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Marco Bott - Age: 16 Height: 178 cm. Graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps. During training, entered the ranking of the best, taking 7th place. Commander of the 19th Division in the Battle of Trost. A gifted soldier devoted to his own ideals. His special talent is to be a true leader, to reveal the potential of his comrades. He is devoted to the kingdom and his friends. Especially close to Jean Kirstein. At first he wanted to join the Military Police, later he intended to become a member of the Intelligence Corps. Eaten by a titanium during Trost’s defense.


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Marco Bott: Basic Information

Marco Bott is a tall, broad-shouldered young man with a strong muscular body. He has a short haircut, fair skin, freckles and light brown eyes. Marco’s hair is brown, parted in the middle.

Marco wears the standard cadet uniform. In his spare time, he dresses in dark pants, a light button-down shirt and a dark waistcoat. This outfit looks similar to that of Jean Kirstein.

Marco Bott has his own ideals, which he follows in any situation. He often puts the interests of his peers or the whole group ahead of his own. So, for example, according to the results of training in the cadet corps, he took 7th place in the rating only because he was inferior to the targets of other guys. Marco earned the respect of his comrades, they considered him a natural leader.

It is interesting to note that Marco Bott grew up in a family that was sincerely loyal to the king and considered it an honor to serve His Majesty. That is why he initially wanted to join the Royal Police. He thought so, unlike the soldiers who wanted to take refuge in the safest areas of the kingdom.

He showed himself to be a person who feels good about others. Marco saw the potential of those around him and was eager to help them unleash it. So he helped Jean Kirstein to believe in himself and discover his leadership qualities. Also, Marco had a talent to keep his comrades calm and order in the ranks. He could both peacefully resolve the dispute, and help maintain composure during the battle.

Even when he was overcome by fear, Marco did not let him get the best of him and remained calm and focused. He adhered to a reasonable approach in everything, even before his death he tried to logically explain the motives of the statements and actions of his comrades who betrayed him.

"There is no higher honor than to be in the service of the king" - Marco in a conversation with Jean Kirstein before the skirmish between the latter and Eren Yeager about a comfortable life behind the inner walls.

"Guys, stop it. Populated with interrogation on a person. You see, some things are better not to remember" - Marko addresses his comrades during dinner, during which they asked Eren Yeager questions about the events in Shiganshin.

"I think that in order to develop your skills, you need to compete with each other. But I just can’t get out of my head the idea of ​​what it would be like if it were a real fight. As the slowest of you, I have to distract attention Titans to allow the others to come in from behind and strike. " - Marco to Eren Yeager after training in destroying titan dummies.

Marco Bott: Character Story

During the initiation of recruits, he introduces himself to instructor Kees Shadis Marko Bottom from the village of Jinai outside the Wall of Rosa. He says he wants to join the Royal Police in order to devote himself to serving the king. Keys knocks off his arrogance and replies that His Majesty did not surrender the life of such a waste.

Later, Marco, with Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Connie Springer and Mina Carolina, watch Sasha Braus, whom the instructor forced to run half to death because of the trick with potatoes. Marco Bott notices that Keys didn’t say anything to Eren during the ceremony. Yeager explains this by the fact that he was in the Shiganshin area during the appearance of the Colossal Titan.

At dinner, the cadets gather around Eren to find out the details of this tragedy, Marco Bott listens to him in the forefront. When the kids’ questions make Yeager feel bad, he jerks off his comrades. Marko says that some events are best left out.

After training on maneuvering on the UPM cables, Marco gives Eren, who was very bad at it, seek advice from Rainer Braun and Berthold Hoover. At the same time, the rest of the cadets did not want to help Yeager and even bullied him.

Later, the guys undergo training in finding and destroying titan dummies. Marco Bott, instead of earning points himself, concedes this opportunity to his comrades. Eren pays attention to this and asks what strategy Marco is following.

He explains that he is the slowest of the cadets, and therefore should distract the Titans so that the faster guys can strike from behind. His comrades, hearing this, say that they would like to serve in the detachment under the command of Marco. He declares that it is not his, and says that Jean Kirshtein would be a really good leader.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that during the training he is friends with Jean, and they can often be seen together. It is Marco who draws his attention to weaknesses and ways to make them his strengths. Bott also helps him to believe in himself, realize potential and develop leadership qualities.

2 years before graduation, in 848, Marco Bott and other cadets go on an unusual training in the wild. He is appointed as the commander of the group. He tries to maintain order and calmness even when squabbles begin among his comrades.

Jean Kirstein begins to behave recklessly, and Marco besieges him, asking Armin Arlert to detail this trick in the report. At the same time, later, during a skirmish between Eren and Jean, he asks not to include this in the report.

At night, the group is attacked by robbers. They kidnap UPM and Christa Lenz. Marco does not make sudden movements, trying to behave judiciously. He offers to end the exercise and call an observer for help.

However, the cadets decide to save Christa on their own, and Marco supports his comrades. They find a bandit camp. Marco remarks that they cannot just take and attack them, as the guys can get shot. Then Armin offers to make an ambush.

Marco is developing an alert system for where Krista and equipment are. He signals, and the cadets attack the robbers. With the help of cadets from another squad, whom Armin called for help, they manage to gain the upper hand.

When the Colossal Titan appears outside the Trost area wall, Marco is made commander of the 19th Squadron, whose mission is to support the vanguard. When the order was given to retreat, Marco is among those who have too little gas left in the UPM for this. He says that whatever one may say, they will not get out. Marco Bott loses faith in salvation and wonders why he will die.

Mikasa Ackerman appears and claims that they will be able to kill the titans at the headquarters and replenish the gas supplies. Marco counters that there are too many giants. Ultimately, Mikase manages to convince her comrades to follow her plan. The cadets are performing.

Marco Bott flies up to Jean and thanks him for the fact that thanks to his commands they managed to escape from the Titans. He also says that Jean is a born commander. The cadets manage to get to the headquarters, and they enter it through the windows, including the unharmed Marco.

Jean Kirshtein finds the supply soldiers and, in a fit of anger, throws himself at them with his fists. Marco Bott runs up and restrains him from being beaten. Later, the cadets find guns from the police supplies and discuss a plan that will allow them to get to the gas cylinders.

According to Armin’s idea, they are divided into two groups: one goes down the elevator, luring the titans and blinds them with shots, the second attacks from behind and kills the giants. Marco agrees with the plan and tries to give his comrades a fighting spirit, saying that it is worthwhile to exert all his strength.

Marco Bott leads the group down the elevator. He gives the order to shoot. The plan is being carried out successfully: all the titans are dead, no one has been injured from the roster. Marco briefly loses consciousness from an overabundance of emotions, and his comrades pick him up.

The cadets are replenishing gas supplies. At the same time, there is a conversation between Marco Botta and Jean Kirstein, in which the latter claims that he is not suitable for the role of leader. Marco replies that he is not strong and that is why he understands the weak well. He also says that he followed Jean, since he gave the right orders and that is why he was able to survive.

It should be noted that later Marco Bott, in the company of his comrades, goes down to the streets of the city. There he sees Daz, who is seized by a panic attack and fear of death at the hands of the titans. Marco keeps him from committing suicide and calms him down.

Dot Pixis appears on the wall and declares that he intends to close the hole in the wall Maria with the help of Eren, who can transform into a titanium. Marco Bott is shocked by what he heard. The operation begins.

After a while, the soldiers, gathered on the section of the wall to lure the giants, see red signal smoke. Among them is Marko. This signal means that the operation did not go according to plan. Marco Bott sees Armin Arlert running away and calls out to him, to no avail. He informs Jean about it.

Later, Jean falls into a trap, in order to get out of it, he needs to remove the UPM from the deceased soldier in full view of the titan. Marco comes to his rescue. He takes the titan with him to give his friend the time he needs.

The cadets see Eren in the form of an Attack Titan carrying a boulder to close a gap in Wall Maria. They also see the need to protect him from other titans. Marco joins those who are ready to cover Yeager at the cost of their lives. Jean Kirshtein later finds half of Marco Bott’s body.

Marco Bott: Death

During the Battle of Trost, while the Attack Titan was carrying a stone to close a gap in Wall Maria, Marco Bott overheard Reiner Braun and Berthold Hoover talking. In it, they mentioned that they broke through the wall and in which case they would be able to get out with the help of their titans. Marco asks them to explain.

Rainer says it was just a joke, for which Marco chastises them. He reminds them that they need to throw all their strength to protect Eren and goes to fight the titans. He turns around and sees the serious faces of Berthold and Reiner.

During the flight, Marco ponders the situation and begins to suspect something. He lands on the roof of one of the houses. Rainer catches up to him and knocks him down, pushing him to the roof. Marco calls for help.

Annie Leonhart lands at Reiner, Berthold and Marco and asks what is going on. They see the Titans approaching. Brown says that Marco needs to be killed and orders Annie to remove the UPM from him as a proof of loyalty to them. She does not want to do this, but obeys.

They drop Marco on the roof and fly away. Berthold turns around and sees him crying, not understanding why they did this to him. The Titan walks up to the roof, grabs Marco and eats him. The traitors see him die and hear his screams.

Marco Bott: Mentions After Death

Arch Female

After the death of Marco Botta, Jean decides to join the Intelligence Corps, referring to the fact that he does not want to end his days in the same way - alone, being not found for several days. Even after his death, Marco continues to instill in Jean the desire to fight for his life in any circumstances.

Later, the UPM of Marco Botta was found on Annie Leonhart, as Armin Arlert remembered the characteristic damage on it (they always performed equipment maintenance together). She claims to have found him, but does not specify under what circumstances. This makes Armin think that Marco’s death was not so straightforward.

Arch of the Royal Government

In the cave under the Reiss chapel, Eren and History are talking. He mentions Marco Botta as a victim, for whose death he and his father are responsible due to the theft of the Titan’s power.

Berthold Hoover reflects on Marko’s death during his meeting with Zeke Jaeger and Rainer Braun.

War for Paradise Arc

In a conversation around the fire between the Marl volunteers, the Survey Corps and the warriors, Elena reveals Annie’s involvement in the death of Marco Bott. Rainer says she was acting on his orders. He tells the audience about the events of that day. Jean Kirshtein asks what Marco said before he died. Rainer replies that his last words were "We didn’t even finish."

Brown then says that his friend’s death affected him, and apologizes despite Jean’s pleas to shut up. Kirshtein, beside himself with anger, throws himself at Reiner. Gaby Brown stands between them and gets kicked, after which the conflict subsides.

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