Petra Ral: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Petra Ral - Age: about 25 (exact unknown); Height: 158 cm. She was trained in the Cadet Corps and joined the Intelligence Corps. Special Forces Soldier. Participant in the Battle of Trost. Killed by a Female.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
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Petra Rahl: General information about the character

Petra Ral: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Kindness and care. Petra shows her concern for the first time during an expedition outside the Rose Wall, helping a badly wounded soldier. When the girl is unable to stop the bleeding, Petra tries to comfortably accommodate the dying person and sincerely mourns his death.

An excellent fighter. Petra Rahl is an experienced warrior, she has killed 58 giants in total - 48 in command and 10 alone, which makes her worthy of the title of elite soldier of the Reconnaissance Corps and the status of one of the strongest in the Special Forces.

Teamwork. When the Female attacks the scouts during the 57th Expedition Behind the Walls, Petra has become one of those who do not want Eren to participate in the battle. She asks him three times to believe in commanders and comrades. Eren follows her advice and admires the team’s coordination as she watches as Petra, Erd, and Oruo nearly kill the Female in three.

Fidelity to duty. The girl trusts the Intelligence Corps and especially Levi Ackerman. Even in a seemingly hopeless situation, Petra obeys his orders and entrusts his life to the captain. She was also ready to kill Eren at the first manifestation of his disobedience, despite her humanity and affection for Yeager.

Petra Rahl: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Petra is a short, skinny girl. She does, however, boast the strength and stamina required for the prowess of an elite-level soldier.

Appearance. In the manga, the girl is depicted as green-eyed with blonde hair. However, in the anime, she has light red hair and amber eyes. Petra’s face is very pretty, with thin eyebrows and a pointed chin. The girl wears bangs and divides her hair into a parting. The length of Petra’s hair is very practical - a square to the shoulders.

Cloth. Petra Rahl wears the standard Recon Uniform in full gear with a white shirt, which also emphasizes her professionalism and discipline. The girl puts on a green cloak over it.

She is talkative. Petra is quite sociable, sometimes even unable to keep her mouth shut: it was she who told Eren about the past of Captain Levi. From the girl, Yeager learned that Ackerman was previously known in criminal circles, and joined the Intelligence Corps after losing to Commander Erwin Smith.

Admits his mistakes. The girl was the first to bite her hand as a token of apology to Eren for pointing her weapon at him during his accidental transformation into a titan. Petra agreed that Yeager had every right to become disillusioned with the Special Forces after that.

Ironic. Upon arriving at the old headquarters of the Peter’s Intelligence Corps, Rahl teases Oruo Bozard about his imitation of Captain Levi and hints of a desire to marry her. The girl jokingly notes that it would be much better if Oruo did not just bite his tongue on the way, but bit it off altogether.

Straightforward. The girl, without hesitation, declares to Bozard that he annoys her, and calls her a fool. At the same time, she looks at him with obvious dislike and a bit of disgust.

Knows how to win over. During his acquaintance with Eren, Petra greets him friendly and for a couple of minutes of conversation you can see the trust with which Yeager treats the girl. The rookie even allows himself to talk freely about Captain Levy.

Compassionate. Petra Rahl does not share Hange’s fascination with titans, however, when Bozard makes fun of Zoe’s condition after the deaths of test subjects Sonya and Bean, the girl gets angry and painfully pushes Oruo in the side.

Human. Although the girl feared Eren as the first known human titan and was always on the alert next to him, she was able to humanly understand him. Petra, along with the rest of the Special Forces, agreed to bite her hand to show Yeager’s affection for him. Rahl apologized to Eren for his hostility and said that she believed in him.

Petra Rahl: Interesting Facts & Quotes

"We rely on you, Eren, and we want you to rely on us" - Petra Rahl tells Eren Yeager during the operation to capture the Female.

"Making the right choice is pretty difficult anyway," Petra Rahl tells Eren Yeager when she thanks him for believing in people.

Petra Rahl: History, Biography and Death

Arch of the Battle of Trost. Together with Erwin Smith and the rest of the soldiers of the Peter Rahl Reconnaissance Corps, he sets out on an expedition behind Wall Rose. This takes place on the eve of the attack on Trost. During the sortie, Petra tries to help a badly wounded soldier and witnesses the support of subordinates that Levy is capable of.

Arch Female. Petru Ral was personally selected by Levi Ackerman as a member of the Special Forces. He gave the girl the task of protecting Eren Yeager. Petra found an unusual solution - from the first meeting with the recruit, she reiterated to him about the importance of trust between the members of the squad. This is probably why Eren at the decisive moment listened to the girl’s request to confide and not engage in battle with the Female.

Death of Petra. After the death of Gunther Schultz, Peter, Oruo and Erd attack the Female. They are extremely well-coordinated. They blind the titan, but Annie regains one eye and resists the scouts. Petra Ral does not have time to react to Oruo Bozard’s warning and dies under the foot of the Female.

Mentions after death. The anime depicts a scene in which the Titans are chasing the surviving soldiers behind the walls during the Reconnaissance Corps’ retreat after the 57th Expedition. To increase the speed of movement and break away from the giants, Levi orders the bodies of the dead to be thrown from the carts. One of the discarded bodies belongs to Peter.

Upon the return of the Survey Corps outside the walls, Mr. Rahl comes to the square to greet his daughter. Not finding her, the man approaches Levi. Mr. Rahl says that Petra often wrote him letters in which she said that she was proud of being a member of the Special Forces. The father shares his concerns about his daughter’s safety. In a conversation with Levy, he hints that he would like to give her in marriage in order to calm down, although he believes that she is still too young for a serious relationship.

Petra Rahl: A Hero’s Relationship

Petra Rahl and Eren Yeager. Despite the cordial greeting and heart-to-heart talk at the first meeting, the girl did not trust him and was extremely wary of him. When Eren unintentionally transformed into a titan, she didn’t hesitate to point her blades at him, betraying her hostility. However, later Petra was able to understand her mistake, along with the rest of the members of the Special Forces, the girl apologized to Yeager. She bit her hand and noticed that it was very painful. After this incident, Ral behaved extremely friendly with Eren, she believed in him and considered him one of her comrades. Petra’s death touched him deeply.

Petra Rahl and Oruo Bozard. Petra and Oruo often laughed at each other. The girl was skeptical and critical of Oruo’s attempts to imitate Captain Levi. In addition, one day the girl wished him to bite off her tongue. Nevertheless, this hostility is feigned and superficial; under it lies trust and mutual understanding between comrades. The horror in Beauzard’s gaze, the jokes about marrying a girl, and the imitation of Levi, whom Petra admired, give the impression that Oruo was partial to her.

Petra Rahl and Levi Ackerman. Petra expressed great admiration for the captain. She described Levi’s personality to Eren, acknowledging Ackerman’s shortcomings, and noted that Levi is the strongest warrior of humanity. In letters to her father, Peter praised Levi, and wrote that she was ready to go to great lengths under the leadership of the captain. Ackerman himself was rather warm towards Petra, not expressing excessive sympathy for the girl.

Petra Rahl and Erd Jean. Like any of her comrades, Petra always trusted him. Erd’s death took the girl by surprise and demoralized. This disrupted her concentration, which ultimately led to the death of Petra.

Petra Rahl and Gunther Schulz. They were close, as they went through a lot of troubles together. Petra was furious at his death at the hands of the Female.

Petra Rahl and the Attacking Titan. When Eren does not deliberately transform into a Titan, Petra mechanically points her blades at him. The girl does not pay attention to all the signs indicating that Yeager has no bad intentions. However, Petra quickly realizes her mistake and forges a relationship with Eren.

Petra Rahl and the Female. Petra Rahl was not privy to the details of the operation to capture the Female, as she could not answer Commander Erwin’s questions about the enemy. When meeting with a titan, the girl is horrified, on her face an expression of fright. However, Petra pulls herself together and fights to protect Eren Yeager. Despite the girl’s skill, her confusion after the death of her comrades leads her to death.

Petra Rahl and father. Mr. Rahl is a caring and restless father. He was very worried about his daughter, although he was proud of her career growth. Nevertheless, the man dreamed of a quiet family life for Petra, drawing attention to the girl’s admiration for Captain Levi.

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