fate. Smith asks to be allowed to tell about his childhood. He begins the story by stating that his father was a teacher. However, he is interrupted by Hange, who arrives with a report on the confession of the captured police officers.

Erwin informs Dota that the true ruler is Rod Reiss, and also that they are busy saving History, the true heiress of the kingdom, who will sit on the throne. Thus, Smith manages to convince Dota Pixis to take part in the coup. After his departure, a scout comes to Erwin and reports that the commander is accused of murdering Dimo ​​Reeves. Smith tells Hange to leave and act on his own while he takes up the public side of the matter.

Erwin appoints Zoe as the new commander of the Survey Corps and leaves. Under the escort of two policemen, he is taken to Reeves’ corpse. The policeman publicly accuses Smith of conspiring with him and Reeves to kidnap Eren Yeager, so as not to extradite him on the orders of the king. Erwin is also charged with murdering Dimo ​​on the basis of a desire not to leave witnesses and accomplices. The police take him to the carriage, but Erwin asks him to wait a minute.

He approaches the corpse of Dimo, over which his relatives mourn the death of a loved one and tells how Reeves tried to take his fortune out of the gate during the battle for Trost. He continues the story with memories of Dimo’s invaluable help in the restoration of Trost. He promises that those responsible for his death will be punished and leaves with the police. In the cart, he recalls a conversation with Dot about Erwin’s childhood.

He talked about how his father was a teacher who taught children that the history of mankind was not preserved before the walls were erected. Little Erwin doubted this and asked his father, but he only after returning home shared his thoughts with his son. The child then could not understand the need to keep it a secret and told the guys and the Military Police about it. After that, Erwin’s father was killed and disguised as an accident.

Erwin also told Dotu Pixis that, according to the hypothesis of his father, the king changed the memory of humanity after it disappeared behind the walls. Smith understands that the ruling elite is not worried about saving lives, but only about their own benefit. Erwin admits that the goal of his life was the desire to prove the veracity of his father’s hypothesis. Smith himself is imprisoned. A military policeman comes to him and interrogates him.

After that, Niall Doc visits him and warns of the upcoming audience with the king, at which they will announce the execution of Erwin and the dissolution of the Intelligence Corps. He clears his throat in response and asks if all is well with his comrade’s family. Erwin warns Niall that if Dot Pixis fulfills his request, the future of Doc’s family will depend only on him.

The military police officer who tortured Smith reports that he did not say anything useful. Beaten and bound, Erwin is taken to the palace, where the king, high-ranking lords and Dot Pixis await him. One of them invites Smith to say something in the end. Erwin says that humanity without the Survey Corps will not be able to defend against the Titans. He invites the audience to imagine that Wall Rose has fallen, refugees arrive behind Wall Sina.

He warns of the possibility of civil war and opposes the story of the development of events after the return of Wall Maria. One of the lords reminds him that he was invited to the king because of a violation of the law. They have a dispute about the need for Eren to participate in the restoration of the territories beyond Wall Maria. The Lords indict the murder of Dimo ​​Reeves as a witness and accomplice in Yeager’s hiding from the government.

Dot Pixis does not stand up for Erwin, Niall cannot believe that Smith will surrender. The Lords portray a fair meeting, after which Erwin’s conviction and death penalty are announced. In accordance with his plan, a soldier of the garrison bursts into the hall and reports on the breakthrough of Wall Rose. The Lords, as expected, are concerned about their own interests and are ready to sacrifice a huge number of people.

Thus, Darius Zakklay and Dot Pixis become Erwin’s associates and carry out a coup d’etat. Niall is surprised that Smith is not happy about the success. However, he replies that people have stepped on a dangerous path, and there is no turning back. After a while, the inhabitants of the kingdom were announced about salvation from the usurper thanks to Erwin Smith directly from the scaffold, which was being prepared for the commander of the Reconnaissance Corps. The man overheard the doubts people expressed to Niall.

Later, Erwin travels in the cart with Darius. Smith says that it would be better for the population not to change the government. He ponders out loud what would happen if he collaborated with the Military Police and died voluntarily. Zacclay confesses that he has always dreamed of removing the Lords from their posts. He calls Erwin a villain, since he preferred his life to the fate of humanity. Smith says he does it for the sake of a dream.

After a while, Erwin meets with Dot, who says that members of the Reiss family are capable of changing human memory, with the exception of some clans. Pixis also notes that as soon as Rod takes possession of Eren’s scream, the uprising will cease to make sense. Erwin notes that wars will exist as long as people are alive, which makes his interlocutor laugh. Smith orders the scouts to line up and march towards the chapel in the lands of Rod Reiss.

However, they arrive at their destination when the troops of Levi and Hange have already fought with Rod’s accomplices, and Sem Reiss has become a huge titan. Erwin drives up to the wagon with the injured Hanji and expresses the hope that no one was seriously injured. Levy briefly reports on what happened in the chapel. Erwin orders to advance to Orwood, where the titan Rhoda is heading. Smith and the scouts arrive in the area.

He meets with the Orwood administration and communicates his plan. He declares that the population will not be evacuated. The garrison of the city is dissatisfied with this decision, but there is no other way out. Erwin explains that only Orwood will be able to protect as many people as possible for the Survey Corps. According to the commander’s plan, at dawn, the titan of Rhoda appears at the wall. The Commander watches the unsuccessful attempts to shoot the giant with cannons.

Smith realizes that the only hope is a backup plan. He orders Levi, Sasha, Jean and Connie to take over the opposite side of the wall while Hange directs the creation of a bunch of explosive barrels. Erwin then approaches History and informs her of the need to take the throne. The girl asks him for permission to present to the people everything as if she would personally kill the titan Rod, and Smith agrees. The commander gives the signal to start the operation.

When the titan lost his balance and his head fell against the wall next to the Commander, he did not move. Erwin signals the Attack Titan to throw a bunch of barrels of explosives down Rod’s throat. The titanium explodes into many pieces. The commander gives the order to find Rod among them and destroy. With the permission of the commander, History kills his father with his own hands and becomes a hero for the townspeople. Erwin later attended her coronation.

Smith, along with Hange, Dot, Darius, and Levy, attend a meeting about the transforming injection they received from Kenny Ackerman. Zakclay proposes to use it for its intended purpose and invites Erwin to take on this responsibility. However, Smith notes that the armless is not the best candidate, and suggests Levy for the role. He explains to the subordinate that he will have to decide on the spot who to inject.

It is worth noting that when Levy asks in response what Erwin will do after the dream comes true, he admits that he did not make such distant plans. Levy then agrees. Erwin calls another meeting with the squad leaders to discuss the identity and motives of Grisha Yeager. Erwin declares that the final preparations for the expedition to Shiganshina have been made, and in two days they can set out. The commander says that they will investigate the basement themselves.

Levy stays behind after the rest of the commanders leave to ask Erwin about his plans after the rebuilding of Wall Maria. He replies that he will act according to the circumstances after they find out the secrets of Grisha Yeager. Levy remarks that they may not live up to this moment and suggests that the commander appoint Hanji Zoe as the head of the operation. Erwin remembers his father and refuses to stay safe.

He states that he is ready to be the decoy and lead the Intelligence Corps. Erwin says he must be held accountable for his risky plan. Levy tries to convince Smith that it will be more beneficial for all of humanity if he wiggles his brains in a safe place. However, Erwin believes that everything should be at stake in the coming battle. Then Levi threatens to break both of his legs, but Erwin explains that it is more important for him to be in Shiganshin when they learn the secrets of this world than anything else.

The next day, at sunset, the Reconnaissance Corps lines up on the wall before the start of the operation. The townspeople shout to them from below that they rely on them and believe in their success. Erwin says that this is the first time he sees such a send-off of scouts behind the walls. This encourages the commander, he issues a battle cry and gives the order to launch a counteroffensive against Shiganshina. The soldiers, also inspired, move towards Wall Maria.

Erwin Smith: Return to Shiganshina Arc

When, after descending from the mountain, Shiganshina is shown, Erwin Smith orders to go to the UPM. He himself climbs the wall and stops at it. According to Erwin’s plan, the scouts, with the help of Eren, are to seal the outer and inner gates of the city, and then kill the remaining titans inside. The Commander sees Armin Arlert giving him signs. He reports that he noticed traces of the enemy’s stay in Shiganshin.

Among the things he found were three mugs and a metal teapot. Erwin asks if he had time to cool down, to which he gets an affirmative answer. Then the commander realizes that the enemy knew in advance about the approach of the scouts and prepared. Erwin considers the main task to be the detection of the enemy, and entrusts this to Armin, appointing him the commander of the search detachment. Smith calls him a trump card up his sleeve.

After a while, Erwin notices a smoke signal fired by Armin and approaches him to find out the state of affairs. Arlert argues that the enemy must be sought in the hollow sections of the walls. The soldiers think this idea is stupid and do not want to obey Armin. However, Erwin agrees with the young man and reminds the scouts of the need to be flexible in battle with a cunning enemy. Smith interrupts the operation and gathers all the soldiers on the wall.

Erwin is shocked by the rapidity of events: Reiner suddenly appears from the wall and kills the scout who discovered his hideout. The commander does not have time to give the order to look for the rest of the opponents, when the claps of many transformations into titans are heard behind him. Turning around, he sees the Beast Titan, the Carrier Titan, and the foolish giants surrounding Shiganshin. A zeke throws a boulder to block the inner gate so that horses cannot pass through.

An Armored Titan climbs up the wall from behind to them along the wall, Erwin orders not to engage in battle with him. Smith notices the Carrier Titan with a load of crates and barrels on its back and realizes that he is the enemy Marines. Erwin informs Levi and Armin that this titan is also sentient. The commander observes the actions of the enemy and realizes that their goal is to kill the horses and deprive the Reconnaissance Corps of the opportunity to leave the city.

Erwin orders Marlene, Dirk, and Klaus to defend the horses, Levi’s squad under Hange’s command to kill the Armored Titan. He reminds the soldiers of the Intelligence Corps motto - to give their hearts. Erwin asks Levi and Armin to stay. He entrusts Ackerman with protecting the horses and killing the Beast Titan. He assigns Arlert, together with Hange, to lead the operation to destroy the Armored Titan.

Only Erwin remains on the wall, and Rainer in the form of a titanium climbs up. They exchange glances as the Attack Titan transforms against the wall behind them. Smith studies Brown’s reaction and realizes that he will take the bait. The commander observes the actions of the scouts and recalls that during his training in the cadet corps he often retells his father’s theory about the structure of the world to his comrades.

It is important that he also understands that he stopped doing this when he joined the Intelligence Corps. Erwin fought the titans only for himself, his dream. Time passed, he began to command people and deceived them and himself. Now Erwin realizes that he is standing on a mountain of dead comrades’ corpses. Even realizing this, he is ready to sacrifice anything in order to see what Grisha Yeager hid in his basement. Erwin even plans to drop by before dying in case of failure.

After a while, the commander hears the scream of the Armored Titan and notices that the Beast-like takes a barrel from the back of the Transporter Titan and throws it at Shiganshin. Erwin watches in amazement as Berthold transforms into the Colossal Titan. He tries to predict the next actions of the Beast-like Titan and understand if everything is going according to plan with the enemy. After the first throw of the crushed stone by Zeke, Erwin commands the soldiers to take cover.

Levy and the recruits with their horses retreat to the wall, the commander comes down to them and reports on the situation on both sides of the inner gate. Ackerman offers Erwin various options to keep Smith, Eren, and a few lucky soldiers alive. The commander says they have little chance of winning and shares the plan with Levy. Its essence lies in the sacrifice of recruits and Erwin for the sake of killing the Bestial Titan by Ackerman.

Smith realizes that it will be difficult to convince the young scouts to volunteer to die. He also realizes that he will be one of the first to die, as he will lead the counteroffensive. Erwin sits down on a nearby box and sadly admits that most likely he will not learn the secrets of Grisha Yeager. He says that only the hope of testing his theory with his father helped him survive to this day. Erwin regrets that the answer is so close, but death is closer.

Smith asks Levy if he sees the fallen comrades. The commander claims that they are still watching the living and want to know what they gave their lives for. Ackerman says that he will decide for him, and orders to abandon the dream and lead the recruits into battle in order to destroy the Beast-like. Erwin smiles humbly. He lines up the soldiers and fires out smoke signal cannons to obstruct Zeke’s line of sight.

Erwin Smith: Death

Flock guesses that they will all die, and Erwin confirms his fears. The commander also agrees that it makes no sense as much as it does not in life. Erwin says that only each of them here and now can give this all meaning. He and the recruits screaming and launching a counterattack on horseback. During the next volley, Erwin is ordered to scatter. One of the stones hits him in the stomach and knocks him off the horse.

When Levi gets to the Beast, Flock wakes up on the battlefield among the bodies of his comrades. Ackerman finds himself on the roof, where Eren captured Berthold and is ready to feed him to Armin if he is made an unreasonable titan. Levy has already agreed to inject when Flock climbs onto the roof with a breathing Erwin on his back. The captain is convinced that the commander is still alive, and warns that he chooses to save him.

Eren objects, but Levy stands firm: he believes that Erwin Smith is more useful for humanity. He starts a fight with Mikasa. Levy argues that without Smith’s help, humans cannot cope with the Titans. However, Eren recalls all the merits of Armin to humanity. Flock stands up for Erwin, he talks about the commander’s counteroffensive. Forster talks about how he found him half-dead and wanted to finish him off.

However, Flock ultimately decided that he survived to return to life the only hope of people - Erwin Smith. Hanji Zoe also lands on the roof and disables Mikasa. Captain Levy draws liquid from the ampoule into a syringe, Eren continues to persuade him to inject Armin for his dream. However, Ackerman does not listen to him and orders everyone except Erwin and Berthold to leave the roof for the operation to proceed as planned.

Levy has to choose between two dreams. As he already holds the needle against Erwin’s vein, the commander jerks his hand. He begins to rave: he calls the teacher and asks him a question about the people behind the walls. Levy recalls his last conversation with Erwin, how he thanked him. The captain realizes that it’s time to let go of his friend. Levi realizes that they themselves created the devil out of Erwin, and he has long deserved peace. Hange reports the death of the commander.

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