Thomas Wagner: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Thomas Wagner - Age: about 15, exact unknown; Height: 171 cm. One of the 218 graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps of the 850th year. Member of the battle for Trost, was in the same unit with Eren (34th Squad). Eaten by an anomalous Leaping Titan during an operation to protect the county.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting facts and quotes
  5. History, biography and death
  6. The Relationship of a Hero

Thomas Wagner: General information about the character

Thomas Wagner: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Possesses leadership qualities. During the battle for Trost, Thomas and the members of his squad learn that the titans have broken through the vanguard soldiers. Wagner decides to cheer up his comrades and invites them to arrange a competition. Thus, Thomas decided to divert the thoughts of his friends from the probable death. An act worthy of a true leader.

Average soldier. Thomas Wagner was not among the top ten soldiers. However, many of the cadets were expelled or died during hard training, some of them voluntarily fled from the Cadet School. Thomas was able to complete his studies, which clearly indicates that he is not weak. Wagner’s combat ability is on par with most of the Kingdom’s soldiers.

Brave. At first, Thomas, like most, dreamed of joining the Military Police. He considered the titans an invincible enemy and therefore wanted to hide as far as possible behind the walls. However, after Eren’s graduation speech, Thomas found the courage to face his fears and put them aside. After that, Wagner informed his comrades of his intention to join the Survey Corps.

Thomas Wagner: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Thomas Wagner is a tall young man. He has a lean physique. After numerous endurance and physical strength training, Thomas’s body has acquired a tone. He even managed to increase muscle mass. However, the subtlety inherent in Thomas was preserved.

Appearance. Thomas is blond with short hair. His distinctive feature is thick sideburns. Thomas’s face had not yet acquired masculine features. He has brown eyes, a straight and long nose. The eyebrows are the same shade as Thomas’s hair.

Clothing. During training, Thomas wore the standard uniform of a cadet student with a gray jersey underneath. In his spare time, he wore a long-sleeved gray shirt with a stand-up collar, a brown sleeveless vest at the waist, and dark trousers.

Communicative. At first, Thomas did not reveal himself in the team of fellow students. He actively participated in the conversation if his interest in the subject of discussion was more significant than embarrassment. For example, like when Eren talked about the invasion of the Colossal and Armored Titan on Shiganshina. Over time, Thomas became more open and talkative. He even showed the makings of qualities characteristic of leaders.

Doesn’t panic. Being yesterday’s cadet, Thomas did not despair and say goodbye to life during the breakthrough of the Rose wall. There was no fear on his face. Thomas did not succumb to the panic of the people around him. He, after a moment of confusion due to the unexpected appearance of the Colossal Titan, pulled himself together and was ready to fight side by side with his comrades.

Thomas Wagner: Interesting facts and quotes

The surname "Wagner" may be related to the German composer Richard Wagner.

"They cannot be defeated. You yourself know how many thousands of people have been eaten - we have lost a fifth of the population. And everything became clear: humanity cannot defeat the titans" - Thomas Wagner talking to Eren Yeager on a festive evening about graduating from the Cadet School.

Thomas Wagner: History, biography and death

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. Thomas Wagner entered the Cadet School in 847. He was among those who asked Eren Yeager about the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan attack on Shiganshina. During training, he did not show outstanding results, but he was good enough. When there was training at the UPM, Thomas insured Eren from falling.

Then, under the orders of Kees Shadis, they exchanged belts due to a malfunction in Yeager’s device. During the three years of study, Thomas became more open to classmates. At the graduation party, he did not hesitate to publicly express his opinion that humanity could not defeat the titans. However, Eren’s response speech made Thomas consider joining the Survey Corps.

Arc Battle for Trost. Thomas was cleaning the cannon on Rose’s wall near Eren, Connie and Mina. Wagner heard the guys talking about the intention to join the ranks of the Survey Corps soldiers. Embarrassed, he admitted to his comrades that he also decided to become a scout. Thomas also decided to eat the meat stolen by Sasha together with his comrades. With the sudden appearance of the Colossal Titan, Wagner was confused and froze in place.

At a gathering of soldiers in the square, Thomas looks frightened, but he pulls himself together. He was assigned to the 34th Division along with Mina Carolina, Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Nack Teers and Milius Zaremsky. Thomas decided to distract his comrades from fear and offered to arrange a competition for the number of titans killed.

Death. Thomas Wagner, along with Detachment 34, was supposed to protect the central part of Trost County. When the guys saw the titans nearby, they began to move towards them. Eren warned his comrades about the anomalous titan, but too late. The jumping titan managed to catch the lagging Thomas Wagner. In front of the children, he ate the young man.

Mentions after death. Eren Yeager in the Reiss family chapel, in a conversation with Historia, mentions Thomas Wagner among the victims for whose death he and Grisha are responsible. Later, the night before the start of the operation to return Shiganshin, the scouts have dinner. Since there are meat dishes among the dishes, Eren remembered the day when Sasha Braus stole meat from the officers. Then the guys, including Thomas, agreed to share it in the name of the future victories of mankind.

Thomas Wagner: The Relationship of a Hero

Thomas Wagner and Eren Yeager. They had a neutral relationship for most of their training in the Cadet Corps. They met on the first evening when Thomas, along with the rest of the guys, listened to Eren’s story about the fall of Shiganshina. Wagner later disagreed with Yeager’s position on the need to fight the giants. However, Eren’s graduation speech influenced Thomas, and he decided to become a scout.

Thomas Wagner and Connie Springer. They rarely talked to each other, but never fought. They were united by doubts about joining the Survey Corps and fear of the titans. They both agreed to a gamble with Sasha’s stolen meat. They also decided to be in the same squad while cleaning the guns.

Thomas Wagner and Mina Carolina. While studying at the Cadet School, we communicated well. Before the battle for Trost, they were set up the same way. When Thomas suggested a competition, Mina looked at him knowingly. The death of a friend shocked the girl. Mina also charges at the Leaping Titan along with Eren to get revenge on him for killing Thomas.

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