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Shinobu Kocho (Insect Pillar): Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Shinobu Kocho - Height: 151 cm; Age: 18 years old. The youngest child of the Kocho family. She became a Demon Slayer and then an Insect Pillar. Focused on the loss of her parents and sister. He has extensive knowledge in the manufacture of medicines and poisons. Raised a successor - Kanao Tsuyuri. Together with Tamayo, she made poison for Muzan Kibutsuji. Participated in the battle of Mount Natagumo and the battle with the Second High Moon Douma. She died at his hands, but was able to avenge him for Kanae.


  1. Main character information
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  5. History, Biography and Death
  6. Hero Relationship

Shinobu Kocho: Main character information

Shinobu Kocho: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Insect breath. This breath came from the breath of a flower and the breath of water. Its use involves a special fighting style - quick, light movements and stabbing. At the same time, during Shinobu’s attacks, Kocho covers the nichirin blade with poison against demons.

Butterfly dance: whim. Shinobu jumps high into the air and falls on the opponent, throwing the blade in front of him, piercing him several times. This is necessary in order to introduce as large a dose of poison as possible with a large share.

Butterfly dance: illusory light. Shinobu attacks the opponent and inflicts many short blows on him, ending the attack with the most powerful thrust, while often falling on his back. Kocho then jumps into the air, transforms into a butterfly and plunges down, piercing the enemy so that the blade goes through the ground.

The dance of the bee sting: a real thrill. Shinobu Kocho charges forward at maximum speed to use this charge to power up his thrust at the end of his attack. This helps to inject a greater concentration of poison into the opponent’s body.

Dragonfly dance: compound eyes hexagon. Shinobu inflicts six blows on the opponent. This allows you to make several injections and inject them with a small dose of poison. Kocho aims at the enemy’s weak points, such as, for example, the neck or heart. In this case, a large dose of a poisonous substance enters the body in total, which leads to the death of the enemy.

Centipede dance: hundred-legged zigzag. At the fastest possible speed, Shinobu rushes towards his opponent in a zigzag path to confuse them. At the same time, the momentum of movement helps to strengthen the final direct blow, which is also difficult to dodge. Douma noted that the attack itself is very powerful and destructive, because it can destroy the wooden bridge along which Kocho will run at the time of the attack.

Quick push. Shinobu quickly spins in place, and then pushes off the ground, ending up near the enemy. This simulates teleportation. At the same time, Kocho delivers one blow, hitting the enemy twice.

Upward pull. Shinobu lunges at the opponent’s side and then strikes upwards to launch them into the air, where the enemy loses the ability to actively resist the attack.

Hex push. Shinobu Kocho inflicts five quick strikes on the opponent. This is followed by a short pause, after which she delivers one powerful blow.

Blade of Nichirin. Techchin Techikawahara forged the nichirin blade for Shinobu Kocho according to a special design. The design modification was necessary as the girl does not use the classical approach to sword fighting. That is why Techchin made a blade that looks more like a sword for stabbing. The blade is blue. The handle of the katana imitates a flower with four petals in aquamarine bordered with orange. Shinobu adapted the scabbard to mix poisons and apply them to the blade.

Agility. Through mastering the breath of an insect and training in a special fighting style, Shinobu Kocho moves with extreme agility. She easily dodges enemy attacks without blocking them, and immediately goes on the attack. Shinobu also often uses acrobatic moves during combat.

Speed. Shinobu Kocho is able to move at amazing speeds. With this, she struck the Second Upper Moon. Doma couldn’t follow the girl’s movements, and was therefore unable to block or avoid all attacks. The speed at which Shinobu moves creates a destructive wave around the girl. Doma believed that she was capable of destroying the bridge that she would run across using one of her offensive techniques.

Medical knowledge. Shinobu Kocho has extensive knowledge in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. She bases her fighting style on this. Shinobu independently produces poisons that can adapt to the individual characteristics of the organism of each demon. Her knowledge and ingenuity allowed Kocho to come up with an ingenious weapon against Doma, because it killed him, despite the high ability to adapt to poisonous substances.

Preparation for Muzan Kibutsuji. Her knowledge also helped the Demon Slayer organization create a poison to fight Muzan. Shinobu worked on it with Tamayo. It was this poison that played a key role in the victory over the progenitor of demons.

Shinobu Kocho: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Shinobu Kocho is a very petite girl. She is short and weighs very little. Gyomei Himejima drew attention to the fact that in childhood the girl was much shorter and smaller than her peers. Even though regular training could not help the girl gain a stronger physique. However, Shinobu emphasized agility, speed, and endurance. Thus, Kocho’s diminutiveness plays into the hands of her fighting style.

Appearance. Shinobu Kocho is brunette, but closer to the tips, the gradient fades to purple. Her hair is shoulder-length, usually a girl collects them with a butterfly-shaped hairpin. The shorter front strands frame the face and form bangs parted. Shinobu has very thin, arched eyebrows to match his hair color. Her eyes are special - faceted structure. They are purple.

Clothing. Shinobu Kocho always wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform with a white belt, behind which is a scabbard and a nichirin blade. On top, she puts on a haori in the form of butterfly wings. On his feet, Shinobu puts on tabi socks and waraji slippers. The shins are protected by cloth leggings in the same style as haori.

Rectilinear. Shinobu Kocho often presents people with the truth as it is, without smoothing the edges. She possessed this quality in childhood and retained it after the death of Kanae. As an adult, Shinobu covered up her straightforwardness with a smile. Especially often, Kocho spoke the ugly truth to Giyu Tamiyoka’s face.

Self-control. As noted by Tanjiro, Shinobu Kocho has a constant sense of anger. She is obsessed with the loss of loved ones and lives for revenge. However, Shinobu hides this with all his might, imitating his sister’s behavior. To those around her, she seems benevolent, or at least moderately strange. However, the constant containment of strong emotions requires exceptional self-control from Kocho.

Good teacher. Shinobo Kocho before Kanao Tsuyuri had many students, but they all died fighting demons. Thanks to her extensive teaching experience, the girl can find an approach to anyone who turns to her for advice on training. So she was able to motivate Inosuke Hishibira to take a recovery course. Shinobu was able to transfer all her skills to Kanao and enhance them in her. Thus, Tsuyuri was able to defeat Douma using a similar stabbing fighting style.

Shinobu Kocho: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"Once I believed that the road of happiness continues endlessly into the distance. Once I realized that it passes through thin glass. Then I decided to become stronger in order to save those whose happiness has not yet been destroyed" - Shinobu Kocho thinks aloud, remembering his childhood years.

"Finally dead. Nice. Now I can rest in peace" - Shinobu Kocho says as Doma dies.

"Maybe I’m the only swordsman among the Pillars, unable to cut off the demon’s head, but I created a deadly poison for them. So I’m amazing too" - Shinobu Kocho, saving Murata on Mount Natagumo.

Shinobu Kocho: History, Biography and Death

Backstory of Shinobu Kocho. Shinobu Kocho was the youngest child in the family. Together with her mother, father and sister Kanae, she lived a carefree life. However, in front of the girls, their parents were killed by demons. Gyomei Himejima appeared just as the demon was about to attack Shinobu and Kanae. A pillar of stone beheaded him. After this traumatic situation, the sisters decided to become Demon Slayers.

They asked Gyomei Himejima to train them, but they were refused. The stone pillar tried to convey to the girls that they were too weak. Later, he was imbued with their desire to become slayers. Then Gyomei offered the sisters a test with a boulder and was surprised to find that the girls managed to move the stone from its place with the help of a lever.

Later, the sisters passed the final selection and became members of the Demon Slayer Organization. Shinobu Kocho wanted to save other people from such horrors of fate. In one of the cities, the girls saw a slave girl. Kanae wanted to take her with her and take her to the Butterfly Manor, but Shinobu was skeptical. They bought the girl and named her Kanao Tsuyuri. At Butterfly Manor, they trained her as a future demon slayer.

Kanae later encountered the Second High Moon - Douma - and was unable to defeat him. Before her death, the girl managed to meet with her sister and tell what the demon looked like. Kanae also tried to dissuade her sister from following the path of the demon hunter, but was unable to. Shinobu Kocho, after the death of her sister, dreamed of revenge on Douma and strived for this by constantly taking the poison of wisteria.

Arch of Mount Natagumo. Kagaya Ubuyashiki, having received information about the plight of the fighters on Mount Natagumo, ordered Shinobu Kocho, along with Giyu Tomioka, to go there to help. After some time in the forest, the girl found the wounded Zenitsu Agatsuma and her older sister Rui. The Insect Pillar began a conversation with the demon very kindly.

However, she attacked Shinobu, from which Kocho concluded that the enemy did not want to make contact. The Slayer then cornered the demon, and she begged Shinobu to spare her. Kocho offered to cooperate with the demon and said that they would have to suffer a non-lethal punishment to atone for all the murders committed.

Rui’s older sister refused and died from an attack by the poisoned blade of Shinobu’s nichirin. Kocho released Murata from the cocoon. Later, Shinobu found Nezuko Kamado and attacked her, but Giyu stood up for the demon. Tanjiro intervened in the battle, begging the Slayer not to kill his sister. Shinobu offered to mitigate the fate of the girl by using a toxin that kills painlessly.

Kocho faced resistance from Giyu and Tanjiro and lamented that she did not understand her colleagues’ desire to break the demon hunter’s code. Kagaya Ubuyashiki ordered the four of them to arrive at the Demon Slayer headquarters. There, Shinobu Kocho attended the trial that decided the fate of Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado. Upon learning of Ubuyashiki’s decision to accept the children and their lifestyle, the Insect Pillar offered to help them in whatever way they could at the Butterfly Manor.

Arc of Functional Recovery Training. At the behest of Shinobu Kocho, the staff at the Butterfly Manor helped Tanjiro and Nezuko recover from their battle with the demons. Shinobu, in a conversation with Tanjiro, opened up to him: she admitted that she was trying her best to imitate her dead sister, starting with an eternal smile on her face and ending with her attitude towards demons.

She also admitted that deep down she has a point of view opposite to Kanae’s and cannot sympathize with the demons. Tanjiro noticed that Shinobu constantly smelled of anger. Kocho later became involved in making the poison to kill Kibutsuji Muzan with Tamayo and Yushiro. During that period, Shinobu rarely participated in the missions of the Demon Slayer organization.

Final battle arc. Upon learning of the attack on Kagai Ubuyashiki, all the Pillars, including Shinobu, rushed to his aid. There, Kocho, along with the others, discovered Muzan and attacked him. However, they were transported in space thanks to one of the demons of Kibutsuji. Shinobu found herself in the hall where Doma was eating the girls he had killed.

Death. Kocho immediately recognized him and offered to remember the haori demon that Kanae had worn before. Doma remembered Shinobu’s sister, and then she attacked him, injuring the left side of his face. However, the demon was able to adapt to the poison injected into the wound. Doma was struck by the power that resides in the girl’s miniature body.

Shinobu then delivered a series of stabs using another toxin. During the battle, it became obvious that Doma is much faster and stronger than the girl. In addition, none of Shinobu’s poisons affected him. The demon twisted Kocho’s neck in front of Kanao Tsuyuri who burst into the hall. Shinobu managed to give a sign to her successor before her death.

Mentions after death. When Inosuke Hashibira and Kanao Tsuyuri defeated Douma, the demon sees Shinobu Kocho in front of him. The man admired the character of the girl and confessed his love to her. Doma suggested that she go to hell together, to which he was refused in the form of a wish to burn in it alone. Shinobu Kochou then felt relieved and realized that she could now rest in peace.

Shinobu Kocho: Hero Relationship

Shinobu Kocho and Kanae Kocho. Shinobu is Kanae’s younger sister. The girls lost their parents as children and went on to become demon slayers together. The views of the sisters are very different: Shinobu hates demons, and Kanae sympathizes with them and understands that they used to be people and have forever lost the opportunity to become them.

Duoma’s murder of her older sister took everything Shinobu had left. After Kanae’s death, she began to imitate her way of thinking and acting. The main goal of Shinobu’s life was Douma’s revenge. It was for this that she took wisteria every day, the battle with the demon went according to the girl’s plan, and he ate it along with a fatal dose of poison for him.

Shinobu Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri. When Kanae and Shinobu met Kanao, she was a slave girl with no name. The Kocho sisters fooled the salesman and took her to their Butterfly Estate. Shinobu was against this at first, but gave in to her older sister. Even when Kanao Tsuyuri began to train under the guidance of Shinobu, she could not penetrate the feelings for the ward. However, years later, she developed a strong bond with Tsuyuri and trusted her to see through Doume’s revenge.

Shinobu Kocho and Giyu Tomioka. Giyu Tomioka is a taciturn person despite Urokodaki’s advice. Shinobu Kocho is the only Hashira who often talks to him. Let the girl for the most part teases and bullies him, in this situation - this can be regarded as friendly communication. Giyu reacts with little emotion to the death of the other Pillars, but Shinobu’s death shocks him.

Shinobu Kocho and Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro Kamado was able to have a heart to heart talk with Shinobu. The girl told him about her past and about Kanae and her outlook on life. The older sister’s attitude resonated with Tanjiro, which Shinobu noticed. This, coupled with the fact that he was also able to understand the younger sister’s world view, and that he and Nezuko have a strong bond with each other, led Kocho to entrust Kanae’s dream to Tanjiro.

Shinobu Kocho and Nezuko Kamado. When they first met at Mount Natagumo, Shinobu was going to kill Nezuko and didn’t even want to hear Giyu and Tanjiro’s pleas. However, she stopped trying after receiving orders from Kagaya Ubuyashiki. At the Demon Slayer headquarters, Shinobu learned that Nezuko was able to control her lust for human blood. Then Kocho was imbued with a certain respect for her and even entrusted her to help Tanjiro make Kanae’s dream come true.

Shinobu Kocho and Inosuke Hashibira. They first met at Butterfly Manor. Inosuke was supposed to undergo a recovery course, but he neglected training. Shinobu Kocho quickly realized what kind of warehouse this guy was, and found an approach to him. The girl taunted him as if he was unable to bear even a light load.

This encouraged Inosuke, and he completed a full course of rehab at the Butterfly Manor. The kindness that Shinobu showed him caused Hashibiru to become attached to her. When Douma killed the Insect Hashira, Inosuke became angry with the demon and fought with redoubled zeal.

Shinobu Kocho and Tamayo. Shinobu and Tamayo decide to combine their poison-making and medicine abilities to create a new poison to destroy Muzan Kibutsuji. At first, Kocho was prejudiced against her colleague, which caused Yushiro to want to kill the Slayer. However, later the girls worked together. Their labors bore fruit and made a huge contribution to the victory over the progenitor of demons.

Shinobu Kocho and Douma. Douma took the last valuable thing from Shinobu by killing Kanae. Before her death, the elder sister managed to describe the appearance of the demon to her. After that, Shinobu methodically prepared to face Douma. It happened unexpectedly, but the girl was ready to fight him. She could not accept his views on life and selflessly attacked her. She realized that there was no way she could defeat the demon and survive.

Then she decided on the last measure - to become a living capsule with poison. For this, Shinobu consumed wisteria every day. So her body began to contain a dosage of poison exceeding the lethal dose for Doma by 700 times. The character and ingenuity of Shinobu conquered the demon, and before his death, he confessed his love to the girl. Kochou ignored his feelings and was relieved to know that her revenge was over.

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