Obanai Iguro (Pillar of the Serpent): Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Obanai Iguro - Age: 21 years old; Height: 162 cm. A descendant of the ancient Iguro family, the only boy born in 370 years. Survived thanks to Shinjuru Rengoku. Became the Demon Slayer and then the Serpent Pillar. Participated in the court of nat Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado. In training, Stolpov was responsible for the blade technique. Fought with Nakime and Muzan Kibutsuji. Died due to injuries sustained in battle with the Demon Progenitor.


  1. Main character information
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
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  6. Hero Relationship

Obanai Iguro: Main character information

Obanai Iguro: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Snake breath. Obanai Iguro created his own personal breathing style, which is derived from water breathing. Owning it involves the use of martial techniques with writhing and twisting movements. Obanai also highlights the special role of Kaburamaru during the fight, as the snake combines its strength with Iguro’s techniques.

First Kata: Snake Strike. Obanai makes a circular motion, and then inflicts several consecutive blows on the opponent.

Second kata: Poison snake fangs. Iguro gets behind the enemy at high speed and cuts off his head with one movement.

Third kata: Wriggling onslaught. Obanai circles around the opponent, mimicking the way a snake moves. He then slashes at him from all sides.

Fourth kata: Two-headed serpent. Iguro creates two snakes that attack the enemy, the swordsman himself at this time makes a dash forward and horizontally cuts the enemy.

Fifth kata: Wriggling Serpent. The snake pillar makes unusual movements with the nichirin blade so that the blade bends in several directions at once. This makes it possible to decapitate several opponents at the same time.

Blade of Nichirin. Obanai Iguro’s nichirin blade is perfect for his breathing style. In shape, it strongly resembles the Balinese sword Kris: the blade is asymmetrical and twisted. The blade is lilac. The tsuba is black with a golden pattern. The handle of the blade is braided in such a way that the cords form two enveloping spirals: purple and white. Obanai draws his blade and returns it to its sheath vertically.

Demon Slayer Mark. Obanai Iguro didn’t have time to acquire the mark before the fight with Muzan, unlike the rest of the Pillars. However, during the battle with the Demon Progenitor, she appears.

transparent world. After obtaining the Demon Slayer Mark, Gyomei Himejima suggested to Obanai how to unlock the special perception. Iguro gained the ability to see the transparent world, which he used during the fight with Muzan.

Kaburamaru. Kaburamaru accidentally crawled into the room where little Obanai was kept locked up. From that day on they were together. Iguro considers Kaburamaru his friend, not his pet. The serpent subtly feels the state of his master, just as Obanai instantly understands him. Thus, Kaburamaru is able to replace Iguro’s eyes. The serpent complements each serpent’s breath by helping the master during combat.

Obanai Iguro: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Obanai does not have a high growth and impressive muscles. He was a puny child. Later, he also did not seek to build muscle mass. His fighting style requires agility and precise coordination of movements. Obanai worked on muscular endurance. Therefore, at first glance, Iguro looks awkward for the Hashira. Nevertheless, his body is developed to the necessary constitution.

Appearance. Obanai Iguro is a brunette. He has shoulder-length hair and bangs hanging down to the tip of his nose. He was born with heterochromia: one eye is yellow, the other is blue. His mouth is cut at the sides, as during his childhood, relatives obeyed the order of the demon to do this to the boy. Now Obanai bandages the lower part of his face to cover his scars.

Clothing. Obanai wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform with a white sash, behind which is the scabbard of a nichirin blade. On top, he wears a haori with a wide black and white stripe. The shins are wrapped in bandages, and on the feet are black tabi socks and dark blue zori slippers.

Man of principle. Iguro lives by strictly following his principles. He has an extremely negative attitude towards the slightest non-compliance with the Demon Slayers’ charter. Thus, at the trial of Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado, Obanai took an accusatory position and insisted on punishment. He applied the same severity to himself. For example, despite his feelings for Mitsuri Kanroji, he did not enter into a relationship with her, because he did not consider himself worthy of this. Iguro hoped for rebirth, because only then he could be born and grow up worthy of a girl.

Destructive attitude towards yourself. Iguro’s childhood left an imprint on him and influenced his attitude towards himself and others. Obanai considered himself tainted by being born into his family. He hated his relatives who were subject to the demon. Iguro consciously ran away from everything that would connect him with his family. This affected his sense of self. Obanai considered himself unworthy of many things that could make him happy. He deliberately deprived himself of them.

Unsociable. Obanai Iguro was not sociable. He did not maintain long association with anyone other than Mitsuri Kanroji. Obanai lived, fenced off from people. However, he is excellent at fighting side by side with his comrades and finds a common language with them, which indicates that Iguro is not a misanthrope or a sociophobe.

Obanai Iguro: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"The thick bars of the prison will be nothing if you try to cut it down time after time," says Obanai Iguro, remembering his childhood.

"If we are reborn as humans in a world without demons, then I will definitely say that I love you" - Obanai Iguro says to Mitsuri Kanroji before dying.

Obanai Iguro: History, biography and death

Backstory by Obanai Iguro. Obanai was born into a family ruled by a snake demon. He was a boy born for the first time in 370 years. The snake demon didn’t kill him, interested in the different color of Iguro’s eyes. He was kept in a cage and fed meagerly. After the first encounter with the demon, Obanai had his mouth cut to make it look like a snake. After a while, the boy escaped with Kaburamaru, sawing the wooden bars. The demon found out about this and killed almost all the members of the Iguro family, and then went in pursuit. At that time the boy was 12 years old. He was saved by Shinjuro Rengoku. Later, Obanai began to train, mastered snake breathing, and became the Serpent Pillar.

Arc of Functional Recovery Training. Along with the rest of the Pillars, Obanai Iguro attended the trial of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He advocated the need to punish them and Giyu Tomioka, a stream of criminals. Iguro actively contributed to the lawsuit by holding back Tanjiro. After Kagai Ubuyashiki’s decision was announced, Obanai had to accept and turn a blind eye to the violations of the Demon Slayers’ charter.

Demon Train Arc. The raven of bonds brought Obanai news of the death of Kyojuro Rengoku. Iguro didn’t want to believe it.

Arch of the Red Light District. The Serpent Pillar arrived at the scene of the battle when the demons Daki and Gyutaro had already been defeated. Obanai congratulated Tengen on his victory, but drew attention to the weakness of the opponents and the serious injuries received in the battle with them. Iguro didn’t want to put up with the news of Uzuya’s resignation and put pressure on the Sound Hashira, but it was unsuccessful.

Pillar Training Arc. Along with the rest of the Pillars, Obanai attended the meeting of the Pillars at Ubuyashiki Manor. Iguro became embarrassed when Mitsuri talked about acquiring the Mark of the Slayers. Obanai becomes responsible for the blade technique phase of training with the Pillars.

Arch of the Fortress of Infinity. Upon learning of Muzan’s presence at the Ubuyashiki estate, Obanai hurried there. Together with the rest of the Pillars, he attacked the progenitor of demons, but was transferred by Nakime’s blood magic to one of the rooms of the fortress of infinity. Iguro met Mitsuri, they defeated the weak demons. After a while, they found Nakime and unsuccessfully fought the demon.

Countdown to Dawn Arch. With Yushiro’s help, they manage to take over Nakime’s mind and join Giyu and Tanjiro. Together they get to Muzan and start a fight with him. Muzan does not fully attack Iguro, and he deftly avoids all the blows. Right before the Infinity Fortress collapses, Obanai saves Mitsuri’s life. On the ground, the confrontation between Muzan and Iguro continues again. Obanai is severely wounded in the head and shoulder. In this state, he is forced to distract himself with Mitsuri and carry her to safety. He later returned to fight Muzan. Iguro is tormented by conscience, it seems to him that he was less useful than the others.

Death. Iguro figured out how to make his blade red and got the mark of the demon slayer. He also gains access to the transparent world, which makes him stronger. However, Obanai gets hit by Muzan’s whips but saves Tanjiro. Iguro’s face is disfigured, he cannot see. The Serpent Pillar has to rely on Kaburamaru to dodge Kibutsuji’s attacks. Iguro manages to hold out until dawn, when Muzan appears to have been defeated. Realizing that he is dying, he sits next to Mitsuri Kanroji. They talk about mutual feelings for each other and decide that they will get married in their next life. They die from their injuries.

Mentions after death. The reincarnations of Obanai and Mitsuri opened their own family cafe with large portions of delicious food and an attractive snake-inspired interior.

Obanai Iguro: Hero Relationship

Obanai Iguro and Mitsuri Kanroji. They met when they became Pillars. Obanai spent far more time with her than with anyone else. This betrayed his sympathy for the girl. She noticed with what tenderness Iguro looked at her. Mitsuri loved the Serpent Pillar, which she confessed to him before her death. The problem with their relationship was that Obanai did not consider himself worthy of a relationship with Mitsuri. However, they were frank with each other before they died. They decided to be together in the next life.

Obanai Iguro and Kyojuro Rengoku. Iguro admitted that he likes to talk with the Pillar of Flame from time to time. Obanai was easy with him due to Kyojuro’s personality. Rengoku, in turn, was friendly towards him. Since Kyojuro’s father saved Obanai when he ran away from a snake demon as a child, the boys may have spent time together before they were demon slayers.

Obanai Iguro and Shinobu Kocho. There was a neutral relationship between them. Obanai respected the girl’s diligence and patience. Shinobu sometimes smiled at him. However, they rarely interacted with each other outside of their duties as members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Obanai Iguro and Muichiro Tokito. They are both uncommunicative. However, this similarity helped them find a common language. They sometimes talked to each other on abstract topics. Obanai was even preoccupied with Muichiro’s young age and expressed hope that Tokito would not die too soon.

Obanai Iguro and Giyu Tomioka. Obanai was irritated by the expression on Giyu’s face. It made Iguro feel like Tomioka was always unhappy. This further repelled the already uncommunicative Serpent Pillar. This led to the fact that they almost never spent time together and tried not to cross paths outside of fighting demons.

Obanai Iguro and Tanjiro Kamado. They developed a strained relationship. They first met at the court of the Pillars. Back then, to Obanai, Tanjiro was just a criminal and didn’t even deserve the chance to be acquitted. Iguro treated him harshly, keeping him from interfering with the course of the trial. While training with the Pillars, Obanai puts Tanjiro to a severe test, expressing his dislike in this way. Kamado was not negative towards him. However, later, during the battle with Muzan, they were able to work together and work together. Obanai even saved Tanjiro’s life at the risk of being fatally wounded.

Obanai Iguro and Nezuko Kamado. Obanai did not seek to see Nezuko as a person. For him, she was just another demon to be executed without reservation. The girl’s composure and fortitude, thanks to which she can refuse human blood, did not impress the Serpent Pillar. However, he accepted Kagai’s decision to accept Kamado’s siblings into the Demon Slayers. Unfortunately, he remained unconvinced as he had never seen with his own eyes how Nezuko protected people.

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