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Nikolo - Age: about 20 (exact unknown); Height: 187 cm. He served in the army of Marlya, had no special skills, was listed among the Eldian soldiers, of which only a few survived. As part of the reconnaissance mission, he arrived aboard the ship to Paradise. He started working as a cook in a restaurant on the island with the help of Elena. In love with Sasha Braus.


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Nicolo: Basic Information

Nicolo: Appearance

Nicolo is a tall and handsome young man. He is blond, and his hair is styled in light waves. He wears a neat haircut: the length is released only at the top of his head, Nicolo puts them in the middle above his right eyebrow. His eyes are light brown. Nicolo wore the standard Marley soldier uniform during his service, with a patch and a gray Eldian band around his shoulder.

On the island, in his spare time, he dresses in black trousers with a white shirt tucked in, and black shoes. Sometimes, for example, for Sasha’s funeral, he also wears a black tie and jacket. At work, he is in a snow-white cook suit. After the events of Earth Buzz, Nikolo began to wear a black vest over his shirt and a bag with a long strap.

Nicolo: Character

Nicolo is characterized by youthful maximalism and categorical judgments. At first, he became a Marley soldier, not wanting to realize that this was not what his soul was in. He confessed that he dreamed of saving the whole world by finding out valuable information about Paradise. He grew up on the ideology of Marlya and therefore was unfriendly towards the islanders when he was a prisoner of war. However, it was thanks to Sasha that he found his calling, he was in love with her.

Nicolo also became close to Jean and Connie. Such changes caused a flurry of emotions in him, but over time he was able to accept them. He took the news of Sasha’s death very sharply. Nicolo wanted revenge, and it didn’t matter that in front of him was a child who was not yet capable of being critical of Marlia’s ideology. The young man needed an example to follow, a solid support, which he found in Arthur Braus.

Nicolo: Interesting Facts

Nicolo: Famous Quotes

"Demons live inside all people. That’s why the world has become like this," Nicolo says to Gabi Brown during the Hum of the Earth.

Nicolo: Arch of Marlia

Marlia sends scout ships to Paradise Island. The first of them stop near the coast and send an advance detachment to land. Among those soldiers is Nikolo. There is no news from the detachment for 2 hours, the commander is worried. Their vessel is lifted by the Attacking Titan and carried ashore. Hanji Zoe addresses them, welcoming them. She points to Nicolo and says that they have already become friends, although in fact Levi Ackerman is holding the blade at his back.

The young man, through fear, asks the commander to shoot the islanders and not be afraid for him. When Elena and her accomplices seize power over the crew, she introduces herself as the leader of the Anti-Marlian Volunteers. Nicolo and the rest of the non-soldiers are also taken to the island. After a while, they find a way to cooperate with each other. Elena organized a tasting of Nicolo’s seafood dishes.

He set the table with a variety of treats. Nicolo saw the lack of understanding on the faces of the islanders and was unhappy with the fact that he had to transfer food to the savages. Sasha Braus was the first to taste the lobster, she eagerly pounced on the rest of the dishes and burst into tears. She called Nicolo a genius, and he was embarrassed. Much more friendly, he asked the girl to take her time, because he had prepared a lot of food.

After a sortie to Marlia, the scouts returned with the body of Sasha Braus. Nicolo comes to her funeral. He is beaten by a soldier from the Military Police when Jean and Connie come to his aid. Kirshtein asks Nikolo how he feels. He, holding back tears, admits that he cannot believe in the death of the girl. He calls the coincidence of circumstances ridiculous, thanks to which Sasha was killed by a Marly girl who climbed onto the airship.

Mikasa approaches and says that it was not an ordinary girl who did it, but a trained one to act like a soldier. Nicolo realizes that Sasha was killed by a candidate for Marlia’s Warriors. Jean apologizes to him for not saving the girl. Nicolo replies that he has nothing to ask for forgiveness, because he only cooked for Sasha. Connie puts her hand on his shoulder and thanks him for feeding the girl the delicious food she loved very much.

Spouses Arthur and Lisa Braus come up to the guys along with Kaya. The man asks if they served with his daughter. Nicolo explains to him that he is a captive Marlian who has received a work permit. He says that Sasha loved his dishes very much, and invites his family to dinner at a restaurant where he works as a cook. Nicolo is ready for a rude refusal, but the man agrees and good-naturedly specifies whether this reception will be free. The young man answers in the affirmative.

Nicolo: The War of Paradise Arc

Together with Nicolo, another captive Marlian, Greiz, works in that restaurant. When high-ranking soldiers are resting at their institution, Nicolo strongly recommends giving them a bottle of wine brought on the Marli ships. One day, the Braus couple come to the restaurant with the orphans living on their farm, including Gaby Brown and Falco Grice, hoping for the help of their compatriot.

Nicolo is surprised by the number of guests, but promises to feed everyone deliciously. He affably seats them at the table, while Kaya tells Gaby and Falco that Sasha was very close to the Marli man. She also suggests that they dated. As the guests begin their appetizers, Nicolo enthusiastically prepares the main course. Greyz approaches him and reports that scouts have come to the cook. Nicolo goes out to Hanji, Armin, Mikasa, Connie, Jean and Onyankopon.

Zoe tells him that he can work in peace, but during the break she would like to talk to him. Nicolo asks about the subject of the conversation. Onyankopon replies that it will be about the arrest of members of the Anti-Marlian Volunteers. Nicolo agrees and escorts them to the waiting room, where high-ranking soldiers usually rest. Jean and Connie find a bottle of the famous Marli wine.

It is interesting that Nicolo snatches it out of their hands and says that it is a pity to translate such a drink into people like them. Jean is angry that the young man is repeating again what he was told in Marliya. Nicolo says he was polite to them, but they shouldn’t count on his friendship. Jean hints at his status as a prisoner of war. Nicolo notices that they are now quits and leaves. He takes the bottle to the pantry.

Seeing Nicolo, Gaby gives Falco a sign. Children take time off from the table and enter the pantry. Nicolo notices the children and decides they were looking for a toilet room. However, Gabi admits that they are both candidates for the Marley Warriors. Nicolo is confused and asks how the children got to Paradise. Gabi reveals that they infiltrated the airship after the raid on Liberio. Nicolo is visited by a terrible guess, and he asks if the candidates killed any of the soldiers.

Gaby brags that she shot the girl, ignoring Falco’s objections. Nicolo receives confirmation that this girl killed Sasha Braus. He grabs a bottle of gauze wine and swings at Gaby, but it is covered by Falco, who gets a few drops of a drink from a broken container in his mouth. Then Nicolo stabs the girl in the head, which makes her lose consciousness, and drags the children into the dining room where the Braus family dines.

He points with a knife at Gaby and says that this girl went through training in Marliya, and on the way to the island she killed Sasha. Nicolo hands Arthur a knife and asks him to take revenge on the girl, otherwise he will kill her himself. The scouts come running to the noise from the next room. Nicolo asks them not to interfere and uses Falco as a hostage. Gaby asks not to harm the boy who is not guilty of anything. Nicolo says that he also valued Sasha.

He says that thanks to the girl he understood his vocation to please people with his food and stopped being a military man. Gaby objects that Sasha was the first to kill those whom the girl held dear. Nicolo replies that it makes no difference to him who started. Gabi asks him to remember that he is a Marley soldier and that he must hate the islanders. At Arthur’s request, Nicolo hands him a knife. The man explains to him that Sasha died because she got lost in the forest, where one is hunting the other.

Arthur believes that they should help children get out of these wilds, and the fate of adults is to bear the pain and grievances of the past. Lisa also asks Nicolo to stop. He gives up, being held by Jean and Connie. Nicolo calms down and warns Hange that Falco has swallowed the gauze wine. He speculates that the drink contains Zeke Yeager’s cerebrospinal fluid. Jean demands an explanation from Nicolo.

The young man emphasizes that he has no evidence, and says that a huge amount of this wine was brought with them on the first ships by Elena and her accomplices. He also reports that he was tasked with offering a drink to high-ranking police officers. Jean demands to hand over the one who is behind this. Nicolo confesses that it was Elena, who most likely ran everything alone.

Jean clarifies that this is just a theory. However, Nikolo says that the Marli people have been conquering states in this way for a long time. Jean guesses that these fears were the reason for his strange behavior. Nicolo notices that he has changed: before he hoped to scout information about the islanders and save the world, and now he revealed a military secret to the enemy. He decides he won’t live long. Nicolo turns to Arthur Braus and regrets the attack on Gaby.

Yeagerists take over the restaurant. Nicolo notices that Greise is hiding behind the soldiers and realizes that it was he who informed them about the arrival of the scouts. He notes that he acted wisely, not telling his friend about Flock and the others, because he had long gone over to the side of the islanders. Yeagerists take everyone out of the restaurant and take them to the fortress in Shiganshin in guarded carts. There they keep prisoners in a common cell behind bars.

Nicolo is drinking tea with the others as Elena comes down to them, accompanied by Onyankopon and Greiz. Upon Jean and Connie’s attacks, the pilot notes that they have helped the islanders close a century-long gap with civilized powers. Nicolo counters that they did it only for the sake of their future comfort. Greise notes that they only deceived those who allowed it to be done. Nicolo calls him a traitor.

However, he objects that it was not he who went over to the enemy side, fascinated by the islander. Nicolo is stopped by bars and Jean from beating a former comrade. Greiz says that he constantly talked about Sasha, and he himself endured these conversations and hoped that after the girl’s death, his comrade would change his mind. He insults the girl and Elena kills him. She tells the prisoners about Zeke’s plan to kill him easily. Nicolo is shocked by what he hears.

When the Marley Warriors infiltrate the fortress, the captives realize that the Titans are fighting on the roof. After a while, Onyankopon comes down to them and opens the camera. Connie pounces on him because of complicity with Elena, but Nicolo believes that he did not know anything, since there was never any mention of the participation of volunteers in the affairs of the leader of the Anti-Marlians. While the scouts work out a plan of action, the Braus family hopes to return home, but Nicolo asks them to be patient a little.

Jean instructs the chef to take care of the Brauses. Nicolo takes them outside, armed with a gun, and offers to hide in one of the houses until the battle is over. When Zeke’s scream turns all those who drank his cerebrospinal fluid into foolish titans, they hide in one of the buildings. The Hum of the Earth begins. The giant finds them. Nicolo commands them to run until they find a narrow corridor.

When a suitable place is found, Nikolo notices that Kaya does not have time to hide. The titan runs to her, threatening to trample both him and Arthur on the way, but the man covers Nicolo with his body. He, in turn, does not allow Arthur to come to the aid of the girl, since this is certain death. They see Gabi suddenly appear and kill the titan. When the Yeagerists ask the girl who she is, Nicolo stands up for her and says that he killed the titan so as not to arouse suspicion.

So Gabi joins them. Nicolo hears her talking to Kaya that she is the devil, not the inhabitants of the island. In support, he says that the world is full of people, and each has its own devil. Remembering Arthur Braus’ metaphor about the forest, Nicolo suggests getting out of the thicket, no matter how hard it will be. Together they find Armin and Mikasa. Nicolo helps prepare the horses for Arlert and Gaby, who will go looking for Falco.

Nicolo himself remains with the Braus family to ensure their safety. They manage to survive while the guys stop Eren. After these tragic events, Nicolo remains to live on the island with the Braus family and help them. He probably continued to work as a cook. The life stories of these people have become a distant past, human civilization has existed for many centuries.

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