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Kimetsu no Yaiba is a manga adaptation by Koyoharu Gotoge. The author released the final chapters in 2020 while the anime episodes started to come out in 2019. The manga is set in Japan during the Taisho era. Koyoharu Gotoge has created a world where demons exist and brave exterminators confront them. What future awaits those who live in the pages of "The Blade that Slices the Demons"?


The Pillars are the strongest and most skilled among all members of the Demon Slayer organization. Each Pillar represents an individual style of breathing. To take a place among the elite swordsmen, you need to train and overcome yourself daily. It is because of their skills that the Pillars are able to fight the Upper Moon and Lower Moon demons.

Ubuyashiki family

The Ubuyashiki family - they created the Demon Slayer organization and have led it without a break from the day it was founded. The Ubuyashiki treated their subordinate fighters with gratitude and respect. Protecting people from demons is the goal for which they are ready to die. The Ubuyashiki raised their children in such a way that even at a young age they could take the lead.

Former disciples of the Pillars

Former disciples of the Pillars are those swordsmen who failed to join the Demon Slayer organization. They were trained by the Pillars, but did not pass the final selection and were killed by demons on Mt. Fujikasana.

Wives of the Pillars

The Pillar Wives are girls who have enough courage and will to keep the pace of the Pillar`s life going. To match the great warriors, their wives are wise and able to stand up for themselves. They are a reliable support for their husbands.

Demon Slayers

Demon Slayers are swordsmen who have passed the final selection and become members of the Demon Slayer organization. Their duty is to destroy the demons. Fighters are divided into 10 ranks and sent out on missions based on their skill level. Swordsmen have one of the breathing styles and fight with the nichirin blade.

Upper Moon Demons

The Upper Moon Demons are the six strongest demons under Kibutsuji Muzan. They received outstanding power due to the fact that the progenitor of demons shared the blood with them. The composition of the Upper Moons remains unchanged for a long time. Their distinguishing feature is the rank number engraved on both eyes.

Lower Moon Demons

Lower Moon Demons are one of the strongest demons under the direct guidance of Kibutsuji Muzan. Their abilities are connected with the power of the blood of the progenitor of demons, which he shared with them. The composition of the Lower Moons often changes at Muzan`s discretion. Their distinguishing feature is the rank number engraved on one eye.


Demons are creatures that exist to kill humans and destroy the Slayers. Once they were people, but other demons turned them into their own kind. They all descended from the same progenitor - Muzan Kibutsuji.


Citizens are ordinary people that fill the cities and villages of Japan during the Taishō era. Most of them are unaware of the existence of demons and Slayers.