Louise: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Louise - Height: 155 cm; Age: exact unknown, about 15 years old. She was the girl who was saved by Mikasa in the Battle of Trost. Then she took a course at the Cadet School and joined the Intelligence Corps. Later she became one of the members of the Jaegerists. Participated in the attack on the Liberio ghetto. After Eren Yeager’s imprisonment in a prison cell, Louise spread the word about it to the public. Mortally wounded during the attack of the Marleys on Paradise.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding skills and abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  5. History, biography and death
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Louise: General information about the character

Louise: Outstanding skills and abilities

Purposeful. At an early age, Louise decided to become a scout. This took a lot of effort and several years. However, the girl achieved what she wanted. Louise also wanted to fight side by side with her idol - Mikasa Ackerman. The girl achieved this too, seizing the opportunity as soon as she turned up.

Betrayed. Having chosen the side of the Jaegerists, Louise was ready to go to great lengths to achieve their common goals. For example, she broke the law, realizing that she would be investigated and sentenced to imprisonment. However, Louise believed that it did not matter by what means the goal was achieved. The girl selflessly acted for the sake of the plans of Eren Yeager.

Capable soldier. Louise did not have time to achieve career growth. However, she was a budding fighter. The mere fact that she did not receive a single wound in the attack on the Liberio ghetto says a lot. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this was her first real mission after training in the Cadet Corps. Also during the attack of the Marleys, Louise was not injured by either enemy soldiers or Titans.

Louise: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Louise is a short and thin girl. She seems very fragile. However, during her training, she trained hard to become a scout. The girl became a good soldier who managed to avoid injuries during her service. This indicates that Louise has a strong, athletic body.

Appearance. Louise is blonde, her shoulder-length hair is parted down the middle. The girl has brown eyes with an amber tint. Eyebrows to match the hair are very thin. They give the image of a girl sophistication. Louise’s face reflects her immaturity and is dominated by rounded features. The girl is very pretty.

Clothing. As a child, Louise wore a white shirt with a pink vest over it and a long red skirt. After joining the Survey Corps, she wore an updated military uniform. In her free time, the girl dressed in a light-colored pleated skirt and a blue long-sleeve sweater. Louise borrowed her red scarf from Mikasa for a while.

sincere. Louise did not hide the motives of her actions and decisions from those around her, even if they might seem stupid to them. The girl shamelessly shares with Mikasa the details of her inner experiences when she remembers the day of the battle for Trost. Louise also sincerely confesses to the idol her admiration for her, despite Ackerman’s coldness.

Youthfully maximalistic. Louise believes that in order to achieve the goal, you can not disdain by any means. She also thinks that brute force solves all problems. The girl is sure that you can change the laws and rules in order to achieve what you want. Louise is so convinced of this that she is guided by this when deciding her future. This is typical of many teenagers, which the girl is.

Impressive. This is how you can characterize a person who has been acting for many years under the influence of an event from the past. Louise was so delighted with the image of Mikasa, which the girl created for herself, that she decided to become a soldier and join the Survey Corps. The girl spent so much time and effort just to get closer to her idol.

Louise: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"Our goal is to win. Nowhere does it say that the rules and laws are unshakable" - Louise says to Mikasa Ackerman when she leaves the girl in a prison cell.

"You taught me that in the face of imposed violence, fighting is justified," Louise tells Mikasa Ackerman as she recalls the events of the Battle of Trost.

Louise: History, biography and death

Arc Battle for Trost. Little Louise sat in her mother’s arms at the inner gate of Trost. They were civilians who needed to be evacuated. However, Dimo ​​Reeves’ wagon blocked the exit from the district. Mikasa appeared and threatened to clear the aisle from the wagon. Louise and her mother thanked the soldier. The girl was delighted when Mikasa saluted.

Arch Marley. Almost immediately after joining the Survey Corps, Louise was involved in an attack on the Liberio Ghetto in 854. The girl was among those who attacked the Titan Carrier Finger Peak. Before that, Louise killed three machine gunners sitting in a titanium pillbox. Then the girl returned to the airship. When Sasha Braus was shot by Gaby Brown, Louise ran up to her colleague and tried to give her medical attention. To her dismay, Sasha died.

Arc War for Paradise. When Eren was placed in a prison cell, Louise was among those who spread the word about it to the townspeople. This was a violation of Paradise’s military laws, so she was also sentenced to imprisonment. Louise was escorted to Mikas’ cell. On the way, the girl shared with Ackerman her memories of the day of the battle for Trost.

Louise admitted that the incident determined the formation of her personality and became a turning point, after which she decided to join the Intelligence Corps. Without waiting for an approving reaction from her idol, Louise silently saluted. Later, the girl escaped from prison and joined the Yeagerists, as she believed in Eren.

Together with them, she carried out an operation to capture scouts in the Nikolo restaurant. During the Marley attack on Shiganshina, Louise decided to fight side by side with Mikasa, as she always dreamed of seeing her idol in a real fight. While preparing for the battle, she noticed that Ackerman had left the scarf behind and took it for herself.

Death. Louise then battled the Titans and was mortally wounded by the explosion of the Thunder Lance. The girl was taken to the hospital, where Mikasa visited her to return her item. Louise told her about her injury and Eren’s desire to get rid of the scarf. Mikasa ignored everything that was said, including Louise’s confession that she had lived without regrets. After a while, the girl died from the consequences of her injury.

Louise: Hero Relations

Louise and Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa’s rescue of the inhabitants of Trost on the day of the attack on him by the titans delighted little Louise. As she admitted, then she realized that it was necessary to be strong in order to protect loved ones. Then the girl decided to study in the Cadet Corps and join the Intelligence Corps, and a few years later she achieved what she wanted.

For the most part, Louise was driven by a desire to be closer to Mikasa, whom she made her idol. For this reason, she took the scarf she had left behind in preparation for the battle with the Marleys. However, Ackerman was not at all disposed towards her fan. Mikasa ignored all of Louise’s confessions and did not react in any way to the news that the girl was mortally wounded.

Louise and Eren Yeager. Louise was very devoted to Eren. She believed that he could save Paradise Island and its people. The girl easily goes over to the side of the Yeagerists, leaving her fellow scouts. Louise is able to break military laws to carry out Eren Yeager’s plan.

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