Hannes: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Hannes - Age: about 35, exact unknown; Height: 190 cm. Captain of the engineering troops of the Garrison. A friend of the Yeager family. Saved Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman from the Smiling Titan twice. Eaten by the titan Dina Fritz.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding skills and abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting facts and quotes
  5. History, biography and death
  6. The Relationship of a Hero

Hannes: General information about the character

Hannes: Outstanding skills and abilities

Honest with yourself. Hannes initially appears to be a cowardly person, but his willingness to admit his weaknesses requires great fortitude. For example, when he confessed to Eren that he could not save Carla Yeager because of his fear of the titan. Hannes also told Armin and Mikasa that he misses the times when he led a wild life, despite his achievements.

Readiness for self-sacrifice. The man was twice ready to give his life to save Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. Hannes was also going to fight hard for Carla Yeager’s life until he realized that he had no chance against the Smiling Titan. However, his dedication was genuine: Hannes died protecting Mikasa and Eren from the titan Dinah Fritz.

Grows above itself. Hannes led a carefree and frivolous life in which he was comfortable. However, recognizing his weakness and helplessness in the face of real danger, Hannes seriously took up his own development. The man was even able in a short time to rise to the rank of captain of the engineering troops of the Garrison.

Hannes: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Hannes is a tall and thin man. Perhaps this is due to his addiction to alcohol. You can see that his cheekbones became less sharply defined after he decided to put his life in order.

Appearance. The overall impression of Hannes can be summed up in one word - untidy. This image is created by disheveled hair, unnecessarily laid-back behavior. However, it is worth recognizing that over time, the man began to look more stately and neat. Hannes is blond with short hair, thin eyebrows, and pointed features. His eyes are green.

Cloth. Hannes wears the standard Garrison uniform with a gray jersey underneath. During missions that require movement over long distances, he wears a green cloak with the Garrison emblem on the back. What the man wears in his free time is unknown. .

Caring. The man takes special care of Eren, Mikasa and Armin. You might think that this is due to his debt to Grisha Yeager. However, with the same trepidation, Hannes worried about the townspeople who did not have time to evacuate from Shiganshina, and begged to the last not to lower the gate.

Dissolute. Hannes led a wild life. He drank and had fun with colleagues at work, neglecting official duties. Once he even got into a fight with a shopkeeper, demanding to separate the grappling boys. This is how we see Hannes both in his youth and at a more mature age.

Believes in loved ones. He could watch the childhood of Armin, Mikasa and Eren and knew what was in each of them. Hannes believes unconditionally that the guys can survive anything by sticking together. That is why he is sure that during the Battle of Trost, teenagers survived. The man convinces his subordinates of this, and not the slightest doubt can be heard in his voice.

Hannes: Interesting facts and quotes

"When people respect the soldiers, it means that hard times have come. And while we are being ridiculed and called lazy rabble, it means that people live in peace and tranquility," Hannes tells Eren in response to a reproach in daily idleness.

"You couldn’t save your mother because you’re weak, but I couldn’t save your mother because I didn’t have the courage" - Hannes apologizes to Eren after saving the boy and Mikasa from the titan.

Hannes: History, biography and death

Background. He first met Grisha Yeager when he was found behind the walls by Kis Shadis. Later, when an epidemic raged in the Kingdom, Dr. Yeager saved Hannes’ wife. Since then, he felt himself indebted to Grisha. This became the basis for a strong friendship between men.

Fall of Shiganshina arc. Hannes believed that humanity was completely safe behind the wall, and therefore led a dissolute life. His friendship with the Yeager family began when Grisha saved his wife during an epidemic. When the outer gates of Shiganshina were breached by the Colossal Titan, Hannes called for help from Armin. The man wanted to return the debt to Grisha and save Carla, but he could only help Eren and Mikasa, and then put them on an evacuation ship.

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. While Armin, Mikasa, and Eren were in cadet school, Hannes worked hard on himself and moved up the ranks. In five years, he rose to the rank of captain of the engineering troops of the Garrison. He tells the guys about this when he meets them on the day of graduation from the school.

Arc Battle for Trost. Hannes with his subordinates from the wall is watching the situation outside the Rose wall. Phil shares his concern about the comrades fighting in the vanguard and apologizes for reminding the captain of the newly graduated soldiers. Hannes does not accept the soldier’s apology and convinces him that Eren, Mikasa and Armin are more alive than the others. He is finally convinced of this when he sees Yeager with Dot Pixis on the wall. However, this surprises Hannes.

Arc Clash of the Titans. After reporting a breach in Rose’s wall, Hannes’ detachment sets out to look for the breach. However, the soldiers do not find signs of damage to the wall, they meet scouts. The captain reports to Hange Zoe that there is no breach. Reiner and Berthold transform into the Armored and Colossal Titans when Hannes sees Eren’s Attack Titan form for the first time. After kidnapping Historia and Eren, he tries to cheer up Mikasa and Armin.

Death. Together with the Survey Corps soldiers under the command of Erwin Smith and the military police, Hannes and his subordinates go in pursuit of Berthold and Reiner in order to save Eren. As the Armored Titan fends off the crowd of mindless giants surrounding him, Hannes joins in a coordinated attack on Reiner. When Eren manages to be rescued from captivity, he and Mikasa find themselves in a helpless position in front of the Smiling Titan. Then the man enters into battle with the titan, but it ends disappointingly for him. Dinah Fritz’s titan eats Hannes.

Mentions after death. While in the cave of the Reiss family, Eren mentions Hannes to Historia as one of the victims that he and his father, Grisha Yeager, are responsible for. Later, on the night of the Wall’s return, Maria, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren mistake the stranger for Hannes. This makes them reminisce about a fun childhood and the role of a man in it.

Hannes: The Relationship of a Hero

Hannes and Eren Yeager. Hannes knew Eren since his birth, saw the boy’s childhood and development. The man often listened to reproaches from him because of the frivolous attitude to the work of a Garrison soldier. Hannes knew that Eren had an irrepressible interest in life and determination, and therefore had no doubt that the boy would achieve a lot in his life.

Hannes and Mikasa Ackerman. They met after the Yeager family adopted a girl. Hannes called her the best fighter he knew and watched with pleasure as Mikasa smartly fought off the city hooligans. The man managed to calm the girl down when Eren was kidnapped by Bertolt Hoover and Rainer Braun.

Hannes and Armin Arlert. Hannes knew Armin as a friend of Eren and Mikasa. He spoke of the boy as a genius. Hannes believed that his quick wits would help Arlert survive, especially if he stayed together with his friends. The man managed to restore Armin’s presence of mind in order to fight the Colossal and Armored Titans and bring back Eren Yeager.

Hannes and Grisha Yeager. Hannes was at the observation post when Grisha first arrived in the Kingdom, posing as an amnesiac doctor. Yeager later nursed his wife back to health during an epidemic. Hannes was very grateful and became a family friend. He felt obliged to reciprocate Grisha and therefore with all his heart wanted to save Carla, Eren and Mikasa.

Hannes and Carla Yeager. They have been friends for many years. When Rose’s wall was breached by the Colossal Titan, Hannes found Carla under the rubble of the house. At first, he did not listen to the woman’s plea that he run away with Eren and Mikasa to safety. The man wanted to save his friend’s wife and thereby repay his old debt. Frightened by the Smiling Titan, Hannes couldn’t help himself and left Carla to be eaten by the Titan. He regretted it many years later.

Hannes and Kees Shadis. Apparently, they knew each other even before the appearance of Grisha Yeager within the walls. When Kees brought him to the observation post, Shadis exchanged jokes with Hannes. They also discussed what to do with Grisha.

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