Ymir: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Ymir - Age: over 75; Height: 172 cm (human), 5 m (titanium). An orphan worshiped by the Eldians in Marlya as the king’s heiress. A foolish titanium for 60 years, in which she did not age. A cadet of the 104th Cadet Corps, then a soldier of the Intelligence Corps and a member of Squad Levi. Participant in the Battle of Trost. Wielder of the power of the Tooth Titan. Beloved of History Reiss.


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  3. Character
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  6. Arch 104th Cadet Corps
  7. The Battle of Trost Arc
  8. The Female Arc
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Ymir: Basic Information

Ymir: Appearance

Ymir is a very tall girl of athletic build. Her hair is light brown, shoulder-length, she collects them in a low ponytail with a red hairpin. Her face is almost always stern and indifferent, except in cases of sincere laughter. The cheeks are strewn with freckles. Ymir’s eyes are green, their gaze seems to penetrate deep into the soul.

The girl wears the standard uniform of the cadet corps and later the reconnaissance corps, under which she wears a gray long-sleeved v-neck jersey. In her free time, she dresses quite simply - the same T-shirt, brown trousers and boots. In Marliya, she was a living symbol of the cult, and therefore wore a white sundress.

In the form of a foolish titan, Ymir has a small body capable of agile movement. She is able to deftly climb any surface thanks to her claws on her hands and feet. She has long brown hair, black eyes, and massive jaws with two rows of straight, non-sharp teeth.

Ymir: Character

At a very young age, Ymir was worshiped by the Eldians, and she felt a responsibility to them. She was ready to sacrifice herself to save them when all the members of the cult were arrested by Marli soldiers. However, she was then exiled to Paradise and turned into an unreasonable titan, which she perceived as punishment. This served as an incentive to rethink their attitude to life.

After Ymir gets the opportunity to become a human, she makes a promise to herself to live only for herself. She becomes a harder person, learning to survive on the island. Ymir seeks to find someone similar to himself, and therefore finds History. She really finds her soul mate in her and accepts in herself both the desire to sacrifice something for the sake of a loved one, and the desire to live for herself.

It is worth noting that for the rest of the cadets, Ymir seemed uncommunicative and rude. She could demand from the guys to change something, because this feature annoyed her. This is most likely due to her habit of changing the subject when she is shy, which was mentioned by History. Ymir initially knew about Marliya and the Titans, because at first she did not want to be suspicious, and then she sought to save History.

Ymir: Interesting Facts

Ymir: Famous Quotes

"You want to die in such a way that your selflessness is legendary. But no, I seem to dig too deeply. Do you really want people to think you are a good person, ready to die for a comrade? Because if people next to you die , they will look askance at you "- Ymir Kriste Lenz during training in the snowy mountains.

"When I opened my eyes again, freedom stretched before me. If fate exists, I can only laugh at its whims. And then I vowed: I will not lie again. I will never deceive myself. I will be honest with myself." woke up in the Unknown Lands after eating Marcel Galliard.

"I was reminded that everything in my life was fiction" - Ymir, while reminiscing about his past.

Ymir: Arch 104th Cadet Corps

At the cadet initiation ceremony, instructor Kis Shadis does not approach Ymir to humiliate her. This means that in the girl he saw maturity and readiness to become a soldier. On the evening of that day, Ymir sees Christa Lenz, who brought food and water to the punished Sasha Braus, and asks if she is doing this because it is right. Ymir volunteers to bring Sasha to the bed so that she should stay with her, because this can be used if necessary.

During training, she is uncommunicative and not inclined to work in a team, she does not possess outstanding data. She does not participate in disputes, squabbles and pranks of her fellow students. However, Ymir can often be seen next to Krista. After 3 years of study, she became one of the 218 graduates of the cadet corps of the 850th year, without entering the top ten students.

Ymir: The Battle of Trost Arc

When the Colossal Titan appears behind the wall, Ymir, along with the rest of the cadets, is tasked with supporting the vanguard in the central part of the Trost area. She is with Christa Lenz in the same group. When they find Armin Arlert in a deranged state, Ymir reveals that Armin Arlert is the only survivor of his team.

Connie objects to her, because he hasn’t had time to explain anything to them yet. Ymir replies that this is obvious and they cannot waste time on it. Springer asks why he was able to survive, Ymir just shrugs and jokes that he was mistaken for a corpse. With mock sympathy, she says that the guys died in vain if they saved Armin in this way. Connie threatens to fight her for saying that.

Their squabble is stopped by Christa, she tries to cheer up her friends. Ymir hugs her, says that he recognizes his friend, and laughingly suggests Lenz to marry her after the end of the operation. Then they continue to fight the titans. Later, the cadets rest and socialize. Connie tells them about how they got to headquarters and resupplied gas supplies.

He also reports that almost everyone who is not present has died. Ymir sighs and asks about Mikasa, he replies that she stayed with Jean. Therefore, the girl repeats the question to him, but does not receive an answer. The cadets hear a cannon shot and see a column of smoke. Then all the soldiers are gathered against the wall. Dot Pixis appears on it and announces that Eren can become a titan, and that they will repair a gap in the wall.

Ymir doesn’t look surprised, unlike Connie, who turns to her and asks if he’s stupid if he doesn’t understand what’s going on. The girl calls him a fool and asks him to shut up. The cadets are tasked with protecting Attack Titan Eren at all costs, until he closes the hole in the wall with a boulder. To do this, it is necessary to destroy the titans that have infested the Trost.

Ymir: The Female Arc

The operation was completed successfully, as a result, it was possible to capture two titans for experiments. In the evening, the guys gather at the funeral pyre to say goodbye to their comrades who fell in battle. Ymir grieves along with everyone. Suddenly Jean Kirshtein calls out to her and Krista to share his intention to join the Survey Corps.

Due to the fact that someone killed the captive titans with the help of the UPM, all cadets, including Ymir, are collected to check the equipment. Nothing suspicious can be found. In the evening of this day, each of them must join one of the branches of the army. Survey Corps Commander Erwin Smith arrives and delivers a straightforward speech to the cadets.

It is important to note that all this time, Ymir has been observing Christa’s reactions and actions. After the speech, Erwin asks everyone to leave, except those who are ready to join the ranks of the scouts. In the end, the girls stay. Christa is crying with fear, and Ymir asks why she didn’t leave. Erwin declares them to be members of the Intelligence Corps.

In the morning, they begin training, in which they study the construction schemes invented by Erwin Smith. In the evening, the guys get together and listen to Jean trying to figure out the seriousness of Eren’s intentions, since none of the recruits wants to die aimlessly. Ymir does not interfere with the conversation, just watches with a distant look.

The next day, the Reconnaissance Corps sets out on an expedition. On the way, the Female appears, which Erwin Smith lures into the Forest of Giant Trees. The side formation flags, where Ymir is located, are waiting in the trees around the perimeter and blocking the titans. Explosions are heard from the depths of the forest, Ymir asks Berthold where Christa is, but he does not know it.

After a while, the soldiers hear the cry of the Female and notice that the small titans rush into the thicket. They try to distract or destroy them, but the giants ignore them. After the capture of the female owner fails, the soldiers are ordered to retreat through the trees. Thus, they return to the outside of the walls.

Ymir: Clash of the Titans Arc

When the Titans appear outside Wall Rose, the former 104th Corps cadets become bored and lament that they have been ordered to dress in civilian clothes and not train. Thus, they are tested for the presence of titans after discovering the abilities of Annie Leonhart and Eren Yeager. Ymir and Krista are nonchalantly discussing something when Sasha Braus begins to claim that giants are approaching them.

After that, Nanaba appears and gives the order to dismantle the horses and evacuate people from the villages, since the Rose wall has been broken. It was decided to divide into groups so that each one had one officer with UPM and scouts, and go to all directions of the world. Ymir follows along with Krista and Nanaba. They quickly get to the wall and decide to move south.

Ymir is surprised by this choice of direction, and she notes that there should be no people there. She explains to the girl that they will look for a breach in the wall, following along its western part. Ymir objects because she and Krista have no equipment. Therefore, she asks permission to leave the front line. Nanaba refuses her request.

Christa tells Ymir that she wants to fulfill the duty of a soldier, because she herself chose the path of a scout. Lenz also remarks that her friend chose the Survey Corps for a different reason. Ymir interrupts her, asking if she thinks it was all done for her. Christa asks her friend to explain why she joined the ranks of the scouts. Lenz recalls that Ymir gave her a place in the top ten cadets and persuaded her to join the Military Police.

Christa does not understand why her friend is ready to sacrifice a lot for her. She asks if her parentage has anything to do with this. Ymir, who has been silent all this time, answers in the affirmative. She also asks Christa not to bother herself and not doubt that she is doing this for herself. Lenz dejectedly agrees, and Ymir becomes brooding.

Sasha Braus, left alone with the titan, recalls the conversation with Ymir. Once she came up and asked why Sasha was polite and respectful even with his comrades. Ymir did not give her an answer, saying that Braus was embarrassed by his village manner of speaking, and her parents sent her to the cadet corps. She then asked if Sasha always wants to pretend to be someone in order to please people.

It is worth noting that Ymir said that Sasha is good in herself and should not please everyone. Christa objected to her friend that Sasha herself chooses what to be and is not obliged to change if she annoys someone with her manner of speaking. She calls her friend heartless, and she is genuinely surprised by this. Sasha starts laughing, and Ymir gets angry because of this. The memory gives Braus the strength to fight for his life.

Nanaba’s group walked along the wall until late at night, until they ran into Gerger’s group. Ymir is surprised and very tired. The soldiers find out that neither one nor the other found the hole in the wall. The moon comes out from behind the clouds and the soldiers see the ruins of the castle. They decide to spend the night in it. In the castle, they find signs that just recently someone was hiding in it.

The soldiers gather around the fire and communicate with each other. Christa is surprised at the lack of a hole in the wall and assumes that they are unaware of the appearance of the foolish titans. Ymir glances suspiciously at her friend, but she does not continue her thought. Then she decides to change the subject and looks at the comrades sitting opposite.

Ymir asks Connie what happened to his village. He replies that it is destroyed, but the Titans did not kill anyone. He also shares his feelings about the giant, similar to his mother. Reiner tugs at Connie but is interrupted by Ymir’s laughter. She makes fun of his small stature despite his titan parent. Connie gets angry and asks Ymir to go to bed. The soldiers go to the couch, who to search for food in the pantries.

Rainer enters the back room as Ymir rummages through the contents of the box. She jokes about a date night and then pulls out canned food and happily announces that she has found herring. Rainer understands that a girl should not be able to read the language in which the label is written. Ymir tenses when he realizes that he is guessing about something. Suddenly, Rene orders to urgently climb to the roof.

There they see titans able to move without sunlight, they surround the castle. They then spot the Beast Titan, which shocks everyone at the sight. Ymir draws attention to the admiring glances of Rainer Braun and Berthold Hoover. This seems suspicious to her. Small titans begin to attack the tower, the officers of the Observation squad fight with them, but cannot cope.

Rene gives the order to the guys to return to the castle and barricade themselves, as the titans are already making their way inside. They go downstairs after Reiner, who is attacked by a giant. Ymir with Christa and Connie find the cannon and lower it down the stairs, knocking the titan down. Lenz offers to retreat upstairs when he sees a Titan behind Connie.

Reiner pushes his friend away, but his hand ends up in the giant’s jaw. Then Brown grabs him and carries him up the stairs to the window opening. Connie helps free his hand, and Ymir kicks the titan out of the window with a kick. After that, she helps Springer and Hoover set up the props to the basement door. With that done, Ymir watches as Christa bandages Reiner.

She asks Lenz to treat the abrasion on her arm, but Connie offers to smear such a small scratch with saliva. Then Ymir offers to collect everything that can help them in survival and looks out the window. She admires the Observation Squad. The Bestial One throws a stone at the tower. The guys run out onto the roof and see that two officers have been killed.

The bestial titan lets out a scream, and the tower is attacked by a crowd of titans twice as many as before. The remaining two officers are killed. Christa throws stones at the giants in impotent rage. Ymir grabs her hand and warns her not to fall from the tower, which is barely falling. The situation for the recruits is becoming extremely difficult and desperate.

Connie says she doesn’t want to die without finishing things. Christa regrets that they have no weapons to fight and die together. Ymir is angry with her and tells her not to use the death of the officers as a pretext for suicide under a noble guise. Christa does not agree with this, after which Ymir takes a knife from Connie and claims that she will fight with it.

Rainer asks what she is going to do, however she replies. which she herself does not yet understand. Ymir approaches Christa and says that since they are likely to die here, Lenz must remember the promise made in the snowy mountains. She also asks to live and always believe in yourself. Ymir then scatters and jumps from the tower into the crowd of titans, despite her friend’s screams.

At this moment, Christa remembers training in the snowy mountains. Then she dragged the sick Daz along, not paying attention to the storm, and Ymir asked to leave him, because otherwise they would die three together. Lenz, however, insisted on her own and tried to keep walking. Then Ymir suggested that Christa wants to die, hiding behind the help of a sick comrade as a plausible excuse.

The girl pauses. Then Ymir asks if it is true that she is the illegitimate daughter who was supposed to be killed. Christa is surprised that her friend knows this. This reaction serves as confirmation for Ymir. She tells how she heard about it in one of the churches in the Hinterlands. Two pastors talked about it while she hid behind the pews.

Interestingly, this is how Ymir found out that the girl was forced to take a fictitious name and go to a cadet school. She reassures Lenz that she will not sell this information. Then Christa guesses that her friend became a cadet in order to find her, but does not understand why. Ymir replies that this is due to the similarity of their past lives, however, she opposes herself to Christa, because she did not reject her freedom and will.

She is outraged by the fact that Lenz directs her energy and fortitude not to change her fate, but to strive for suicide. Christa replies that there is still no chance for the three of them to escape. However, Ymir proposes to throw Daz off the cliff and test his luck, and go down on their own. Krista continues to rest, then her friend grabs her and throws her aside.

Krista climbs back up the slope with requests not to dump Daz, but finds neither him nor Ymir at the top of the cliff. She descends to the base and sees Ymir waiting for her. She says that everything is fine with Daz. Christa asks to tell how they got down. Then Ymir says that he can entrust her with his secret in exchange for a promise. She asks Christa to start living under her own name.

Falling from the roof of the tower, Ymir cuts his palm with a knife. At this moment, she mentally sympathizes with Christa, who was also hated for her very existence, and realizes that she would like to be reborn and live her whole life just for herself. Ymir transforms into a Toothy Titan and lands in a crowd of giants. She nimbly destroys them one by one.

Her comrades are shocked, especially Rainer and Berthold, as they have already met this titan. Brown asks Christa if she knew about Ymir’s ability to become a titan. She replies that she did not even suspect despite the fact that they were always and everywhere together. Connie remarks that unlike Eren, Ymir knew that she was capable of transforming into a titan.

Ymir continues to desperately fight the titans, protecting the tower from destruction with all his might. Christa draws attention to the fact that their friend could escape alone with the help of her powers, but instead remained to protect her comrades, risking her life. She gets angry and yells at Ymir not to try to die with dignity and reminds her to live for herself. She asks to destroy the tower, but not to die.

Then Ymir does so, the stones crush the titans with a crash. She offers to climb onto her body to be saved. Thus, the guys manage to avoid death. The titans did not die from the collapse of the tower, Ymir again rushes into the attack. However, she cannot deal with them alone, and therefore she gets a couple of hard blows.

Ymir loses consciousness, the titans greedily tear her flesh to pieces. Christa runs to her and screams that she has not yet had time to say her real name. She doesn’t have time to finish when the titan appears in front of her. Reinforcements from the members of the Reconnaissance Corps arrive. The soldiers are destroying all the small titans. Christa asks Hange Zoe not to kill Ymir.

She was badly wounded in the stomach and lost her right arm and leg. When Ymir finds the strength to open her eyes and look at Christa holding her in her arms, she says that her real name is History Reiss. The girl smiles and closes her eyes, happy that her friend wants to fulfill the promise given to her long ago to start living under her own name and change her destiny.

Krista tries to convince commander Zoe of Ymir’s sincerity to save her comrades, because she was ready to sacrifice her life for them. Lenz admits that her friend was hiding important information, but claims that she is an ally for them. Hanji refers to the situation with understanding. Ymir is given first aid, laid on a stretcher and lifted to the wall, where all the soldiers are gathered.

Christa and Hanji go to the doctor, who reports that the girl is in a coma, but the bleeding has stopped and steam is emanating from the wounds. Zoe orders Nifa to bring Ymir to Trost for quality medical care. The scouts move to Trost. Reiner and Berthold confess to Eren that they are the Armored and Colossal Titans and transform.

A battle ensues between them and the transformed Eren. A colossal titan grabs a stretcher with Ymir. As the Attack Titan has almost defeated the Armored Titan, it lets out a terrible scream. The colossal titan begins to fall from the wall directly onto Eren and Reiner below it. Yeager and Ymir are kidnapped by traitors.

After a while, the Reconnaissance Corps reinforcements arrive, led by Commander Erwin Smith. Christa Lenz offers to catch up with the kidnappers. Along with the other scouts, she listens as Hange suggests that the traitors are hiding in the Forest of Huge Trees. The members of the Reconnaissance Corps move there.

At this time, the kidnappers, along with their prisoners, are indeed in the Forest of Huge Trees. Ymir wakes up before Eren. When Yeager wakes up, he is terrified of missing limbs. Then the girl shows him her stumps of her right arms and legs to calm him down. Ymir notices that the day has not been good for them.

When Eren, not assessing the situation, begins to behave aggressively, the girl asks him to look around. She points out to him that they are in the Forest of Huge Trees and are surrounded by titans. Ymir also draws attention to the fact that only Reiner and Berthold are wearing UPM, which means that they can not only transform, but also run away through the trees.

Thanks to the girl, Eren realizes that turning into a titan is not profitable now. Rainer says that neither she nor Yeager will now be able to transform due to severe injuries. Ymir says she doesn’t know much about how her abilities work. She reminds Reiner that he promised to explain himself when Eren wakes up.

Brown says that he will take them both to his homeland, they will begin their movement after dark. Ymir asks why they stopped in the Forest of Huge Trees, to which he does not answer. She then recalls that Utgarde Castle had titans capable of moving without sunlight. Rainer replies that these were other giants and that even Ymir should know this.

Conversation ceases, and everyone is left to their own thoughts while waiting for the sunset. Suddenly, Reiner starts talking about the promotion like a regular soldier. This surprises Ymir, she asks him why he is saying this. However, Brown, without a second thought, continues his monologue, switching to sympathy for History. Eren threatens to beat him up, but Ymir stops him.

She turns to Berthold and asks what is happening with his friend. He reminds Brown that they are Warriors, and the guys see a change in his behavior. Ymir says that he is beginning to understand what is happening. She says she found it odd that Reiner risked his life to save Connie even though he broke through the wall himself.

The girl understands that Brown, due to a sense of guilt, cannot decide who he is - a Warrior or a soldier. Ymir is amazed at Reiner’s conscientiousness and says it’s amazing. Brown demands to shut her up, and the girl apologizes for getting so deep into his head. Eren promises to devote himself to ensuring that such ruthless killers have to suffer before dying.

Ymir says she hates such childishness. She asks Reiner about the Beast Titan, and when he tries to avoid answering, she recalls her and Berthold’s admiring glances. She suggests that the titans behind the wall came from behind him to assess the capabilities of the scouts. She also claims that Rainer and Berthold are heading to him to return to their homeland.

Brown and Hoover are amazed at Ymir’s shrewdness. Eren asks to tell everything she knows. However, the girl is in no hurry to answer and says that she has personal motives. She tells Ehren that after the murder of Reiner and Berthold nothing will be over. Yeager then asks who their enemy really is. Ymir is about to shy away from answering.

It is worth noting that she does not have time to finish, because Reiner interrupts her with a warning to think about the future and take the right side. Ymir replies that he does not trust him or Berthold. Then he says that he knows about the girl’s goal to protect History. Rainer asks who is better able to help her with this - Eren or them. He suggests that Ymir hopes to use Yeager to escape.

Rainer admits that she cannot guarantee her safety if she follows them. However, he promises to take care of History. Ymir thinks about choosing his life or caring for a friend. Eren asks her again who is the enemy of humanity. Ymir replies that it could be anyone. Reiner takes this answer for choosing the girl in favor of History.

They notice the signal smoke of the approaching Reconnaissance Corps soldiers. Berthold asks Rainer if he is ready to confide in Ymir. Brown replies that he understands her position and that they can take History with them. By this time, Ymir had already fully recovered her arm and leg. Rainer announces that they are being nominated now. He and Eren get into a fight.

At this time, Berthold sits down next to Ymir and asks if she remembers who she ate in order to regain her human form. She replies that it happened about five years ago, but she doesn’t know anything else. Ymir asks if it was a friend of Berthold and Reiner. Hoover is silent in response. Ymir understands everything without words and apologizes for not remembering him.

Berthold replies that he also does not remember how he ate his predecessor. He assumes that this is the case with everyone. Ymir asks if Rainer and Berthold hate her. He says that she did not do it of her own accord. He asks how much time she spent in the form of a foolish titan. Ymir says it was like an endless nightmare that lasted about 60 years.

Reiner manages to defeat Eren and they set out. Ymir holds onto Berthold as they use the UPM to move through the forest. She realizes that History must have gone to save her friend and demands that they take her now. Reiner says she will have to wait for another opportunity. Ymir says that she does not believe him, because by that time the Warriors will have eaten her.

The girl says she wants to see History for the last time. Berthold apologizes to her and explains that now they cannot do this. Rainer promises to save History from the war and asks Ymir to trust them for her. This has a calming effect on the girl, and she agrees to the conditions of Reiner and Berthold. Mentally, she apologizes to History for lying to herself again.

Ymir is immersed in the memories of his childhood. She, a homeless orphan, was found on one of the streets of Marlia by two men. They said that she would start a new life with a new name and named her Ymir. They introduced her to the Eldians as the heir to the royal line. Ymir had warm food, a soft bed and a feeling that all these people - members of the cult of Lady Ymir - needed it.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that one evening the Marli soldiers broke into the parish and captured the Eldians. The pastor accused Ymir of naming herself the heiress. The muzzle of a gun was put to her head, and she began to deny the accusations. However, she herself remembered that this was only an illusion. Looking at the people who needed her, Ymir lied that she was a member of the royal family.

In this way, she hoped to save everyone. However, both she and the cult members were exiled to the island and turned into foolish titans. Ymir wandered behind the walls and considered it a punishment for lying to herself. She lay down and fell asleep, covered over time with soil and grass. So the years passed, until one day Annie, Berthold, Rainer and their friend Marcel Galliard, who arrived on the island, camped nearby.

Ymir woke up and attacked Brown, who was pushed aside by Marcel, who possessed the power of the Tooth Titan. She consumed him and awoke in the Unknown Lands. At that very moment, she felt free and promised not to lie to herself anymore. She penetrated the walls and began to live thanks to petty theft. One day in church, she heard about History Reiss and entered the cadet school.

Through the memories of her life, Ymir decides to be honest with herself at the moment. She attacks Berthold, causing the two of them to almost fall to the ground. Ymir says that although her titan is weaker than the titans Reiner and Berthold, she is much more agile. She threatens to take Eren and return to the Survey Corps if they don’t take History with them now.

Reiner reminds her that this is not how she will save her friend. Ymir replies that she is ready to take away the future of History, just to meet her. She invites Reiner to either follow her plan or kill each other. Brown and Hoover have to agree, because the girl promises them the opportunity to escape, moreover, having obtained History.

The scouts on the UPM rush into the thicket of the forest, where they find Ymir in the form of a titanium sitting on a tree. Connie stops the soldiers preparing to attack her and asks about what happened. Not receiving an answer, he jumps on her neck and kicks her in the head, explaining this in a hurry. Her comrades ask her many questions, but she does not answer. Ymir looks out for History among them.

And just the girl herself happily rushes to her friend. Ymir leaps into History and runs away through the trees. The scouts rush in pursuit. Ymir manages to reach the accomplices at the edge of the forest. Reiner transforms into an Armored Titan, on whose body they try to escape. The scouts chase them on horseback.

Ymir takes History out of his mouth and detaches from the titan’s body to apologize for this method of abduction. She explains to her friend that she is going to leave with her after Berthold and Reiner, because otherwise they will all die. Ymir tries to explain that you can live well outside the walls. History does not understand her motives and assumes that she was threatened.

She says that she will always be on the side of Ymir, will fight for her. Berthold draws everyone’s attention to the fact that the scouts got too close to them, which could have been avoided if they had not had to return for History. He asks Ymir if she has changed her mind again. History asks to let her go, but Ymir replies that she will never do it.

She claims that she kidnapped her friend just to save her own life. She says that she stole the power of a titan from a friend of Reiner and Berthold, that the two of them will not be able to defeat. Ymir says that her help in kidnapping History will be able to mitigate their resentment, and then she will not be killed. She explains that this is beneficial to the guys because of the royal lineage, and she hopes to survive by doing so.

Ymir asks History to save her. In response, she smiles and repeats that in any circumstances she will be on the side of her friend. The scouts have already come close to the guys, and the titan Ymir is trying to throw them off the body of the Armored Titan, grabbing onto the UPM cables. Mikasa wounds the Tooth Titan’s eye and swings to destroy it, but History tells her not to kill her.

She tries to explain to Ackerman that Ymir has no choice, otherwise Berthold and Rainer will kill her. Mikasa replies that he will not spare anyone who will stop her from saving Eren. History asks Ymir not to resist, and she listens to her request. Commander Erwin leads an army of titans directly to the Armored Titan.

They knock him down and lash out greedily. Ymir fights desperately in an attempt to protect her friend. The toothy titan is pressed to the ground by an unreasonable giant, and History destroys him. Connie grabs her at a gallop, but the girl resists and asks her to let go. Springer follows sound logic, not believing History’s explanations, and reminds her that Ymir will do everything to save her.

The Armored Titan hurls at the Titan Scouts. Ymir sees one of them chasing Erwin and rescuing the commander. In parallel with this, the girl is in doubt which side to join. History, with the help of the UPM, climbs onto the Toothy Titan and asks her friend to confess to the lie. She asks Ymir to stop living for the sake of others, after which she begins to fight the titans.

The toothy titan also destroys giants. When Eren issues a Scream and all the titans are distracted by his orders, Ymir realizes his value to Reiner and Berthold and realizes that the island also has a chance to survive. Connie calls for History and Ymir to escape together. However, the Toothy Titan gently strokes the girl on the head, apologizes and runs away.

The titan Ymir climbs onto Reiner and helps him defeat the surrounding titans. In the end, they are saved and by nightfall they reach Wall Maria. Rainer asks why Ymir came back. She replies that the Warriors should not return home empty-handed. She then says that thanks to their attack on Shiganshina, she began to live in a new way.

Interestingly, Ymir says that he wants to atone for the murder of their friend Marcel and that he understands the gravity of their situation. Berthold cries and thanks her and also apologizes. A tear also runs down Ymir’s cheek. She jokes that pretending to be a goddess was very good for humans. Zeke Yeager is already waiting for the three of them to meet.

Ymir: Death

When Ymir returned to Marlya, she volunteered to transfer the powers of the Tooth Titan to the next owner. Porco Galliard ate it and was able to see some of the girl’s memories. That is why he learned that Rainer copied his brother Marcel when he lived on Paradise Island.

Arch Return to Shiganshina

When Rainer Braun is defeated in Shiganshin, he is interrogated by Hange Zoe. She finds a metal box in his breast pocket and asks him about the contents. Rainer reveals that inside is a letter from Ymir, which he promised to give to History. Hange agrees to this after checking the contents and takes the box. Queen History later receives and reads it.

It is important to note that in it Ymir refers to her as "my beloved" and calls his letter a love letter. She apologizes and says that she did not expect her decision to leave History and leave with Reiner and Berthold. Ymir informs that she will soon die. She also writes that she only regrets that she could not marry History. When she touches the leaves, the whole story of Ymir’s life flashes before her eyes. She also sees how she is being eaten.

Ymir: Post-Death Appearances

Arch of the Royal Government

When Rod Reiss kidnaps Eren and Historia so that his daughter can absorb the Attack Titan, the girl has to choose what to do. As she brings the transforming fluid syringe to her hand, a memory floats into her head. In it, Ymir asks with irony if History is again trying to do what is right, and not what is best for her. This gives the girl the strength to resist her father and make her own decision.

Ymir is the owner of the titanic power, created by Ymir Fritz to protect Eren Yeager during the implementation of the Rumble of the Earth. During the battle, she and the other Titan Men meet with Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert at the point where the Paths converge. They ask the already deceased owners of the titans for help. In Jaw Titan form, Ymir manages to protect Armored Titan Reiner from the Hammer Titan.

Ymir: Tooth Titan

The toothy titan Ymir is 5 meters high. He has a disproportionate body due to the need to move quickly and nimbly. The titan has long claws on his arms and legs. The hair is long, the same color as Ymir’s. The eyes are dark, almost black. Titanium’s jaws are powerful, with large and very sharp teeth.

The Tooth Titan’s previous owner was Marcel Galliard, who was eaten by Ymir. She then transferred her power to his brother, Porco Galliard. Ymir in the form of the Toothy Titan killed, in addition to Marseilles, only one soldier of the Survey Corps. She also tried to kill Rainer Braun and Mikasa Ackerman, but she failed.

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