Nifa: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Nifa - Age: about 20 years old, exact unknown; Height: 165 cm. Soldier of the 4th Research Unit of the Survey Corps under the command of Hange Zoe. She was shot in the head by Kenny Ackerman.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting facts and quotes
  5. History, biography and death
  6. Hero Relationship

Nifa: General information about the character

Nifa: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Obeying orders without question. When Nifa receives an order, she does not enter into discussion. The girl is instantly taken for his performance. This explains Erwin Smith, Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman’s trust in her as a soldier. Therefore, the girl often transmits important information between them. For example, it was she who delivered a note to the commander-in-chief about the belonging of Historia Reis to the royal family.

Dedicated to service. Nifa is an excellent soldier. Her personal views do not influence the decisions made in the service. When Hange Zoya threatened to throw Pastor Nick off the wall, Nyfa’s behavior showed that she was scared and did not support the captain’s idea. However, the girl did not stop Hange by word or action.

Able to keep secrets. Nifa knew that Rainer Braun and Berthold could be titans. When they turned into the Colossal and Armored Titans, the girl was shocked that Connie Springer did not realize what had happened and asked to take care of them. However, Neefa did not reveal the information she learned at the secret meeting of the Survey Corps.

Nifa: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Nifa is a petite girl. The lifestyle of a Survey Corps soldier obliges her to keep her body in good shape.

Appearance. The girl has a short geometric haircut with bangs. Nifa’s hair is chestnut and her eyes are hazel. Her facial features are neat, but her eyebrows are very expressive.

Cloth. Nifa wears the standard Survey Corps uniform with a white shirt. Since the girl is often sent on errands over long distances, she wears a green cloak over it.

Serious. In the service, the girl is laconic and behaves with restraint. Perhaps for this reason, Neef was so surprised by Levi’s informal communication with Historia Reiss.

Open. Despite the seriousness of the girl, sometimes you can distract her with a conversation and see how open she is. When Levi Ackerman started talking about Kenny, Nifa laughed good-naturedly, taking it for a joke.

Nifa: Interesting facts and quotes

"Yes sir!" - this phrase best characterizes Nifa, since it is she who can most often be heard from a girl. So she answered all the orders of Hange Zoe, Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith.

Nifa: History, biography and death

Arc Clash of the Titans. Nifa arrives at Utgarde Castle with other Survey Corps soldiers. Hange Zoe orders her to bring Ymir to Trost. As Berthold and Reiner transform into Colossal Titan and Armored Titan, Neefa is determined to take care of the unarmed cadets on the wall. Connie shocks the girl with a request to take care of Hoover and Brown. Nifa passes out after the fall of the Colossal Titan.

Arch Royal Government. Neefa brings a note to Erwin Smith with information about Historia Reis’s affiliation to the royal family. After that, the girl records the conversation between the commander-in-chief and Dot Pixis. Then Nifa returns to Levi Ackerman and reports Erwin’s instructions to him and the soldiers of his squad.

Death. During the operation to rescue Historia, Reis and Eren Yeager, Neef, along with Levi, hide on the roof of the house and watch the situation. The captain starts a conversation about the serial killer Reaper Kenny, with whom he lived as a child, which amuses Nifa. The girl scolds Levi for making jokes at the wrong time. Kenny shows up behind the scouts and shoots Nifa in the head, causing her to die.

Mentions after death. Before his death during the operation to return Shiganshina, Erwin Smith remembers the fallen soldiers, including Nifa. The image of a girl also pops up in Hange Zoe’s mind when she disagrees with Eren Yeager’s position.

Nifa: Hero Relationship

Nifa and Levi Ackerman. In most cases, their communication is only formal. However, it is known that the girl could both laugh at the captain and reproach him in a friendly way.

Nifa and Erwin Smith. The Commander-in-Chief has known Nifa for a long time and trusts her with exceptional information. She is present during his conversation with Dot Pixis about the coup d’etat, which requires extra caution. Nevertheless, communication between Erwin and Nifa is exclusively official.

Nifa and Hange Zoe. The captain trusts his subordinate and knows that he can completely rely on her. So, for example, Hange leaves Ymir, who has revealed her ability to become a titan, under the supervision of Nyfa. Zoe gives the order to deliver the victim to Trost for medical assistance.

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