Grisha Yeager: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Grisha Yeager - Height: 182 cm, Age: 39 years old. Eren Yeager’s father. He grew up in the Liberio ghetto in Marlia, a doctor by training. Later he became a member of the Eldia Restorers, where he met his future wife, Dina Fritz. They had a son, Zeke Yeager. After revealing the activities of the Restorers of Eldia, he is sentenced to exile on Paradise Island and transformation into a mindless titan. Eren Kruger saved Grisha and entrusted him with the continuation of the mission on the island. With the help of Kees, Shadis infiltrated the Walls, married Carla Yeager, and together they raised Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. He secretly documented information about the life of people in Marley and kept it in his basement. Captured the Attack Titan and Primordial Titan powers and gave them to Eren.


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  2. Outstanding skills and abilities
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Grisha Yeager: Main information about the character

Grisha Yeager: Outstanding skills and abilities

Purposeful. If you look at the life of Grisha Yeager as a whole, you can see that he devoted all of it to saving the Eldians from Marley. He wasn’t afraid to act for it. Grisha actively participated in the activities of the Restorers of Eldia. He was so eager for a bright future for the Eldians that he was ready to decide the fate of Zeke for himself. Despite all the difficulties and trials of life, Grisha did not renounce his goal and continued to act according to the plan, even starting a new life on Paradise Island.

Acts as a custodian of information about the outside world. Grisha Yeager knew that sooner or later the inhabitants of Paradise Island should learn the truth about other states. However, he also knew that he would be killed by the supporters of the usurper ruling the kingdom. Then Grisha decides to write books about the structure of the world outside the island and pass this knowledge on to his son at the right time. The painstaking work done by the man helped the islanders not to lose advantages in the war for Paradise precisely thanks to Grisha’s notes.

Gifted Doctor. Grisha possessed a much-needed doctor’s craving to help people. He conscientiously devoted himself to the work and therefore helped many inhabitants of the island. For example, he cured the parents of Hannes and Carla - his future friend and wife. He was also the family physician of the Ackerman family. Successes in treatment were due to the fact that the man received a medical education in Marley, where science is more developed.

shortsighted. From childhood, Grisha did not know how to foresee the consequences of his actions, although the warnings of his parents could engender forethought in the boy. Even the death of his younger sister Faye did not teach him foresight. Grisha continued to endanger himself and his loved ones. For example, the man was shortsighted when he pushed Zeke more than even a grown man could handle.

Intelligent. Grisha received a good education in childhood and youth. He was raised by a successful doctor and adopted his father’s passion for learning about the world around him. Grisha strived to gain knowledge all his life as if it were his creed. He also had high moral character, wanting as many people as possible to live happily.

Grisha Yeager: Attack Titan

Appearance. Titan Grisha Yeager 15 meters in height. He is quite large build, with very developed muscles. The titan’s hair is darker than Grisha’s, but shorter - to the chin. The Attack Titan’s beard is the same color, thickly covering the lower part of his face. The ears of the titan Grisha are elongated, like those of an elf, and the eyes are purple. His chest is covered with dark hair.

Peculiarities. When Grisha Yeager ate Frida Reiss, he became the owner of the Coordinate. However, he could not realize her potential, since he had no contact with the titans of royal blood and was not one himself. Grisha had to fulfill his role as a courier and pass the Coordinate to Eren. Thus the man possessed her for a short time.

Capabilities. Like all Attack Titan powers, Grisha Yeager could see the memories of his predecessors and successors. Thanks to this ability, the man was able to see his grown-up son Zeke and apologize to him, as well as warn that Eren’s plan would come true.

Grisha Yeager: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Grisha Yeager is a rather tall person. Despite the hardships of life in the Liberio ghetto, he was not accustomed to hard physical labor. Grisha often spent time studying books, and therefore he has a moderately developed musculature. He is rather skinny. On his chest, on the left side, there is a scar in the form of a cross, which means that he belongs to the Restorers of Eldia.

Appearance. Grisha is brown. In childhood and adolescence, he was cut short, a small bang fell on his forehead. Later, during his life on Paradise Island, he grew his hair to shoulder length, and shorter front strands became possible to tuck behind his ears. Grisha wears round glasses with a thin metal frame. His eyes are light grey. Grisha’s face always has an expression of thoughtfulness, as if his thoughts are somewhere far away.

Cloth. As a child, Grisha wore dark trousers, a white shirt and a dark jacket over it. The boy was supposed to wear an Eldian armband on his shoulder, and he covered his head with a beret. Later, when he worked at his father’s clinic, he wore a dirty yellow apron over his shirt. In everyday life, Grisha wore a brown vest and a dark jacket. On Paradise Island, Yeager wore a high-collared blouse, gray trousers, a brown jacket, and a dark raincoat. Sometimes a black hat can be seen on his head.

Stubborn. This is the quality of character that manifested itself most strongly in Grisha’s childhood. We can say that it bordered on self-confidence. That is why Grisha did not heed his mother’s warnings and left the Liberio ghetto, which led to the death of his sister Fay. Grisha then continued to insist on the need for a fair punishment for Officer Gross. When the boy realized that they would not listen to him, the goal of his life was to save Eldia from the power of Marley.

Good husband and father. Grisha in both marriages was a caring and attentive husband. For the well-being of the family, he tried his best and did everything possible. Although Zika Grisha was not remembered as the father of a dream, Grisha raised his son so strictly because he believed that in this way he could provide his family with a bright future. Having admitted his mistakes, the man raised Eren and Mikasa in a completely different way, allowing them to simply enjoy a carefree childhood.

Stress resistant. Grisha Yeager, even in critical situations, did not lose his presence of mind. He was collected and calm in order to solve problems that arose. Even when Grisha feared that his family members had been injured during the fall of Shiganshina, he did not panic, but followed an action plan that would help him find his relatives among the refugees.

Grisha Yeager: Interesting facts and quotes

"Human curiosity cannot be pacified with simple words" - Grisha Yeager tells his wife Carla when they learn about Eren’s desire to become a scout.

"When a person sets a goal for himself, he should not be hindered in achieving it" - Grisha expresses his opinion in the same conversation.

"Who was wrong? Me or this world? Perhaps both. I am in my stupidity, and the world is in its injustice and madness" - Grisha Yeager talks about the reasons for the death of his sister Fay.

"This is the outside world. If it is unpleasant for you, you must change it," says Grisha Yeager, raising little Zeke.

Grisha Yeager: History and Death

Background of Grisha Yeager. Grisha Yeager grew up in the Liberio ghetto in Marlia with his parents and younger sister Faye. He was a very curious and cheerful boy. Grisha strove to go beyond the usual and sought to learn something new. He loved his sister and wanted to share his joys with her. That is why Grisha decided to go beyond the walls of the ghetto in search of an airfield for airships.

This decision turned into a tragedy - Faye died, her parents lost their son’s respect, and Grisha himself faced a cruel reality. The boy inherited his father’s profession and became a doctor. After a while, he was recruited into the ranks of the Restorers of Eldia. Through this, he met his future wife, Dina Fritz. The couple had a son, Zeke, on whom his father had many hopes.

Grisha hoped that his son would take part in the revival of Eldia, and actively imposed his worldview on Zeke. However, for the boy it was a heavy burden, and his psyche could not stand it. In addition, the boy was afraid for his grandparents, who did not deprive their grandson of love, unlike his father. Zeke denounced his parents to the Marley soldiers. Grisha and Dina were taken to Paradise. Yeager was heartbroken when his wife became an unintelligent titan before his eyes.

Grisha himself was saved by Eren Kruger. The officer told Yeager all the information he knew about what needs to be done in order to revive the state of the people of Ymir. It was thanks to him that Grisha decided to arrange life within the walls. After a while, Yeager married Carla, who gave birth to Eren. Grisha worked as a doctor in the kingdom and made acquaintances. The man lived happily behind the walls. Grisha even adopted the daughter of friends - Mikasa Ackerman - after their death.

Fall of Shiganshina arc. On the day of his departure, Grisha learns that Eren intends to join the ranks of the Survey Corps soldiers. This reminds a man of his own passion for knowing the world around him. Grisha promises his son to show what he keeps in the basement under lock and key, and leaves on a business trip. Then the boy joyfully accompanied his father.

In fact, Grisha, on the orders of Eren from the future, went to the cave of the Reiss family in order to capture the power of the Progenitor Titan and kill the descendants of the king. A man is disgusted by the very thought of this, but he does his duty. After that, Grisha learns about the fall of Shiganshina and hurries to the refugee shelter behind the wall of Rose. The man hopes that his wife, son and daughter survived and were able to get to a safe place.

Death. When Grisha gets to the wall of Rosa, he turns to Kis Shadis for help, and learns from him about the death of Carla Yeager. Kis helps Grisha find Eren among the refugees. Shadis follows them into the thicket of the forest and leaves them for a while. Grisha injects his son with a transforming serum. He gives Eren the key to the basement, tells him to avenge his mother’s death and save his friends. Grisha then transfers the Attack Titan and Progenitor Titan powers to him, dying.

Grisha Yeager: Mentions after death

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. After a while, Kis Shadis became an instructor in the 104th Cadet Corps. Recognizing Grisha’s son, he secretly interfered with Eren’s education. For example, Keys incapacitated the UPM of a boy so that he could not enter the school. However, Eren’s tenacity reminded Shadis of Grisha. Then Kis resigned himself and mentally turned to the deceased comrade to inform him that his son became a soldier at that moment.

Arch Royal Government. During training to develop the ability to create hardened flesh, Hange suggested to Eren that he trust his subconscious. Zoe also wanted to see if the Attack Titan could understand speech and communicate, so she asked Yeager to write the words on the ground. Eren first scrawled with a stick that he couldn’t crystallize the body of the titan.

Then he unconsciously added a few words. They made up the question "what did my father do to me?". After leaving the body of the titan, the boy reflects on why he remembered his father and what happened to Grisha. In the Reiss family’s cave, Rod and Historia touch Eren, which causes him to see memories of Grisha. The boy sees his father talking to Frieda Reiss and then kills her.

Eren also learns how Grisha gave him the powers of the Attack Titan and the Progenitor Titan. Rod Reiss explained that Yeager stole the Coordinate, since in this way he decided to transfer it to a person over whom the oath of peace has no power. After a while, Eren tries to open as many of Grisha’s memories as possible and realizes that he was familiar with Kitty Shadis.

Arc Return to Shiganshina. Eren visits Keith Shadis with the scouts. The instructor tells them how he met Grisha outside the walls, helped him settle in, and introduced him to Carla. Later, while fighting the Marley Warriors in Shiganshina, Zeke meets with Eren and immediately notices the younger brother’s resemblance to their father. Zeke believes that they both suffered from Grisha’s propaganda, which he informs Eren about. The same, in turn, notes the similarity of the man with his father.

Arc War for Paradise. When Eren and Zeke meet in the Unknown Lands, their older brother invites them to take a stroll through their father’s memories. They compare how Grisha lived in Marley and Paradise Island, and how differently he raised his sons. It is through this journey through memories that Eren gains the ability to influence his father’s actions.

He gives Grisha an order in the past not to deviate from the mission and fulfill his duty in the name of saving Eldia. During the battle of the combined company of Marley soldiers and the islanders against Eren, Armin meets with Zeke Yeager and Tom Xavier in the Unknown Lands. Together they manage to ask for help from the former owners of the powers of the nine titans. Among those who decided to be reborn to fight the Original Titan was Grisha Yeager.

Grisha Yeager: Hero Relations

Grisha Yeager and Mrs. and Mr. Yeager. After the murder of Faye Yeager, Grisha saw how broken his parents were. They were forced to silently come to terms with what had happened. The mother wept silently and was very passive. Mr. Yeager was obliged to conduct an educational conversation for his son about the sins of the Eldians. Because of this, Grisha felt hatred towards his father.

This was until the man began to beg his son to keep his mouth shut so that the entire Yeager family would not be exiled to the island in the form of mindless titans. Over time, Grisha got along with his father and even became a doctor, following his example. Until the age of 18, he worked in the clinic of Mr. Yeager. Years later, Grisha realized that his parents simply wanted to protect him from the fate that befell Faye.

Grisha Yeager and Faye Yeager. Grisha loved his younger sister very much. Seeing her delight at the sight of the airship, he decided to sneak onto the airfield, where children were forbidden to go. When Grisha realized that they would be punished by the Marley officers, he took all the blame on himself and asked not to touch his sister.

However, Faye was mauled by the dogs. The boy blamed himself all his life for the death of his sister. He believed that his stupidity and the injustice of the world around him led to this. The death of his sister greatly influenced Grisha, most likely it was a key moment, which subsequently led to his active opposition.

Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz. At one of the meetings of the Restorers of Eldia, Filin sent the last of the descendants of Karl Fritz remaining in Marley - Dina. Young people quickly found a common language, got married and began to raise their son Zeke. After the disclosure of their opposition activities, both Grisha and Dina were exiled to Paradise Island. The girl promises her husband before the transformation into a titan to find him no matter what. Grisha is shocked by the loss of a loved one and cannot recover for a long time.

Grisha Yeager and Zeke Yeager. Grisha loved his firstborn very much. However, he was too passionate about his dream of resurrecting Eldia. This eclipsed Grisha’s mind: most of the time spent with Zeke, he taught him the true history of Eldia and led his propaganda in opposition to Marley training. The boy had a difficult childhood, because he did not feel love and participation from his father.

Grisha’s obsession frightened him so much that he decided to hand over his parents to the Marley authorities. For the rest of his life, Zeke believed that his father was incapable of love. That is why he was shocked when he saw a completely different person in Grisha while traveling through his father’s past. Then the man feels the presence of the eldest son and warns him about Eren’s plan.

Grisha Yeager and Gross. Grisha Yeager was practically certain that Gross was behind the murder of his younger sister Fay. He hated the officer because of this, but was not able to take revenge on him. Grisha meets Gross again when he and Dina are exiled to Paradise Island. Eren Kruger avenged Grisha together, throwing Gross to the unreasonable titans. It must have brought him relief after so many years.

Grisha Yeager and Eren Kruger. Grisha met him for the first time in his childhood. Breaking the rules for Eldians from the Liberio ghetto, the boy asked for trouble. Ehren Krueger beat him up for this transgression. However, the man admired the fact that the little boy wanted to change his life and did something for this. Ehren Krueger worked undercover in Marley.

He was secretly in charge of the Restorers of Eldia. He chose Grisha in order to involve him in active opposition activities, precisely because of the accident with Faye Yeager. Eren Kruger saved Grisha from becoming a mindless titan, entrusted him with the mission to revive Eldia, and gave him the power of the Attack Titan. Grisha was shocked by the role this man played in his life.

Grisha Yeager and Kees Shadis. Kis Shadis was the first inhabitant of the island that Grisha met. Yeager pretended to have amnesia. This, together with finding Grisha unscathed outside the walls, surprised and alerted Keys. However, the scout decided to take him to the kingdom and question him. In the future, Keys helped Grisha get a job as a doctor.

He also played a role in meeting Grisha and Carla Yeager. Their wedding was the moment after which he and Keys began to drift apart, as Shadis was in love with Carla. After the fall of Shiganshina, Grisha ran to Kisu. The man helped his comrade find Eren, take him to the forest and return him to the refugee shelter near the Rose Wall by morning.

Grisha Yeager and Mrs. and Mr. Ackerman. The doctor had a good relationship with the Ackerman family. He was their family doctor, especially often he visited the spouses after the birth of Mikasa. When Grisha discovered the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Akkerman, he was dumbfounded. Respect for spouses was one of the factors that influenced Grisha’s decision to adopt Mikasa.

Grisha Yeager and Hannes. Hannes met Grisha when he brought him from behind the walls of Kis Shadis. The soldier was young and not serious, but he remembered a strange man with amnesia, who appeared outside the kingdom safe and sound. Hannes later found out that Grisha was a doctor and turned to him for help when his wife fell ill with the plague. Yeager managed to save the woman, for which Hannes was immensely grateful to him. The officer became a close friend of the family and was ready to save Grisha’s loved ones at the cost of his life.

Grisha Yeager and Carla Yeager. Grisha met Carla when he was brought to the bar by Kis Shadis. The girl worked there as a waitress and turned to Yeager so that he would not fall for Keys’s propaganda. Later they got to know each other better during the plague, Grisha cured Carla’s parents. They got married and began to raise their son Eren.

Grisha was happy in his family life with Karla and did not want to leave her, despite his mission. The man did not share with his wife the truth about the mainland and the people of Liberio. The news that Karla had been eaten by a titan shocked Grisha deeply. He even asked Eren to avenge his mother’s death.

Grisha Yeager and Frida Reiss. Grisha was obliged to kill Frida Reiss, as she possessed the power of the Progenitor Titan. He doubted to the last the necessity of the death of the girl and opposed this. The man delayed this moment with all his might, but the time to act sooner or later came. On the orders of Eren Yeager from the future, Grisha overpowered himself and captured the power of the Progenitor Titan. Frida, noticing the man’s hesitation, did not show aggression towards him. Apparently she didn’t want Yeager dead either.

Grisha Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Grisha was the family doctor of their family and treated the girl from birth. The man wanted his son Eren to befriend Mikasa. Grisha adopted the girl after the death of her parents. As a child, the girl was not close to him, but rather treated the man with respect. Grisha, on the other hand, treated Mikasa very warmly, like his own daughter. He worried about the fate of the girl after the news of the fall of Shiganshina. Grisha ordered Eren to save Mikasa when he gave him the powers of the Attack Titan and the Progenitor Titan.

Grisha Yeager and Eren Yeager. Grisha loved his son very much and raised him without imposing his worldview. The man wanted to spend as much time as possible with his son. Grisha supported his son when he found out about his desire to join the Survey Corps. He saw in Eren the same passion to get out of the fences that he himself had in childhood.

Grisha fulfilled his mission and gave his son the power of the Attacking Titan and the Coordinate. As it turned out later, Eren from the future guided Grisha and forced him to act even if he himself did not want to. The man loved Eren so much that he obeyed his orders for the sake of his son’s plan. When Grisha found out about the consequences of his actions, he exhaustedly turned to Eren with the question if he would now leave his father alone.

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