Falco Grice: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Falco Grice - Age: 15 years old; Height: 140 cm (human), 5 m (Toothy titan). Candidate for inheriting the power of the Armored Titan. Member of the war with the Middle East Alliance. In the future, the owner of the power of the Toothy Titan. Member of the war for Paradise. He took a direct part in stopping the Hum of the Earth.


  1. Main character information
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. Toothy Titan
  4. The appearance and personality of the hero
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Falco Grice: Main character information

Falco Grice: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Knows how to assess the situation. Falco Grice grew up in the Liberio ghetto and was brought up on Marley’s values ​​imposed on the Eldians. But despite this, he was able to objectively look at the situation of the war with Paradise Island. This makes Grice different from Gabi. Falco was able to live with the idea that people everywhere live the same way and that there is no truly bad people.

Purposeful. Falco needed to hear Reiner Braun and Eren Yeager’s validation of his goal in order to make the final choice. Grice decided to protect Gabi by any means and was guided by this goal in all subsequent events, making this or that decision.

Sharp-witted. Falco Grice is a very smart boy. Hearing a few casual phrases on the farm and in the restaurant, he was able to tie them together. Thus, he guessed that Gabi had shot Sasha Braus, the daughter of the people who sheltered them and the beloved of chef Nicolo. Nevertheless, he did not have time to warn his girlfriend about this.

Able to find non-standard solutions. Falco compared the possibility of combining the powers of different titans and the presence in his body of the material of both the Beast Titan and the Tooth Titan. In addition, he remembered seeing a flying giant in someone’s memory. Thus, he offered to take a risk: either he could fly up and help defeat Eren, or Annie, Kiyomi-sama, he and Elena would lose the opportunity to sail on the ship. It should be noted that this idea played one of the key roles in the salvation of mankind.

Falco Grice: Toothy Titan

Toothy titan Falco Grice 5 meters in height. He has long blond messy hair. The face is covered with a bone mask imitating closed jaws with sharp teeth. However, under the bone tissue is a mouth with lips and teeth similar to human ones. Titanium brushes are like bird paws.

Falco swallowed Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid before gaining the power of the Tooth Titan, thus inheriting the traits of the Beast Titan. As a result, the titan Falco was able to become like a bird and grow wings for flight. Grice greatly helped his comrades to defeat Eren Yeager, as he carried them with the help of a grid fixed on his back.

Falco Grice: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Falco Grice is a boy who trains a lot due to his status as a Warrior of Marley candidate. Therefore, he has an athletic physique.

Appearance. He has blond, short hair. Falco’s features are rounded, which is typical for his age. The eyes are light green, the tip of the nose is upturned.

Cloth. Most often, Falco wears the standard Warriors of Marley candidate uniform. On his left arm, he wears a yellow Eldian armband. In his free time, he dresses in trousers, a white shirt and a blue jacket. In the same clothes, he finds himself on Paradise Island. At the Braus farm, he is given a gray sweater to do chores.

Merciful. During the war with the Middle Eastern Alliance, during the battle near the fortress of Glory, Falco Grice dragged an enemy soldier into the trench. Grice stopped the bleeding and bandaged him. The boy was sincerely glad to help the man, despite the fact that on paper they are enemies to each other. Also, despite the attitude of the Marley officers towards the victims after the war, Falco pities them, tries to calm and help.

Good-natured. Having met Eren Yeager, who is in Marley under the guise of an Eldian injured in the war, Falco easily opens up to him. Grice talks about her problems and concerns. Eren easily enters the boy’s trust and even persuades him to send letters to Paradise and arrange a meeting with Reiner on the day of Willy Tyber’s performance. At the same time, Falco does not realize until the last moment that there is an enemy in front of him.

Good friend. Falco has been friends with other Warriors of Marley candidates Udo, Sophie and Gabi for many years. The war and the hardships of life in the Eldian ghetto of Liberio rallied the guys. Falco, without hesitation, followed Gabi aboard the enemy airship. He also took care of the well-being and health of the girl on the island.

Friendly. Once on Paradise and getting to know the inhabitants of the Braus family farm, Falco sought to establish relationships with others. He believed in their benevolence and therefore was open to them, which in turn endeared him to the islanders. A particularly striking example is that Falco approached Kaya and enlisted her help.

Falco Grice: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"I became a Warrior Candidate because I didn’t want you to inherit the Armored Titan. I wanted you to live a long life so that you would always be happy and marry me" - Falco Grice tells Gaby Brown after meeting her and Colt.

"I, Falco Grice, dedicate all the blood that will ever flow through me to Marley, so that I and my family can be freed from the evil blood of Ymir" - Falco Grice tells Reiner Braun to justify himself after unflattering remarks about the fate of the Marley Warriors .

Falco Grice: Character Story

Arch Marley. After the war with the Middle East Alliance, Falco returns home and meets Eren Yeager, who is pretending to be sick. The boy sends his letters to the islanders and arranges for him to meet Reiner on the day of Willy Tyber’s performance. Falco, along with Gaby, boards the islanders’ airship, where the girl kills Sasha Braus. Thus, the children arrive on the island, where they are kept in prison.

Arc War for Paradise. Falco and Gaby escape and take shelter at the Braus family’s farm under assumed names. Grice accidentally swallows Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid before Marley’s attack, causing him to become a mindless titan. Through sacrifice, Porco Galliard gains the power of the Tooth Titan. Together with allies from Marley, from the islanders and from the Azumabito clan, he sails on a ship. Discovers the power of a titan that can fly and helps stop the Earth’s Rumble, as it delivers Mikasa to the real Eren.

Falco Grice: Hero Relationship

Falco Grice and Gabi Brown. Falco is in love with Gaby and twice confesses this to her: the first time the girl does not take what she says seriously, but then what she says gives her strength to act for the good of her future. Grice aims to get the Armored Titan in her place in order to save Gaby, which often leads to arguments between the two. Falco takes care of her safety during the Earth Rumble. In the future, they become ordinary citizens and continue to communicate.

Falco Grice and Udo. The boys had trained together since childhood, being candidates for the Warriors of Marley. After classes, they sometimes walked together in Liberio. They also participated in the war with the Middle East Alliance.

Falco Grice and Sophie. The fate of the candidates united and rallied them. Their relationship is not particularly close, but Falco and Sophie often spent time in a common company of friends in training and in their free time.

Falco Grice and Rainer Braun. Falco has respect for Reiner and a warm, almost quivering feeling. The boy takes care of him and worries that Brown has not fully recovered when he invites the candidates to walk around the ghetto. They become closer when they realize that their views and the main goal are the same.

Falco Grice and Colt Grice. Two brothers and at the same time two candidates from the same family for the Warriors of Marley. Colt always cares about Falco and strives to save him from the fate of Ymir’s curse, and therefore tries his best to inherit the powers of the Beast Titan Zeke. When the older brother realizes that Falco will inevitably become an unintelligent titan, he hugs him and promises to be there until the end, and then dies from the explosion of transformation.

Falco Grice and Kaya. Falco wins the girl over with her openness and sincerity. He reveals to her the truth behind Kaya’s mom’s death. In addition, the girl sees that Falco thinks similarly: on both sides of the ocean, people innocent of ancient sins live. Kaya helps him and Gaby find Nicolo the Marley on the island.

Falco Grice and Nile Doc. Niall helps Falco, during an attack by Marley’s troops, get out of prison, where they are holding all those who swallowed the cerebrospinal fluid of Zeke. When they meet Colt Grice on the street, the man hands the boy into the safe hands of his older brother and asks them to find a safe place.

Falco Grice and Porco Galliard. Porco sees the mindless Titan Falco attacking the Armored Titan and decides to save the boy. To do this, he sacrifices himself and allows himself to be swallowed. Thus, Falco gains the mind and strength of the Toothy Titan.

Falco Grice and Connie Springer. Connie initially sees in the boy only an opportunity to bring back to life his mother, imprisoned in the form of a mindless titan in Ragako. However, Armin manages to convince his comrade and save Falco. After that, the communication between Grice and Springer can be called neutral.

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