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Tom Xavier - Age: about 45 (exact age unknown); Height: 169 cm (human), unknown (titanium). Eldian by birth. Grew up in the Liberio ghetto in Marlia. Hiding his belonging to the Ymir clan, he married a gauze and had a child. After the death of his family, he meets Zika Yeager and considers him the named son. Titanologist by education. Wielder of the power of the Beast Titan from 829 to 842. Died during the ceremony of handing over the titan to Ziku Yeager.


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Tom Xavier: Basic Information

Tom Xavier is a middle-aged man of short stature and strong build. His hair is of medium length, dark - almost black. Tom wears them in the middle on the left side, which creates a small bang. His face has a rounded shape, deep nasolabial folds and bags under the eyes are noticeable. His eyes are gray and sparkle with kindness.

Tom wore black boots, dark trousers with a belt and a white shirt or T-shirt tucked into them, with a light raincoat on top. A red Eldian armband is worn on his left hand, showing that he is an honorary Marli and Warrior. Tom Xavier always wears glasses with thin metal frames.

Tom Xavier is an extremely inquisitive person. He is so eager to learn more about the Titans that he becomes a warrior, greatly shortening his life. Tom is almost always seen with a smile on his face. He often laughs heartily and shows compassion for people. He looks like a calm and carefree person.

However, Tom flees his sins, has a deep disgust for himself and believes that it would be better if he never was born. Such is the consequence of the suicide of his wife, who also cut their son’s throat, due to Xavier’s Eldian descent. He is ready to open up to Zeke Yeager and love him like his own child.

Tom Xavier held his ideals highly and hoped to save the Eldians from suffering. He has gone through a lot and does not want other people to suffer the same way. Therefore, he considers Zeke’s plan to deprive the people of Ymir of the ability to reproduce the best solution. However, Tom doesn’t care at all about the Warriors’ ideas. He openly makes fun of them in front of Zeke.

Tom Xavier: Interesting Facts

"Only a complete fool will voluntarily shorten his life and go to invade other countries" - Tom Xavier to Ziku Yeager after an unsuccessful demonstration training of the Warrior candidates.

"Of course I have shortened my life, but I do not regret that I dedicated it to science" - Tom in a conversation with Zeke that his 13 years are coming to an end.

Tom Xavier: Character Story

Shown is an excerpt from the memoirs of Grisha Yeager about his childhood. On the same day his younger sister Faye was killed, they run into Tom Xavier on their way out of the Liberio ghetto. He calls Grisha by name and wishes him to be more careful.

Tom looks young, dressed in a simple way: black boots, dark trousers, a gray T-shirt with a brown cloak over it, a black beret with a visor and glasses. He wears a standard Eldian headband on his left arm, which indicates that at the time of these events, Tom Xavier was not yet a Warrior candidate and did not possess the power of a Beast Titan.

Tom Xavier and the future Warriors training leader look down on horseback. There, in a fenced area, candidates are engaged in endurance running. Tom asks if the heir of the Beast is among these children. The instructor replies that among the candidates they will definitely choose someone for this role.

Tom Xavier notices that one boy is lagging behind his comrades and is interested in who he is. It turns out to be Zeke Yeager. The instructor says that he does not see in the boy the same stubborn desire to become an honorary Marley that the other candidates show. Xavier watches Yeager closely.

One day, Zeke, frustrated after a bad day in the training building and worried about his father’s lack of interest in him, walks home behind the other candidates. He is called by a man, whose baseball has rolled under the boy’s feet, and asks to throw it back. Zeke does just that.

The man catches the ball with a glove and good-naturedly praises the boy for his well-aimed throw. He invites Zeke to join him, as it is boring to play with the wall. Yeager is pleased with that kind of attention. The boy notices a red Eldian band on the man’s left arm.

He confirms that he is one of the Marli Warriors, which the young candidate also aspires to become. The man introduces himself as Tom Xavier, the owner of the Beast Titan. He also notes that his power is useless in battle, so he often spends time for his own pleasure.

Tom says that he is a titanologist by profession. Showing the boy to the glove, he asks him to tell about himself. He throws the ball and introduces himself as Zeke Yeager. Xavier catches the shot and notes that he has a clear talent for baseball and that he could be a great pitcher. So they spend the evening: getting to know each other and throwing the ball to each other.

Later, Tom Xavier is present at the candidates’ demonstration training. Zeke is putting in a lot of effort, but not showing the desired results. At the end of the lesson, Tom meets him. They throw the ball to each other again and communicate.

Xavier laughs and gently remarks that Zeke is out of luck today. The boy sadly reports that the instructor is completely disappointed in him. Tom suggests that this could have happened because the teachers did not notice his enthusiasm. Thus, he hopes to make the boy talk.

Zeke says he must become a Warrior, but it’s over for him. Tom agrees with him and says that this activity is clearly not for Yeager. Xavier says that only a fool will voluntarily shorten his life and fight with other people. The boy is shocked by what he heard. Zeke asks why Tom became a Warrior.

It is worth noting how Xavier explains to him that he is primarily a scientist and did so out of a desire to learn more about the Titans. He expresses his guesses that it all began with the contact of the Ancestor Ymir with a certain object. This is what Tom strives for, approaching the study of the issue from different angles. Xavier tells the boy that he can watch the memories of the previous owners of the Beast and that it cost him years of his life.

Tom tells Zeke that they are alike because they both don’t want to play war. He calls the boy a sane person. Zeke looks noticeably more cheerful after Xavier’s speech and agrees with him. He says that his failures are far less significant than the ability to live a long life in peace.

One day, Zeke meets Tom in a quiet place on the outskirts of Liberio. The boy trusts Xavier, because he found his father in him. He shares his worries that his family is in danger if it becomes known that they belong to the Restorers of Eldia. Xavier is terrified as he has become attached to Zeke like his own son.

Tom says that the entire Yeager family will be sent to Paradise Island and turned into titans. The boy humbly agrees with him. Zeke cries and thanks Tom for their ball games and conversations. He promises to remember Xavier even as a foolish titan. Then he says goodbye and gets up to leave. Xavier desperately offers the only solution - to inform the parents so that the boy can save himself and his grandparents.

Zeke begins to refuse and says he can’t do that. Xavier convinces him that his parents were cruel and indifferent to him, using him as a tool. Ultimately, Zeke denounces his father and mother. Xavier hugs him and says that the boy is innocent.

A few years later, according to their custom, Tom Xavier and Zeke Yeager play ball near the training building. A man is already having a hard time throwing a grown-up candidate for Warriors. Tom clears his throat and admits that soon he will have to transfer the power of the titan. However, before his death, he dreams of having time to publish his work on titanology.

Zeke wonders what he has learned over the years. Tom says that the Titan-Progenitor is able not only to manipulate the memory of the Ymir people, but also can change the structure of their bodies. Xavier recalls the events of 600 years ago.

It is interesting to pay attention to the fact that then the world was struck by a pandemic, which claimed the lives of a huge number of people, but in Eldia it disappeared in just one day. The fact is that the Emperor who ruled at that time used the powers of the Titan-Progenitor and changed the structure of the bodies of his subjects. Thus, the people of Ymir are connected with him, wherever they are.

Zeke Yeager asks Tom’s opinion on the possibility of stopping the reproduction of the Eldians using the abilities of the Titan Progenitor. Tom freezes upon hearing this, and does not even try to catch the ball thrown by the boy. Xavier looks sad. He decides to tell Zeke about his past.

Tom Xavier says that he had an ordinary family: a wife and a son. The fact is that in his youth he fell in love with gauze and began to hide his Eldian origin. They got married and had a child. For a while, Tom managed to maintain the lie.

However, his wife found out the truth and could not bear such a shame. She cut the throats of herself and their son. It was hard for him to survive this tragedy. He confesses to Zeke that he became a Warrior only for the sake of a beautiful end to his life story. However, Xavier believes that he wasted all this time, but was happy.

Tom confesses to Zeke that he saw him as a dead son and tried to escape from his sins with the help of the power of the titan. Xavier falls to his knees, sobbing, and says that it would be better not to be born at all. Yeager promises him to inherit the power of the Beast Titan in order to capture the Ancestor Titan and end the suffering of the Eldians.

Later, Tom Xavier secretly meets with Zeke Yeager. He says that not all of his knowledge was passed on to the Marley employees. Tom explains to Zeke that he, as a man of royal blood, must establish contact with the owner of the Titan Progenitor.

Together, they are able to unleash his power, provided that he agrees with Yeager’s plan. Xavier instructs Zeke to hand over the Progenitor to someone he trusts and to carry out their plan to save the Eldians. Thus, Tom completes his business before transferring the power of the Beast Titan.

Zeke was chosen from among the Warrior candidates selected to transmit the power of the Beast Titan. The ceremony was held according to all the rules. Tom Xavier is chained. Zeke Yeager transforms into an unreasonable titan by injecting cerebrospinal fluid and eats it.

Tom smiles before dying. He tells Zeke that he will always be there and believes in success. He, in response, promises to carry out their plan despite all the circumstances and calls Xavier his father. Since then, he always wears his glasses.

Tom Xavier: Appearances After Death

War for Paradise Arc

Tom Xavier is a titanic power wielder created by Ymir Fritz to protect Eren Yeager during the Earthen Rumble. During the battle, Xavier and the other Titan Men meet with Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert at the point where the Paths converge. They ask the already deceased owners of the titans for help.

In his Beast Titan form, Tom Xavier fights countless giants protecting the body of Titan Eren Yeager. He is not very useful in combat, as Tom always claimed. He is held by the Titan in Armin’s palms, protecting him until he transforms into the Colossal Titan to destroy Yeager’s body.

Tom Xavier’s bestial titan looks like a bighorn sheep. The giant’s height is unknown. It has two swirling dark horns on its head. The elongated muzzle, nose and fur growing on the head, neck and upper torso make it even more like an animal. However, the rest of his body is similar to that of a human. Stands and moves on two legs, like most titans.

The previous owner of the Beast Titan power is unknown. Tom Xavier inherited it in 829 and gave it to Zeke Yeager in 842. Known data on the murder of only one person, he was Tom’s predecessor.

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