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Nick - Age: about 40 (exact unknown); Height: 192 cm. Pastor of the Wall Cult. He told the scouts about the History of Reiss, thereby making a contribution to the coup d’etat. Killed by military police after being tortured in a military barrack.


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Nick: Basic information

Nick: Appearance

Nick is a tall man of mature years. He has brown hair, which the pastor does not shave off only at the top of his head. They are cut short and laid to one side. Nick’s eyes are gray, framed by a network of deep wrinkles that also dot his forehead. The pastor constantly has dark circles under his eyes. He wears gray trousers and a pastor’s robe with a gold necklace symbolizing the three walls. For the trip to Germina County, he put on a gray jacket over the top.

Nickname: Character

Pastor Nick is a very principled person. He devoted himself to serving the Cult of the Walls with all his passion and skillfully delivered speeches that would inspire his flock. Nick was willing to keep the secrets of the church even at the cost of his life. He did not give them away to intelligence officers under threats, or to military police, which is why he died. However, he was imbued with the grief of the refugees behind Wall Rose and therefore hinted to Hange about the History of Reiss.

Nick: Interesting facts

In the English-language dub, Nick and Armin’s grandfather are voiced by the same actor.

Nick: Famous quotes

"We will fulfill our destiny at any cost. So let me go now," Nick says to Hange, who holds him over the edge of the wall, threatening to throw him down.

Nickname: The Fall of Shiganshina Arc

In 845, shortly before the destruction of the gates of Wall Maria by the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan, Nick preaches a sermon on the streets of Shiganshina. He claims that the walls were erected by wise gods and bestowed on humanity. Nick calls the walls the creation of heaven and says that no one is allowed to desecrate them.

Nickname: Arc Female

Nick represents the interests of the Wall Cult at the hearing regarding Eren and his future fate. The Pastor stands next to the Military Police. When Niall Doc speaks out about the need to study Yeager’s body, kill him and posthumously call him a hero, Nick objects. He calls Eren a parasite that does not deserve the right to life and urges to destroy him.

In response to Erwin Smith’s proposal to use the forces of the Attack Titan during the expedition, one of the merchants proposes to seal the gates of the walls. Nick calls it nonsense, the pastor is shocked even by the thought of touching the wall of people. He says that most do not notice the grandeur of the walls, and calls the merchant a blasphemer.

Later, the pastor preaches at the Wall Cult Church in Stoges, when Eren Yeager and Annie Leonhart are fighting in the city in the form of titans. Nick arranges the parishioners in three circles like the arrangement of the walls and invites the flock to pray, calling them three goddesses. He says that believers should not doubt for their own peace of mind.

Nick declares that the walls were made of light by the hand of God and that people’s faith makes them even stronger. He talks about the ability of pure and pure hearts to protect all of humanity. A crash is heard coming from the street. The pastor does not have time to finish who can drive the titans away when the Female falls on the church. All parishioners and other ministers of the Cult die.

Nick stares in horror at the Attack Titan and the Female standing in front of him and does not understand how they ended up in Stohess, within the walls of Sin. He sees Titan Annie running towards the wall and screams, praying that she doesn’t come close to her. However, the Attacking Titan rushes past, and Nika is blown away by the air wave.

However, the Female attempted to escape by climbing the wall with its claws, causing part of the wall to crumble. The scouts, including Hange Zoe, noticed this and froze in amazement. Pastor Nick runs up to her and demands to prevent sunlight from reaching the titan. He later attends a meeting with Erwin and the Mayor of Stohees, silently marveling at Commander Smith’s ideas.

Nickname: Clash of the Titans Arc

Hange Zoe, realizing that the pastor knew about finding the titans inside the walls, raises him up on the wall. Nick sits on all fours at the edge of the wall and looks down. The girl asks him to tell how the giant ended up in Sina and why the Cult of the Walls kept silent about it. The Pastor stands up and blames the Survey Corps for the chaos that has given him a lot of worries.

He demands to be lowered from the wall. Hange grabs him by the collar and tilts him over the edge, she’s furious. Zoe explains to him that he was not asked, but ordered to tell the known information. She promises to interrogate all members of the Cult of the Walls until someone agrees to cooperate. Hanji tilts the man even more over the edge of the wall.

It is noteworthy that Nick agrees to die and offers to see what will happen after his murder. On behalf of the Cult, he promises to fulfill his duty at all costs. The pastor spreads his arms over the heights and calls out to the gods. However, Hange tosses him against the wall and apologizes for the joke. The man is trembling all over. Zoe asks to answer if all the walls are made of titans, but does not receive an answer.

Erwin Smith receives news of the breakthrough of Wall Rose and orders them to go there. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are seated in the cart as Hange, Nick, and Levi join them. Arlert asks why the pastor will go with them. Zoe hugs Nick by the shoulders and says that they are friends. However, the man does not share a good mood and looks gloomy.

On the way, Eren learns that the pastor knew about the presence of the titans inside the walls, but remained silent. Hange says that he is lucky for Nick to see the real world and reconsider his views and moral values. Eren asks the pastor to tell everything in the name of the salvation of mankind. However, all the time the pastor is silent and does not respond to requests.

Levy points the pistol at Nick, hiding behind the fabric of his jacket, and notices that there are many ways to ask questions. He hints to the man about the prospect of new holes in his body. Hanji reveals that she has already tried all sorts of threats and it didn’t work. She suggests that the pastor has a more important goal than the destruction of humanity.

Hanji shows a shard of hardened flesh of the Female and says that she compared it to a sample of the wall material and noticed an extreme similarity. She says that the walls are made of the solid flesh of the titans imprisoned within. The pastor tilts his head in silent agreement with her words. They arrive in Hermine to take a break.

The pastor enters the city and sees a full street of survivors of the attack of the titans - crippled, mendicant people. This sight shocks Nick to such an extent that his legs cease to obey him. Levy catches him and advises to take a good look and remember this situation. He explains that the same will await humanity if the titans rush through the walls as the Wall Cult dreamed of.

They walk up to Hanji and she asks Nick if he has changed his mind. The man is silent in response. Zoe yells at him for lack of time for unnecessary doubts. The pastor admits that he cannot tell them the whole truth, like all members of the Cult. Nick says it’s too big a decision to be made alone. He reveals that the Cult obeys a powerful will.

Nick offers to name the person the Wall Cult has been ordered to keep track of. The pastor says that he joined the Intelligence Corps this year. He describes the identity of Historia Reiss, living under the pseudonym Christa Lenz. Nick says that he has nothing more to say. Then the scouts follow without him. The pastor is given a room in the barracks.

Nick: Death

Later, Hange arrives at the scouts’ new headquarters and reports that Nick was found murdered in his room in the military barracks. Zoe goes there. The scene of the crime is guarded by several people from the first command of the Military Police. Hange pretends to be a close friend of the murdered man. She notices signs of torture on the corpse and realizes that after the torture, Nick was beaten to death.

She becomes suspicious of the members of the Military Police in charge of the investigation. Hange casually examines the hands of one of them - Jere Sanes. Damage to the knuckles speaks in favor of her suspicions. Hange continues to play the role of the pastor’s friend and interrogates, in addition to Jer Sanes, and another member of the Military Police, Ralph.

She pretends that she believed in the version put forward by them - the pastor was killed by robbers. Hange tells Sanes that the perpetrators will have to experience much more pain than Nick had to endure. She later reveals her suspicions to Levy and the 104th Corps cadets. Hange desperately wants to avenge Pastor Nick’s death. Therefore, he and Levi kidnap and subtly torture Jere Sanes.

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