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Porco Galliard - Age: about 20 years old (exact unknown); Height: 175 cm (human), 5 m (titanium). Eldian by birth, who grew up with his mother, father and brother Marcel in the Liberio ghetto in Marlia. The only Warrior candidate of his generation was left without a titan thanks to the efforts of his older brother. Honorary Gauntlet after gaining the power of the Tooth Titan. Member of the battles of Marliya with other states of the mainland. Member of the undercover infiltration operation on Paradise. Eaten by the titanium Falco Grice.


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Porco Galliard: Basic Information

Porco Galliard: Appearance

Porco Galliard is a young man of medium height and athletic build. He has clear skin, gray-green eyes and light-colored hair that he brushes back. Porco wears a soldier’s knee-high boots, khaki pants, a white T-shirt and a dark bomber jacket over it. On his left hand, he wears a red Eldian bandage, denoting his belonging to the Warriors of Marlya. When Porco Galliard is undercover on Paradise Island, he steals the garrison’s soldier uniform to disguise himself as a Yeager.

Porco Galliard is an experienced warrior who often takes part in Marlia’s battles with neighboring states. That is why, for him, what appears to be a gesture of courage has become less outstanding and special. However, he often covers his comrades on the battlefield with the body of a titan. Porco unquestioningly obeys orders and kills opponents without a shadow of a doubt.

Frequent battles made him a little callous and sarcastic. At times, Galliard was not only gloomy, but also hostile. Nevertheless, most often the aggression related to Reiner Brown, to whom Porco has had a condescending attitude since childhood.

He is overconfident, believing that his titan is strong enough to face the seasoned Scout Corps soldiers. This turns into disappointment and shock for him. Despite the power of the Toothy Titan, the scouts were able to fight him to the stop.

Despite his outward rudeness, Porco Galliard is shown to be a vulnerable person. He is friendly with his comrades: Warriors and young candidates. He treats Reiner’s cousin, Gaby Brown, with respect.

He also worries about his older comrades. The defeat of Peak Finger and Zeke Yeager infuriates him. He was equally angered by the murder of Berthold Hoover on Paradise Island in order to steal the power of the Colossal Titan. At the same time, Porco Galliard loses his mind and begins to behave recklessly, being in danger.

"Look how they celebrate. Silly kids, ignorance is really bliss" - Porco Galliard, watching Gaby Brown and Falco Grice.

"Can’t they see that I’m a titanium? Are a bunch of people going to finish me off? No, they’re not people, they’re devils!" - Porco, shocked by the ability of the UPM soldier to kill a titan.

"I will be the best until the very end" - Porco Galliard before his death to Rainer Brown.

Porco Galliard: A Character Story

Arch Marliya

4 years after the return of the Warriors from Paradise Island, the events of the battle between the Marli army and the soldiers of the Middle East Alliance for the Slava Fortress unfold. It is equipped with an anti-titanium armored train and numerous artillery pieces. A large number of Eldian soldiers died in this siege. A heroic act was committed by Gaby Brown, who single-handedly blew up an armored train.

Only after that, Porco Galliard receives the order from the commander Theo Magath to transform into the Toothy Titan and enter the battlefield. Thus, he comes to the aid of Gaby, on whom they opened fire, and Falco, who ran out to meet her. The toothy titan shields the warrior candidates with his body from the shots. He then nimbly gets to the shooting soldier and kills him.

The Titan destroys enemy fortified trenches and Alliance soldiers in them on the move. Toothy gets to the railway tracks along which the armored train travels and pulls them out of the ground with his jaws. He later sees Reiner Brown as the Armored Titan, coming under fire from the surviving armored train. Porco saves a comrade in arms, inflicting a powerful blow on the squad.

Later, Porco Galliard sits at a table by the bed of a sleeping Reiner Brown, eating a sandwich and filling out papers. When Reiner wakes up with screams and a grimace of horror, Porco sarcastically says that he didn’t wake up his friend from such beautiful dreams. Brown thanks him for his help during the battle, Galliard only brushes it off in response.

It is important to note that Porco has always had an unfriendly attitude towards Reiner. As a child, he considered Rainer the most incapable and useless of the Warrior candidates. He later blamed him for the death of Marcel Galliard and for copying his brother’s behavior. Porco believed that Rainer constantly needed help from the outside and only thanks to his comrades was still alive. He always strove to show his superiority over Brown, even before his own death.

Porco continues the conversation and talks about how things would have turned out differently if 9 years ago he had received the Armored Titan and not Reiner. He also says that in this situation, his brother Marcel would not have been eaten by the titan Ymir. Reiner asks if Galliard saw his brother’s memories. He replies that there was enough information received from Ymir.

Porco also rebukes Reiner for his behavior on Paradise Island - for the fact that, imitating Marcel, he pretended to be a reliable guy. Finger Peak enters the room, the owner of the Titan Carrier. She calls him "Poco" and asks him to leave Brown alone. Porco is angry about calling him by his nickname.

Reiner leaves to see the young candidates for the Armored Titan succession. Peak falls wearily back onto the bed. He and Porco talk about not seeing each other in human form for a long time, but their Titans always fight side by side. The warriors express their hope for an opportunity to rest after a long series of battles.

It is worth noting that Rainer is leaving to spend time in the city with young candidates Gaby Brown, Falco Grice, Udo and Sophie. At one moment, the light falls in such a way that Reiner imagines the brothers Porco and Marcel Galliard, Berthold Hoover and Annie Leonhart in the days when they were still children and were aiming at Warriors. The vision fades, but it is noticeable that the memories are painful for Brown.

Later, all the soldiers return to the base in Liberio by train. Porco Galliard travels in a carriage with the rest of the Warriors and high-ranking officials separately from the rest of the Eldians. They arrive at the station. Porco helps Colt Grice, who is suffering from a hangover after a nightly celebration of Gabi’s feat by the Eldians. Porco chided the girl, noticing that they shook her wonderfully.

All arriving Eldians approach the entrance to the Liberio ghetto. A crowd of relatives and friends waiting for them is visible behind the fence. Porco Galliard says goodbye to his comrades and wishes them to rest. He sees his father and mother meeting and approaches them with a smile.

One morning Porco Galliarda invited Zeke Yeager to his office for a cup of tea. In addition to them, Colt Grice, Peak Finger and Rainer Braun are also present there. Porco warily asks where the Marli people are, while Zeke says that they are not in the office.

Then Commander Voinov starts talking about the trend towards the technical development of the armies of other countries, which over time will give their military power the opportunity to surpass the battle titans. This will lead the Eldian people to total extermination. The only solution to this problem is the capture of the Progenitor Titan and the resources of Paradise Island.

Zeke Yeager also says that Willie Tiber, whose clan retained the Titan Hammer, will take on the task of promoting this. Porco believes that this noble family is too buried, and speaks out on this score. The rest of those present at the meeting agree with Zeke’s plan.

It turns out that the Marley soldiers are listening to all the conversations. They are reassured by the fact that the Warriors are discussing among themselves the readiness to act in the name of Marlya’s bright future. However, they are worried about Porco’s displeasure, and in the end they agree that he is a soldier who follows orders without question.

It should be noted that in Reiner’s memoirs there is an episode that complements the understanding of their relationship with Porco. It shows the events when Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Peak, Zeke, and the Galliard brothers were young Warrior candidates. Porco bullies Reiner, says that the only one of them will not get the titanium, and even hits him. Marcel apologizes. In the end, everyone but Porco becomes Warriors. Marcel apologizes again. As he confessed to Rainer already on the island, - because Marcel had arranged it to save his brother.

Before Willy Tiber’s public performance, a festival is held in the Liberio ghetto. Porco is in good spirits on it, tastes all the snacks and enjoys it. You can also see how well he gets along with candidate children.

Before the start of Willie Tiber’s performance, the army elite, honorary Marlians, invited guests from neighboring states are gathered in the stands near the stage. Warriors and candidates sit together in their own ranks. A guard approaches them and reports that Commander Magath is calling them to him.

Peak and Porco follow the guard and have a casual conversation. Finger, meanwhile, begins to suspect something and asks leading questions. On the way, they meet Peak’s acquaintances, and she runs up to them, feigning joy, to share her suspicions and ask them to follow them in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The guard accompanies the Warriors to one of the houses. There he cuts the rope, and Pik and Porco fall into a deep hole. It is impossible to transform into titanium in it. At the bottom, they are busy healing the fractures received during the fall, since they have nothing else to do.

After a while, they hear a rumble upstairs. Peak suggests that the titans are fighting there. Porco doesn’t want to agree with this. Peek’s acquaintances come to the rescue, they also talk about the attack of the Attacking Titan and the battle with the Hammer. They notice people using the UPM.

Porco transforms into a Titan and comes to the square, where he sees Eren intending to eat the owner of the Titan Hammer. A Toothed Titan sneaks up from behind and attacks the Attack Titan, biting its jaws into its neck. However, Porco realizes that he cannot bite through the flesh.

The reason is that Levi Ackerman, with the help of the UPM, manages to dissect the jaw joint, on one side. Porco is distracted, Eren takes the moment and presses his weight against the building behind. The Toothed Titan climbs the wall to retreat a bit, but the explosion of the Thunder Lance prevents him from doing so.

Porco falls to the ground and sees that a large number of enemy soldiers are flying at him at the UPM. He is shocked at the agility and strength the islanders were able to gain by using the drive. He is more surprised by the self-confidence of the Eldians who have arrived, who are determined to fight the Toothy Titan to victory.

Peak Finger comes to his rescue, a machine-gun pillbox on the back of her titan forces the enemy to stop attacking and seek cover. Porco is also relieved to see Zeke Yeager in the form of a Beast Titan. He orders to kill all the islanders and not let any of them leave alive.

It is worth noting that Porco deeply respected Zeke Yeager both as a person and as his boss. He unconditionally trusted the owner of the Beast Titan until the moment when it became known about his cooperation with the inhabitants of Paradise Island. However, when Zeke is killed by the islanders, Porco becomes enraged and seeks to avenge his comrade’s death.

A fierce battle for survival begins. Marlya’s titans act in concert and cover each other. Thus, Porco manages to protect the back of the Beast Titan’s head at the last moment. After that, he lands next to Peak, appears from the body of the titan and says that he followed Levi Ackerman, but he managed to hide somewhere.

Porco and Peak notice that Eren is trying again and again to bite through the crystal in which the owner of the Titan Hammer is hiding. The Marlya Titans believe that their opponents cannot escape the mainland and that their ammunition is not enough even for defense. Porco Galliard wants to capture the Titan Progenitor as quickly as possible. The peak cools his ardor, because every step must be taken without mistakes.

The Marli notice a flash from the Colossal Titan’s transformation that wiped out their fleet. Porco is furious, realizing that the power of the Colossus has been stolen from Berthold. He returns to the titan’s body and runs towards Eren. His attack fails.

Porco Galliard notices that Zeke and Peek are at a rather disadvantageous position: the bodies of their titans are incapacitated and cannot continue to fight. This angers him even more. The Toothed Titan charges the Attack Titan again. Porco manages to bite off his hand and scratch his face, but Eren covers himself from being hit by a crystal with Lara Tiber.

Then Yeager notices that only the Tooth Titan can damage the crystal. Porco notices the airship arriving to pick up the enemy and decides to attack him. Mikasa cuts off both of the Toothy Titan’s legs in flight. Porco falls right in front of the Attack Titan, who rips off both of Toothy’s arms.

Eren then inserts a crystal with Lara Tiber between the jaws of the helpless Porco and squeezes them. Porco, horrified, begs him to stop. The crystal breaks and the carrier of the Hammer is killed. Eren greedily drinks Lara’s dripping blood.

He then grabs the Toothed Titan by the hair and hits his head on the ground several times until the bone covering his face cracks. Gabi calls Rainer for help. Eren opens his mouth to eat Porco, but sees a flash behind him.

There is an Armored Titan. A fight ensues between them, during which Reiner manages to take Porco away from the Attacking Titan. The Eldians from the island are hiding in an airship.

After some time, Peak Finger and Porco Galliard were able to infiltrate Paradise Island, steal the uniform of the soldiers and disguise themselves as the Yeagerists. They found Eren and the headquarters of his followers. Peak pretends to be a traitor to Marlia and, chained to Gaby Brown, lures Yeager to the roof of the headquarters.

It is interesting to note that Porco and Peak were very close friends. Building such a warm relationship between them was facilitated by the war with the Middle East Alliance, where they fought side by side. It could be seen that at times Peak referred to him using the affectionate nickname "Pokko". Porco was a little annoyed, though.

Porco Galliard transforms into a Toothy Titan and attacks Eren from under the floor. Yeager transforms into Attack Titan and defends. Galliard shields Peak and Gaby. At the same time, Marley airships appear with the Warriors and Theo Magath on board.

Porco helps Gaby Brown and Peak Finger retreat to the incoming allies. He himself engages in battle with Eren. The Armored Titan appears and also attacks Yeager. While the latter is distracted by Reiner, the Tooth Titan attacks from the rear. However, Eren takes cover with Hammer’s powers.

Zeke also joins the fight in the form of a Beast Titan. The Eldians do not stand aside either. The warriors make several attempts to attack Eren, but he manages to avoid damage. The toothy titan was hit hard, and Porco ran out of power. He leaves the titan’s body and goes to the Armored Titan, which Falco tries to eat in the form of an unreasonable titan.

Reiner sees him in human form, badly injured and slowly healing. Porco says that he saw Marcel’s memories and realized that he wanted to protect him from the Warrior’s fate. Galliard declares that he does not intend to give up and will be better than Reiner to the very end.

Porco allows Falco, who has turned into an unreasonable titan due to accidental ingestion of Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid, to eat himself. Thus, Galliard wants to save the younger brother of his friend Colt, and he also saves Reiner. Falco Grice gains the power of the Tooth Titan.

Porco Galliard received the power of the Tooth Titan from Ymir. Earlier, by coincidence, she absorbed Marcel Galliard, who arrived on Paradise Island from Marlia and who at that time possessed the power of Toothy. Ymir voluntarily surrendered and allowed Porco to eat her.

Porco’s toothed titanium is 5 meters high, has a relatively compact and nimble body with muscular arms and legs. He usually moves on four limbs. It has long and sharp claws on its fingers, capable of scratching even crystallized flesh created by other titans. He has long blond hair on his head.

The Toothy Titanium’s face is covered in bone and framed by a thick beard to match the hair. The forehead is massive with two grooves giving the face a frown expression. The eyes are deep-set, their color is the same gray-green as Porco himself. The nose is disproportionately small. The jaws are massive with a toothed edge instead of lips, and have high strength and power.

They are the characteristic feature of the Toothy Titan. Galliard’s jaw is specially designed to bite through extremely durable materials. There are two rows of teeth: one external, replacing the lips, and an internal one with pointed edges and spaces between them. Thus, the power of the titanium jaws is enough to rip out the railway tracks and break the crystal with Lara Tiber inside.

Compared to other Titans, Toothy is very agile and agile. He is able to effectively dodge enemy strikes and quickly cover long distances by jumping. It also made his own attacks unpredictable. Porco Galliard’s titan is noticeably faster than Ymir’s form.

Like all titans, it has the ability to regenerate. Its recovery rate is quite high. For example, during the capture of the Fortress of Glory, the Toothy Titan gets several shots, but by the time Armored Damage appears, it is no longer visible.

In the form of a titan, he managed to kill Ymir, Lara Tiber (not of his own free will), at least 5 soldiers of the Middle East Alliance and at least one member of the Intelligence Corps. The toothy titan after Porco’s death passed to Falco Grice. It was a voluntary gesture on the part of Galliard in the name of saving several lives of his comrades.

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