Rainer Braun: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Rainer Braun - Age: 24 (in 857) Height: 188 cm (human), 15 m (titanium). Warrior of Marlya, wielder of the Armored Titan’s power. Participant in the operation on Paradise Island. Cadet of the 104th corps, during training took 2nd place in the top ten. Member of Squad Levy. Participant in the Battle of Trost. Participated in the war with the Middle East Alliance and the battle in the Shiganshin district. Took a direct part in the termination of the Hum of the Earth. Subsequently, the ambassador of the allied countries in the peace negotiations.


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  8. The Battle of Trost Arc
  9. The Female Arc
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  12. Return to Shiganshina Arc
  13. Arch Marliya
  14. The War of Paradise Arc
  15. Armored Titanium

Rainer Braun: Basic Information

Reiner Braun: Appearance

Rainer Braun is a handsome young man with a naturally strong physique. He is blond with short hair that is parted over his right eyebrow. Reiner’s face is expressive, with strong-willed features. He can often be seen frowning or brooding. Rainer’s eyes are light green. As he grows up, he has a goatee, which he does not shave off. Rainer is considered the best in the 104th Cadet Corps, also because of his good looks.

As a child, Rainer wore the uniform of the Marley Warrior candidate, or a light shirt and dark shorts. On Paradise Island, he first dresses in a dark T-shirt and a brown shirt over the top, and after entering the cadet corps, in a standard uniform with a shirt or T-shirt. Upon returning to Marlya, he wears high black boots, a long, light-colored cloak with a white shirt and trousers underneath, and the tie and bandage of an honorary Marley.

Reiner Braun: Character

As a child, Rainer Braun was a model child: a quiet, obedient boy who values ​​friendship and wants to make his mother happy. He dreamed of how he could live with his father. To do this, he needed to become an honorary Marli - Warrior. He made it his highest goal to complete a mission on Paradise Island and return home as a hero. The propaganda of Marliya and his mother formed in him the idea of ​​the islanders as "the devil’s offspring."

However, he was rather weak, often needed the help of his comrades, and besides, he was able to act cowardly. After the death of Marcel, Rainer was so afraid to return to his homeland in disgrace that he managed to convince Berthold and Annie to continue the mission. On that day, he told Annie that Rainer Braun had died and now he would replace Marcel with him, and he behaved accordingly. Later, he blamed himself for the death of a comrade and for the decision to stay on the island.

In the cadet corps, he himself believed that he was such a reliable person, mentor, leader and solid support for friends. He also understood and sympathized with other cadets. This discrepancy created a strong conflict within Reiner’s personality. As a result of this, he sometimes became a "Warrior", then a "soldier". At the same time, those around them noted that it was as if they were two different people. Reiner himself was also uncomfortable with this.

It is worth noting that when he returns to Marley, he does not understand how he can continue to live. He seeks to commit suicide. It may seem that over time he changed his mind, but in any suitable situation, he strove for death. In Marley, doing nothing in the face of a direct threat to life until it becomes necessary to save someone. During the Hum of the Earth - desperately rushing into battle, especially if this act can be self-sacrificing.

Rainer Braun: Interesting Facts

Rainer Brown and Zeke Yeager’s birthdays coincide.

Isayama Hajime said that for Reiner’s appearance he took some of the features of his friend, the eyes and eyebrows of David Beckham and combined them with the image of James Francis Ryan performed by Matt Damon from the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

Isayama compared Rainer’s physique with Zhivanildo de Sousa, Fedor Emelianenko, Koji Murofushi, whom he considers to be strong by nature. After all, Hajime conceived of Rainer’s muscular body not as a result of training, but as something that Brown inherited from his father.

Isayama admitted in his blog that the image of the Armored Titan is based on the American professional wrestler, former mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar.

Among the students of the 104th Cadet Corps, Rainer Braun is the most popular boy. Isayama talked about this.

In addition, according to the author, in armwrestling competitions among cadets, Rainer would have lost only to Mikasa, thereby taking second place.

His name from Old Norse means "wise warrior", and his surname from English and German translates as "brown".

In the original version of the episode, in which the cadets discuss future plans, Reiner reveals that he intends to join the Survey Corps. However, in the final version of the anime, he never states his intentions.

The Armored Titan also appears in the Attack on Avengers comic.

Rainer Braun is one of eight characters to have their own song. In 2017, Isayama posted on his blog that he had chosen Shinsei Kamattechan’s "Alternative Drive" for Brown.

The author also reported that he created an outstanding appearance and personality for Reiner, so that from the outset he got the impression that he was destined for great things.

Reiner’s mental health problems are similar to dissociative personality disorder. It is formed after severe stress and is characterized by the presence of more than one personality in one body, which from time to time abruptly replace each other. This gives the impression that you know several people with the same appearance. This pathology can lead to depression and suicide attempts.

Rainer Braun: Famous Quotes

"There are situations when you cannot retreat, no matter how small your chances are. For the sake of victory, we must be ready for anything, no matter who will oppose us" - Rainer Braun tells Eren Yeager during hand-to-hand combat training.

"To return to the Motherland, which no longer exists, is all that I have inside" - Rainer Eren during one of his night trainings.

"My sins can no longer be atoned for. Let’s just save everyone we can."

Rainer Braun: The Fall of Shiganshina Arc

The armored titan brought Maria Berthold Hoover and Annie Leonhart to the wall. Reiner Braun moved to a safe distance with the girl so that the Colossal Titan could break through the outer gates of Shiganshina. There are many foolish titans in the territories outside the walls, who at first surrounded the Armored Titan, and then, when he climbed onto Maria with Berthold and Annie in his hands, rushed into the city.

Reiner left his friends on the wall and went down to the ground to break through the inner gates of Shiganshina. When the mission was completed, he was transformed back into human form. Then the guys mixed with the residents of Shiganshina and ended up in a refugee camp outside the Rosa Wall. Interestingly, then Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert were a few meters away from them.

In the camp, they meet a man who tells them about his miraculous rescue from the titans. Soon he commits suicide, and the guys decide to appropriate his story. For the next two years, they earn money by uprooting trees. During this time, Annie gradually learns about the structure of the kingdom, including the rulers hiding behind the Wall of Sin. Rainer offers to become soldiers in order to get closer to them.

Rainer Braun: Arch 104th Cadet Corps

Thus, in 847, Rainer, along with his comrades, entered the 104th Cadet Corps. During the initiation ceremony, instructor Keys Shadis does not approach Brown to humiliate him, as he sees inner maturity in his face. After training at the UPM, Eren approaches him, as one of the best cadets, and asks for advice. To this, Rainer replies that there is no secret and apologizes that he cannot help.

Armin asks how Berthold and Rainer got into the cadet corps. Hoover tells the same story they learned from a man in a refugee camp. Reiner pulls him down and asks why he was talking about this. Later, during a night training session, they continue to communicate with Eren and Armin. Then Rainer admits that he wants to return to his homeland, which no longer exists.

Eren claims to become a soldier and destroy all titans. This statement shocks Reiner. In response to Eren’s joke about his possible expulsion from the cadet corps due to failures with the UPM, Brown advises that all belts be checked. He comradely calms Yeager and says that he will succeed. The next morning, Reiner watched Eren’s success with the other cadets. Brown was sincerely worried about his comrade and was happy for him.

At one of the following workouts, Rainer noticed that Armin was physically unable to cope with the load. Then Brown takes the heavy backpack from him and tries to quietly help Arlert cope with the task. Instructor Keys Shadis believes that Reiner has strong nerves and a body, and is also not deprived of the trust of his comrades. Brown truly excels in all workouts, from combat training to mock titan exercises.

In the practice of hand-to-hand combat, Reiner is paired with Eren. Yeager believes they don’t need to learn such skills. Rainer counters that they are becoming soldiers who cannot retreat. He then turns his attention to Annie and invites Eren to teach her a lesson. Both cadets are defeated. When the girl speaks out about how paradoxical the distribution of the best soldiers to the Hinterlands is, Reiner tells her that she is not suitable for the role of the Warrior.

According to the results of training, Rainer Braun is among the top ten cadets, taking second place. Thus, he has the right to join the ranks of the Military Police. On graduation night, all the cadets celebrate and share their plans for the future. Reiner and his comrades listen as Eren speaks about the need to repel the Titans and declares that he will join the Survey Corps. The next day, the Colossal Titan breaks through Wall Rose in Trost County.

Rainer Braun: The Battle of Trost Arc

When the Colossal Titan appears behind the wall, Reiner, along with the rest of the cadets, is tasked with supporting the vanguard in the central Trost area. He is in the same group with Berthold, Annie and Marco. Due to interruptions in the work of the supply detachment, they are forced to stop on the roofs of buildings. Annie asks Reiner about the next steps. He replies that first you need to wait until all the cadets gather in one place.

Mikasa Ackerman appears and claims that they will be able to kill the titans at the headquarters and replenish the gas supplies. The cadets manage to get to him, and they enter him through the windows, including the unharmed Reiner. He hears a hum and commands his comrades to duck. Titanium punches a hole in the wall. The cadets retreat inside the headquarters. They later find guns from police supplies and discuss a plan that will allow them to get to the gas cylinders.

At this time, Reiner asks Connie what he knows about the Attack Titan, who appeared unexpectedly and took up the defense of the people. However, he does not receive an answer. According to Armin’s idea, they are divided into two groups: one goes down the elevator, luring the titans and blinds them with shots, the second attacks from behind and kills the giants. Reiner, as one of the most capable cadets among those who must destroy the titan.

When the comrades go down to the basement, Brown tries to defuse the situation and jokes, moreover, it is rather vulgar. Jean warns lest these words become his last. Rainer takes his position under the ceiling. He easily kills the titan, like his comrades, except for Connie and Sasha. Annie comes to their aid, after which Reiner approaches her and pretends to admire the girl’s luck. The cadets are replenishing gas reserves at the UPM.

As they leave the headquarters, Mikasa and Armin turn their attention to the Attack Titan, who will soon be torn apart by the foolish titans. Rainer claims that they must keep him alive, ostensibly because he can become their ally. The attacking titan is exhausted and falls to the ground. Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Jean, Mikasa and Armin see Eren Yeager emerge from his body, presumed dead. The guys are shocked by this.

They were ordered not to divulge information about this incident and helped to get Eren off the wall. Then the guys went to rest. Suddenly, they hear a cannon blast and see a plume of smoke similar to the one coming from a titan. Reiner is the first to take off and is in a hurry to see what has happened. He is followed by Berthold, Annie and Jean. They use the UPM to get to the wall. Reiner doesn’t understand what’s going on.

After a while, the cadets are gathered at the wall. Dot Pixis appears on it and declares that he intends to close the hole in the wall of Maria with the help of Eren, who can turn into a titanium. Some of the soldiers must remain to lure the titans on the Rose, some are obliged to protect the Attacking Titan at all costs until he closes the gap in the wall with a boulder. The operation begins. Reiner, along with his comrades, fights the titans on the streets of the city.

As the Attack Titan carries a stone to close the gap in Wall Maria, Marco Bott accidentally overhears Reiner Braun and Berthold Hoover talking. In it, they mention that they broke through the wall and in which case they can get out with the help of their titans. Marco asks them to explain. Reiner says it was just a joke and Bott heads out to fight the Titans. He turns around and sees the serious faces of Berthold and Reiner.

Marco lands on the roof of one of the houses. Reiner catches up to him and knocks him to the roof, Annie Leonhart lands on them and asks what is going on. They see the Titans approaching. Brown says that Marco needs to be killed and orders Annie to remove the UPM from him as a proof of loyalty to them. She does not want to do this, but obeys. They drop Marco on the roof and fly away. The Titan walks up to the roof, grabs Marco and eats him.

The traitors see him die and hear his screams. Reiner later became furious with the titan for killing his comrade. Brown, in a fit of emotion, kills the giant. His act - the murder of Marco Bott - was a turning point in Reiner’s life. By that time, Reiner had long been troubled by a misunderstanding of who he really was: a Warrior or a cadet. On this basis, his mental pathology finally develops.

Interestingly, after the operation ends, Reiner and the rest of the cadets help remove the corpses from the streets of Trost, and he sees Annie apologizing to the dead people killed by the titans. Brown walks up to her and indifferently says that this will not change anything, you just need to clean up. In this situation, he is clearly in a state of "Warrior" psychologically.

Rainer Braun: The Female Arc

After the Battle of Trost, the cadets will have to choose which unit to serve. Before sunset, they gather at the gate. Survey Corps Commander Erwin Smith makes a straightforward speech and asks those who are ready to join the Survey Corps to stay. Reiner and Berthold become scouts. Unlike his friend, Brown exudes determination and confidence in the choices he makes with his whole appearance.

In the morning they start training. Instead of practical training, recruits study Commander Erwin’s long-range reconnaissance plans. However, despite all the details, the location of Eren Yeager is not disclosed to them. The cadets are told that they are responsible for the spare horses and the transmission of information within the formation. They later meet up with Eren, who is clearly surprised by some of his comrades.

In the evening, in their spare time, Berthold Hoover, Rainer Braun, Ymir, Christa Lenz, Sasha Braus, Connie Springer, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirshtein and Eren Yeager get together to chat. Jean raises the subject of Eren’s ability to transform into a titan, and he also mentions that he injured Mikasa. Thus, Reiner learns that Yeager did not previously know about his abilities and that he still cannot always control the giant’s body.

The next day, the members of the Reconnaissance Corps set off behind the walls on Expedition 57. Following the route, they encountered many titans and the Female. When she checked Armin’s face and ran away, Reiner drove up to Arlert with a spare horse. He explained that he was moving on the signal about the deviant. Brown asks if he is running in front of them now. Armin declares that this is not a deviant, but a man in the body of a giant.

This statement is confusing to Reiner. Jean joins them and informs that the right flag is occupied by a huge number of titans. Armin speculates that the Female is a human in the body of a titan and that she also led the foolish giants to the right flank. Reiner asks why he thinks so. Armin replies that the Feminine killed for the sake of killing, and not for food as usual.

Arlert also suggests that she is capable of summoning titans, and did so when the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan broke through the wall. Reiner is surprised by Armin’s quick wit and realizes that you need to be very careful around him. Arlert believes that the Female is looking for Eren in the formation. Reiner notices that Yeager is with Squad Levy in the right wing. However, Jean says he is in the left wing, while Armin says he is in the vanguard.

Reiner wonders where Eren really is. Armin ponders and concludes that he is centered at the back of the formation. Jean offers to distract the Female to buy time. Reiner attacks her, but she catches him with a fist. Brown carves Armin’s information into her palm and breaks free from the titan’s grip. He then convinces his comrades that the Female will not chase after them. Together they escape.

Armin notices that the titan has run towards the rear of the center of the formation. Brown bandages Arlert, who has suffered a head injury. Reiner then informs that someone will have to stay here as there is only one horse left. However, they are approached by Christa Lenz with two spare horses. Rainer compliments the girl. The guys notice smoke signals and change course to follow them.

Having met the Forest of giant trees on the way, the right and left flanks are forced to go around it, while the central part of the formation drove into the thicket. Recruits are stationed on tree branches at the edge of the forest to keep the titans out of the forest. After a while, the roar of cannons is heard from the thicket, Reiner notices that he did not see them being taken. He then hears the scream of the Female and sees the titans rushing into the forest.

Smoke signals are visible indicating retreat. With failure, they return to the walls. Commander Erwin suspects Annie of being Female. He is also wary of Reiner and Berthold, since, according to legend, they come from the same places. The Commander calls a meeting to discuss a plan to provoke Annie and capture the Female. Leonhart truly transforms in front of the soldiers.

It is worth noting that information about this operation was not disclosed, and therefore Reiner and Berthold were not aware of what was happening. They were unable to help Annie, which made her almost defeated. The girl created a crystal around herself with the help of the hardening ability. Commander Erwin plans to send former 104th Corps cadets to the outskirts of Wall Rose to be watched over by scouts. This is necessary in order to identify Annie’s accomplices.

Rainer Braun: Clash of the Titans Arc

When the Titans breached Wall Rose, the former 104th Corps cadets were bored and complained about being ordered to dress in civilian clothes and not train. Thus, they were tested for the presence of titans after discovering the abilities of Annie Leonhart and Eren Yeager. Connie Springer is even thinking about running away to visit her native village nearby. Rainer Braun says he is ready to help him. He is outraged by the ban on training and being guarded by soldiers.

Sasha Braus suddenly begins to claim that the titans are approaching them, no one believes her. Nanaba appears and gives the order to dismantle the horses and evacuate people from the villages, as the Rose Wall is broken. It was decided to divide into groups so that each one had one officer with UPM and scouts, and go to all directions of the world. However, former cadets of the 104th corps are prohibited from carrying equipment and weapons with them.

Since Konnie Ragako’s hometown is nearby, he is assigned to lead the group heading south. Reiner Braun and Berthold Hoover are summoned to go with him, Rene also joins them, Officer Gerger is appointed to lead the detachment. They get to Ragako. Connie sees the village devastated and deserted, he remembers his family. At his ruined house, he finds a titan, unable to move, similar to his mother.

The soldiers go to inspect the village. After a while, Reiner asks Connie if there are survivors, to which he replies negatively. Springer is crying because his homeland is gone. Reiner empathizes deeply with him. Connie saddles the horse when the titan tries to slurred something to him. Reiner walks up to him and hastens to leave. Connie tries to explain what happened, but Brown doesn’t listen and tells him to concentrate.

Rainer is angry and reminds that hundreds of lives depend on them. He encourages Connie to think about the safety of his escaped family. This sobering up Springer and they set out. Until late at night, the group continues to move until they meet with Nanaba’s group. This way they learn that no break in Rose’s wall has been found. The moon comes out from behind the clouds and the soldiers see the ruins of Utgarde Castle. They decide to spend the night in it.

In the castle, they find signs that just recently someone was hiding in it. Gerger also discovers a wine labeled in an unknown language. Sitting by the fire, the soldiers talk to each other and try to understand where the titans came from. Ymir asks Connie what happened to his village. He shares his feelings about a giant like his mother. Reiner tugs at Connie. The soldiers go to the couch, who to search for food in the pantries.

Rainer enters the back room as Ymir rummages through the contents of the box. She jokes about a date night and then pulls out canned food and happily announces that she has found herring. Rainer understands that a girl should not be able to read the language in which the label is written. Ymir tenses when he realizes that he is guessing something. Suddenly, Rene orders to urgently climb to the roof. There they see titans able to move without sunlight, they surround the castle.

They then spot the Beast Titan, which shocks everyone at the sight. Rainer Braun and Berthold Hoover, unlike the others, look at him with admiration. Ymir pays attention to this, and such a reaction seems suspicious to her. Small titans begin to attack the tower, the officers of the Observation squad fight with them, but cannot cope. Rene gives the order to the guys to return to the castle and hide there, as the titans are already making their way inside.

They go downstairs after Reiner, who is attacked by a giant. Ymir with Christa and Connie find the cannon and lower it down the stairs, knocking the titan down. Lenz offers to retreat upstairs when he sees a Titan behind Connie. Reiner pushes his friend away, but his hand ends up in the giant’s jaw. Then Brown grabs him and carries him up the stairs to the window opening. Connie helps free his hand, and Ymir kicks the titan out of the window with a kick.

Interestingly, when Krista bandages Reiner, who has a fractured forearm, the girl rips off a flap from her skirt in order to splint him. Christa apologizes for using dirty rags. Rainer thinks to himself once again that he wants to marry her. Connie thanks Rainer for helping him out every time. Springer also says that the moment will come to return the debt to a friend. Rainer remembers Marcel and replies that this is nothing unusual.

Connie asks Berthold if Rainer has always been such a reliable companion. He replies that his friend was a Warrior before and looks pointedly at Brown. However, he does not take the hint. The bestial titan begins to throw whatever comes to hand into the castle. The guys run to the roof and see Rene and Henning seriously wounded. Connie says the ape-like titan did it. A crowd of giants is approaching the castle twice as large as the previous one.

The Titans are tearing down the tower where the young scouts are. Nanaba and Gerger die, eaten by the giants. Ymir asks Connie for a knife, when asked about her intentions, she replies that she will fight. She leaps into the crowd of giants and transforms into a Toothy Titan. Rainer recognizes him and realizes that it was Ymir who ate Marcel, who arrived with them on the island. He catches the falling Christa by the leg, but squeezes too much, thinking about the death of his comrade.

He asks the girl if she knew about her friend’s abilities. Christa replies in the negative. Rainer notices that Ymir knew some of the secrets of this world, and reproaches herself for not noticing anything all this time. During the battle, the Toothy Titan destroys the tower and invites the scouts to grab onto its hair so as not to die. So they do, and they find themselves unharmed on the ground. Scouts arrive to the rescue.

After all the titans are destroyed, the soldiers climb the wall. Eren helps Reiner, who is confident that he has a fracture. Brown complains that the titan almost killed him. Eren is suspicious of his words. Reiner also recalls how he was almost killed by the Female. He then says that there is no time for whining until they repair the hole in the wall. Berthold listens and realizes that now his friend is a soldier, not a Warrior.

Eren agrees with Brown and notices that they are moving further and further from his homeland with Berthold. Then Hoover asks Reiner to return home. Suddenly he agrees and says that you just need to try a little. Eren asks what they are talking about. As the soldiers move to Trost, Rainer pulls Jaeger aside and confesses that he and Berthold broke through Wall Maria and attacked humanity.

Berthold tries to stop his friend from revealing important secrets. However, Rainer was not going to say more than necessary. He declares that their goal is the destruction of humanity and invites Eren to peacefully follow them so that the incident in Shiganshin does not repeat itself with other cities. Yeager has long been accustomed to the idea that Reiner and Berthold may turn out to be titans, so he calmly reacts to what was said as a joke.

It’s important to note that Brown is trying to keep the conversation going, and notes that he seems to be really going crazy. Rainer says that he has lived among weaklings for too long and has become like them. He also claims that he no longer distinguishes between good and bad and therefore must act and be responsible for it. Reiner removes the bandage and heals the wound on his arm. He tells Berthold that they are here and now.

Mikasa attacks them but doesn’t kill them. Traitors transform. Reiner is the Armored Titan who grabs Eren, Berthold is the Colossal Titan who kidnaps Ymir’s stretcher. Yeager also transforms and engages in battle with Brown. At first, the Armored One won, but Yeager remembered the techniques that Annie had taught him, and with their help, he turned the tide of the battle in his favor.

When Reiner was about to be defeated, he pulled the Attack Titan closer to the wall with his last bit of strength, right into the area above which the Colossal Titan sits. Then the Armored Titan let out a scream and his accomplice collapsed. An armored titan gnawed Eren from the back of his giant’s head, and Berthold left the Colossal Titan’s body and took Ymir in his arms. With the help of the UPM, he climbed onto the titan Reiner. So they got to the Forest of Huge Trees.

Ymir and Eren come to their senses, discovering serious injuries. Reiner and Berthold are wearing UPM. Brown says that neither she nor Yeager will be able to transform right now due to severe injuries. Ymir says she doesn’t know much about how her abilities work. She reminds Reiner that he promised to explain himself when Eren wakes up. Brown says that he will take them both to his homeland, they will begin their movement after dark.

Ymir asks why they stopped in the Forest of Huge Trees, to which he does not answer. She then recalls that Utgarde Castle had titans capable of moving without sunlight. Rainer replies that these were other giants and that even Ymir should know this. Conversation ceases, and everyone is left to their own thoughts while waiting for the sunset. Suddenly, Reiner starts talking about the promotion like a regular soldier.

This surprises Ymir, she asks him why he is saying this. However, Brown, without a second thought, continues his monologue, switching to sympathy for History. Eren threatens to beat him up, but Ymir stops him. She turns to Berthold and asks what is happening with his friend. He reminds Brown that they are Warriors, and the guys see a change in his behavior. Ymir realizes that Brown, due to a sense of guilt, cannot decide who he is - a Warrior or a soldier.

Ymir asks Reiner about the Beast Titan, and when he tries to evade the answer, he remembers admiring glances between him and Berthold. She suggests that the titans behind the wall came from behind him to assess the capabilities of the scouts. She also claims that Reiner and Berthold are heading to him to return to their homeland. Brown and Hoover are amazed at Ymir’s shrewdness. Eren asks to tell everything she knows.

However, the girl is in no hurry to answer and says that she has personal motives. She tells Ehren that after the murder of Reiner and Berthold nothing will be over. Yeager then asks who their enemy really is. Ymir is about to shy away from answering. Rainer interrupts her with a warning to think about the future and take the right side. He says that he knows about the girl’s goal to protect History, and asks who is able to help her in this - Eren or them.

He suggests that Ymir hopes to use Yeager to escape. Rainer admits that she cannot guarantee her safety if she follows them. However, he promises to take care of History. Ymir thinks about choosing his life or caring for a friend. Eren asks her again who is the enemy of humanity. Ymir replies that it could be anyone. Reiner takes this answer for choosing the girl in favor of History.

They notice the signal smoke of the approaching Reconnaissance Corps soldiers. Berthold asks Rainer if he is ready to confide in Ymir. Brown replies that he understands her position and that they can take History with them. By this time, Ymir had already fully recovered her arm and leg. Rainer announces that they are being nominated now. They have a fight with Eren, as a result of which Yeager loses consciousness. Thanks to this, Rainer can carry it like a backpack.

They move out. Ymir clings to Berthold, suddenly she demands that they take History now. Reiner says she will have to wait for another opportunity. Ymir replies that he does not believe him, because by that moment the Warriors will have eaten her friend. Rainer promises to save History from the war and asks Ymir to trust them for her. This has a calming effect on the girl, and she agrees to their terms. However, after a while, she changes her mind.

Ymir says that although her titan is weaker than the titans Reiner and Berthold, she is much more agile. She threatens to take Eren and return to the Survey Corps if they don’t take History with them now. Reiner reminds her that this is not how she will save her friend. Ymir invites Reiner to either follow her plan or kill each other. Brown and Hoover have to agree, because the girl promises them the opportunity to escape, moreover, having obtained History.

The scouts on the UPM rush into the thicket of the forest, where they find Ymir in the form of a titanium sitting on a tree. History happily rushes to her friend. Ymir grabs her in a jump and runs away through the trees. The scouts rush in pursuit. Ymir manages to reach the accomplices at the edge of the forest. Reiner transforms into an Armored Titan, on whose body they try to escape. Their fellow students chase them on horseback. With the help of the UPM, they climb onto the Armored Titan.

The guys turn to the memories of their studies. Berthold explains that they pretended to be soldiers, but did not deceive their comrades in everything. They spot a crowd of giants running towards the Armored Titan and scatter. Commander Erwin orders Eren to be recaptured. The Recon Corps soldiers charge, take Jaeger, and retreat. The foolish titans crowd into the Armored Titan.

The Armored Titan hurls at the Titan Scouts. When Eren lets out a Scream and all the Titans are distracted by his order, Reiner sees Coordinate’s action in action. Titan Ymir helps Reiner defeat the surrounding titans. In the end, they are saved and by nightfall they reach Wall Maria. Rainer asks why Ymir came back. She replies that the Warriors should not return home empty-handed.

Rainer Braun: Royal Government Arch

After the escape of Reiner and Berthold with Ymir, they met with Zeke Yeager. They told him about the circumstances of the death of Marcel Galliard at the very beginning of their mission, about the disappearance of Annie Leonhart and about Ymir with the power of the Tooth Titan. They also suggested that Eren Yeager is the owner of the Coordinate. Zeke decides that saving Annie can wait and prioritizes capturing Eren. He believes that the scouts will come to their trap, and begins to think over a plan.

Rainer Braun: Return to Shiganshina Arc

Under the command of Erwin Smith, the Intelligence Corps arrives in Shiganshina to inspect the basement of the Yeager family’s home. Rainer Braun sits in ambush in a crack in the wall. The soldiers find traces of the presence of three people in the area. Erwin assumes that it is Rainer, Berthold and their accomplice. Armin is assigned to lead the search for strangers. He guesses to explore the wall, in which the soldiers help him. One of them detects the cavity and reports it.

Reiner emerges from it and impales the soldier with his blades. Levi Ackerman attacks Brown but misses the neck. Rainer manages to transfer consciousness to the entire nervous system of the body, thanks to which he survives and transforms into an Armored Titan. He also applies hardening to form claws on the hands and feet. With their help, the Armored Titan climbs the wall. Erwin orders Hange and Levi’s squads to kill Reiner.

The Armored Titan discovers the horse stalls and plans to crush them to render the scouts mobile. However, behind him, Eren transforms into an Attack Titan. Reiner does not understand why their main goal falls into their hands. Brown worries that Eren will flee to Trost, which will negate their attempt to capture him. Also, Rainer understands that it is impossible to give Yeager the opportunity to further master the abilities of the titan and Coordinates.

Nevertheless, Brown realizes that his attention is being distracted from the horses. Commander Erwin was right to use the Attack Titan as bait. The armored titan jumps off the wall and runs towards Eren. They engage in a skirmish, in which the Attack Titan first wins by reinforcing his fists with armor. However, Reiner is presented with an opportunity to grab the titan Eren by the leg and hit him on the ground.

Brown then climbs onto it and holds it pinned to restrict Eren’s movements. The attacking titan discards the Armored One, and he realizes that he cannot defeat the enemy on his own. Reiner notices the approaching scouts, but considers them harmless to himself. The soldiers use their thundering spears to first blind the Armored Titan and then destroy the armor around his neck.

During the second attack, they explode the back of his head. With the last of his strength, Reiner gives a sign to Berthold, and he comes to his friend. He asks Reiner to move or he will be hurt by the Colossal Titan transformation. The soldiers discover that the Armored Titan has rolled onto its back. While the Colossal Titan and the Beast Titan battle the scouts, Reiner manages to recover. He rushes towards the Attack Titan.

Mikasa breaks Armored Titan’s leg. Jean distracts Reiner’s attention while Connie and Sasha have to blow his jaw on both sides, but Braus is unable to do so. Hanji comes to the rescue, after her blow with a thunder spear Armored cannot close his mouth. Mikasa blows the back of his head from the inside, and Reiner is knocked out of the titan’s body.

The crippled Brown is captured by the scouts, and Hange interrogates him. She finds a metal box in his breast pocket and asks him about the contents. Rainer reveals that inside is a letter from Ymir, which he promised to give to History. Hange agrees to this after checking the contents and takes the box. Reiner refuses to cooperate with the interrogation, and Zoe nearly slits his throat.

She is stopped by Jean, who offers to use the transforming injection and transfer the power of the Armored Titan to someone. The Transporter Titan appears with Zeke on its back, grabs Reiner’s body with its mouth and runs away. They are lucky, as Levi is delayed by Eren, and Hange, Connie and Jean do not have enough gas to chase. They get to the outer wall of Shiganshina, and they manage to hide from the scouts without any problems.

Rainer Braun: Arch Marliya

Rainer Braun returns home - to Marlia - and takes part in the war with the Middle East Alliance. Upon capturing the Fortress of Glory, he jumps from the airship and transforms into an Armored Titan. He comes under fire from an armored train, while the foolish giants destroy the enemy soldiers. Porco Galliard, in the form of the Tooth Titan, comes to his aid and incapacitates the squad. He signals to Zeke to take the fortress.

Yeager transforms into a Beast Titan and descends to earth. He throws shells at enemy ships, but the fleet manages to send a return volley from all guns. The armored titan covers Zika with his body and falls unconscious. He is taken home and treated. Reiner wakes up in Porco Galliard’s room. He asks Brown if he had a nightmare and reproaches him for imitating Marcel Galliard.

Peak Finger enters and asks Porco to give Reiner a favor for catching the ship’s salvo with his chest. She advises Brown to see the young Warrior candidates who are deeply worried about him and miss him. Rainer agrees with the girl and leaves the room. On the embankment, he finds children who are very happy to see him. For a moment, instead of candidates, he sees little Marcel, Porco, Berthold and Annie, which shocks him.

In the evening, all the participants in the war travel by train to the Liberio ghetto. Reiner rides with the rest of the Warriors, cadets, and the army command. He and one of the candidates - Falco Grice - talk about views on the inheritance of the power of the titan. Reiner convinces the boy that he must inherit the Armored in order to save Gaby Brown. In the morning they arrive in Liberio, where they are met by relatives. Reiner is very happy to see his mother.

An interesting incident happened when the Brown family gets together for dinner in the evening. Reiner’s uncle asks him about his mission on the island. Brown is fond of memories of comrades, which confuses his relatives. Gaby thinks that her cousin is not saying something about the mission on Paradise Island. She noticed that their relatives did not recognize Rainer at all.

Zeke Yeager, as the commander of the Warriors squad, invites them to his tea party. He talks about Willie Tyber, who wants to tell the whole world about the true story of the Titans. Rainer argues that the Warrior Squad should support this idea. Zeke informs that Willie will arrive in the Liberio ghetto, where the festival will be organized, delegations from other countries will be invited. There, Tiber will announce the start of a mission to subdue Paradise Island.

Rainer recalls a conversation with his mother as a child. Then she explained to her son that they could not live with his father due to the fact that he was a Marlian. That is why Rainer became a candidate for the Warriors. He wanted to be recognized as honorary Marli with his mother. In those days, Porco bully Reiner, eventually everyone but Porco becomes Warriors. Marcel apologizes again. As he confessed to Rainer already on the island - because he had arranged it to save his brother.

When Brown gained the power of the Armored Titan, he went to his father. He was an ordinary Marley worker. Rainer happily announced that he and his mother are now honorary Marli and can all live together. However, his father was not in a favorable mood, he scolded both the boy and Karina Brown. He also said that he would rather flee or die than let the people know that he had an Eldian son. This upset the boy greatly, but his mother was proud of him. Then he sailed to Paradise.

Arriving on the island, Annie, Berthold, Rainer and Marcel lit a fire, which disturbed the unreasonable titan Ymir. She ate Marcel, as he blocked Brown, the rest of the guys were able to escape. Annie offered to return the Tooth Titan and return to Marlya. However, Rainer convinces the guys and says that they cannot return to their homeland with the failure of the mission. Annie beats up Brown, who twists and strangles her until she loses consciousness.

Remembering his whole life, Rainer sits on a stool with the muzzle of a gun in his mouth. Outside the window he hears Falco’s voice. Reiner takes out his gun and realizes that he will live to protect the young candidates. After a while, a festival is organized in the Liberio ghetto. Peak, Porco and Rainer come to it and spend time with the young candidates. They are having fun. Before Willie Tiber’s performance, Falco takes Reiner to Eren.

Reiner is terrified, but he sits down in a chair and worries about Falco, as Eren is in complete control of the situation. During the conversation, Yeager tells Reiner that they both have no choice about what to do. Eren says that all people are the same. Rainer falls to his knees and regrets what he did. Eren helps him to his feet as Willie Tiber’s show ends. Eren begins to transform into a Titan, and Reiner creates Armored palms to protect Falco.

At the same time, Brown loses his will to live and does not regain consciousness. Scouts come to Eren’s aid, the Warriors cannot cope with their onslaught. When the situation gets desperate, Gaby and Falco call Reiner for help. He comes to his senses and transforms into an Armored Titan. He sees that Eren is going to eat Porco. Reiner manages to wrest the Tooth Titan from the Attack Titan. The islanders are retreating in the airship.

Rainer Braun: The War of Paradise Arc

On the island of Paradise, the Yeagerists seized power. Eren and the soldiers are in the fortress when Peak Finger and Porco Galliard infiltrate it. The girl tricks Yeager to the roof, where a Toothy Titan appears from under the floor and attacks Eren. He transforms into an Attack Titan and spots Marley’s airships. Eren is sure that Reiner is in one of them and asks him to go downstairs and solve all the issues.

Brown jumps off the airship and becomes an Armored Titan in flight. He lands on Paradise Island. Together with the Tooth-Toothed Titan, they attack the Attack Titan. He uses all his abilities to defeat opponents. He creates the thorns of the Hammer Titan around him and impales the Titans Reiner and Porco with them. The Marlians are assisted by the Titan-Carrier’s titanium-piercing cannon, and the islanders are assisted by scouts.

The Armored Titan manages to impale the Attack Titan with a thorn ripped out of the ground. However, when Reiner took aim to gnaw out Eren from the titanium, he grabbed his jaw and broke it. Zeke appears and fights on the side of the Yeagerists, Theo Magath hits him from a titanium-piercing cannon. The Armored Titan climbs onto the Attack Titan. Zeke lets out a scream that makes everyone who has tasted wine with his cerebrospinal fluid become foolish titans.

Falco, in his foolish titan form, attacks the Armored Titan, causing Eren to break free of his grip. Porco has exhausted his strength, he declares that he will be better than Rainer until the very end. Galliard allows Falco to eat himself, saving Reiner. Brown then notices that Eren has left the titan’s body and runs to Zeke. Reiner tries to catch him, but fails. Gaby Brown shoots Eren off the head, which Zeke catches. The Hum of the Earth begins, the Primordial Titan appears.

Together with the rest of the Eldians, Rainer finds himself in the Unknown Lands and learns Eren’s plan to destroy everything except the island. Like the walls, the Titan Brown’s armor also crumbled. Gabi helps him get to the building. Rainer explains to the girl that it is useless to fight the situation. She equips her cousin with a bed, leaves food and water, and leaves. Reiner fell into a restorative sleep for a long time.

He wakes up from the kick of Annie Leonhart, who teamed up with the scouts. Connie says it’s time for them to save the world. Hange Zoe, Levi Ackerman, Peak Finger, Elena, Onyankopon and Theo Magat took refuge in the forest. Non-Jaeger scouts also arrive there, including Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Reiner, and the recovered Annie Leonhart. All of them, as well as Colt, Falco and Gabi, are having dinner in the woods.

Elena brings up provocative topics. She hints to Jean that Annie and Reiner are to blame for the death of Marco Bott. Brown reveals that the cadet accidentally overheard him and Berthold talking, and he ordered Annie to remove his UPM while he was holding it himself. Brown continues and says that after the death of his comrade, he became angry with the titan and killed him. Jean asks him to shut up, but Rainer repeatedly asks for forgiveness. Then Kirshtein beats him until he hits Gaby.

After that, everyone goes to bed. In the morning they move out in accordance with the plan to the port of the island. The Titan Carrier heads forward to scout the situation, and returns with bad news - the harbor has already been captured by the Yeagerists. Soldiers stop nearby to work out a course of action. They decide to seize the ship, to which the plane they need is tied, and, together with the Azumabito members, sail away on it.

Reiner transforms into an Armored Titan and fights the Yeagerists. He also protects the Azumabito clan while they get to the ship. The battle turns out to be difficult, Rainer was on the verge of death, but his comrades saved him. Jean and Connie help him board the ship. Then they sail off and arrive in the city of Odia. People left it, because here they stop to prepare the plane.

Annie approaches Peak and Reiner and announces that she will sail with Lady Kiyomi and the children on the ship. Brown apologizes for insisting on continuing the mission after Marseille’s death. She and Annie hug goodbye. When the soldiers hear the approaching Rumble of the Earth, Reiner is the first to volunteer to sacrifice his life so the others can escape. However, Hange stops his impulse.

Levy, Peak, Rainer, Connie, Jean, Mikasa, Armin and Onyankopon are on board. In flight, they develop a plan of action. Peak invites Armin to destroy Jaeger by transforming him into a Colossal Titan. Rainer says that his sins cannot be atoned for, he wants to save the surviving people. He also says that he understands Eren. Armin believes Yeager is giving them the ability to stop him.

Suddenly, they find themselves in the Unknown Lands again and hear the voice of Eren. He announces that he must be killed in order to stop the Rumble of the Earth. They find the Primordial Titan and jump onto him from the plane. The Marli men, including Karina Brown, are standing below. In flight, Reiner transforms into an Armored Titan and attacks the Beast Titan, but it turns out to be fake. Progenitor Ymir watches this fight.

She creates many titans to fight the guys. Rainer defends against several attackers at the same time. He sees Peek wrapping explosive tape around the Primordial’s neck. The Titan Hammerhead then pierces her. Reiner wants to save her, but doesn’t have time to fight off the titans. He spots Berthold in the form of the Colossal Titan. He grabs Brown, presses him in his hand and throws him out. Jean catches Reiner.

Brown climbs aboard Falco in the form of a flying Beast Titan, who arrives to help. Reiner transforms back into the Armored Titan and distracts the Hammer Titan, saving the Peak. When Levi kills Zeke, who surrendered to him of his own free will, the Rumble of the Earth stops. This distracts Eren, Jean activates the detonator. The head of the Primordial Titan flies off, a life form emerges from his body, sharing the power of the titans.

An armored titan restrains her to prevent it from merging with Yeager’s head. At this time, Armin transforms into the Colossal Titan, after which Reiner is found alive, however, the "centipede" does not die either. The Eldians become foolish titans. Reiner battles the lifeform again, helped by Annie and Peak. When Mikasa kills Eren, everyone becomes human, the dead are resurrected. The world took a long time to recover from the effects of the Hum of the Earth.

Reiner approaches his mother and informs him that he no longer possesses the power of the Armored One and apologizes. They hug. His eyes are wet. 3 years after these events, Rainer and the former intelligence officers are ambassadors for the peace talks. Presumably, they were successful, and human civilization existed until its century passed.

Reiner Braun: Armored Titanium

Reiner’s armored titanium is 15 meters high. He outwardly resembles a muscular man covered with yellow plates. The face is covered with a kind of mask made of the same material. It is hardened flesh that protects the titan - armor. He is able to modernize its shape and quantity at will. The titan’s hair is as short and blonde as Reiner’s. Neither the previous nor the next owner of the Armored Titan’s strength is known.

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