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Kenny Ackerman - Age: about 60 (exact age unknown) Height: 190 cm. Eldian by origin. He grew up on Paradise Island collecting information about the Ackerman clan. He dreamed of avenging the King for them. Was a serial killer of a soldier of the Military Police. Later he became a friend of Uri Reiss and swore allegiance to him. Became a soldier. After a while, he was appointed commander of the Liquidator detachment. He dreamed of gaining the power of a titan, but before his death he reconsidered his goals. He died after being injured in the Reiss cave while talking with his nephew Levi Ackerman.


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Kenny Ackerman: Basic Info

Kenny Ackerman: Appearance

Kenny Ackerman is a middle-aged man, tall and lean build, in good athletic form. His hair is brown, of medium length. Kenny always brushes them back, most often wearing a hat over it. His face is elongated, with features sharpened from thinness and pronounced wrinkles. He also leaves sideburns and some stubble. Kenny’s eyes are gray, almost always cold.

Kenny Ackerman wears brown boots, dark pants, a white shirt, black tie, and a light raincoat over the top. An integral attribute is a black hat with a white band. Sometimes he does not wear a light raincoat, but a black one. When he becomes the commander of the Liquidator Squad, Kenny dresses in the standard Royal Police uniform with an upgraded UPM.

Kenny Ackerman: Character

Kenny Ackerman is very good professionally. He is able to strictly follow orders and kill without remorse. Kenny is very talented in hand-to-hand combat, in handling melee weapons and firearms. He is also a good strategist and tactician. These abilities, honed by many years of experience, including serial murders, made Kenny a professional in his field.

Outside of work, he has many weaknesses. Kenny grew up wanting revenge for the Ackerman clan. He developed a distrustful attitude towards everything around him. Then power became the goal of Kenny’s life. He saw in her an opportunity to feel liberated. He has spent many years stubbornly pursuing his dream. He was able to inspire Trout Curven and then the other Liquidators to help him.

When communicating with other people, Kenny hides behind sarcasm and cynical jokes. They don’t seem genuine, however, but more like a habit. However, he also showed sincere emotions, for example, admiration for Uri Reiss. It is noticeable that he is not a callous person, because he could neither kill nor abandon the son of his sister Kushel - Levi. On the contrary, he took him to himself and passed on his knowledge. However, he always considered himself unfit for the role of a father, therefore, having taught Levi to survive, he left him.

Kenny Ackerman is pejorative about himself not only in the matter of parenting. It is worth noting that he was not married and did not have children of his own. He sought to gain the power of the titan Uri Reiss out of a desire to be as compassionate and merciful as he is. Kenny wanted to feel that way, to stop feeling "wrong" and "rubbish."

"Kenny the Ripper", coupled with the character’s backstory and method of assassination, is a direct reference to Jack the Ripper.

Kenny Ackerman is the heaviest character (120 kg).

Isayama Hajime admits that Kenny Ackerman’s character was inspired by Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V.

Kenny Ackerman killed over a hundred Royal Police soldiers, as well as Alma, Dimo ​​Reeves and Nifa.

Kenny Ackerman: Famous Quotes

"How can this be called life, if you drag it out until your last breath?" - Kenny Ackerman in the caves under the Reiss chapel.

"Our world respects those who have clearly shown that there is no one stronger. Strength is what matters." - Kenny Ackerman recalls Levy’s childhood.

Kenny Ackerman: Character Story

Arch of the Royal Government

When Squad Levi learns that the Military Police are hunting them, the scouts hastily leave their base in the woods. Kenny Ackerman and Trout Curven find the building already empty. She notices that their goals are nimble guys. Kenny claims to be guided by a special young man. Trout realizes that the captain knows Levy.

It is worth noting that Trout Curven is Ackermann’s deputy as the commander of the Military Police Force Liquidator. Kenny appointed her to this position, appreciating not only her combat experience, but also her worldview. This happened during his acquaintance with the future liquidators.

When Squad Levi gets to Trost, a wagon suddenly swoops in on them. The fake Eren and History are kidnapped. The corporal begins to suspect that something is wrong and decides to return to the real Eren Yeager. Together with other scouts, Levy secretly spies on the wagon from the roof of the house. He tries to understand what exactly confuses him in the behavior of the Military Police. Kenny Ackerman’s advice floats into his head.

Levy asks Nifa, one of the scouts, if she has heard of Kenny’s Butcher. She recalls that this is the name of a serial killer who slit the throats of more than a hundred Military Police officers. The girl also calls this story a bike. Levy counters that this is true. He also shares with Nifa that he lived with Kenny as a child. She still takes it as a joke.

Levy keeps thinking about Kenny. He taught the corporal to clamp the target on both sides and have a high viewing position. While Levi was lost in thought, Kenny climbed onto the roof behind him and aimed his two pistols. Suddenly, intuition tells the corporal to turn around. The policeman shoots at Nifa, while Levi manages to hide behind a chimney.

From hiding, he sees his comrades die. Kenny recharges and slowly, with delight, walks over to Levy. Military police officers surround him. Kenny Ackerman, with the help of an improved UPM, quickly finds himself behind the chimney. He greets and notices that Levi has not grown up since childhood.

A fierce and dynamic battle ensues between Kenny Ackerman and Levi Ackerman. The corporal throws a blade at the policeman, but it does not reach the target. Kenny shoots and misses. The military police are divided into two groups: one restrains Levi, the friend captures the real Eren and History.

Levy tries to come to the aid of his comrades, but he has to admit that Kenny has long foresaw his every step. The corporal literally flies into the cafe and hides behind the bar. Kenny follows him, calling Levi a little rat as he goes. From his behavior, it becomes obvious that for him this battle is a long-awaited entertainment, pure excitement.

Kenny poses into the cafe, solemnly announcing that the Military Police have personally arrived for Levy. They exchange pleasantries: the corporal is surprised that Kenny is alive and serves as a policeman after so many killings of soldiers, the same replies that the little ones are not destined to understand adults. Thus, he again boils down to teasing Levy’s height.

Kenny also notes that the corporal uses the advice he taught him. The policeman says that there is nowhere to run, because soldiers surrounded him on all sides. Kenny grabs a chair and tosses it into the drinks rack. At the same time, he says that he understands why Levy joined the Intelligence Corps.

Kenny Ackerman recalls how many years ago they were forced to live day by day in a garbage pit and survived with all their might. He says that these events have left their marks on each of them. However, Kenny boasts that he was able to heal and found a decent job to his liking. He picks up the chair again without removing the gun. All the while, Levy follows his movements in the reflection of the surviving bottles of drinks.

He asks if Kenny likes killing scouts. He replies that he lets everyone on the way to the great goal "stuff". Levy pulls the cafe owner’s gun from under the counter and, without getting out of hiding, shoots Kenny. He instinctively manages to hide behind a chair. Due to the recoil from the shot, he is thrown back, directly onto the porch of the cafe.

Levy manages to deal with the Military Police. Trout Curven approaches Kenny, lying on his back, with his hat covered, and jokingly asks if he is dead yet. He jokes back and admits that Levi has matured without him. However, now he will become a threat to the fulfillment of Kenny’s dream.

This skirmish between the Military Police and members of the Intelligence Corps ended with Eren and History being kidnapped, but the scouts managed to capture Dimo ​​Reeves and his son Flegel. They agreed to cooperate against the police, choosing the lesser of evils. At night, Dimo ​​smokes while standing by the cart, waiting for his son, Kenny comes up to him from behind.

He puts a knife to Reeves’ throat and, talking about trust, kills him with the usual movement of the blade. Trout, standing nearby, says they missed the chance to ask Deimo where Levy is. Kenny is sure that he will find them himself, and explains this by the fact that he raised him. He and Trout leave the scene of the crime.

Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman hold a meeting with Squad Levi, speculating about the kidnapping of History and Eren by Lord Rod Reiss. They decide to prepare for battle and go to the Reiss chapel. According to Hange, most likely he keeps the guys there.

Interestingly, Kenny is present in History Reiss’s memories of her acquaintance with her father. This happened a few days after the breakthrough of Wall Maria. Rod and Alma come to them for the girl. They head for the wagon, but Kenny Ackerman blocks their way. He kills History’s mother by cutting her throat. He would have done the same with the girl, but Rod suggested a different plan.

The next morning, the Military Police officers accuse Erwin and Levy’s Squad of involvement in the murder of Dimo ​​Reeves. Kenny Ackerman and Trout Curven watch their arrest from afar and wonder if their patrons will finally be satisfied. They discuss that they will wait for Levi to find them himself and then kill the members of his Squad.

The corporal and some other members of the Squad managed to hide and escape into the forest. There, they attack the Military Police camp, as a result of which they capture one of the soldiers. Levy interrogates him brutally, knocking out his teeth with his boot. In the end, in response to a question about the whereabouts of Eren and History, he replies that Kenny Ackerman has entrusted few people with information about this. This is how Levy first learns the name of the man who raised him.

After the kidnapping of Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss, the scouts go to the Reiss family chapel. According to Hanji’s assumption, this is where the kidnappers keep the guys. They rush to get there as soon as possible so that they can get there before Eren is eaten for his titanic powers.

The kidnapper turns out to be Rod Reiss. According to his plan, History, as a member of the royal family, should turn into a titan and get Eren’s Coordinate. For this, Yeager was chained in a cave under the chapel. Before the ceremony begins, Rod tells his daughter the truth about the deaths of the rest of the Reiss family.

Eren, History and Rod turn to the sound of footsteps. Kenny Ackerman enters the cave. He reports on the coup carried out by the Intelligence Corps and that the presence of the impostor on the throne is known to everyone. He also reports that the rest of the army formations joined the scouts and imprisoned those who participate in Rod’s plan. Kenny urges him to move from words to deeds.

Rod agrees on the need to hurry up with the ceremony. He gives Kenny the order to camp at the entrance with the Liquidators. Reiss recalls that he warned about the need for the presence of as few people as possible for the ritual. Ackerman makes an attempt to stay in the cave and asks how he offended the true king.

Kenny says that he does this solely in the name of caring for his ruler. Rod convinces him that he fully relies on him, and again asks him to leave. Kenny replies that this trust is mutual and thanks, raising his hat above his head as a sign of respect and humility. He turns and walks out of the cave with a grimace of anger and a grin on his face.

At this time, Hanji Zoe, Levi Ackerman, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman are traveling in a carriage to the Reiss chapel. Levi asks Mikasa if she noticed the moment when the power woke up in her, and gets an affirmative answer to it. After that, he reports that there was such a moment in the life of Kenny Ackerman.

Kenny stands under the arches of the caves and, looking at the blade, fills in memories. In his youth, he came to visit his sick grandfather. His cloak was stained with blood that day. The old man was very weak and could not get out of bed, but immediately asked if his grandson had killed the Military Police again. He casually answered in the affirmative.

Kenny told his grandfather that their relatives live in the south near Shiganshina, but there is no work there either and the family is not doing very well. He cannot understand in any way how the clan that served the King himself had sunk so low. He wonders why the ruler was so angry with them. It was in order to find out from the grandfather the answer to the question that tormented him that Kenny came.

He puts pressure on the old man to feel sorry for his grandson. Grandfather, coughing, sits down with difficulty in bed to answer that that sweet boy has long been gone. He also says that the King does not hate the Ackermans, but is afraid of them, including the Butcher Kenny.

The old man tells him that in the old days their family was really very close to the Ruler and helped to transmit the power of the titans from generation to generation. Kenny is shocked by what he heard, he does not understand what this is about. The grandfather explains to him that with the help of this power it is possible to change the memory of all mankind.

It is interesting to know that only a few families were beyond the control of the King. Two of them turned their backs on the Ruler. One of them is the Ackerman clan. This is the reason for the fear of the King. The interlocutors agree that all the troubles that have befallen their family members originate precisely in this.

Kenny Ackerman reports that he tracked down his younger sister, Kushel, who works in an underground city in a brothel. He also knows that she got pregnant from a client and is about to leave the child. Kenny wonders what it will be like for this child to live in such an unfair and cruel world.

Kenny Ackerman, along with the rest of the Liquidators, guard the entrance to the caves. On the other side of the door, Levi and the other scouts are planning an infiltration. With a loud thud, barrels with gas cylinders tied to them and fat tail with oil are rolled into the cave. Sasha sets them on fire with fiery arrows, and the entire space is filled with smoke.

Scouts also use signal lights. Under cover of a smoke screen, Levy and his soldiers attack the Liquidators. That is why it is difficult, since their transformed UPM model is less maneuverable and makes it possible to predict their further actions. When the Liquidators’ position becomes desperate, Kenny Ackerman appears.

He reloads the pistol, while reasoning that he should stop Levi, even though he himself is not doing it right now. However, otherwise the whole plan, all of Kenny’s personal gain will disappear. He offers to have some fun and really doesn’t take the environment seriously. Levy manages to surprise him by dodging the UPM with quick maneuvers and stabbing him with his blades.

Kenny blocks the attack, a carefree grin disappearing from his face. He notes that Levy has become very lively. He shoots but misses. Kenny moves around the cave with the help of the UPM, Levi pursues him. He loses sight of Kenny, and he reminds him of his own lesson: "When you pursue a goal, do not forget to look back."

Kenny Ackerman appears from behind, fires a distraction shot, and is able to attack Levy with a blade. However, he dodges the blow and, exactly at the moment when his opponent fired, throws a fat tail with oil. The bullet and the flammable liquid meet in flight, causing a violent flame explosion.

Levy rushes through the fire towards Kenny, stabbing with both blades. He manages to injure his opponent in the left side. Kenny Ackerman retreats with the other Liquidators to Rod’s last line of defense, complaining about Levy’s persistence.

They penetrate deeper into the caves and lower the mesh over the entrance.

Trout Curven says they need to be in time for the ritual. Kenny Ackerman replies that he is going straight there and is going to go now. He goes to Rod, History and Eren. As he approaches, he hears a snippet of conversation. It becomes clear from him that it will not work to become King by simply eating Eren Yeager, it is also necessary to come from the Reiss clan. Kenny goes down to them on the UPM and clarifies this point with Rod.

He confirms the veracity of these facts. Kenny grabs Rod Reiss by the breasts and puts the barrel of a gun to his head. He tries to convince that he is not lying. Kenny believes it, since Rod had no reason to lie about it during the ceremony. Ackerman laments that Reiss knew about his intentions and was able to cheat him.

Rod thanks him for amusing his brother. He says that it was only because of this that Kenny was hired. Ackerman gets angry and demands not to offend Uri Reiss if Rod wants to keep his head intact. History grabs Kenny by the arm, takes the gun away from his father and asks him not to touch him.

Interestingly, Rod Reiss once called Kenny "a stray dog" and his brother Uri "freaky." Thus he commented on Ackermann’s service to the King. Kenny did not react to insulting himself, but threatened Rod to rip off half of his head if he continued to insult Uri in his presence.

Kenny falsely empathizes with the girl and then forcefully pushes her aside. He reminds her that Rod wants to turn History into a monster and force her to eat Eren. The girl objects that this is her duty. Kenny continues to denounce Rod Reiss. In parallel with this, with the help of a dagger, he spreads his jaws.

Ackerman draws the attention of History to the fact that her father always got what he wanted with someone else’s hands, and he himself remained "clean." Rod Reiss tries to push Kenny’s hand away to prevent his daughter from doubting and win her over to his side. Ackerman throws the man to the floor. He says that Kenny is free and wants him to find a more interesting case.

Ackerman replies that he will die out of boredom. He heads towards the chained Eren. Rod asks him what he’s up to. Kenny walks over to Yeager and frees him from the gag. He explains that he wants to see the Titans fight. The conditions are as follows: if History wins - peace will reign, if Eren - everything will remain the same.

Kenny cuts Yeager’s forehead with a dagger so that he can transform. Rod Reiss gives History a syringe with cerebrospinal fluid. He says that the girl will become a strong titan, that it is necessary to act quickly. Kenny Ackerman moves away to be able to watch what is happening without threatening his own life.

History Reiss confuses all the cards for his father and refuses to transform. She breaks the syringe and frees Eren Yeager from the chains. The genus is forced to turn into a titanium itself. Kenny tries to get close to him, but the flash and the flow of air blows him away. The cave begins to crumble.

The Liquidators and some of the Scouts are selected to the surface, including Kenny Ackerman. On the fly, he concludes that Rod Reiss himself knew little about the Titans. The members of the Intelligence Corps destroy the unreasonable titan Rod. Kenny Ackerman, having hardly got out of the cave, gets to the tree and slides down its trunk in exhaustion.

He is covered in blood, with burns and many injuries. As he walked, memories from the past flashed before his eyes: how he wanted to kill Uri Reiss, how Kushel Ackerman abandoned her son, a meeting with little Levi. Kenny closes his eyes and hears footsteps. He is found by Levi Ackerman.

Kenny tries to say something, but only coughs up blood. Levi tells him that all the members of the Liquidators were crushed to death by stones. He orders the soldier who came with him to report to Kenny. Levy also says that he can handle it himself.

He tells Kenny that he cannot survive with such damage to his body. In response, the man disagrees and pulls out a syringe with cerebrospinal fluid. Levy is very surprised by this turn of events. Kenny is reminded of who, in his entire life, he could truly call a friend.

Brothers Rod and Uri Reiss, along with their father outside the walls, pursued Kenny Ackerman. Uri, transformed into a titan, caught him with his hand, while Rod pointed a gun at him. Mr. Reiss notes that only the people of the Congregation could tell Kenny about their family.

However, they want to make sure that this assumption is correct. Mr. Reiss realizes that his Ruler power is not working on Kenny. He also realizes that the guy is a descendant of the Ackermann family and therefore has personal motives against the Reiss family. Kenny seizes the moment and throws a knife at Uri, who is half-emerging from the titan’s body.

Uri Reiss stops the blade with his hand, causing the blade to go right through his forearm. Rod threatens to kill him. Kenny Ackerman got cold feet and zealously began to beg for mercy. Uri lowers him to the ground and leaves the titan’s body. Kenny points the gun at him. He only says that he understands his desire to avenge his family and that now he cannot die in any way. Uri then kneels in front of Kenny and asks for forgiveness.

Ackerman is amazed at such an act on the part of the King, and he decides to serve him. Uri agrees to this. Thus Kenny became a soldier. With his help, the man who had betrayed the Reisses was eliminated. The vacant Assembly seat was taken by Kenny. However, he himself was not proud of his new job and did not feel like a free and happy person.

After a while, Kenny Ackerman went to visit his sister Kushel. In the brothel where she worked, they said that they had not seen her for a long time. Then Kenny went straight to her house. There he found a little boy sitting next to the corpse of his mother - Kushel.

Kenny asked the boy what his name was. He called himself Levi. Kenny slid down the wall to the floor and introduced himself back. The man did not leave the boy to die: he took him to himself, although he considered himself unfit for the role of a father, and taught everything that he knew himself. Namely, what would have helped Levy survive and last longer.

It is worth noting that once Kenny Ackerman listened to Uri Reiss’ speech and communicated with Jerome Sanes. He expressed admiration for the King and willingness to do anything for his protection. Kenny apologized for killing members of the Military Police. Jer asked why he would serve Uri. At first, Kenny did not find an answer, but later admitted that he respected him for his strength, which has no equal.

As Uri’s life was drawing to a close, he and Kenny met by the lake. Reiss told him that he would pass on the power of the titan to the descendant of his kind and that he would remain in the memory of all successors. Kenny asks to explain more about the ability to transfer abilities. Uri only replies that one day the world will die, and people should live happily until that moment.

Reiss touches on what Kenny believes in - brute strength. He asks if she made them best friends out of enemies. Kenny grins and replies that she played a big role in this. Uri agrees with this, but adds that on the day they met, a miracle happened in his opinion.

The power of the titan passed to Frida Reiss. Kenny became convinced of the possibility of transferring abilities, and in the eternal presence of his friend, now in the girl’s body. He noticed the same way of thinking and the same aspirations. Then Kenny wanted to become the owner of this power in order to feel free.

Later, Kenny Ackerman was appointed commander of the Military Police Liquidator squad. On the day he met the soldiers, he noticed their alienation and decided to put everything on the shelves. He said that he understands his unattractiveness, because he is "Kenny’s butcher" and has no experience in managing a squad.

His monologue is interrupted by Trout Curven, she says that she does not care about these circumstances and that she is tired of being a mindless weapon in the eyes of people. Kenny happily tells her that fighting the Survey Corps is just a cover. He says that he gathered their squad in order to take possession of the power of the titan in order to atone for his sins.

The soldiers are initially shocked, but over time they become imbued with Kenny’s story and his aspirations. They faithfully serve in his squad until the day when everyone perishes under the ruins of the cave. These are the last memories from Kenny’s story of his life. He sits under a tree, bleeding.

Kenny Ackerman: Death

When Levy finds a badly wounded Kenny Ackerman under a tree, he retrieves a transforming injection box he had stolen from Rod. He wants to transform in order to prolong life a little more. Levy notes that he had enough energy and time to transform and asks why he is still human.

Kenny avoids answering, he starts laughing and muttering that he understands the motives behind Uri’s actions. He says that people are the same and everyone needs a purpose in life. Kenny coughs up blood. He asks Levy what motivates him. He grabs Kenny by the shoulders and demands to tell about what keeps the Rulers from saving mankind.

Kenny replies that he does not know the exact reason, but remembers that the Ackermans turned their backs on the King for this very reason. Levi then asks who the man is to his mother. Kenny laughs at the corporal’s unspoken suggestion that he is his father. He says he was her brother.

Levy asks Kenny to explain why he left him as a child. The man replies that he was never suitable for the role of a father and left as soon as he taught the boy everything he was capable of. Levy is shocked by what he heard. Kenny gives him the injection box and dies leaning on a tree trunk.

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