Tengen Uzuy (Pillar of Sound): Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Tengen Uzuy - Height: 198 cm; Age: 23 years old. Former shinobi. Became one of the Demon Slayers, and later the Pillar of Sound. Participated in the battle with the Sixth Upper Moon. Received significant injuries during the battle with Gyutaro and retired, as he was not able to destroy demons for health reasons. Led the first phase of training with the Pillars.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  5. History, biography and death
  6. Hero Relationship

Tengen Uzuy: General information about the character

Tengen Uzui: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Breathing sound. It came from the breath of thunder. It is owned only by Tengen Uzui. With the help of breathing sound, he can decompose the environment and decompose the movements of the enemy into mechanical vibrations. Tengen uses this as echolocation, like when he was looking for Tanjiro and Daki. Also, sound perception helps Uzuyu to predict the trajectory of the opponent’s movements and choose the time and place to strike. All Tengen’s attacks are based on the sound breathing mechanics.

First kata: Thunder. Uzui swings his blades over his head and brings them down to the ground with force. At great speed, they pierce the soil, creating a powerful stream of air behind them. At the same time bombs explode. This is an attack kata. She got her name because of the characteristic roar.

Fourth kata: Avicii’s death knell. Tengen quickly rotates his blades and at the same time attacks the enemy with bombs. This kata is mixed as it provides protection during an attack. It is named after the Buddhist representation of the deepest - the eighth - level of hell, where criminals endlessly die and are reborn.

Fifth kata: Symphony of piercing strings. Tengen holds one of the blades in his hand, and quickly spins the second by the attached chain. At the same time, he throws bombs at the enemy. This kata is predominantly attacking, as the rotation of the blade can only provide defense at close range.

Two nichirin blades. Tengen Uzui is one of only two known fighters to use two nichirin blades at the same time. He wears them crosswise behind his back, wrapped in bandages. Tengen’s blades are amber-colored, chain-linked, and hineri-maki-style red cord wrapped around the hilt. The Pillar of Sound uses them in his nunchaku wielding technique.

Explosive beads. They are little bombs. Tengen carries around a large supply of them, as almost all of his techniques involve using them. Their distinctive ability is that, unlike ordinary bombs, they are able to damage the demon’s body.

Shinobi technique. Tengen Uzui grew up in a shinobi family, he mastered the techniques of ninja battle from an early age. This makes his style of movement and attacks stand out from the rest of the Demon Slayers. Training also allowed Tengen to master the ability to control every muscle in his body, including the heart. He also carries a lot of kunai with him and actively uses them during the battle. Like many ninja, Uzui has an increased resistance to poison.

Has familiars. Many shinobi had trained beast ninja. In Tengen Uzuya’s case, these are fighting mice. They have undergone special physical and mental training. Thanks to this, the mice are able to help Tengen in many ways: from reconnaissance to the delivery of blades.

Tengen Uzui: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Tengen Uzui is a very tall man. From a distance you can see how muscular he is. He has been working on such a good physical shape since childhood. His shinobi father’s training was so exhausting that several children died from overexertion. Tengen, on the other hand, fought the survivors and survived, which indicates how trained he was already in childhood.

Later, he increased the load and became stronger in spirit and stronger in body. The status of the Pillar of Sound requires excellent physical fitness. This was noted by Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, as Tengen was moving too fast in their minds. During the training of the Pillars, Uzui was responsible for the first stage - endurance - because he was amazingly steadfast with great and prolonged physical exertion.

Appearance. Tengen is an ash blonde. His hair is quite long - shoulder length. Most often, Uzui collects them in a ponytail at the back of his head so that they do not interfere during the fight. However, he can sometimes be seen with his hair down. Tengen’s eyes are crimson. Around the left is a scarlet pattern in the form of circles on lines converging towards the center. His eyebrows are always covered with a bandage. Each ear has two gold earrings. His nails are staggered green and scarlet.

Clothing. Tengen Uzui prefers to be literally brilliant. He wears the vest and trousers from the Demon Slayer uniform set as his main attire, which he fastens at the waist with a white belt. Tengen wears a headband, apparently as a tribute to his lineage. Light pink crystals are fixed on it: three large and three smaller ones.

Chains with transparent crystals are attached to the corners of the bandage. On both shoulders, Tengen wears wide, patterned gold hoops. Wristbands similar to them support bare-fingered cloth gloves. Tengen bandages his shins, and puts on shoes in traditional Japanese zori slippers with tabi socks worn under them. During a mission in the red light district, he removed any demon slayer markings.

Uzui, while undercover, wore a pink and burgundy striped haori. After he left the Demon Slayer Organization, he replaced his forehead patch with a black cloth patch on his left eye, also adorned with crystals. He wore a kimono and a black haori over it. Before Tengen left the family, he wore a burgundy scarf and vest with white lacing and a mesh shirt underneath.

Self-confident. Tengen Uzui has done a lot of work on himself both spiritually and physically. He knows what his mind and body are capable of. This is what gives him confidence in his abilities. Only thanks to her Tengen can take responsibility for the lives of weaker people - wives, comrades-in-arms. Even when engaging in a fight with the Sixth Upper Moon, Tengen does not doubt the possibility of defeating Gyutaro.

Responsible. Tengen grew up in a family of shinobi, for whom the fulfillment of the mission and the observance of the principles of honor are paramount. Although Uzui renounced his parents and their ideology at an early age, the belief in the immutability of laws was ingrained in him. That is why he refuses to accept the existence of a tandem fighter and a demon - this is contrary to the code of the organization.

Tengen’s conviction is so strong that he did not agree with the position of his mentor and direct superior, Kagai Ubuyashiki. However, closer contact with Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado caused Uzuya to change his mind. He began to believe that it is possible to treat breaking the rules more gently, if there are grounds for this. Tengen did not become less executive and responsible, only more condescending and categorical.

Eccentric. Tengen Uzui himself stated that everything should be brilliant. This description fits everything that is close to a man. Starting with clothes and accessories that shimmer in the sun and attract attention. Ending with deeds: every speech is bright, and the battle is outstanding. Tengen speaks loudly and expresses emotions openly. In other words, Uzui likes to draw attention to himself. Others are forced to accept his oddities.

Caring. This quality of Tengen is most fully revealed during a mission in the red light district. He feels responsible not only for his three wives, but also for Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. He considers them not just low-ranking fighters, but also unintelligent children. Each of them he tries to protect and protect.

When they rescue Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru together, Tengen refuses to help fight the three kunoichi. Uzui asks the wives to leave the battlefield and hide in a safe place. He takes care of the feelings and well-being of each of them and during the routine course of life. Tengen is able to sacrifice himself for the sake of everyone for whom he is responsible.

Tengen Uzuy: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"If you think I’m talented, then your life isn’t that hard," Tengen Uzui tells Gyutaro before their battle.

"I will put my life on the line. I will do my best" - During the fight with Gyutaro, remembering Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

Tengen Uzuy: History, biography and death

Tengen Uzuya’s backstory. Tengen Uzui was born into a family of hereditary shinobi. The boy’s father noticed that his clan had become weaker and decided to do everything possible to restore it. It was also in the custom of the family to choose three wives for boys. For the boy, Suma, Makio and Hinatsuru were selected. They played the wedding ceremony.

Tengen’s family had nine children, including himself. Three died during Mr. Uzuya’s training. The six were tricked into fighting each other to the death. Tengen guessed this when the two brothers were already dead. Tengen refused to fight the last surviving brother and left the family with his wives. He later met Kagaya Ubuyashiki and became a demon slayer.

Arch of Mount Natagumo. Tengen, being the Pillar of Sound, was present at the trial of Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado. He was an ardent adherent of the Demon Slayer code. Therefore, initially, without understanding the situation, he treated the children with disgust. He offered to cut off Nezuko’s head.

When Oyakata-sama expressed his willingness to accept the lifestyle of the Kamado family, Tengen refused to follow suit. He stated that he could never come to terms with the existence of such a demon slayer. However, Tanjiro was later asked by the Sound Pillar to prove by deed that the girl was not dangerous to humans. Seeing the demon’s composure, he resigned himself to Kagaya’s decision.

Arch of the Red Light District. Tengen Uzui was going on a mission to the red light district. Needing companions, he wanted to take the girls from Butterfly Manor with him, however, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke volunteered to accompany him. Tengen explained to the boys that their goal was to save his wives. The man then helped them disguise themselves as girls and led them to the brothel owners.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke collected information about Tengen’s wives each in their own establishment. After the disappearance of Agatsuma, the Hashira decided to act openly and pressed for information about the disappearance of the boy. So he learned that he was guilty of this Varabikhima. He overtook her in Kirimis and defeated her, freeing Hinatsuru from captivity. Tengen later found Inosuke with Makio and Suma in an underground cave where they fought with an obi belt.

At the end of the battle, the enemy managed to escape, and the fighters pursued him. Thus they found Tanjiro and Nezuko. Tengen learned that Daki is the Sixth Moon. He beheaded her, marveling at the ease of defeating a high-ranking demon. However, her brother Gyutaro joined the fight. Tengen tried to defeat him on his own, but was exposed to poison and lost his arm and eye.

When the Slayers succeeded in defeating the Sixth Upper Moon, the Sound Pillar was in a very difficult state. Nezuko used her blood magic to remove the poison from the man’s body. Tengen was unable to fight the demons anymore and decided to retire. This decision was supported by his wives. Tengen reported this to Obanai and suggested Tanjiro Kamado as the new Pillar.

Arc Training with pillars. Tengen Uzui retired after the battle in the Red Light District. His wives supported this decision. However, he took part in the training with the pillars. Tengen was in charge of the first phase, Demon Slayer Endurance Training. He was also assisted in this by Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru.

Arch of the Fortress of Infinity. Tengen Uzui, along with Shinjuro Rengoku during the battle with Muzan, was present at the hideout with the surviving members of the Ubuyashiki family. They were Kiriya, Kuina and Kanata, who ensure the coordination of all the demon slayers. Tengen and Shinjuro also witness Nezuko Kamado’s escape from the secret headquarters.

Tengen Uzui: Hero Relationship

Tengen Uzuy and Suma. Suma is one of his wives. Tengen realizes that the girl is a weak kunoichi, as she is physically and mentally less developed compared to Makio and Hinatsura. Therefore, the man protects Suma and takes care of her. He appreciates the girl and openly shows warmth and tenderness to her. Suma is loyal to Tengen, she always emotionally demonstrates her love for him.

Tengen Uzui and Makio. Makio is Tengen’s second wife. She is ready to do anything for the sake of fulfilling his will - she is not afraid for her life, prioritizing the task given by her husband. It is noticeable that Makio is more sensitive and vulnerable. She sometimes gets embarrassed when Tengen talks to her. The man believes in her abilities, but tries not to leave her without his protection. The girl often bullies Suma, to which Tengen usually turns a blind eye.

Tengen Uzui and Hinatsuru. Hinatsuru is Tengen’s other wife. She is better than anyone else able to understand his motives and experiences. The girl supports her husband in everything, she is even ready to sacrifice her life for Tengen. The man knows that she is a capable kunoichi, but always looks after her and does not leave her to her fate. Tengen was about to ruin the mission when he got scared for Hinatsuru. His bond with her seems to be closer than with Makio or Suma.

Tengen Uzui and Tanjiro Kamado. At first, Tengen despised Tanjiro for traveling with a demon on his back. Stolp believed that such a violation of the charter of fighters was unacceptable. He was not willing to change his mind even when Kagaya spoke out in support of Tanjiro. They later fought side by side with the Sixth Upper Moon. Tengen appreciated both the combat skills and the boy’s personal qualities. Uzui even recommended him as the new Pillar when he decided to leave the organization.

Tengen Uzui and Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Tengen met Kagai when he left his family with his wives. Ubuyashiki conquered Uzuya with his wisdom. Communication with Kagai greatly influenced Tengen. Under his mentorship, he began to train hard to become a demon slayer. Later, he also became the Pillar of Sound. There has always been a respectful and trusting relationship between Tengen and Kagaya.

Tengen Uzui and Inosuke Hashibira. They met while on a mission in the red light district. There are a lot of similarities in the character and behavior of Tengen and Inosuke: they are both eccentric and vividly express their emotions. Surprisingly, the Hashira’s behavior annoyed Inosuke. He considered the man unbearable, not noticing the similarities between them. Tengen also did not show much affection for him, however, he was pleasantly surprised by Inosuke’s fighting skills.

Tengen Uzui and Zenitsu Agatsuma. They first met in preparation for a mission in the red light district. Zenitsu clearly saw the same qualities in Tengen that annoyed him in Inosuke as well. They communicated with each other only as part of the task. However, Tengen considered Zenitsu a weak boy and therefore could not leave him defenseless. When Agatsuma disappeared, Uzui decided not to hesitate and take action.

Tengen Uzui and Nezuko Kamado. When Tengen found out that Nezuko was living in Tanjiro’s wooden suitcase, he wasn’t ready to accept the human-demon coexistence. Uzui offered to immediately cut off the head of the girl. However, the restraint Nezuko showed startled the man. Even more, Tengen’s opinion of her changed when the girl saved his life by eliminating the poison. Uzui was grateful to Nezuko for that.

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