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Elena - Age: unknown; Height: about 190 cm (exact unknown). Marley soldier rescued by Zeke Yeager. After that, she became his follower and right hand. Arrived at Paradise Island and led the Anti-Marlian Volunteer movement. After the plan failed, Zika revealed Eren’s whereabouts to the soldiers who wanted to stop him.


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Elena: Basic information

Elena: Appearance

Elena is a very tall and thin girl, but her body is athletic due to her duty. She is blonde and wears a very short haircut with straight, "under the pot" bangs. With rare exceptions, her face has an indifferent expression. In moments of exceptional joy, she cries or smiles sincerely and innocently. Elena’s eyes are gray-blue.

In Marliya, she wears the standard light-colored soldier uniform and high boots. After arriving on the island, Elena dresses in the uniform chosen by the Anti-Marlian Volunteers - a black trouser suit with a white shirt, which is always tucked in, a leather belt is always inserted into the loops. On his feet are black flat-soled boots.

Elena: Character

In many circumstances, Elena is calm and calm. She does not lose her presence of mind even in critical situations and acts in cold blood. Her speech is also dry and unemotional, but the girl often jokes sarcastically. Nevertheless, Elena is ready to admit her mistakes and apologize for them. Emotional outbursts are uncharacteristic for her, except for her admiration for Zeke Yeager.

The girl considers him to be a god and is ready to follow his plan, unquestioningly doing dirty work. Elena is a radicalist, ready to kill without delay anyone whose loyalty she doubts. She is generally able to achieve what she wants by any means, for example, she faked her biography in order to gain the trust of Zeke, the rest of the volunteers and the islanders.

After the failure of Zeke Yeager’s easy death plan, Elena lost her will to live and was ready to die. It took the girl some time to get used to the new reality. However, after that, she stopped wanting death and wanted to see how the legendary story will end, which changed the world in which mankind lives.

Elena: Interesting facts

Elena: Famous quotes

"Saving the world. Is there a nicer phrase that can charm people more than this?" - Elena during a conversation around the fire before the seizure of the port of Paradise.

"Cruelty is the only thing that cannot be taken away from a person," Elena tells Levi Ackerman during the seizure of the port of Paradise.

Elena: Arch Marliya

Before Willie Tiber’s performance, Marley Warriors Porco Galliard, Peak Finger and Zeke Yeager sit in the stands, along with young candidates Colt Grice, Gabi Brown, Udo and Sophie. Elena approaches them with a false beard and a helmet pulled down over her eyes and says that Commander Magath is calling the Warriors, after which Porco, Peak and Zeke follow her.

On the way, they stop, and Elena gives the order to Zeke Yeager to go to the main gate. Peak and Porco keep walking. Finger notices that it seems to her that they have already met somewhere, and she asks Elena where she serves. She replies with a fictional story about Lucuar’s base in the west (in the manga, she says that she was recently admitted to the sentry).

To change the subject, Elena rudely declares that she is not going to chat nicely with the Eldians. The peak, in response to the lunge, compliments the fake beard. The girl is hailed by a group of tankers serving with the Titan Carrier. Peak runs up to them and hugs them to share his suspicions about the soldier leading them. Elena is angry and demands to move on.

She accompanies them into the house and even politely opens the door, letting the Warriors go ahead. Elena cuts the cable holding the well cover. Peak and Porco fall into a deep well, and the traitor looks at them from above and leaves. Together with the rest of the scouts, Elena climbs aboard the airship that has arrived for the islanders.

Peak later informs Magath that she saw a soldier with a beard who accompanied them to a trap among the crew of the missing first reconnaissance ships sent to Paradise Island. She also says that she remembered this girl because she literally worships Zeke Yeager. Peak, despite her serious condition, jokes that she immediately realized that the girl’s beard is not to her face.

Levy is also not happy with the image of Elena and asks her to remove the dummy as soon as they are on the airship. The girl rips off her beard, noticing that she has received compliments about her more than once. They, along with Mikasa, Armin, Eren and Zeke, are in a room behind the wheelhouse. Jean brings the captured Gaby and Falco, who are shocked by Zeke’s presence, Elena watches the man’s reaction.

It is worth noting that Jean blames her for the death of the scouts, because she did not get rid of the Toothy Titan and the Titan Carrier. Elena explains that she waited for them to fall into the well, but admits what happened to her miscalculation and says that she is very sorry. Levi remarks that this caused the Beast Titan to throw more stones than was planned.

Armin recalls the day when the first Marli reconnaissance ships sailed to the island. The soldiers of the vanguard had already been captured, the ship of the second detachment approached the island. The attacking titan lifted him out of the water and brought him to land. Despite the hospitable welcome of Hanji Zoe’s guests, the Marli commander was ready to unleash a massacre.

At the decisive moment, Elena killed him with a shot in the head and, together with Onyankopon, forced the rest of the soldiers to drop their weapons. She then apologized to Hange for the behavior of the Marli people and agreed to have a cup of tea during the conversation. Glancing at the Attack Titan, she said that she was looking forward to meeting Eren Yeager. Elena, Onyankopon, Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman retired to the tent.

There, the guests showed the pistols and explained the mechanism of their operation, and also gave out the device and the number of Marlia’s troops. Hange wondered why, with such a developed army, the island had not yet been captured. Elena explained that the matter is in the abundance of unreasonable titans, who became the human shield of Paradise, since they are capable of causing great damage to the arriving troops.

The girl notices that their conversation dragged on until dawn, but they are in no hurry to hide behind the walls. She then suggests that the scouts killed all the Titans. Levy asks if she will report this to Marley. Elena replies negatively and expresses her admiration for the success of the islanders, because she expected much less strength from them.

Hange asks if there are other reasons why Marlia didn’t attack Paradise. Elena says that at the moment she is waging a war with other countries and therefore is not able to disperse forces in two different directions. In addition, the islanders defeated the Warrior squad and took the Colossal Titan and the Female from Marlia.

Elena says that now numerous enemies of the state have united and went to war against her. Hange suggests that Elena and Onyankopon are taking revenge for the devastation of their homeland by infiltrating Marlia’s army and spying. Elena replies that their achievements are modest, but they have sufficient motive and support.

She says that the Marli soldiers deprived them of their homeland, recruited them into their army, and their will was broken. However, Zeke Yeager saved them and gave them hope. From that moment, Elena considers him to be a god and follows his plans. On his orders, she shot the captain of the detachment on the ship. Helen declares that they call themselves the Anti-Marl Volunteers, whose goal is to free the Eldians.

After much debate, Hange convinced the board to cooperate with the volunteers. To begin with, they had to cover the island from reconnaissance raids using radio communications. Elena relayed a message that their ship ran aground and called the newly arrived Marley soldiers for help, after which they fell into a trap. They were met by scouts and taken to the island lands.

After establishing a trusting relationship, Elena organized a tasting of seafood dishes prepared by Nicolo. Thanks to the talent of the young man, she managed to arrange him as a cook in a restaurant. Elena provided Dota Pixis with a supply of transforming injections, for which he thanked her and said that he trusted her and believed in the sincerity of her intentions.

The girl replies that for three years now she has been trying to show that the Eldians can rely on the volunteers and their leader, Elena. However, even at this meeting, pistols were pointed at them. Pixis explains this by the fact that he does not want to give Zeke the impression of permissiveness. Elena, in response, expresses the hope that soon they will be able to dine at the same table again.

Elena: The War of Paradise Arc

Hange recalls how, two years before the invasion of Marlia, volunteers and scouts met at the port. Elena was glad to see Eren and expressed her hope to work with him more often. Levy replied that she could only count on this meeting, and the girl said that it was enough. On that day, they celebrated the completion of the construction of the port where the ship from the country of Hizuru arrived.

It is the only state friendly to Paradise Island. Kiyomi Azumabito arrived on his behalf. Elena warned in advance that the negotiations would be successful. This was made possible thanks to the intervention of Zeke Yeager, who secured Hizuru’s support in advance in exchange for the island’s fossil wealth. Accordingly, the girl is privy to all the details of Zeke’s plans.

Military Police Officer Rogue, after negotiations, went to a restaurant to drink the famous wine with his comrades in the service. Drunk, he says that someone is telling the Queen of History how to act. He believes Elena is behind this. Rogue believes that she has enough intelligence and intelligence to be able to do this.

After a while, Dot Pixis visits Elena and talks to her about Flock Forster, who was arrested for divulging classified information. He draws the girl’s attention to the fact that he knows that the Yeagerist was her escort at the celebration of the opening of the railway in Trost. When the holiday was in full swing, he escorted the girl to an apartment nearby.

It was a lucky coincidence that Eren’s house was also close to that place, and at that time he could move unaccompanied. Pixis asks her to explain the relationship of these facts. Elena acknowledges meeting with Eren that day and apologizes for hiding information about it. She explains this by the inability to waste time explaining the nuances of the outside world.

Elena says that Eren also noticed the impending threat and that the military elite needed to be pushed towards a solution. Dot Pixis concludes that during that meeting Elena got from Yeager the actions that Zeke was counting on. The girl actively objects and claims that she only hoped to get to know Eren better.

Elena reveals that she and Zeke would like the Attack Titan to trample and destroy Marlia to the ground. However, what Eren arranged at the Willie Tiber ceremony was enough for them. He inflicted an offensive defeat on Marliya and brought punishment for their sins on the heads of the Marli torturers. Elena speaks of this with admiration. She believes that Eren is the best of those who could get Coordinate.

Elena claims that the Yeager brothers will rewrite the history of all mankind and she wants to see everything with her own eyes. Dot Pixis clarifies whether the main purpose of the secret meeting with Eren is the girl’s curiosity. She confirms this and says that the other volunteers do not know about it. She assures that everything done to her will go for the good of Eldia. Dot Pixis asks to retell the conversation with Eren in all details.

Hange Zoe visits Onyankopon. He is outraged by the lack of confidence in the volunteers. However, after she tells him about Elena’s confession of a secret meeting with Eren, Onyankopon is no less surprised. Hange asks him to tell everything he knows about the volunteer leader for a shared future. He says that at first all the volunteers did not trust Elena.

Interestingly, in contrast, she always did the dirty work to prove her loyalty to Zeke Yeager. She killed many of the Marley soldiers, posing as accidents. Hange interrupts Onyankopon, because she is struck by the discrepancy between the heard and the zealous desire of the girl to defend the rights of the captive Marli on the island. This is where their conversation ends.

When Hange and other scouts witnessed Nicolo’s attack on Gaby Brown, he admitted that something was wrong with the popular Marli wine. He suggested that it contains Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid. Nicolo confessed that Elena ordered this wine to be served to him in her restaurant, first of all, to the officers of the Military Police.

After the Yeagerists seize power, Elena has a dinner with Dot Pixis. She recalls to him how she once hoped to have a meal like this. She also notes his prudent decision to give the order not to resist the Yeagerists, and also to pull the military to Shiganshina. Dot Pixis says they had no choice but to drink wine with Zika’s cerebrospinal fluid.

The Commandant notices that the colors of the bandages on the shoulder give away the height of the position of the wearer. He also believes that a person’s success may be related to how long ago he sided with Elena. Pixis recalls that the same system was used in Marliya. Elena replies that you can learn a lot from your enemies. Dot sarcastically notes that this especially concerns how to get more of them.

Elena says that they were the first to refuse open cooperation. Pixis replies that it would be unwise to trust the guests who slipped the poison to them from the very beginning. Elena claims that if they had trusted Zeke Yeager right away, the world would have already been saved. Dot Pixis is surprised, because about 50 years of preparation was planned. Elena states that Zeke’s generosity was repaid with an attempted murder.

When the scouts are kept behind bars, Elena comes to them, accompanied by Onyankopon and Griza. She addresses them as heroes of Shiganshina and says that this meeting is an honor for her. She regrets having to speak through the bars. Jean Kirshtein accuses Elena of assisting the Eldians only for personal gain.

When Grizzly breaks into the conversation and calls Sasha Braus a devil spawn, Elena immediately kills him. She apologizes and says that those who offend the Eldians with devils are not worth living. Elena assures that Zeke’s plan provides for the salvation not of Eldia or Marlia separately, but of the whole world. She asks permission to fill them in details.

Helen sits down on a chair and tells the scouts about the plan of an easy death, according to which the Eldians will lose the opportunity to have children. Jean objects that then they will remain helpless in front of other states. The girl replies that for this purpose it is necessary to transfer the powers of a titan of royal blood and a titan with a Coordinate. Thus, the Hum of the Earth will protect the island.

Jean sneers that Zeke has come up with the perfect plan. Elena replies that such a concept does not exist in real life and that every state faces problems and is looking for ways to solve them. She claims that Zeke and Yeager will become legends for centuries and that no one can surpass their greatness. The girl’s eyes shine either from admiration or from tears due to overwhelming emotions.

Listening to Elena, Armin Arlert begins to cry. She asks about the reason for the tears. Armin recognizes Zeke’s goal as a noble one, and this explains his emotional impulse. Elena shares with the guys that she is happy to know that they could understand and appreciate their plan. A soldier runs up to the girl and reports on a spy who has penetrated the fortress.

Eren climbs the stairs of the fortress with Finger Peak and Gaby Brown, accompanied by soldiers. Upstairs they are met by Elena, who opened the door to the observation deck. As a greeting, Peak notices that the girl has shaved off her beard, which was very good for her. Elena warns Eren not to rely on the words of the gauze, he replies that he and Peak do not trust each other.

Helen keeps the soldiers ready to attack the aliens. When Eren is suddenly attacked by the Toothy Titan, she asks Yeager not to engage in a hopeless battle and hide in the dungeons. However, the Attack Titan is waiting for the Armored Titan to appear. Elena orders the soldiers to throw all their strength into protecting Eren Yeager.

Watching the battle of the titans and Marlia’s growing power, she fears that the Attack Titan will be defeated. Eren does not allow Reiner, who is close to the back of his head, to attack and breaks his jaw. Elena is delighted with the strength of Yeager, tears come to her eyes. The Beast Titan appears and destroys Marlia’s airships. The girl spreads her arms in a silent gesture of extreme joy.

When Onyankopon frees the scouts and they go upstairs, they see Elena sitting in silence and contemplating the battle between the titans in Shiganshin. She reports that airships are no longer a threat and that the moment that will forever change human history is close to being accomplished. The scouts are shocked by what they see.

Jean Kirshtein asks Elena why Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman are not participating in the battle. The girl replies that Zeke probably defeated them to get to Shiganshina, as promised to Eren. Armin convinces his comrades that they should unite with the Yeagerists to help the brothers meet and save the world. Elena approaches Arlert and says that she believes him.

During the battle, the machine-gun pillbox hits the Bestial Titan, hitting Zeke inside, and he falls off the wall. Elena looks at this with undisguised horror. After a brief fight between the titans, Eren leaves the titan’s body and runs to Zeke. Elena sees how Gaby shoots off his head, a huge Primordial Titan appears in his place and the Hum of the Earth begins.

Titans filled Shigashin, killing civilians on both sides, trapped in Shiganshin. Elena is waiting for this massacre in the fortress, watching everything from there, besides, she realizes that everything did not go according to Zeke’s plan. After the battle, all survivors are also in the fortress. Flock puts a pistol to Elena’s head and orders to collect volunteers, as they are arrested.

When his demand is met, he offers the anti-Marlians a choice: join Eren’s followers or die proud. After that, he and Jean capture Elena and Onyankopon and call the Yeagerists. Flock declares the girl a traitor, pursuing a real goal under the guise of helping the island - the implementation of the plan for Zeke’s easy death.

Elena does not resist him, as her last words she asks if she hasn’t been shot yet. The Yeagerists urge Flock to kill the girl, but he decides to postpone and switches to Onnkopon. Jean shoots and misses and then pushes Flock away. The Titan-Carrier appears, which grabs Kirstein, Onyankopon and Elena with its jaws and escapes.

The peak takes them to the united Hanji Zoya, Levi Ackerman and Theo Magat. Scouts who have not joined the Jaegerists also arrive there, including Mikasa, Armin, Connie and the recovered Annie Leonhart. All of them, as well as Colt, Falco and Gabi, are having dinner in the woods. Former opponents take time to find common ground.

Over time, the situation becomes calmer, and the soldiers develop a plan of action. Theo Magath turns to Elena and asks about Eren’s whereabouts. The girl calls the general "a piece of shit" and says that she is not going to answer his questions. Peak interrupts the squabble and declares that she found out everything she could find about Elena.

Interestingly, she says that the girl became disillusioned with Marliya and after meeting with Zeke Yeager falsified her biography, turning into a resident of a defeated country. Peak says he admires Elena’s desperate greed and her desire to become part of history in this way. The deceiver smiles and claims that they are all the same.

Elena says that she sees all those gathered as those who inspire themselves with a noble mission to save humanity and hope to exterminate all existing evil. She turns to Reiner and reminds him of the inhabitants of the island who died through his fault. Elena then points out to Annie her many murders. After she switches to the islanders, because they also killed a lot of Marli.

Jean interrupts her and reminds her that she sacrificed a lot for her stupid dream, which ended in nothing. Elena reacts to his attack and pits them against Annie, recalling the death of Marco Botta. Ultimately, this leads to a fight and the realization that it is vital for them to join forces. Elena no longer tries to enter into a conversation, everyone goes to bed.

In the morning they move to the port to take possession of the plane, but it has already been captured by the Yeagerists. They stop to develop a plan of action. Theo Magath attacks Elena and again asks about Eren’s whereabouts. He assures the girl that he will not kill her. Elena says that she no longer strives for death and wants to see how it all ends.

She cries and claims that she can tell about Eren if they take her with them. Hange reminds Theo that they don’t have time to torture. Onyankopon puts a bandage on Elena’s broken arm. The soldiers are sent on a mission to capture the port. Elena, along with Onyankopon, Levi, Falco, Gabi and the Titan-Carrier remain to watch what is happening at a distance.

After a while, Peak delivers them to the ship, to which the plane is moored. The soldiers manage to fight off the Yeagerists, they also climb onto the ship. The ship departs for the city of Odia. There are no ships in its port, since all the inhabitants have left it. Soldiers descend to the shore to prepare the plane. Levy informs Armin that Elena has already woken up.

They, along with Peak, come to her cabin and ask about Eren’s whereabouts. The girl recalls how during a secret meeting she discussed with Yeager both the weaknesses of the outside world and the location of the resources that pose a danger to the Primordial Titan. Elena suggests that Eren will travel first to Karifa Air Force Base and then to Fort Salta.

Levy is surprised by the girl’s submissiveness. She says that she has a request for everyone present. Elena asks to acknowledge that Zeke is right and points out the destructiveness of the Earth Hum. Hange agrees that Eren did not give humanity any hope or confidence in a bright future. When the scouts take the plane to stop Eren, Elena remains on the ship.

Later, Annie decides to fight Eren, Falco offers to transform into a Beast Titan. To do this, Mrs. Kiyomi and Elena have to get onto a lifeboat, which was a good decision, since the ship sank. Thus, when the Rumble of the Earth was stopped by the soldiers, Elena was able to survive. Her further fate is unknown.

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