Giyu Tomioka (Pillar of Water): Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Giyu Tomioka - Age: 21 years old; Height: 176 cm. The last surviving child of the Tomioka family. Successor to Sakonji Urokodaki. Became a Demon Slayer, and then a Pillar of Water. Participated in the Battle of Mount Natagumo, in the battle with the Third High Moon, and in the confrontation with Muzan. One of the two surviving Pillars after the Demon Progenitor was defeated. After the disbandment of the Demon Slayer organization, he led a peaceful life and started a family.


  1. Main character information
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
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Giyu Tomioka: Main character information

Giyu Tomioka: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Breath of water. The breath of water is derived from the breath of the sun. Giyu passed all the basics of mastering this technique to Sakonji Urokodaki. Using water breathing techniques, Tomioka increases the oxygen saturation of his blood, allowing him to move faster and more agilely.

First kata: Cutting the water surface. Giyu directs a single swing of the blade, forming a sharp water blade. Thus, a dissecting blow is applied to the enemy.

Second kata: Water ring. Tomioka jumps high into the air and turns in mid-flight, creating a circular swirl of water. Since the turn is made vertically, the attack is directed vertically.

Second kata: Horizontal water ring. This is the second version of this attack. In this case, Tomioka makes a horizontal turn in the air and creates a corresponding rotation of the water. Thanks to this variation of the attack, you can adapt to the situation during the battle and choose which strike suits you best: vertical or horizontal.

Third kata: Dance of the fleeting stream. Giyu with the help of a blade imitates waves on the water surface, due to which a fast stream is formed. This attack is distinguished by its speed and pressure on the enemy.

Fourth kata: Wave strike. Tomioka swings her blade several times in succession, forming a high wave. In terms of destructiveness, it is similar to the effect of a tsunami hitting an enemy.

Fifth kata: Merciful rain of a dry day. Giyu uses this attack when the opponent voluntarily surrenders. With one swing of the sword, a deadly but painless blow is dealt.

Sixth kata: Spinning whirlpool. Giyu actively performs rotational movements, creating a water vortex. It sucks everything in its path into itself, and then cuts it into small fragments.

Seventh kata: Piercing blow of wave drops - bending. This attack consists of one or more strikes. At the same time, they are piercing and are made by the very tip of the tip of the blade.

Eighth kata: Waterfall stream. Giyu delivers one vertical slash with his blade. This creates a dense and powerful water stream that cuts the enemy.

Ninth kata: Chaos of water splashes. Tomioka uses it when he needs to quickly move a long distance. Making many imperceptible to the eye and small jerks, he often changes the position of the body in space. This allows Giyu to move long distances unexpectedly for the enemy.

Ninth kata: Chaos of water splashes - bending. Giyu uses this attack when fighting in a place where there is no solid surface under his feet. Splashes of water create such an area for his steps and absorb the load, allowing him to move faster.

Tenth kata: Dragon of change. Tomioka performs consistently a large number of rotations. Each time, the cutting blow of the blade becomes stronger. The attack is made continuously, which does not give the enemy the opportunity to stop the fighter.

Eleventh kata: Calm. Giyu personally worked on the creation of this water breathing technique. During Calm, the swordsman makes no attacks. All his attention is directed to the reflection and blocking of the enemy’s blows. However, a quick succession of attacks can breach Giyu’s defensive position.

Eleventh kata: Calm, high tide. This is a variant of Calm, only with elements of an attack on the enemy. This creates a flurry of several blows, distracting the enemy, Tomioka himself is behind him.

Blade of Nichirin. Katana Giyu has a classic shape and size. The blade is dark blue. Tsuba katana in the form of a hexagon with a bronze core. The handle is braided in the style of katate-maki and consists of white and blue colors.

Fighter Mark. Giyu Tomioka receives it during his fight with Akazu, accepting his fate and his power, which is a turning point in his self-awareness. The Slayer notices that the enemy’s skin appears translucent and time passes more slowly.

Volitional person. Giyu’s willpower is amazing. Having received numerous wounds in the battle with Akazu, he decides to confront Muzan to the last. Despite the naughty body and the fact that his hands do not hold the sword, he attacked and repelled the attacks of the progenitor of demons. In addition, after that, Giyu had to restrain Tanjiro, who was turning into a demon.

Extreme movement speed. Tomioka is able to move much faster than a normal human can comprehend. Thanks to this, Tanjiro barely had time to notice how Giyu took Nezuko away from him and stabbed him in the carotid artery. Tomioka is also fast by demon standards. He managed to overtake Akaza, considered one of the fastest upper moons. In addition, he did not yield to the pace of the attacks of the strongest demon - Muzan - reflecting them.

Team player. Giyu is not good at dealing with people. However, by their minimal changes in facial expressions or the slightest movements, he is able to predict actions. Giyu uses this ability to tailor his fighting style to suit his partner. Tomioka seeks to amplify the effect of both his attack itself and their combined effort. The effectiveness of this was noted by Tanjiro more than once while fighting Giyu side by side.

Giyu Tomioka: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Giyu Tomioka is a tall young man with a petite but muscular body. As a child, he was a rather frail boy, however, Sakonji Urokodaki’s daily training, and later his own, benefited Tomioka. Some diminutiveness provides Giyu with dexterity and accuracy of movements.

Appearance. Giyu Tomioka is a brunette. He has shoulder-length hair, which is why he usually wears it in a low ponytail. Strands near the face form a bang that falls over Giyu’s eyes. He has thin eyebrows. Giyu’s eyes are dark blue with a sapphire sheen. As a rule, Tomioka’s facial expression is either detached or expresses complete concentration.

Clothing. Giyu wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform. with a white belt to which the sheath of the nichirin blade is attached. The sleeves have a wave pattern. The legs are tucked into leggings, which are protected by buttoned greaves. He also wears dark blue zori with tabi socks to match his uniform. Over Giyu wears haori. The pattern is different on different sides: on the left - a monochromatic red canvas, on the right - a geometric pattern consisting of green, yellow and orange elements that form hexagons.

closed. Giyu prefers to spend time alone. In dealing with people, he is laconic and distant. Often because of this, Tomioka cannot find a common language with others. This exacerbates his reticence. Shinobu Kocho once told him that he was not liked. It hurt Gia. Probably, he would like to start relationships with others differently, but he does not know how to do this.

Balanced. From childhood, Sakonji Urokodaki taught the boy at every lesson that he needed to have a mental attitude similar to the water surface in calm. This is necessary for professional mastery of the breath of water. Therefore, discipline and training formed his calm reactions to any events around him. No matter what happens, Giyu’s balance is rarely disturbed.

Follows the rules. Giyu Tomioka is a man of firm discipline. He stands for strict adherence to the accepted rules and, in particular, the code of the Demon Slayers. This he is guided by all the years of his work, with the exception of out of the ordinary cases. Such is the situation with Nezuko. The demon, having proven her ability to refuse blood and help people, convinced Giyu to break the Slayer’s code.

Giyu Tomioka: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"Time is not something that can be reversed. Get angry! Pure anger, the inability to forgive the killer, will become the indispensable force that will move your hands" - Giyu Tomioka says Tanjiro Kamado during their first meeting.

"The weak have no rights or choice. Their only destiny is to be ruthlessly crushed by the strong," Giyu states in the same conversation.

Giyu Tomioka: History, biography and death

Giyu Tomioka’s backstory. Giyu’s family was attacked by a demon when he was a child. The boy was able to survive thanks to the fact that Tsutako - his older sister - protected her brother. Giyu tried to explain to people that the demon was guilty of the tragedy, but those around him considered him mentally ill and sent him to the doctor.

Tomioka managed to escape, with the help of a hunter he met, the boy learned about the former Water Pillar. As an orphan, he met Sabito and became a student of Sakonji Urokodaki. The boys were good friends. They trained hard, honing their skills.

On the day of the final selection, they went to the mountain of wisteria. Giyu was injured and Sabito protected his friend from the demon. Tomioka lost consciousness. When he came to, he found that Sabito was dead. Giyu formally passed the final selection. Thus, he became a member of the Demon Slayer organization.

Arc of the Final Selection. Giyu Tomioka met Tanjiro in the forest, who, as it seemed to the fighter, was escaping from a demon. However, the swordsman was surprised to find that the boy resisted killing the girl, as she was his sister. Giyu was amazed that the demon stood up for the human.

Tomioka spared Nezuko’s life, encountering decent resistance from Tanjiro’s fortitude. He told the boy to give up hope of turning her back into a human. He then gave Tanjiro advice on traveling with the demon and told him to find Sakonji Urokodaki at the foot of Mount Sagiri.

Arch of Mount Natagumo. Kagaya sent Giya Tomioka along with Shinobu Kocho on a mission to Mount Natagumo, where a family of spider demons lived. Giyu saved Inosuke and Tanjiro by killing Demon Father and Rui. When Shinobu attacked Nezuko, Tomioka began to interfere with her partner, which surprised the girl. The conflict was ended after receiving a message that Kagaya ordered all the Pillars to assemble, as well as Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Arc of Functional Recovery Training. Tomioka, along with Tanjiro and Nezuko, was brought to trial by Kagaya and the Hashira. A great contribution was made by a letter from Urokodaki - Giyu’s teacher - in which he apologized to the Demon Slayer organization and vouched for the defendants. Kagaya acquitted them, while the rest of the Hashira had to come to terms with the leader’s decision when they saw with their own eyes that Nezuko was capable of not eating people.

Pillar Training Arc. Giyu Tomioka and all the Pillars are gathered at the Ubuyashiki estate. There they learn about the possibility of obtaining a mark that gives additional strength to fight Muzan. Giyu worries about being unworthy of his position and refuses to participate in the Hashira’s training. At Kagaya’s request, Tanjiro tries to talk to Tomioka.

He had to follow Gia for four days so that he would make contact with him. Tomioka admitted that he doesn’t consider himself a Pillar of Water due to not passing the final selection by not killing any demons during the test. Kamado managed to remind Giyu of Sabito’s childhood promise to stop wanting to die and live for those who gave their lives for him. After that, Tomioka decides to attend the Pillars’ training.

Arch of the Fortress of Infinity. Upon learning of Muzan’s attack on Kagaya Ubuyashiki, Giyu rushed to help. Arriving, he saw the progenitor of demons and attacked him together with the rest of the Pillars. However, the magic of Nakime, a biwa-playing demon, transported Gia and Tanjiro to another location in the Infinity Fortress.

When a raven brings news of Shinobu Kocho’s death, it shocks Tomioka. After a while, they met with the Third Upper Moon - Akaza. During the battle, Giyu awakens his mark. Despite his increased strength, Akaza manages to break Tomioka’s nichirin blade. Giyu, along with Tanjiro, managed to defeat the Third Upper Moon.

Tomioka then passed out from exhaustion. After a while, he came to his senses and gave himself and Tanjiro first aid. Continuing to move forward, they met with Muzan. Kanroji Mitsuri, Iguro Obanai and Yushiro come to their aid. However, Giyu’s joint attacks with his comrades-in-arms did not work.

Countdown to Dawn Arch. Giyu Tomioka fought even when his hands barely held the nichirin blade. At the moment of sunrise, it was he who helped Tanjiro hold Muzan. Giyu also prevented the demon from hiding from the light underground. While celebrating his victory over Muzan, Tomioka approaches Tanjiro and discovers that he has become a demon.

Giyu failed to defeat him, but was happy when Kamado became a human again. Tomioka underwent a course of treatment and recovery. After a while, he and Sanemi Shinazugawa were summoned to the last meeting of the Hashira, as they were the last survivors of them. On that day, the Demon Slayer organization was disbanded.

Giyu Tomioka: Hero Relationship

Giyu Tomioka and Tsutako Tomioka. Tsutako is Giyu’s older sister. When a demon attacked their family, the boy was able to survive thanks to the fact that she covered him with her body. Giyu blamed himself for Tsutako sacrificing her life for a weak and unworthy person. However, Sabito made him look at it from the other side: since his sister had saved him, he should live as well and fully as possible.

Giyu Tomioka and Sakonji Urokodaki. Giyu found Urokodaki while still a young boy with no friends or family. Sakonji taught him water breathing and fighting techniques. Giyu, as his only surviving student at that time, is very dear to Urokodaki. Master even vouched for him to Kagaya and all the Pillars during the trial.

Giyu Tomioka and Sabito. They met in childhood and quickly became friends. Together they honed their combat skills and breath control techniques. Both went to the final selection, however, Giyu proved himself to be a weaker swordsman. Sabito saved his life and tried to help all the participants, because of which he ultimately died.

For Giyu, this was the second such traumatic situation. So he forgot Sabito’s speech about the value of saving someone’s life. Tomioka again blamed himself and wished for his own death. Tanjiro reminded him of the day Giyu and Sabito had that conversation. After that, Tomioka pulled himself together and began to look at life differently.

Giyu Tomioka and Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro reminded Giyu of himself, as he also lost his family at a young age due to a demon attack. Therefore, Tomioka expected from the boy the same actions that he himself had once performed in the past. However, Tanjiro was able to surprise the swordsman with his fortitude and willingness to accept his sister in demon form. Giyu tried to help him: he sent Urokodaki to Sakonji and interceded for him during the trial, being ready to answer with his life for his words.

Giyu Tomioka and Nezuko Kamado. During the first meeting, Giyu took Nezuko as an ordinary demon who is only worthy of death. Tomioka doesn’t tend to break the Slayer code. However, seeing Tanjiro’s willingness to protect his sister at the cost of his life and the demon’s ability to refuse human blood, Giyu spared her. He also spoke at the trial on the defense side of his brother and sister Kamado. Over time, his respect for Nezuko only grew as she acted in the interests of humanity.

Giyu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho. Giyu and Shinobu have known each other for a long time. They often meet each other on missions or Pillar gatherings. Kocho often says things meant to hurt him, and Giyu falls for this ploy. However, their opinions about working moments or life views are largely similar, which explains their mutual respect.

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