Nanaba: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Nanaba - Age: unknown; Height: 172 cm. After training in the cadet corps, she joined the Intelligence Corps. Was assigned to Mick’s squad. Participated in the operation to capture the Female. Died in the ruins of Utgarde Castle fighting the Titans.


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Nanaba: Basic Information

Nanaba: Appearance

Nanaba is a very tall girl, thin but well built. She has an androgenic figure, which is further emphasized by the girl’s hairstyle. Nanaba is blonde, her blonde hair is cropped short, she divides it into a part above her eyebrow. The girl’s eyes are blue. Nanaba wears the standard Reconnaissance trooper uniform with a white jersey underneath.

Nanaba: Character

Nanaba is a collected and responsible person, which is typical for an experienced scout. She is not talkative, but she can both support a comrade’s joke and briefly summarize the essence of the matter. Nanaba is no stranger to emotional outbursts: she lost hope of saving humanity when the titans appeared behind the wall Rose, but quickly pulled herself together. She values ​​her comrades very much and is ready to come to their aid at the cost of her life.

Nanaba: Interesting Facts

Nanaba: Famous Quotes

"Hurry up, people! Or you won’t care about the ceiling, but into the lid of the coffin in the next world," Nanaba says to the former cadets of the 104th corps, informing them about the approach of the titans.

"Today is the darkest day in the history of mankind. If you have to give everything, it is better to do it now" - Nanaba tells the soldiers as the operation to evacuate the inhabitants of the territories beyond the Rose Wall begins.

Nanaba: The Female Arc

During the 57th Expedition Behind the Walls, carried out to capture the Female, Nanaba finds herself among the soldiers stationed along the perimeter of the Forest of huge trees. She stands on a branch not far from History, and a titanium climbs the tree trunk. The girl notices this, and Nanaba says that he will only move away if the giant manages to climb. The girl believes that any minute the soldiers will receive an order to retreat.

History asks if this is due to the sounds of gunshots coming from the depths of the forest. Nanaba replies that he doesn’t know. When the Female screams and the foolish giants rush into the thicket, Nanaba does not leave his position. After a while, the noise dies down, the girl notices blue signal smoke. She explains to the two soldiers next to her that this is an order to retreat through the trees with the help of the UPM.

Nanaba: Clash of the Titans Arc

Due to Erwin Smith’s suspicions of being among the former cadets of the 104th Human Titan Corps, Nanabu and other members of Mika’s squad are assigned to monitor the recruits. They stop at a small estate near Wall Rose. Only experienced soldiers have equipment and weapons. Mick, Nanaba and Thomas stand on the watchtower when the squad leader senses the approach of the Titans. The girl is in a hurry to visit the former cadets.

She wastes no time and informs them through the window that titans have been found five hundred meters away. Nanaba also says that there is no time to prepare UPM for them, and orders them to go around the neighboring villages on horseback and help the residents to evacuate. She then returns to Miku, who claims to have counted nine titans. They briefly confer and decide that Wall Rose has been broken, because otherwise the giants could not be behind it.

It is worth noting that at this moment Nanaba kneels down and says that humanity is not close to solving the titans. She reflects on people’s scanty chances of survival. Mick replies that they will be defeated when they give up. Determination reappears on Nanaba’s face. She, along with all the soldiers, leaves the wall on horseback. Mika proposes to break up into groups, each of which will contain a soldier from the UPM and former cadets of the 104th corps.

Nanaba makes an inspiring speech motivating everyone to survive. She travels west with Henning, Ymir and History Reiss. They find that people do not live in these areas. Then Nanaba orders to change direction to the south. Ymir asks why she made this decision. Nanaba explains that their group will move along the western side of Wall Rose to find a breach in it.

Ymir objects, because she and History do not have any UPM or weapons. She asks permission for both of them to leave the front line. Nanaba refuses because someone has to be the messenger. She says she understands Ymir’s feelings, but insists on the soldier’s need to be prepared for anything. The group continues to move along the wall until late at night, not finding a gap. Thus, he meets with Gerger’s group coming towards them.

They exchange information and realize that they have not found a breach in Rose’s wall. Gerger says it is worth rechecking, but Nanaba draws his attention to the fact that all the soldiers are very tired. The Moon emerges from behind the clouds and illuminates the nearby ruins of Utgarde Castle. They decide to spend the night there. So Nanaba, Gerger, Rene, Henning, Ymir, History, Connie, Rainer and Berthold are located in it.

The soldiers discover traces of someone before them in the castle. Nanabu is surprised by this fact, since they are very close to the Rose wall. Henning jokes that they can relax and unwind with stolen goods. Nanaba says that it can get confused as to who is the real thief and laughs. History talks out loud about the appearance of the titans behind the wall Rose without any visible damage to it.

She suggests that the truth may be very different from how they imagine the situation. Nanaba remarks that they only saw the titans at the very beginning of the operation. She listens to Connie’s story of what happened in his home village of Ragako. Ymir, despite the tragic tone of the conversation, makes fun of Connie, which shocks Nanabu. The soldiers go to bed. Nanaba is napping, sitting in a chair with his back against the wall as Rene calls to go upstairs.

There, they see the Titans attacking Utgarde Castle, and the Beast Titan in the distance. Nanaba commands the former cadets to take cover, while members of Mick’s squad use the UPM to attack the giants. The girl kills a large titan, and then lands next to Gerger on a section of the tower wall. She scolds her comrade for dulling his blades wastefully. Gerger reminds her of his help, to which she replies that she will remember it.

Renee flies up to them and reports that the door to the tower has been broken by the titans. Nanaba and Gerger continue to kill the giants one by one. They take a break on the tower wall and notice that they have killed all the large individuals. The soldiers hear a hum, and then stones thrown by the Beast Titan fall into the castle. Nanaba sees that the horses have been killed. The next boulder hits the tower, Rene and Henning die in front of their comrades.

They lift the dead to the roof and see a new crowd of titans approaching the castle. Nanaba notes the coherence of the actions of the giants, which act as if according to plan. She begins to think that the titans are playing with them. Nanaba continues to fight and realizes that there is little gas left in the UPM. She is resting on the wall next to Gerger. He says that the tower will soon collapse completely.

Nanaba: Death

The girl sees how Gerger decides to voluntarily surrender to the titan and falls from the wall right into the giant’s hand. Nanaba flies to the aid of his comrade and breaks the last blades, saving him. She also runs out of gas and hangs on the UPM cable on the wall. Nanaba turns around and sees many titans. They grab the girl and rip off her right leg.

Nanaba screams in pain until the titans can share it among themselves. One of the giants grabs the girl’s body with his hand and brings it to his mouth. Nanaba begins to rave with fear of impending doom. She apologizes to her father and says that it will not be so again. She asks her dad to stop, not to hurt her. The titan then eats it.

Nanaba: Mentions After Death

During the operation to return Shiganshina, Commander Erwin Smith argues that over the entire time of his professional career, he created a mountain of corpses of his comrades with his own hands. He feels personally responsible for the death of each of them. Erwin remembers the dead, including members of Mick’s squad, including Nanaba. Later, when Smith begins to lose hope of fulfilling his dream, he sees Nanaba in his mind again.

During the events of the war for Paradise, Levi sits in the forest, where he and other scouts keep Zeke Yeager in custody. He recalls how many comrades he had to sacrifice, over and over again saving Eren. Among others, Nanaba comes to mind. Later, as he sits on the Falco Titan, Levi again thinks back to his comrades from the Survey Corps. Nanaba’s face flickers again in these visions.

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