Kaya: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Kaya - Height: unknown; Age: about 15 years old. She lived with her mother in the vicinity of the Rosa wall. Orphaned when the titans appeared within the second wall. Sasha Braus saved a girl from a giant. Kaya became the adopted daughter of the Braus family. She lived with them even after the hum of the earth ceased.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding skills and abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
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Kaya: General information about the character

Kaya: Outstanding skills and abilities

Balanced. Such Kaya is presented to members of his foster family. She is always calm on the outside. Kaya readily undertakes homework, she is friendly and smiling. The girl was quiet and calm. In moments of painful experiences, Kaya lost control of herself, but relatively quickly she returned to a stable emotional state.

Merciful. Kaya, knowing in advance that there were enemies in front of her, was ready to help them. She offered Gaby and Falco a roof over their heads, food, and the cozy atmosphere of trust and acceptance on the Braus family’s farm. Later, Kaya also showed mercy by forgiving Gaby for killing Sasha Braus. The girl did not betray her friend to the Yeagerists, lying to the soldiers.

Closed. External low-emotionality came to a lesser extent from emotional stability and to a greater extent from closeness. The girl’s psyche was traumatized by grief experienced in childhood. Because of this, Kaya was not completely open even with her foster family. That is why the brothers were surprised at her intemperance in communicating with Gaby and Falco.

Kaya: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Kaya grew up on a farm, which explains her lopsided physique. The Braus family also tried to provide foster children with adequate nutrition. Kaya has never played sports. However, the girl has been helping on the farm since early childhood. This was to make her hardy and strong.

Appearance. Kaya is a blue-eyed blonde. As a child, her hair only reached her chin. Later, the girl grew them to shoulder blades. Kaya also has straight bangs. Her eyebrows are slightly darker than her hair. The nose is neat with an upturned tip. The roundness and softness of facial features betray Kaya’s physical immaturity.

Clothing. As a child, she wore a floor-length pink dress. Then, to work on the farm, she wore a long-sleeved pink sweater, over a green T-shirt, a pink skirt, a light-colored apron and boots. Sometimes the girl could be seen in a green dress and a brown sweater. For a trip to the restaurant, Kaya wore a pink frilled blouse, skirt and shoes. The image was complemented by white socks and a red ribbon under the collar, tied with a bow.

Less emotional. Kaya’s adoptive siblings rarely saw Kaya emotional. The girl is used to not expressing them outwardly. Only situations that pierce her old spiritual wounds could bring her to emotions. For example, a girl openly cried while talking about her mother. Kaya also attacks Gabi with a knife when she learns the details of the death of Sasha Braus.

Innocent. Kaya did not hide from Gaby and Falco that she knew their secret. She could carefully keep silent about it and wait for a favorable moment. However, Kaya sincerely told the guys about her experiences and called them to an open conversation. It was more important for the girl to get honest answers to her questions than to be able to blackmail Gaby and Falco with their Marley origin.

Kaya: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"I want to become the same as my sister" - Kaya says about Sasha Braus in a conversation with Gaby Brown.

Kaya: History, biography and death

Arc Clash of the Titans. During the appearance of the titans in Kai’s home village, she was unable to escape, as her mother had sore legs. A woman was eaten by a giant in front of a shocked girl. Sasha Braus took Kaya out of her home, together they fled the village. However, the titan caught up with them, and the girl stayed behind to delay him. Sasha ordered Kaya to continue to run, thanks to which the girl met with a group of surviving residents of the surrounding lands. Among them was Arthur Braus.

Arch Marley. Lisa and Arthur Braus adopted Kaya. The girl, along with other foster children, lived on a farm. The news of the death of Sasha Braus deeply affected Kaya. Together with her parents, the girl was at the funeral of the girl.

Arc War for Paradise. After a while, Kaya accidentally overheard a conversation between Gaby Brown and Falco Grice. The girl accompanied them to the farm of the Braus family. She told the guests that all the children here are orphans. In one of the conversations, Gabi accused Kaya of the sins of the Eldians, she in response asked if she had learned this in Marley. Gaby attacked the girl. Kaya convinced the guys that she would not tell adults about them.

She took Gabi and Falco to the ruins of their home and asked them to explain how she and her dead mother deserved a difficult fate. During the conversation, Falco admitted the innocence of the islanders living in the present and apologized to Kaya. The girl told the children about Sasha’s feat on the day the titans appeared behind the Rose Wall. She agreed to help them return home.

Later, the Braus family visited Nikolo’s restaurant. Kaya advised the Marleys to ask the cook for advice. There was an incident with Nikolo attacking Gaby, thanks to which Kaya found out that the guest had shot Sasha. Then the girl rushed with a knife to her ex-girlfriend. The Yeagerists captured all the patrons of the restaurant and took them to Shiganshina.

Kaya and her family were kept in a prison cell until Onyankopon released them. Together with Nicolo, the Braus family fled from the fortress. They were discovered by a titan, he attacked Kaya, who had fallen behind her relatives. The girl was saved by Gabi Brown. The girls reconciled. Later, the Braus family found a hiding place where they waited out the attack of the Marleys and the Buzz of the Earth.

Kaya: Hero Relationship

Kaya and her mother. They were strongly attached to each other. When a titan attacked their house, the girl did not leave her mother, who could not run. The woman called for help until she lost her strength. The girl was deeply shocked by the murder of her mother. Years later, Kaya still mourned the loss and wanted to know why her mother had died.

Kaya and Sasha Braus. Sasha Braus saved Kaya from a titan as a child. Therefore, she remained a heroine for the girl. Kaya tried to act, guided by the image of Sasha created in her head. The girl’s death deeply hurt her. The loss of the second significant person embittered Kaya so much that she wished for the death of Gaby Brown and was ready to kill her with her own hands. The girl forgave her friend, realizing that this is exactly what Sasha would have done.

Kaya and Mr. and Mrs. Braus. They adopted a girl after an attack on their village by titans. Along with other foster children, Kaya grew up on the Braus farm. The girl was grateful to Lisa and Arthur. It was noticeable that they sincerely try to give the children the best of what they have. This applied both to material things and upbringing.

Kaya and Gaby Brown. Kaya initially knew that those who introduced themselves as Mia and Ben were Marleys. However, the girl mercifully reacted to the enemies. Kaya and Gabi were able to teach each other to accept the harsh truth of life. Brown realized that the Eldians living on the island were innocent people. Kaya recognized that her mother was an accidental victim of circumstances, and learned to forgive.

Kaya and Falco Grice. They easily found a common language, as they were not hostile towards each other. Kaya respected Falco for his hard work and for the way he cared for Gaby. The girl was also grateful to him for his sincerity during a conversation about the death of her mother. Kaya did not blame the boy for Sasha’s murder. Throughout the time they maintained a good relationship.

Kaya and Nicolo. Kaya knew almost nothing about Nikolo. However, she knew that he came from Marley. Kaya advised Gaby and Falco to trust him. Nicolo did not pay much attention to the girl. He saw her as nothing more than a surprise guest at a restaurant, as he didn’t expect Lisa and Arthur to come along with their adopted children.

Nicolo did not know that they were united by admiration for Sasha Braus. However, it is worth noting that he became afraid for Kaya when she was attacked by a titan while seeking shelter in the attacked Shiganshina. However, Nicolo did not try to save her. Later, he comforted the girl, saying that she was not a bad person.

Kaya and children at Braus Farm. Their relationship is poorly disclosed. However, it is assumed that they lived as amicably as orphaned children with a traumatized psyche are capable of. One day, the guys noticed aloud that Kaya communicates more openly with Gaby Brown and Falco Grice. From this we can conclude that usually their foster sister behaves very reservedly.

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