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Ymir Fritz - Age: unknown; Height: unknown. First a concubine, and then the King’s wife. Mother of the heiresses of Mary, Rosa and Sina. After meeting with one of the life forms, she received the power of a titan and became the Titan Progenitor. With the help of her abilities, she developed the capabilities and civilized living conditions of mankind. After her death, her power gave rise to nine sentient titans. Her soul is in the place where the Paths converge. She creates the bodies of the titans.


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Ymir Fritz: Basic Information

Ymir Fritz: Appearance

Ymir Fritz is a young girl with a slender figure. Her hair is very light, just below the shoulders. She wears them loose, collecting for convenience with a rim from a strip of fabric, leaving only the bangs unattended. Ymir’s face is pretty, most often he has a sad expression on his face. The eyes are bright, they look as if with an unseeing gaze. Ymir dresses in white both as a slave and as a concubine.

In the form of the Titan Progenitor, Ymir also has light eyes and hair. The body looks like a woman’s. Titanium is very tall. Ribs protrude from the chest, instead of a full-fledged head - a skull.

Ymir Fritz was Karl Fritz’s slave. As befits servants, she is silent and meek. However, according to other slaves, she made an oversight that did not go unnoticed by the Ruler. Despite the fact that he sentenced the girl to death, she returned when she received the power of the Titan Progenitor.

It is worth noting that Ymir had incomparable abilities, but she humbly carried out the orders of Karl Fritz: whether it was the murder of soldiers of a neighboring state, the construction of bridges or the birth of heirs. However, she really put her soul into the development of her people, developed Eldia.

Ymir loved Karl and died to save his life. After death, her soul did not find rest and remained to live in the Unknown Lands, experiencing the torment of love. Nevertheless, even after her death, she carried out the orders of the King, maintaining the existence of the power of the titans.

This speaks of Ymir’s great reserve of patience. However, her emotional experiences gave her pain that there was no one to share with. Over time, she also wanted to destroy the existing world. Nevertheless, Ymir found support and consolation from Mikasa Ackerman and realized that she did not want to destroy the world, but the ability of the Eldians to become titans.

"My titans will reign forever as long as our world exists" - Ymir Fritz tells Eren Yeager in the Ways.

Ymir Fritz: Character Story

OVA-1: Diary of Ilse Langner

Ilsa Langner is a member of the 34th Expedition Behind the Walls. She lost her horse and UPM, but continued to run, writing observations in her diary as she walked. He meets a titan on the way, but does not stop taking notes. The giant is in no hurry to eat it. The titan utters the words "Mistress" and "Ymir", and then bows in respect.

Ilsa continues to take notes. She decides to try talking to the titan. The girl asks him why they eat people. The titan rips the skin on his face and bites off Ilsa’s head. However, he does not eat the body, but places it in the hollow of a tree, equipping the altar of Ymir in it.

In a cave under the Reiss chapel, Rod Reiss tells his daughter History the story of their family. He also explains that they are members of the royal family. Among their ancestors - Ymir - the progenitor of their people and the first who received the power of a titan. Rod says that she had the ability to subjugate everyone to her will and change people’s memories of the world. History recalls reading a book about her with Frida.

As a child, his father told Grisha Yeager a story rewritten by the Marli people. This was necessary for them, the Eldians, to survive in society. That is why Mr. Yeager told his son about Ymir as a creature of evil - a woman who received the power of a titan from the devil.

Many years later, Grisha Yeager grew up and joined the ranks of the Eldia Restorers. There he saw evidence that Ymir used her power to make her people prosper. She was considered a goddess. He secretly instilled the same version of the story in his son, Zika Yeager.

For the first time we see Ymir Fritz in the form of a young girl - her soul, living in the Unknown Lands. Zeke gets there after death. He finds himself in the middle of the desert, next to him sits a girl and sculpts his body out of sand. He is then resurrected in real life from the body of another titan.

After Marley’s invasion of Paradise Island, Eren Yeager is killed by Gabi Brown. He also finds himself in the Unknown Lands. There he sees his brother - Zeke Yeager, chained in chains, and the girl, who is introduced to him as the Ancestor Ymir. Eren is surprised by what he hears.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Zeke tells him how after his death he ended up in this place and how he was resurrected with the help of Ymir. He suggests that this is where she creates the bodies of the titans so that anyone on earth can transform. Eren pays attention to how long Ymir Fritz was alone.

Zeke asks Eren to give her the order to carry out their plan to change the bodies of the Eldians in order to end their lineage. The younger brother, in response, asks why he is chained. Zeke explains that this is an oath of renunciation of war and that it does not allow him to leave the Unknown Lands. He also says that Eren is the only one who is free here and can give orders to Ymir.

Zeke repeats his request to carry out their plan with Ymir’s help. Eren admits that he was not going to perform it and played along with his brother all this time. No amount of persuasion from Zeke has any effect on him. Eren turns to the Ancestor and asks for her power. To his surprise, Ymir Fritz walks by and kneels in front of Zeke.

He says that he foresaw such actions of Eren, but is still disappointed. He says that he spent enough time in the Unknown Lands to learn many things. As an example, Zeke explains to Eren that Ymir is capable of creating anything, like his chains. He squeezes them with his hand, and they crumble with sand at his feet. Zeke is free from his shackles.

Zeke states that, while with Ymir, he realized that the oath of renunciation of war is powerless. He also says that although the Ancestor has unlimited power, in this guise Ymir Fritz is a slave who meekly obeys the orders of the members of the royal family. Thus, the power of the Primordial Titan is at the mercy of Zeke Yeager. On his orders, Ymir fetters Eren in chains.

The brothers are immersed in a journey through the past. They see their father raising Zeke and Eren. They begin to understand each other better. However, it becomes obvious that Grisha Yeager lived his whole life at the behest of Eren, and not vice versa. Zeke doesn’t understand how this is possible. Eren thanks him for the fact that his brother brought him into his father’s memories and everything fell into place.

Zeke turns to Ymir and orders her to take away the ability to reproduce from the Eldians. The progenitor humbly goes to fulfill his will. Eren breaks free from the shackles at the cost of severed fingers and runs to Ymir to stop. Zeke says it’s useless.

2,000 years ago, Ymir Fritz was a simple slave. One day, someone released the pigs and they ran away. Then King Karl Fritz appealed to his servants to extradite the culprit. They all pointed to Ymir. By order of the King, her eyes were gouged out and she was released to run through the forest, releasing hunting dogs on her.

The girl ran and came out to a huge tree with a crevice at the roots. She went inside looking for cover. Ymir fell into the water in which an unusual creature lived. After she and the source of living matter came into contact, Ymir transformed into a titan. The courtiers saw this and reported the incident to Karl Fritz.

He gave orders to Ymir, so Eldia made great progress in the development of her people. Possessing incomparable strength, the girl obeyed the Ruler. As a reward, he honored Ymir to give birth to his children. She loved him. He later ordered an attack on Marlya, which brought victory to Eldia.

Ymir Fritz fought and gave birth to the King’s descendants - three daughters, whose names were Maria, Rosa and Sina. Thirteen years later, one day, she stood next to him, addressing the people. Ymir noticed the man attacking the King, throwing a spear. She is exposed and dies. Karl Fritz only says that she is not dead and must get up and continue to work, because she is a slave.

After the death of Ymir, her soul is in the Unknown Lands. The King ordered her body to be chopped up so that his daughters would eat it. They receive the powers of the titans. Before dying, the King orders his daughters to give birth to many children and also give them the ability to transform. So, from generation to generation, nine Titans were created.

Before his death, the King said that Eldia should rule even in the next world, as long as the world exists. Ymir Fritz remembered this as the last order and did everything to fulfill the will of the Ruler. Eren became imbued with the girl’s story and again asked her to give him strength so that he could end this world.

He tells her that she is neither a slave, nor a goddess - just an ordinary person who can choose. He suggests that Ymir either destroy the world, or stay in this position forever. Zeke is desperate to stop Eren from wiping people off the face of the earth. He calls out to Ymir, but to no avail.

Zeke orders to obey him, a member of the royal family - no effect. Eren takes pity on Ymir and says that she had to wait 2,000 years for someone to understand her. The progenitor is crying. She gives the power of the Primordial Titan to Eren Yeager. It transforms and activates the Hum of the Earth.

This causes a lot of damage - huge territories have been leveled, countless deaths. Eren’s surviving comrades unite against Eren. They repeatedly go to the Unknown Lands and one day they meet there little Eren, standing next to Ymir. He announces that they will have to kill him and there is no other way.

The soldiers accept his challenge. They attack the Primal Titan, but to no avail. Ymir watches their actions, preventing them from getting too close to Eren. She creates the bodies of the sentient titans of the past hosts to protect him. Ymir especially closely watches Armin and absorbs him.

He realizes that at such a pace Eren will submit to the will of Ymir, who intends to destroy humanity. Armin finds himself in the Unknown Lands and looks for ways to use this to help his comrades. He also spots Zeke and they greet him. Together they manage to summon the souls of those who once possessed the power of a titan for help.

Ymir oversees their activities in the Unknown Lands. They understand that they can also use the Paths and transform into titans, which make their way to the back of the head of the Primordial Titan. On the second attempt, Eren is killed - Mikasa chops off his head and kisses him goodbye. Ymir is watching this too.

Armin and Eren meet in the Unknown Lands and talk about the Ancestor. They conclude that she loved Karl Fritz and that this connected her with the abandoned world for 2,000 years. All this time she was waiting for someone who would free her from the torment of love. Mikasa Ackerman turned out to be such a person.

Mikasa and Ymir also meet for a conversation. Ackerman says that the Ancestor saw the world through her eyes. She blesses Ymir’s soul for repose. The progenitor leaves this world forever. She is equipped with a grave at the roots of a huge tree from which it all began.

Ymir Fritz: Death

Ymir Fritz was the concubine of Ruler Karl Fritz. With the power of the Primordial Titan, she fought with Marlia and gave birth to the heirs of the royal family. She loved Karl. Once a captured soldier threw a spear at the King, but Ymir stood up under the blow. Karl did not grieve about her death, he ordered his daughters to eat her body so as not to lose the power of the titan.

On his deathbed, he ordered his children to give birth to many heirs and pass on abilities from generation to generation. Karl also said that Eldia should rule as long as the world exists. The soul of Ymir Fritz has been in the Unknown Lands for 2,000 years, fulfilling the King’s order. She was waiting for someone who could understand her and free her from oppressive heart wounds. Mikasa Ackerman turned out to be the person the Progenitor needed. She blessed Ymir’s soul to rest.

Ymir Fritz: Titan Progenitor

After meeting Ymir with the source of living matter, he merged with her spine and allowed her to transform into a titan. This was the first of the Nine Titans, from which they later descended thanks to the daughters of Ymir and their descendants. During her lifetime, Ymir, with the help of her abilities, helped to raise the virgin lands of Eldia, was engaged in enlightenment and waging war with Marlia.

The Titan Progenitor is capable of controlling all foolish titans. Ymir Fritz was the first to use this opportunity to perform all the merit attributed to her in the construction and refinement of Eldia. Rod Reiss, in a conversation with History, argued that in this way it is possible to destroy all people of the Ymir people, including the titans. The Walls of Paradise Island were also erected by the First King.

The Titan Ancestor is able to alter or erase the memories of one person or all Eldians at will. For example, the First King used this power to convince the inhabitants of the island that outside the Walls, humanity was extinct. And Frida Reiss erased the memories of herself from History. Nevertheless, it is known that there are families whose members are not affected by this ability: the Clan of Asia, the Ackermans and some other noble families.

Interestingly, the owner of the power of the Titan-Progenitor, if he belonged to the royal family, became the bearer of the knowledge and memories of all his predecessors. Members of the Reiss clan may have had access to the information from the time of Ymir Fritz. Non-royal hosts were also able to see the memories of past Titan powers, but were limited to a few generations.

Known possessors of the power of the Progenitor Titan, or the Primordial Titan, include Ymir Fritz, Karl Fritz, Mr. Reiss, Uri and Frida Reiss. They were members of the royal family and had the power of only one titan. Later it was stolen by Grisha Yeager, mixed with the power of the Attacking Titan, and in this form passed on to his son Eren.

Ymir Fritz: Coordinate

Coordinate is a special ability of Tian the Ancestor. With its help, you can change the memory and structure of the body of the Ymir people. At the discretion of the owner of the power, he can create foolish titans from the Eldians and completely subjugate them to his will. this ability has no range limit. The owner is limited only by his personal strength.

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