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Gabi Brown - Age: 15 (in 857) Height: 138 cm. Candidate for Warriors of Marlia and most likely heir to the Armored Titan’s strength. Reiner Braun’s cousin. Participant in the war with the Middle East Alliance. Participant in the war for Paradise.


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Gabi Brown: Basic Info

Gabi Brown: Appearance

Gaby Brown is a petite but strong girl. Her hair is brown, shorter than her shoulders. In Marliya, Gabi collects them in a "malvinka", and on the island wears loose or collects them in the tail, since during her stay on Paradise they grow a little. The strands of the face are shorter, so you get bangs that fall over the eyes. Gaby’s eyes are brown with an amber tint. In war or in class, the girl in Marlya wears the standard light-colored uniform of the Warrior candidate.

In her free time, she dresses in a black sundress with a white T-shirt and a brown sweater over it. On the island, Gabi helps the Braus family on the farm and therefore dresses appropriately: a blue skirt, a red jacket and an apron. To go to Nikolo’s restaurant, the girl is dressed up in a white shirt and a black sundress, and a red ribbon is tied under her collar.

Gabi Brown: Character

Gabi Brown, as a Warrior candidate, acts like an impulsive, determined and resourceful person. She has a high opinion of herself, evaluating other candidates as inferior to her. Gaby is very emotional and easily expresses all feelings in a straightforward manner. She is very cheerful and willing to try something new. She also feels like a leader among candidates. Gaby fanatically believes in the ideology that Marlia and her family have instilled in her.

It is important to note that after Willie Tiber’s speech, Gabi’s belief that there are wild people, devil spawn on the island, does not remain as strong. However, having killed Lobov and Sasha, she does not feel regret or compassion for the relatives of the victims. Only later, having got to know Kaya, the Braus family, Gaby was able to feel sympathy for them. Also, the girl was struck by the fact that during her entire stay on the island she was not killed and in the end they were not going to take revenge.

Although Armin compared Gaby to Eren because of his belief that killing can solve all problems, he was mistaken about her. The girl was able to understand that the same people live on Paradise as elsewhere. When the Hum of the Earth begins, Gabi worries about both the islanders and her family in Marliya. The girl finds herself at the crossroads of personal choice. However, she decides to fight Eren along with the united soldiers.

Gabi Brown Interesting Facts

Gabi Brown: Famous Quotes

"I myself was born behind the fence of the concentration camp. If you go out behind the wall, passers-by spit at you. That is why I tried so hard to prove to the rest of the world that the Eldians are good" - Gabi Brown tells Falco Grice while pursuing a scout airship.

"I killed a lot of people to be praised. Here is my demon," Gaby Brown tells Kae when they meet during the events in Shiganshin.

Gabi Brown: Marly Arch

Gabi Brown is involved in the war with the Middle East Alliance. A shell-shocked Falco Grice is dragged into the trench. She tries to bring him to his senses, but he does not remember the events of the nearest past. Gabi tells him that now the cadets, along with the Eldians, are on an operation to capture the fortress of Glory and destroy the fleet of the Middle Eastern Alliance. Gabi says they were sent to the front line to test their abilities.

The girl also asks Falco who he sees as the most likely heir to the Armored Titan’s power. The boy expresses doubts about her candidacy, Sophie and Udo add that Gaby is lagging behind them in terms of estimates. However, the girl declares that the point is not in academic performance, but in her special trait - determination. Gabi promises to kill all the "geeks" of the island in order to free her compatriots. She promises to prove to the world that the worthy Eldians survived.

The girl makes a bunch of grenades and volunteers to blow up the enemy’s armored train, saving the lives of 800 soldiers. Theo Magath ultimately lets her try her luck. Gaby takes off the Warrior candidate’s uniform and bandage. She ties a bundle of grenades to her leg, raises her arms up and approaches the train tracks. Alliance soldiers spot her, but hesitate to shoot. Gaby pretends to fall and lies motionless.

During this time, the armored train arrives at a fairly close distance. The girl removes the grenades from her leg and throws them into the armored train. She manages to knock him out, after which she runs back with a laugh. Alliance soldiers open fire on Gabi, but Falco and Galliard’s Tooth Titan come to her aid. They take cover in a pothole. Brown and Grice return to the trench while the Warriors and Eldian soldiers actively attack the enemy.

Falco drags in a wounded enemy soldier and gives him first aid. Gaby, watching this, tells Grice not to hope that he can earn points this way. Candidates oversee the landing of foolish giants, the actions of the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan. Gaby was greatly frightened for Reiner, who protected Zeke from the ship’s salvo. However, as a result, the war ended.

Young candidates sit on the waterfront and discuss the uncertain future of the Eldians. Reiner Brown calls them, Gaby jumps up and runs to his cousin. She asks him to walk around the city with the candidates until they leave. In the evening they take the train home to the Liberio ghetto. Gaby rides in a carriage with the Eldians, to whom Colt willingly tells the girl about the feat and shakes her in his arms.

By morning, the train arrives at the station, and Gaby is the first to jump out of it with joyful cries of returning home safe and sound. Porco notes that the girl was praised yesterday. Peak puts his arm around Gaby’s shoulders and asks Galliard not to scold her, because they don’t shake their hands for nonsense. The girl was embarrassed. Together they reach the gates of the Liberio ghetto, where family and friends await their return. Gaby is greeted by mom and dad.

In the evening, the Brown family gathers for dinner. The girl in paints describes the success of her sortie, which saved hundreds of Eldian soldiers. Parents praise her for her fearlessness and are proud of her daughter. The girl’s father asks Reiner about his mission to Paradise. Gaby asks her father not to ask his brother questions about the bloodthirsty offspring, so that he does not have to remember the horror he experienced. However, Brown is addicted to memories of the island, in which people do not look so bad.

Gabi doesn’t understand why Rainer treats the islanders well. However, Karina Brown convinces the girl that only those who deserve to die in the name of the freedom of the Eldians live on Paradise. Gaby thinks that her cousin is not saying something about the mission on the island. She noticed that their relatives did not recognize Rainer at all. However, he only laughed it off in response. Gabi then went to train the Warrior candidates.

It is interesting that it was on her that the girl was first surpassed by Falco. While discussing this, the guys met two sentries, who are also happy for the boy. Gaby is annoyed at her defeat, she hits Falco in the forehead and says that he still won’t inherit the Armored Titan. She says she doesn’t understand why Grice is trying so hard. Falco shyly replies that for her sake. However, Gaby does not understand that the boy has sympathy for her, and continues to be angry.

Candidates later see Liberio preparing the stage for Willie Tiber’s performance. Gabi expresses the hope that this will help ambassadors from other countries understand that the Eldians are not a hellish tribe. The girl advises Udo to smile, Sophie not to joke. However, when the guys ask what Gaby will change in herself, she replies that she doesn’t need it. She believes that she is able to charm ambassadors and become even more valuable. She also asks her friends not to cheer on Falco.

In the evening, candidates serve international guests and hear Willie Tiber’s invitation to speak. The next day, Gaby wakes up to the music heard from the street. She goes out to see what is happening and finds herself at the festival. There, the girl meets with friends, Peak, Porco and Rainer. All day long they walk and taste the food of the street vendors. Rainer has to help his cousin to go home in the evening, as she is overeating.

Before Willie Tiber’s performance, the young candidates, Peak, Porco, Colt and Zeke, sit next to them. Rainer Falco is taken to see Eren Yeager. The rest of the Warriors go after Elena, ostensibly to General Magat. Colt and the candidates watch the show with excitement. For them, the truth about King Fritz and the Ghoul of the Earth becomes a revelation. The attacking titan attacks Willie Tiber.

Eren destroys both the stage and the stands, many people die. Colt helps Udo and Gaby wake up. The girl looks for Sophie, but finds her corpse, crushed by a boulder. Colt defends Gaby from the running crowd, but Udo fights them off. Brown screams across the plaza in horror. When panicked people run by, they find the boy badly injured and unconscious. Then they rush to the nearest hospital, but there the doctor tells them that the boy has long been dead.

Gaby breaks down and, not listening to Colt, runs back to the square. On the way, she meets the guards, whom Sasha shoots in front of the girl. Braus hesitates to kill the child and distracts Connie so that he doesn’t notice her either. Gaby finds a gun and continues to run towards the square. There she finds Theo Magat and Falco. They notice a flash from the Colossal’s transformation and realize that the enemy has taken over it.

After a while, the Carrier Titan falls to the ground behind them. Magath orders Gaby and Falco to take Peak to safety. They enter one of the buildings. Gaby asks Falco where Reiner is and why he is not doing the Warrior’s duty. The boy tells her about meeting Eren Yeager and about Brown’s inability to move. Gabi notices the islanders’ airship as Eren Yeager eats the Titan Hammer before their eyes.

When it is the turn of the Toothy Titan, unable to resist the Attacker, Gaby as soon as she can loudly calls Reiner for help. And it helps him to regain consciousness, thanks to which the Armored Titan saves Porco. The scouts are about to leave in an airship. Gaby runs out with a gun after them, wanting to kill Eren. Falco tries to convince her, but in vain. Gaby explains that she has always wanted to wear the Eldian armband with pride.

Falco recalls Eren’s words and tries to convey to the girl that the islanders are only avenging the Marli invasion of the island. Gabi doesn’t believe it and continues to move towards the airship. When she catches up with him, the girl kills Lobov and takes possession of his UPM cable. She asks Falco, who caught up with her, to tell her family that she fought to the last. Colt calls out to them, but Gaby says goodbye to his friend and activates the cable.

Falco at the last moment manages to grab onto Lobov’s body. Thus, the children climb the airship. Gaby fires a gun and hits Sasha in the stomach. Jean orders to tie up the scouts, and then brings them to the cabin to Eren, Zeke, Elena, Levi, Mikasa and Armin. Gaby is shocked by the presence of the Warrior Squad leader, as she believes him to be dead. Jean explains the situation, Hange enters, and Zeke calls the children contingencies.

Gabi Brown: The War of Paradise Arc

Gaby and Falco were brought to Paradise and put in a cell. One day the girl begins to rush around the bed and scream loudly. A guard enters the cell to help Gaby and she kills him with a brick wrapped in cloth. They run away with Falco. When they reach the lake, they make a stop. Falco tries to convince her friend of the need to disguise herself and find a way to return to Marlia. However, she states that her only goal is to interrogate Zeke.

It is worth noting that Falco rips off the bandage from Gaby’s hand, and she reacts violently to this. The girl attacks him and demands to return the tape, because without it she will not be different from the inhabitants of the island. Gaby’s eyes fill with tears, she regrets that Falco flew with her, dooming himself to death. Their skirmish is interrupted by Kaya, who is watching them from behind the bushes. She wants to know who they are. Gaby leans in for a rock and says that they ran away from home.

To their surprise, Kaya invites the guys to her home. She takes them to the Braus family farm, where many orphans and runaway children live. Gaby tells Falco that they will steal the horses and run away until they are discovered or put at the same table with the "brat." However, Arthur Braus invites them to breakfast and asks his guests about their trouble. Because of Gaby pushing away the hand of Lisa Braus, who stroked her, they decide that the children were beaten at home and they decided to run away.

Falco introduces him and Gaby as Ben and Mia and asks them to shelter them for a few days. Arthur invites them to stay as long as they want. They started helping out on the farm. Gaby’s work was not easy, she clumsily coped with the horses, which is why Falco joked that they would not be able to escape on horseback. Kaya invites them to have a bite to eat with sandwiches. Kaya reveals that Queen History has taken care of orphans and sponsors such farms.

Gabi declares that the people never accepted their sins and forgot how the islanders were cruel towards other nations. Kaya asks if this is the reason why all these children have lost their parents. Gaby answers that in the affirmative. Kaya asks if this is what Marleya is being taught to all the Eldians. Children are shocked by the girl’s awareness. While Falco finds out how much Kaya knows, Gaby grabs a pitchfork and attacks her. However, the boy stops his girlfriend.

Other guys pay attention to them, and Kaya justifies them by saying that Mia was jealous of Ben. She then takes Gaby and Falco to their hometown, destroyed by the Titans. She takes them into her house and tells how her mother was eaten by a giant and how the girl was saved by Sasha Braus. Kaya asks the guys to explain how her mother deserved such a death. Gabi continues to insist on millennial sins. However, Kaya tries to explain that those living now are not to blame for this.

She asks again why her mother was eaten alive. Gaby does not find an answer, and Falco apologizes and tells about the reconnaissance mission of Marliya, the accidental victim of which was Kaya’s mother. She asks the boy not to apologize, because he is not personally to blame for this tragedy, but was only born on the mainland. Then Kaya tells Gaby Falco that they were invited to a restaurant where the Marlian works and invites the guys to ask him for help.

The next day they come to Nikolo, and the scouts also come there. Kaya says that this Marlian met Arthur Braus at the funeral of Sasha Braus and invited him to his restaurant. At lunch, Gaby gives Falco a sign, and he begs to leave because of a sore stomach, and the girl is with him. The children sneak into the closet behind Nicolo and confess that they are Marli. The man realizes that they killed Sasha, to which Gaby proudly admits.

Nicolo swings a bottle of wine with Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid at the girl, but hits Falco in the head. The boy loses consciousness, a drop of liquid gets into his mouth. Nicolo then hits Gaby in the head and drags the children into the dining room. He announces to the Braus family that the girl took Sasha’s life and offers to stab her with a knife. Arthur refuses to kill the girl, he and the scouts who have come running to the noise calm Nicolo.

Gaby cannot believe that the islanders, whose daughter she killed, do not wish her ill. One Kaya attacks her with a knife for the death of her idol, but Mikasa stops her. He and Armin take Gaby to a nearby room for her safety. The girl asks to kill only her, because Falco is not to blame for any death. The scouts say they are not going to take revenge on anyone. Armin compares Gaby to Eren. Yeagerists take over the restaurant.

Eren enters the room where Mikasa, Armin and Gaby are and closes the door behind him. He sits down at the table, showing his wounded palm. Gaby witnesses how Yeager humiliates friends and beats Armin. Then they, along with the rest of the guests of the restaurant, are delivered to the fortress in Shiganshin. Gaby is sitting in the pantry when Eren comes to her and offers to help Falco if the girl will help lure out the Marlians who have infiltrated the island.

Peak approaches him from behind with a pistol and takes him at gunpoint. Gaby exclaims happily, and Finger asks for a lower voice. Peak orders her to point the rifle at Eren. Finger tries to subdue him, but he proves that she will not shoot, since she did not receive permission to do so. Gaby asks Peek to kill Eren as soon as possible, but the girl asks her to remove her finger from the trigger. Peak declares that she is ready to do anything to destroy the Marli.

Gaby is deeply impressed by Finger’s betrayal, she points the rifle at the girl. This does not bother her, she approaches the girl and asks who they are in her opinion. Gaby replies that they are honorary Marli. Peak argues that for the whole world they always remain those who are able to become a titan. She tells Gabi that every Eldian will be killed as soon as their power is no longer needed. Eren asks for proof of her sincerity.

The peak promises to give up the comrades who are hiding in the city if they go up to the roof. Accompanied by soldiers, they go upstairs. Eren explains that she and Gaby were handcuffed to each other to prevent the Titan Transporter from transforming. On the landing between the floors, Peak signals Porco, hiding among the Yeagerists. Galliard prepares to attack. Gaby asks Eren about Falco, he replies that the boy swallowed Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid.

The girl reproaches herself for putting her friend’s life in danger again. Upstairs, Elena meets them and opens the doors to the roof for them. Peak and Gaby come to the edge of the fortress roof. Yeager demands to point at the enemy. Gaby begins to cry in fear, and Peak squeezes her hand. Then the girl turns around and points at Eren. For a moment, everything freezes in anticipation, and the next moment Peak covers Gaby’s body with his own.

During Eren’s transformation, both of them are protected by the Tooth Titan. The girl asks Peak if she is a traitor or not. Finger is surprised that she believed what was said, that the Eldians in Marlia have no future. Peak points out to Gabi the blimps flying to help them. The girl sincerely admits that she does not trust Marlia, but is ready to trust those with whom she fights side by side. Porco claws off Pik’s hand so that it can transform.

The girl becomes the Titan Carrier. Gaby climbs into the titan’s jaws, and Peak takes the girl to the Marley soldiers, where they are met by Theo Magath. The general scolds Gaby for going into enemy territory without permission. Colt asks about Falco, and she explains that the boy swallowed Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid. The peak also reports on the situation. The Marli people are trying to understand the further actions of the enemy.

Gabi recalls the words of the islanders that now they have at their disposal both the titan of royal blood and the owner of the Coordinate. They understand that the meeting of the Yeager brothers should not be allowed. Theo Magath drives the Titan Carrier to kill Eren. Gaby and Colt watch the battle between the Titans, the Islanders and the Marli from afar. They see Eren eventually fight back and head towards Zeke and decide to stop him.

Colt says that he will go after Falco, while he tells Gaby to find the Marley planes. However, the girl objects that her friend saved her many times on the island, and therefore she should help him, and not escape. They look around the corner and see Falco leading a soldier of the Military Police. Colt hides around the corner of the house and prepares to fight him, Gaby tries to stop him. A military policeman, to their surprise, brings Falco to them and lets the boy go home.

They run into the building for cover and hear the voices of the Braus family passing by. Arthur and Lisa are worried about them, and Kaya says that she cannot forgive them for killing Sasha. Gaby cries, she claims that she was able to understand Reiner’s feelings and realized that there were never devils on the island, only people like themselves. She apologizes to Falco for dragging him into an adventure to infiltrate the island.

The boy admits that it was he who brought the enemies to Marlia, that he likes Gaby and that he plans to inherit the Armored One in order to save her from such a fate. Gaby rips off the bandage from his shoulder, indicating the presence of Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid in his body, and orders the group to move out. Colt plans to ask Zeke to wait screaming until Falco is back at a safe distance. They find the Beast Titan.

Gaby saddles the horse and rides up to Falco to take him away quickly. Colt makes his request, but Zeke apologizes and lets out his cry. Gaby blasts off Falco’s transformation into an unreasonable titanium. She sees him attack the Armored Titan, but Porco sacrifices himself and allows himself to be eaten. She notices that Eren has left the titan’s body and runs towards Zeke. Gaby shoots his head off.

She sees the walls begin to crumble, and the Primal Titan appears in Eren’s place. Gabi, along with all the Eldians, ends up in the Unknown Lands, where Yeager announces his plan to destroy the entire world with the exception of Paradise Island. The Hum of the Earth begins. Gaby and Rainer are looking for Falco, but the girl realizes that her brother is unable to search. He believes that the boy was kidnapped by the islanders.

Gabi helps Rainer hide in one of the buildings. Gaby realizes that their entire family in Marlya will die and offers to kill Eren. However, Rainer counters that it won’t save their family. Gaby equips him with a sleeping place, leaves food and food. She is not ready to give up and goes to the aid of Falco and in search of the Marlians. On the way, she sees that a titan attacked Kaya and kills him with a well-aimed shot. The Braus family surrounds her and thanks her.

A soldier flying by noticed them and asked Gaby if she was the same gauze girl. Kaya tells them that they are all orphans living on a farm. Arthur invites the girl to go with them, and she agrees. Gaby thanks Kaya and says that it is she, not the islanders, who is the devil. Nicolo supports the girl and says that at such times the devil is present in everyone. Together they find Armin and Mikasa, from whom they learn that Falco has been kidnapped.

Gaby falls to her knees in front of Arlert and begs him to ask Eren and return Connie’s mother to a human form, and not to kill civilians outside the island. She cites the shattered armor of the Titan Reiner as proof of the Primordial Titan’s omnipotence. Mikasa asks about Brown’s whereabouts, but Gabi only says that he is badly injured and unable to move. Armin realizes that Annie could free herself too.

Arthur Braus cheers Gaby on, Kaya hugs her goodbye. Brown and Arlert ride out in search of Connie and Falco. They arrive in Ragako, where Springer is tricked into feeding Grice to his mother, which Gaby warns the boy about. Armin manages to save Falco, to whom the girl runs up and hugs him. The four of them go out to eat, where they meet Annie Leonhart and decide to find Reiner.

Together with Mikasa, in two carriages, they leave for the place where Gaby left Reiner. There they find him, and then join in the forest with Hanji, Levi, Peak, Theo, Elena, Onyankopon and Jean. They are having a dinner by the fire. The conversations between the soldiers were tense, Gaby learns a lot about both the islanders and the Marli. When Jean beats Reiner for the death of Marco, she shields her brother, which is why Kirshtein hurts the girl.

She apologizes to him for the sins of the Marli people who attacked the island and asks for help from recent opponents. Everyone goes to bed, and the next morning Jean wakes up Gaby and promises to help, and also apologizes for the blow that hit her. The soldiers gather and start to move. They arrive at the port of Paradise, which is occupied by the Yeagerists. As the soldiers fight them, Elena, Onyankopon, the children, and Levi watch from afar. The Titan Carrier then takes them to the ship.

Gaby shoots down Flock, who is trying to sink the ship. When everyone but Theo Magath is on board, the ship sails away. Peak Finger hugs Gaby Brown when they hear the explosion the general sacrificed his life for. It hurts both of them to say goodbye to Theo. They arrive at the city of Odia. There are no ships in its port, since all the inhabitants have left it. Soldiers descend to the shore to prepare the plane. Peak and Gaby visit Falco, who has come to his senses.

After a while, Finger approaches Lady Kiyomi and asks her to take the children with her on the ship. She asks the girl what Gaby and Falco think about it, while Peek replies that he will lock them up. When the Hum of the Earth approaches, the ship sails away. Gaby and Falco demand to open the cabin door, but Annie watches over them. The rest of the soldiers take off in the ship to stop Eren. The children realize that the Falco titan may have the ability to fly.

This assumption turns out to be correct, and Annie and Gaby, astride the Toothy Titan, fly to the aid of their comrades. The girl recalls that she saw the "centipede" when she shot off Eren’s head. The soldiers devise a plan of action and then jump onto the Primordial Titan. Levy and Gaby shoot down the titan who has swallowed Armin. They spot Zeke volunteering to die at the hands of Levi. After that, the Hum of the Earth stops.

Gabi and the soldiers are trying to fly away so as not to fall into the explosion radius of Armin’s transformation. Falco lands, where the girl sees her parents safe and sound, they happily hug. She then watches the fight between Reiner and the centipede and notices that she is emitting steam. All Eldians, including Gabi, become foolish titans. When Mikasa kills Eren, they become human again, the dead are resurrected.

The world took a long time to recover from the effects of the Hum of the Earth. Three years after these events, Gabi and Falco take care of Levy, who has become disabled. She is an ordinary city dweller who hopes that someday the war between Eldia and the rest of the world will end. The life stories of these people have become a distant past, human civilization has existed for many centuries.

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