Mina Carolina: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Mina Carolina - Age: about 15 years old, Height: average. One of 218 graduates of the cadet corps in 850. Soldier of the 104th Cadet Corps, 34th Detachment. A loyal friend, ready to help a comrade. Participant in the Battle of Trost. Was going to join the Intelligence Corps. Eaten by the Lovely Titan.


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Mina Carolina: Basic Information

Mina is a young girl. She has fair skin, medium height and a slender figure. Mina is dark-haired and gray-eyed. Her hair is of medium length, just below the shoulders. She wears a two-ponytail with a straight parting, gathered with blue elastic bands.

Mina Carolina dresses up in a standard cadet uniform with a white polo shirt under her jacket. In her spare time, she wears black pants and a turquoise button-down blouse with long sleeves.

Mina is a cheerful, smiling and calm girl. She is also ready to support the mischievous undertakings of her comrades, for example, the idea of ​​Sasha Braus to eat meat stolen from the officers’ supplies. There was no horror on her face at the sight of the titans she had to fight. Mina Carolina is a brave girl who is ready to help her friends.

Mina Carolina: Character Story

Return of Humanity Arc

For the first time, Mina can be seen behind Armin Arlert, who is questioned by Kees Shadis. Then the instructor turns to Mina and says that she comes from a puddle in which pigs are grazed. The girl agrees with him that she is the filthiest of pigs, following the tradition of initiating recruits. This indicates that Mina Carolina has not previously met with the Titans.

Later, she and Connie, Marco, Eren and Armin watch the retired recruits and communicate. It is revealed that Eren and Armin personally saw the Colossal Titan. At dinner, all the cadets, including Mina, gather around Yeager. He answers questions about the Titans he saw during the fall of Shiganshin.

Interestingly, Mina asks what the Colossal’s face was. She attentively and interestedly listens to Eren’s story and his statement to destroy all giants.

One day, she closely follows the dispute between Eren and Jean, where Yeager insists on the need for active action against the titans. She later stands next to Eren, listening to his firm intention to join the Survey Corps.

While the cadets on the wall are cleaning the cannons, Mina Carolina comes to them and tells Eren that his speech had an effect on Connie, since he also decided to become a scout. Sasha Braus appears and shows the meat stolen from the officers, she invites them to eat it together. At first, Mina is in favor of putting it back in place, as it is very valuable. However, she is later inspired by the idea of ​​eating meat, because they will reclaim territory from the titans and will be able to raise livestock again.

OVA-1: Trouble

2 years before graduation from the cadet school, in 848, Mina Carolina and other members of the 34th detachment go on an unusual training in the wild. They are attacked by robbers and kidnapped by Christa Lenz. The cadets are sent to her rescue. On the way, Mina and her comrades are attacked and left without the UPM. With the help of other 104th Corps cadets who have come to the rescue, they safely save Christa.

Battle of Trost Arc

When Mina Carolina and her comrades are on the wall and are cleaning the cannons, the Colossal Titan appears. The mine is blown away by the steam emanating from it, but it avoids falling down using a spatial maneuvering device.

The soldiers notice that the wall has been breached. A huge number of titans penetrate through the gap. The mine is assigned to Trost’s second line of defense. As part of Detachment 34, along with Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Nak Tirs, Milius Zeremski and Thomas Wagner, they stand on the roof. Eren makes an inspiring speech.

It is important to note that in response, Mina states that she also intends to join the Intelligence Corps. It can be assumed that the episodes in which Mina watched Eren influenced her making such a decision.

The squad sees that the Titans have already reached the second line of defense and decide to join the battle. At the same time, shots from the memories of the children are shown, where they are in the lesson and teach the theory about the method of killing titans. They also show Mina in a turquoise blouse, she listens intently to the teacher and notes his words.

Death of Mina Carolina

They notice the deviant, who caught Thomas in a jump and ate him. This shocks the cadets. Eren rushes to avenge his comrade’s death. Mina flies after Yeager.

The girl is distracted by the fall of Eren. Mina’s UPM cable grabs Lovely Titan, causing her to hit her back hard against the wall of the building. She does not have time to come to her senses and run away. The titan grabs the girl and eats her. Mina Carolina dies.

Arch of the Royal Government

In the cave under the Reiss chapel, Eren and History are talking. He mentions Mina Carolina as a victim, for whose death he and his father are responsible due to the theft of the Titan’s power.

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