Zeke Yeager: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Zeke Yeager - Height: 183 cm (human), 17 m (Beast Titan); Age: 29 (in 854). The son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, and the brother of Eren Yeager. He was a candidate for the Warriors of Marley and received appropriate training. He became Tom Xavier’s successor and inherited the power of the Beast Titan from him, becoming the Gauze Warrior. Turned his parents over to the authorities of Marley. The author of the "easy death of the Eldian people" plan. Voluntarily accepted death at the hands of Levi Ackerman in order to stop the Buzz of the Earth.


  1. The main information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. Beast Titan
  4. The appearance and personality of the hero
  5. Interesting facts and quotes
  6. History, biography and death
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Zeke Yeager: The main information about the character

Zeke Yeager: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Leader. Zeke Yeager was not the captain of the Marley Warriors because he was the oldest wielder of a titan’s power. He possessed pronounced leadership qualities. Zeke demanded strict obedience. For example, when the mindless titan began to eat Mick Zacarias, the Beast Titan crushed the disobedient giant. Zeke also defended his position as leader of the Warriors when he fought Reiner’s Armored Titan in a dispute.

Good tactician. Zeke was able to change his plan of action as the situation developed, but he always calculated the most profitable tactics and adhered to it in any conditions. He leaned on her even when he had to make morally difficult choices. So Zeke decided not to save Annie after her capture by the islanders, as it was necessary to achieve the capture of Eren’s Progenitor Titan. To do this, Zeke had to turn a blind eye to the warm relationship between him and Leonhart.

Outstanding fighter. In the army of Marley, Zeke Yeager was valued for the effectiveness of his strategic decisions and combat. Thanks to the ability to use the Shout, operations to capture enemy cities took place as quickly as possible and with fewer losses on the part of the Marley army. However, Zeke acquired combat skills not only in the training of candidates for the Warriors, but also the Warriors. He went through many wars, and therefore honed his fighting skills.

Zeke Yeager: Beast Titan

Appearance. Unlike other sentient titans, he doesn’t look like a human. The Beast Titan Zeke’s body strongly resembles that of an ape. He is 17 meters tall, while most titans reach 15 meters. The entire body of a titan is covered with hair except for the face and front of the abdomen. Also, the manner of movement of the Beast Titan is more like ape habits than human behavior.

Scream ability. Since Zeke is a titan of royal blood, he has some advantages over other titans. Without the power of the Coordinate, he is able to use Shout. Zeke uses this ability every time Marlia uses her scheme to take over enemy states by turning the inhabitants into mindless titans. He also casts Shout when Eldian Convicts act as Titan Marines.

Huge strength. Scream is Zeke’s "ace in the hole". However, his Beast Titan has other useful abilities as well. For example, the physical strength of the Titan Zeke is so great that he is able to break through the armor of the Titan Reiner.

Able to speak. After turning into a Titan Beast, Zeke is able to speak the language of people, which is not typical for all owners of the power of a titan.

Zeke Yeager: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Since childhood, Zeke Yeager has been training hard to become Marley’s Warrior. Thanks to this, the man acquired an athletic physique and built up a lot of muscle mass. Zeke is a rather tall man. Despite the numerous injuries received during the battles, he does not lose his physical form. An extended scar can be seen on Zeke’s left arm.

Appearance. Zeke Yeager is blond and inherited his hair color from his mother Dina Fritz. The length of his hair is medium and the texture is wavy. Because of this, the strands twist at the ends and frame the forehead, breaking up into a parting. Zeke’s eyes are grey-green. The man wears a neat mustache and beard. Zeke Yeager always wears glasses, left to him as a keepsake from Tom Xavier.

Clothing. As a youth, Zeke dressed in the standard uniform of a Marleyan Warrior candidate. He then wore trousers with a white shirt and a light-coloured overcoat. Zeke wears a red Eldian armband on his shoulder, which equates him in status to an honorary Marley. On Paradise Island, he was rarely seen in outerwear. Most often he appeared in trousers and berets. On top, he could wear a gray T-shirt and a brown sweater.

Humane person. Zeke often killed people in his line of duty. However, deep down he is philanthropic. Zeke felt deeply the suffering of the Eldian people. That is why, regardless of Grisha Yeager’s propaganda, he put so much effort into the implementation of his plan of "easy death" for the people of Ymir. Zeke sympathized with the inhabitants of the island, as they were forced to live in an illusory world.

Charismatic. Outside of duty, Zeke Yeager was pleasant to talk to. The man had a good sense of humor. He presented himself in a way that is characteristic of self-confident people. Moreover, Zeke had a modesty that gave his personality an additional charm. His interlocutors recognized his charisma. She complemented the list of his leadership qualities favorably.

Secretive. Despite Zeke’s charm, there was something about him that betrayed his insincerity. So Peak noticed that she first saw the captain open and honest for the first time when the Yeager brothers met each other. However, everything falls into place when you realize that Zeke has devoted his entire life to the execution of the plan to euthanize the Eldians. In Marley, he could not talk about it. And so Zeke had to hide a lot in his life, from his true opinion to his connection to Paradise Island.

Zeke Yeager: Interesting facts and quotes

"We both became victims of our father" - Zeke Yeager tells Eren, believing that Grisha, too, has been brainwashed by Grisha with propaganda since childhood.

"Since childhood, I sincerely believed in my father’s dream. I am the true Restorer of Eldia" - Zeke Yeager tells Kiyomi Azumabito during their secret meeting.

Zeke Yeager: History, biography and death

Backstory of Zeke Yeager. Zeke Yeager was the only son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz. The boy’s parents were focused on the revival of Eldia and sought to instill in him the desire for this. Grisha taught his son the history of the Eldian people in the evenings. The father was persistent and adamant. Zeke spent the rest of his time studying according to the Marley school curriculum.

And also the training of a candidate for the Warriors of Marley took a lot of strength. The pressure from society and fanatical parents turned out to be too heavy for the little boy. After meeting Tom Xavier, Zeke began to spend a lot of time talking to a man and throwing a baseball with him. One day, Zeke told the mentor about the views of his parents.

The man advised him to report them to the authorities in order to protect himself and his grandparents. Zeke decided to listen to Xavier. The boy denounced his parents. When they were exiled to Paradise Island and sentenced to be turned into Titans, he stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Yeager. Zeke continued training as a Marley Warrior candidate and later inherited the power of the Beast Titan by eating Tom Xavier.

Arc Return to Shiganshina. While the Survey Corps was preparing to march to the Shiganshina district, Zeke Yeager met with Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover there. They told the commander of the Marley Warriors about the structure of the kingdom, about the equipment and skills of the soldiers, and about Annie Leonhart. Zeke decided to look after the Female Titan later and planned a plan of action for the return of the Shiganshina islanders.

Yeager sets the main task for the Warriors - the capture of the Coordinate. When Peak reports the approach of the scouts, Zeke’s plan comes into action. According to him, Reiner is hiding in a recess in the Maria wall, and Berthold is waiting for his appearance in a barrel in the Titan Carrier’s cart. Zeke, on the other hand, must create unreasonable titans to cordon off Shiganshina from the inside. The Carrier Titan must provide the Beast Titan with projectiles.

At first, everything went according to Zeke’s plan, but the Survey Corps, led by Erwin Smith, managed to turn the tide of battle in their favor. As a result, Reiner and Berthold are captured, Zeke is pursued by Levi Ackerman. Yeager retreats with the help of the Transporter Titan. Then he meets his younger brother Eren for the first time. Zeke recognized him and promised to save him from Grisha’s ideas. The man then runs away, saving Reiner along the way.

Arch Marley. Marlia is busy at war with the Middle East Alliance. Zeke secretly sends members of the Anti-Marley Volunteers on one of the scout ships. Because of this, Zeke wants to achieve a military build-up of Paradise and the implementation of agreements with Kiyomi Azumabito regarding the extraction of rare gas on the island. After choosing Elena as his confidant, the man instructs her to get a supply of wine mixed with his cerebrospinal fluid.

The girl must give them drink to the top of the military command. Zeke himself at this time is busy capturing the fortress of Glory in order to fulfill the duty of a Warrior to Marley. He is just returning to Liberio when Eren Yeager infiltrates there undercover. The brothers meet. Zeke tells Eren about his "easy death" plan, which will prevent the Eldians from having children. The younger brother agrees to help him.

Zeke and Eren agree to cooperate and develop a plan of action. The brothers staged an attack on Marley during Willy Tyber’s speech. Together they escape by airship to Paradise Island. Zeke justifies the attack on Liberio by saying that the islanders now have both a Progenitor Titan and a Royal Blood Titan at their disposal. In his opinion, this is enough for Paradise to be able to defend the right to freedom.

Arc War for Paradise. Levi Ackerman and his squad were holding Zeke Yeager in custody in the Forest of Giant Trees. One day, the Marli learns that the scouts have finished drinking the wine, the supply of which he arranged. Then Zeke decided to run away and used the Scream ability, turning the soldiers into mindless titans. Yeager fled astride the titan and directed the others to attack Levi.

However, Zeke miscalculated when he decided that Captain Ackerman would not kill his subordinates. Yeager transformed into a Beast Titan, but Levi hit him with thunder spears. Zeke regained consciousness and found himself chained to the wagon with a spear. Despite Levi Yeager’s warnings, he pulled the pin, and there was an explosion.

Zeke meets Ymir Fritz in the Unknown Lands. The girl blinded his body again, and then Yeager is reborn, crawling out of the mindless titan. He met up with Flock Forster and the other Yeagerists and then made his way to Shiganshina. There he found the height of the battle between the islanders and the Marleys. Zeke was trying to stop firing on the Attack Titan with the anti-titan cannon.

To do this, he fired stone fragments at the airships of Marley, Armored and Toothy titans. However, Zeke was caught off guard by an anti-Titanic cannon firing at him. The Beast Titan fell off the wall and let out a Shout to transform the soldiers of Paradise’s military elite into mindless titans. Together with them, Falco Grice becomes a giant.

He was ordered by Zeke to attack the Armored Titan in order to save the Attack Titan. Due to the confusion, Eren left the body of the titan and ran to his brother. Gaby shot off Eren’s head. Zeke caught her right before her younger brother died. Thus they both met in the Unknown Lands with Ymir Fritz. Eren revealed his true plan.

Zeke decided to take a walk through the memoirs of Grisha Yeager to prove the detrimental effect on Eren of his father’s propaganda. However, this only helped the younger brother to carry out his plans: in front of Zeke, he forced his father to kill members of the Reiss family and take away the power of the Coordinates. Then the older brother met with his father and was able to forgive him.

The brothers return to the Unknown Lands. Zeke was shocked when Eren broke free of his bonds and treated Ymir Fritz like a normal person. He was even more confused when the younger brother activated the Ground Rumble. Zeke was then left alone in the Unknown Lands until Armin Arlert joined him. They spent time talking.

Armin talked about his childhood, which made Zeke think of his teacher, Tom Xavier. Despite losing the will to fight Eren, Zeke felt the urge to play baseball just one more time. They noticed the previous owners of sentient titans in the Unknown Lands and asked them for help. So the number of their supporters increased, which gave Zeke confidence in his actions.

Death. Zeke left the body of the Progenitor Titan Eren and began to attract the attention of scouts. He noticed Levi Ackerman and suggested that he kill the old opponent. Zeke notices the beauty of the day and regrets not paying attention to it earlier. He also lamented that he had committed a lot of cruel deeds in his entire life. Captain Levi then cut off Zeke Yeager’s head. Thanks to this, the rumble of the earth stopped.

Zeke Yeager: Hero Relationship

Zeke Yeager and Grisha Yeager. Grisha loved his firstborn very much. However, he was so passionate about his dream of resurrecting Eldia that it became his number one priority. Almost all the time that Grisha spent with Zeke, he taught him his views on the history of Eldia. He put pressure on his son with his propaganda, which was radically different from the Marley teaching. Zeke did not feel love and participation from his father, which was hard on the child’s psyche.

Grisha’s obsession frightened the boy so much that he decided to extradite him and Dina Fritz to the Marley authorities. For the rest of his life, Zeke believed that his father was incapable of love. Therefore, he was shocked when he saw a completely different person in Grisha while traveling through his father’s past. Then the man sensed the presence of his eldest son and warned him of the terrible future from the Attack Titan’s memories. Zeke forgave his father.

Zeke Yeager and Dina Fritz. Zeke was the only son of Dina, and the girl called him a gift of fate. She loved him very much, but placed too much responsibility on her son. Dina believed that Zeke was destined for the main role in the revival of Eldia. The boy did not receive parental affection, being under constant pressure. This was one of the factors that influenced his decision to extradite Grisha and Dina to the Marley authorities. The girl was shocked by Zeke’s act.

Zeke Yeager and Mr Yeager and Ms Yeager. This is Zika’s grandparents. He lived with them after the boy’s parents were sentenced to become mindless titans on Paradise Island. Mr. and Mrs. Yeager put a lot of effort into raising their grandson strong and strong. Zeke treats them very warmly. He is very happy to see his grandparents meeting him after the battle for the Glory Fortress.

Zeke Yeager and Eren Yeager. Zeke first learned that his father had a second son, Eren, when Rainer Braun and Berthold reported on the results of their stay on Paradise Island. The Yeager brothers met in person in Shiganshina County. Zeke then promised to save Eren from his father’s propaganda. It took them a few more meetings to get to know each other better. The brothers planned the attack on the Liberio ghetto together.

As well as the seizure of power by the Jaegerists on the island. Zeke believed that he could be completely open with his brother, but Eren admitted in the Unknown Lands that he was only playing along with him. Zeke was shocked by this, but no more than a scene in Grisha Yeager’s past in which Eren forced his father to possess the Progenitor Titan. In the end, Zeke turned his back on his brother and decided to sacrifice his life to end the Buzz of the Earth.

Zeke Yeager and Tom Xavier. Zeke met Tom in the evening after one of Marley’s Warrior candidate training sessions. The man offered to throw a baseball and chat. Very quickly they found a common language. Zeke called Tom his second father. It was Xavier who advised the boy to tell the Marley soldiers about the oppositional activities of his parents.

Zeke could even trust him with such secrets. Later, under the leadership of Tom, Yeager became the Warrior of Marley. To do this, Zeke had to eat his mentor. However, he kept Tom’s glasses as a keepsake and wore them almost never taking them off. It was from Xavier that he inherited the idea of ​​an "easy death" for the Eldian people. Zeke promised the man to continue his work and fulfill the dream of his life.

Zeke Yeager and Theo Magath. Theo Magath has watched over Zeke since he became Marley’s Warrior. He and the commander worked together for a long time, which left an imprint on their communication. Theo was ready to reveal secrets to Zeke that were not meant for Eldian ears. However, the commander’s trust was enough to share military secrets.

Magath also asked his opinion about the decision of the Marley commanders and listened to Zeke’s opinion. However, Theo’s trust and respect was lost when Yeager’s involvement in the attack on the Liberio ghetto was revealed. Since then, the commander has treated him only as an enemy, despite the fact that earlier Zeke’s actions and thinking admired him.

Zeke Yeager and Colt Grice. Colt was supposed to be Zeke’s successor and inherit the power of the Beast Titan. That is why the relationship between them was friendly. Nevertheless, Colt maintained a chain of command and admired Zeke’s skills. Grice was especially impressed with Zeke’s ability to use Shout. They played ball just like Zeke Yeager and Tom Xavier once did. However, this bond did not stop the Beast Titan from transforming Falco Grice into a Mind Titan. At the same time, the man understood that the Colt would surely die. Zeke did this for Eren.

Zeke Yeager and Rainer Braun. Zeke was the head of the Marley Warriors, thus Reiner reported directly to him. Yeager did not descend to one level in conversation with him and reinforced his higher position with every word and action. For example, when Zeke refused to start a rescue mission for Annie Leonhart, he fought Reiner to force him to go through with his plan.

There was some animosity between the men. But despite this, the Armored Titan took the blow from the ship’s cannon to cover the Beast Titan. The emerging benevolence faded when Zeke’s plan to bloodlessly kill the Eldians became known. Then the men again found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

Zeke Yeager and Bertolt Hoover. Between them was the usual relationship of superior and subordinate. Berthold obeyed Zeke’s orders even if he didn’t agree with them. For example, when Yeager refused to save the Female Titan, Hoover accepted the decision. However, deep down, Berthold was disappointed with Zeke’s attitude towards his subordinate. The authority of the chief and common sense forced Hoover to obey all orders of the captain of the Warrior squad.

Zeke Yeager and Annie Leonhart. Apparently they had known each other for many years, possibly since Annie began training as a Marley Warrior candidate. That would explain how Zeke got into the habit of calling the girl "Little Annie" and also how he is so familiar with her fighting style. Nevertheless, a warm relationship with Leonhart did not convince Zeke of the need to rescue the girl from the captivity of the islanders. Yeager considered that the girl was skillful and strong enough in spirit to cope on her own.

Zeke Yeager and Pick Finger. Peak was one of the Warriors in Zeke’s squad. There was a rather warm relationship between them. Pick admired Zeke’s inquisitive mind and his ability to make strategically correct conclusions. However, during the attack on Eren in Shiganshina by the Marley troops, Finger took the side of the opponent of the Yeagerists. Thus, Yeager’s betrayal destroyed their close relationship. Peak tricked Zeke into catching him off guard with an anti-Titanic cannon.

Zeke Yeager and Porco Galliard. Porco was also a member of the Marley Warriors and was Zeke’s subordinate. Galliard respected the captain’s decisions, but preferred to keep his distance from him. Porco wasn’t interested in getting close to Zeke. Yeager’s betrayal also did not touch Galliard. As well as the death of the former captain of the Marley Warriors.

Zeke Yeager and Falco Grice. Zeke only knew Falco as the younger brother of his successor, Colt Grice. Yeager was sad to think about the fate of the little Eldian, who was destined to receive the power of the Warrior and die from Ymir’s curse. Zeke was also saddened by the need to turn Falco into a mindless titan during the Marley attack on Paradise Island. However, the man did not hesitate to do so.

Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert. It is clear that Zeke and Armin only knew each other superficially at first, despite the active cooperation of the Yeager brothers. Therefore, having met in the Unknown Lands, Zeke calls Arlert a friend of Eren, and does not call him by name. There they talk heart to heart, and Armin manages to restore Yeager’s will to fight for the beautiful that is in life. This prompted Zeke to sacrifice himself to end the Earth’s Buzz.

Zeke Yeager and Elena. Elena participated in one of Marley’s wars as an ordinary soldier. Then Zeke saved the girl from death, and she began to idolize him. What happened so deeply struck the girl that she decided to forge documents and her story. The appearance of the Beast Titan fascinated her. Elena was ready to support any of Yeager’s ideas and try her best to implement them.

That is why Zeke decided to make the girl his "right hand". He revealed to her his plan to free the Eldian people through euthanasia. Then Elena took up the dirty work of making preparations for this on Paradise Island. She successfully followed Zeke’s orders. The death of the idol shocked the girl so much that she lost the desire to do anything further and began to simply go with the flow of life.

Zeke Yeager and Levi Ackerman. Zeke was considered the most skilled of the Marley Warriors. Levi was considered one of the legendary soldiers of the island. This determined their opposition to each other. During their first meeting, Ackerman had the upper hand, forcing Zeke to retreat. Yeager then admitted that he would like to no longer meet with Levy. However, even with the preparations for the attack on the Liberio ghetto, their relationship did not improve.

But they had to cooperate and be polite to each other. Later, they have to fight again, and then Zeke detonates a thunder spear, due to which Levy is seriously injured. After a while, Yeager decided to sacrifice his own life for the sake of stopping the Buzz of the earth. Zeke left the Progenitor Titan’s body and attracted Levi’s attention. Ackerman cut off Zeke’s head, ending their rivalry.

Zeke Yeager and Hange Zoe. Surprisingly, a friendly relationship formed between them. It so happened that initially Zeke was not hostile to Hange. As two squad leaders, they were focused on planning an attack on the Liberio ghetto. However, when Zeke began to work together with Eren, he and Zoe found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

Zeke Yeager and Kiyomi Azumabito. Between them there were exclusively relations of business partners. Zeke needed to enlist the support of both the Azumabito clan himself and Hizuru as a whole. To do this, he organized a meeting with Kiyomi, where he showed her the UPM of the islanders and told about the deposits of rare fuel on Paradise. The woman considered the offer profitable and agreed to support the development of infrastructure and military technologies of the island.

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