Hanji Zoe: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Hanji Zoe - Height: 170 cm, Age: 25-30 years old, Gender: female. Leader of the Survey Corps squad. After the death of Erwin Smith, she took his place and became the 14th Commander-in-Chief of the Intelligence Corps. Fanatically passionate about researching titans, she can talk about them for hours. He is the author of many inventions and tactics of fighting titans.


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Hanji Zoe: Basic Information

Hanji Zoe: Appearance

Hanji Zoe is 170 cm tall, has a slender figure, brown hair color, gathers her hair in a large ponytail, several strands surround her face. The color of the eyes is brown, the nose has a slight hump. After the battle with the colossal titan and its explosion in Shiganshin, she received damage to her left eye, as a result of which she uses a black bandage.

In ordinary life, due to poor eyesight, he wears glasses with thin frames with an "elastic" band. In case of military conflicts, it changes them to stronger ones with a thick rim. In addition to the standard Survey Corps uniform, he likes to wear yellow shirts, and as a commander wears a mandatory drawstring. Sometimes Levi teases Hange when she is wearing glasses "Who has four eyes looks like a diver." Levy also jokes about this, calling Hanji "four-eyed" and "bespectacled."

It should be noted that Hange was the first to show goodwill and readiness to get close to Levi Ackerman. Many years later, helping each other out in various troubles and getting closer in difficult conditions, they became close friends. Hanji respects his strength in Levi, and he respects his intellect in her.

Hanji Zoe: Character

Hanji Zoe is a friendly and open-minded girl with a good sense of humor, some find her cute. She is obsessed with the mystery of the nature of the titans, talker, so she can endlessly talk about this topic. Some of the people around her consider her crazy, but in battles Hange is distinguished by her determination and endurance, thanks to good battle tactics, she suffers minimal losses of people. She is also the creator of the Titan Immobilizer that captured the Female.

Previously, as Captain of the Survey Corps, she experimented with the Titans to learn more about their nature. Hanji did not like to hurt them and suffered from it. She found out some facts about titans, for example, that they are weakened when there is a lack of light. She also discovered that the only weak point of the titans is the back of the head. The following fact was stated: "Titans were not created by nature"

Khanzhi is quite pragmatic and realistic, logical in actions, uses tactics and strategy. Slightly extravagant and lacks self-preservation instincts. It is not uncommon to risk his life for the sake of friends or some kind of experiment. Therefore, there should be a person next to her who can pull her head out of the titan’s mouth in time. A black sense of humor prevails, she is smart enough and decisive, and also strong. She is a born commander. Sometimes it is sensitive and emotional. Usually in a good mood and likes to joke with others.

Hanji Zoe: A Character Story

Hange embarks on Expedition 39 and travels beyond the walls of Trost. She is concerned about the behavior of the anomalous giants. Her goal is to catch one of them. But Erwin Smith is not ready to sacrifice soldiers for the sake of giants and disappoints Hange. After some time, one of the giants is seen near the camp. Hanji independently goes to the giant, thereby urging him to follow her. On Erwin’s orders, Levi and his squad are sent to help Hanji. As a result, they kill the giant in the forest, and to all this they find the body and notebook of Ilsa Langnar. After examining the diary, Erwin issues permission to capture the giants.

An interesting fact is that there were times when Hanji Zoe felt only hatred for the titans and made every effort to exterminate them. But once, after killing a three-meter giant, she drew attention to how disproportionate and too airy his body. After that, the study of the structure and physiology of the titans captured her so much that there was no place for hatred.

Hanji Zoe: Interesting Facts

Hanji Zoe: Famous Quotes

"Our real enemies are people, civilization. In other words, the whole world" - Hanji Darius Zaklayu at the trial.

"Do you at least understand why we, the Intelligence Corps, shed our blood? Because we want to return freedom! The freedom taken from us by the titans! .. We are ready to pay with our lives" - Hange to Pastor Nick.

"For decades, I have been driven by hatred in battles with the titans. But now I want to look at them from a different angle than my comrades" - Hanji to Eren Yeager during their conversation about experiments on titans.

"I understand that it is our priority to establish the work of the rear services. But what is much more important for a scout is to find and study the titans," Hange says to Erwin Smith, in a conversation about the need to capture a living titan.

"If you tremble over your lives, you may not even dream of new information" - Hange to Erwin Smith in the same scene.

"You have to study every little thing about him. And when you do, you will easily find weaknesses that can be exploited." - Hanji Oruo Bozardu.

"Let us get only a small grain of knowledge, they will serve our cause. And I believe, one day this will be the main reason for our victory" - Hange writes in a petition to Erwin Smith.

"The choice of many individually was able to change the whole world," Hanji tells Levi Ackerman after the events of the coup d’etat.

"There are people whom I would also like to return. Hundreds of them. Since I joined the Reconnaissance Detachment, in front of my eyes, every day someone died. But you understand ... Sooner or later, everyone we love dies. "- Hanji tells Mikase Ackerman while Levy chooses who to give the transforming injection to.

"Erwin, it was your only mistake to appoint me as the commander of the Survey Corps" - Hange after talking with the prisoner in the dungeon Eren Yeager.

Hanji Zoe: Key Story Appearances

Battle of Trost Arc

While Armin, Franz, Hannah, Mikasa and Eren standing in the crowd are in awe of Captain Levi, Hanji Zoe sets out on his next expedition. She leaves Trost. Hange decides to bully Levy, telling him that if his fans find out about the captain’s sabotage, they will be very disappointed. She is very impatient, eager to start her mission as soon as possible, imagining encounters with the titans. And he talks about his desire to see strange creatures to the captain. To which he replies that he sees one, taking the surprised Hange by the head, he says that it is her. You can see how the girl uses the drive, some time after climbing the wall. Landing on the roof of a half-destroyed house, she attracts the titan’s attention, but assures the creature that she won’t hurt him. After he starts to move towards her,Hanji dodges and attacks the monster in a hollow in the neck, while happily shouting that she has tricked him.

Arch Female

Hanji Zoe appears at the cell in which Eren is being held. Discussing various topics, he and Mike Zacarias escort Eren into the courtroom. Hanji says that Mike has a habit of sniffing and grinning when he meets a person. At the very entrance to the courtroom, her tone grows darker. Hunji says that they will have to trust Eren unconditionally, because there is no other choice.

It is worth noting that Hanji Zoe has become a supporter of Eren Yeager without any doubts. She also admired the opportunity to study with his help the nature of the titans and understand whether this power can be used for the benefit of humanity. It was she who understood the mechanism of transformation into titan thanks to her observations and ingenuity.

Khanzhi, along with the rest of the Intelligence Corps, is in the courtroom. Unexpectedly for herself, she becomes a witness to an unpleasant situation and sees how Captain Levi beats Eren. After the end of the court session, Khanzhi provides medical assistance to Yeager. At the same time, she reproaches Levi for the brutal beating, emphasizing that Eren’s knocked out tooth has grown again.

Some time later, Hange tells Eren, who is with a special forces unit at the former headquarters of the Survey Corps, that she has been made responsible for the process of research and experiments on the titans.

Eren Yeager agrees to listen to the story of the exploration of the captured titans Sonya and Binah. Hange encourages him to do this and tells a story throughout the night. But she does not have time to tell about the diary of Ilsa Langnar, as the conversation is interrupted by the news of the death of Sonya and Bean.

Upon arriving at the scene, Hange becomes hysterical and cries. This is a great loss of valuable samples to study.

She promotes experiments on Eren in titanic form. Hange is stumped when it becomes clear that Yeager is unable to transform into a giant of his own accord. But when she sees the hand of the titan created by Eren, she is delighted, and her joy relieves the tension between Levi’s squad and Yeager. When Hanji touches a red-hot hand, she burns and screams with delight that the flesh is really very hot.

Importantly, noticing the spoon gripped in the titan’s hand, Hange comes to the conclusion that Eren needs a specific goal in addition to physical pain to transform. For example, protect friends from being hit by a cannonball, raise a boulder, destroy titans, raise a spoon. It is hypothesized that this factor is directly related to the true nature of the giants.

During the operation to capture the Female, Hange Zoe and the other members of the Survey Corps are seen using the Target Capture Weapon.

After that, she laughingly notices that the plan to capture the person inside the titan has been delayed. When Erd Jean thinks about why Levy did not entrust them with information about the operation, it turns out that it was only available to those members who joined the Intelligence Corps before the fall of Wall Maria (that is, those who have served for at least the last five years). So is Zoe.

In Stohess County, during the massacre, she again uses the Target Locking Weapon to stop Annie Leonhart. Hanji succeeds in this, as a result of which the Female is pinned to the ground by a heavy net. The Major comes down, taunts and brings the blade of the sword to her eye. She says that she will not be able to call the titans here to eat her. Hearing that they are making a plan to study the Female, she breaks out of the traps and escapes. Hanji descends on the roof of the house, concludes that there weren’t enough traps, and orders the soldiers to follow her. When Annie is out in the open, Hange orders to split up and surround the area.

After defeating the Female, Hanji gives the order to tie the nets and transfer the crystal-encased Annie underground. At the same time, in a hole made in the wall by the Female, she notices a titan and suggests that there may be titans around the entire perimeter of the wall. Pastor Nick appears and in a state of panic asks the soldiers to keep the Titan out of sunlight. Hanji orders to temporarily cover the hole with a cloth that does not allow light to pass through, and after sunset to do the brickwork.

Once on the wall, she tries to interrogate the pastor, but in response he rudely states that they do not need to know anything, and even resorts to threats to demand compensation for the damage caused to his church. Hanji, dissatisfied with the answer he received, grabs Nick by the collar and holds him over the edge of the wall, threatening to throw him off if he does not receive a clear explanation. After prolonged threats, she realizes that the pastor is ready to sacrifice even his own life in order to keep the secret of the walls, and that the rest of the members of the Cult of the Walls will do the same. Then she throws it on the wall next to her and lets go of the taunt that it was a joke. At the same time, she realizes the whole lamentability of this situation.

Clash of Titans arc

Hanji, Levi, Nick, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are riding in the wagon twenty hours after the Titans were discovered outside of Wall Rose. She reveals that the secrets of the titans, which are enclosed within the walls, are kept by the Church and her pastor. Nick is attacked by Eren, but Hange notes that in any case he does not intend to tell them anything and that, apparently, he is driven by a motive more significant than the salvation of the human race. Levi Ackerman, holding the pastor at gunpoint, says that he will not take his eyes off him.

He also asks Hanji why she carries the stone with her. She explains in response that this is the hardened flesh of the Female, which broke off during the battle in Stohess County, and notes that it does not evaporate over time. Armin Arlert is shocked by this, and Hange also says that the material of the stone is similar in composition to that of which the walls are made.

It should be emphasized that Hanji and Armin put forward the assumption that the walls consist of a solidified shell, which the titans are capable of creating. In addition, they speculate that, using Eren’s similar skill, it is possible to repair the breach of Wall Maria. But Eren does not show enthusiasm because he feels insecure about his abilities.

The residents of the city are frightened by the fall of Wall Rose, and Pastor Nick sees it. He decides to tell Hanji Zoya about a girl who lived in exile under a fake name and survived thanks to this. She comes from a family that has the right to discover the truth about the walls. Some time ago she joined the 104th Cadet Corps.

From the description it becomes clear that we are talking about Christa Lenz. To find her, Eren, Mikasa and Armin go to Rose’s Wall. Mikasa mentions that Krista is almost always with Ymir. Hange and Levy recall having heard the name before. Ilse Langner’s diary describes how a titan, met by the writer of the notes, uttered the words "mistress" and "Ymir" and bowed in respect.

It is worth noting that at Utgarde Castle there are 2 groups who have examined Wall Rose and decide to stay there for the night. After a while, they are attacked by titans, in addition to the usual ones, and by the Bestial Giant. It was a fierce massacre. Ymir, in order to save his comrades, reveals his secret and transforms into a titan. Utgarde Castle fell that day. But to the rescue of the surviving soldiers, Hanji’s detachment arrives.

Christa Lenz reveals her true name to Hange and begs not to kill Ymir, who is in her titanic form. She has received many injuries and is not in the best condition. Hange speaks of the significance of the History of Reiss for all mankind.

The vanguard with Hannes arrive at the wall, Hanji orders Zoe to start moving towards Trost, since no damage to the wall is found. At the same place, the conversation between Eren Yeager and Rainer Braun will take place.

Hange calls a meeting and announces that the traitors and Annie Leonhart are from the same area. Reiner and Berthold’s attitude to this is refuted, but Armin recalls how the Female hit the right flank. It was there that Eren’s whereabouts were indicated on Brown’s plans. As soon as he learned from Armin about the real location of Eren, he passed this information to her. The female allegedly grabbed and crushed Reiner, at the same time he probably carved a message on her arm. Hange is sure that Berthold and Rainer are not aware that they are suspected.

Ehren tells Reiner that on the way to Utgard, they passed him and Berthold of their home village. Brown realizes that they have been revealed. He tells Eren that he and Berthold are titans. He also asks them to listen and leave with them.

Eren, though already suspicious of them, reacts to this as a joke. Rainer says that he no longer knows what is right and what is not. But he decides to take responsibility and do what he must.

Mikasa hears this conversation and attacks Berthold and Reiner. She wounds them, but does not kill them. They then transform into the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan’s incomplete form.

The colossal remains on the wall, Hange sends a squad of soldiers to fight him. He grabs Ymir, who is lying on a stretcher, and throws it into his mouth. Armored - below, on the ground, Eren enters into battle with him in titanic form.

The colossal titanium exudes powerful streams of incandescent gas. Hanji Zoe instructs the soldiers to wait until he is no longer able to emit gas. Those who are there are shocked by the pressure and heat of the outgoing streams. Later, she redirects some of the recruits to fight the Armored Titan. She herself also comes down from the wall and helps Eren fight Reiner’s titanic form.

An interesting fact is that Hange Zoe perfectly knows the structure and functioning of knightly armor. It was this knowledge that helped her find unprotected areas on the body of the armored titan, which significantly influenced the outcome of the battle.

By that time, Eren’s titan manages to rip off Armored’s arm. Hange offers to break his legs. Mikase and Eren manage to inflict damage. The Armored One is captured by Eren’s titanic form and risks being left without a head.

Then he begins to crawl, dragging Eren closer to the Colossal Titan, and lets out a terrible cry. The colossal falls down from the wall. Reiner’s titan gnaws out Eren from the back of his titan’s head. They hide and it becomes clear that Ymir and Eren have been kidnapped. Hanji is badly damaged and unable to move.

After 5 hours from the moment of the abduction, reinforcements arrive at the wall with Erwin Smith. Among the arrivals were several soldiers of the Military Police. Hange grabs one of them by the leg and asks for a map. She believes that the kidnappers took refuge in the Forest of Big Trees and there they recuperate, trying not to meet other titans. Hange suggests that they wait until dark and begin the operation.

Arch of the Royal Government

Over the next 2 weeks, Hanji Zoe recovers and takes part in the investigation of the Ragako incident. Connie Springer becomes her assistant, they seek to shed light on the fact that the Titans were originally humans who, using some means, were turned into unreasonable creatures.

Despite the fact that this discovery shocked Hange, she is able to carry out the investigation to the end and provide its results to Dot Pixis and Erwin Smith. It should be noted that previous experiments have never revealed anything new about the back of the Titans’ necks. She suggests that Titan’s flesh completely engulfs the person who controls it.

It is important to note that some time later, Hange is at a meeting with the elite squad of the Reconnaissance Corps - Squad Levi. It discusses the possibility of using Eren and his titan’s ability to produce a hardening shell to close the gap in Maria’s wall. Hanji suggests doing some experiments.

She later reports that Nick was found murdered in his room in a military barrack. Hange goes there. The scene of the crime is guarded by several people from the first command of the Military Police. Hange pretends to be a close friend of the murdered man.

She notices signs of torture on the corpse and realizes that after the torture, Nick was beaten to death. She begins to suspect the members of the Military Police in charge of the investigation. By chance, Hange examines the hands of one of them, Jere Sanes. The damage to the knuckles speaks in favor of her suspicions.

Hange continues to play the role of the pastor’s friend and interrogates, in addition to Jere Sanes, and another member of the Military Police, Ralph. She pretends that she believed in the version put forward by them - the pastor was killed by robbers. Hange tells Sanes that the perpetrators will have to experience much more pain than Nick had to endure.

She later reveals her suspicions to Levy and the 104th Corps cadets. They have a theory about the existence of a conspiracy, in which the Military Police and other influential personalities are involved.

After a while, Hanji Zoe took up experiments on the titan Eren. After several transformations, he is severely deformed, lies motionless and does not respond to her voice. Hanji and Mikasa decide to carve Eren out of titanium. They notice that his own body has grown very strongly with the giant, due to which his face has noticeably deformed. They ask Moblith to sketch what they see.

It’s important to remember that Moblit Berner is Hange’s right hand man. He accompanies her during important events, for example, when conducting experiments on the titans. He is also her bodyguard. It should be noted, very good, because he sacrificed himself in the name of protecting Hange from the explosive transformation of the Colossal Titan.

Eren Yeager is slaughtered from the body of a giant. Hanji says the experiment should be considered over. Eren comes to his senses, but does not remember how the experience went. Hange tells him that at first, for the first hour, everything went smoothly. He performed elementary tasks, but was not able to speak and master hardening. At one point, Eren felt pain for no apparent reason and left the inscription "my father ... me" on the ground. This sparked a keen interest in Hanji Zoe.

Eren makes 2 more attempts to transform into a giant, but his titan becomes more and more sluggish and deformed. Hanji thinks optimistically and is glad that the experiment nevertheless allowed to learn new information - now they know the limit of Eren’s abilities. Since the Wall Cult knows that the walls are made of hardened titanic flesh, Hange believes that they should have information about the hardening ability as well.

Jere Sanes is kidnapped by Levy’s squad. Levi and Hange prepare to start torturing him. He refuses to tell the information he knows about the Reiss family. During the torture, Jer realizes how much people have suffered through his fault, and asks to torture him to death as an atonement.

It is worth emphasizing that Hange is desperate to avenge Pastor Nick’s death. Levy interrogates Sanes with her. It becomes noticeable how cruel she can be. Hange wants to interrogate Jere Sanes in a sophisticated way and even asks him how best to torture people. The officer is shocked by outright sadism, and he suggests asking questions before torturing him.

Despite this, Hange pulls out all of his nails and one of his teeth, and Levi brutally beats him. After that, they decide to take care of Ralph and take him out the dungeon door. There, at gunpoint, he reads a text written by his torturers. Sanes hears what they wanted - Ralph has betrayed him, and Jer himself is being held for a madman. Desperate, Sanes divulges information that the Reiss family are the legitimate rulers of the kingdom.

Levi and Hange’s suspicions are corroborated by his words. They are planning to stage a power coup and remove the ruling elite. They want to return legal powers to the heiress of the Reiss clan - History Reiss.

At the end of the torture, Jere Sanes and Ralph are placed in the same cell. Jer learns how he was tricked and tricked into telling the information he knows. Hange makes fun of Sanes. He says that instead of him there will be someone else and sarcastically wishes her good luck.

Hange leaves the dungeon, enters the room and kicks the table out of anger. At this point, Eren enters (in this scene, the discrepancy between anime and manga - Levi enters the title, because Eren is still kidnapped). Hange is embarrassed for this expression of her feelings and in excuse she says she saw a cockroach there.

Eren says that he partially remembers the conversation between Berthold and Ymir. Based on the information received, Hange puts forward a theory. It lies in the fact that foolish titans are able to obtain special abilities and intelligence by eating a giant that already possesses them.

Hange Zoe decides to report it to Erwin Smith immediately. She arrives at the headquarters of the commander-in-chief. She reports to him about the content of the conversation between Berthold and Ymir and about her theory. Hange expresses the opinion that both the former traitor cadets and the Reiss family want to capture Eren.

She is sure that Reiner Braun threw the titans in the hope that one of them could eat Eren. Whether it is true or not, his goal was to get the Coordinate that he possesses. Hange believes that the Reiss family needs Eren for the same.

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of an employee of the first command of the Military Police. He declares the members of the Intelligence Corps guilty of the death of Dimo ​​Reeves. Erwin is about to tackle this situation and announces Hanji Zoe as his successor, leaving the Intelligence Corps to her.

It is important to note that a sister-brotherly relationship has developed between Hanji and Erwin for a long time. As she is to the Commander, he unconditionally trusts her. The fact that Erwin Smith leaves the Intelligence Corps to her is a clear example of the extent of his trust in Hange.

She later spots Flegel Reeves hiding in a small street. She catches up with him and lifts him to the roof of the house. He reveals what really happened to his father, and Hange assures him not to give up and continue to fight in memory of his father. Flegel believes that they have already lost, and speaks about it out loud. Hanji, on the other hand, only smiles and notes that the Intelligence Corps is accustomed to defeat.

In the Stohess neighborhood, in the main building of Gazeta Berga, two writers - Roy and Pierre - discuss the hypocrisy of their work and outright propaganda. The point is that the publisher is allowed to publish only information approved by the Royal Government.

Roy says that in the past he burned with his work, wanted to convey to people the knowledge erased by the First King. However, over time, people and things appeared in his life that he wanted to protect, and he made them a priority. They spot Billy and Hange Zoe sitting on the table.

It should be noted that she introduces herself as the commander of the Reconnaissance Corps. She also says that she is aware that the government runs the Berga Gazette. Moblit Berner enters the room. Hange says she first came with the intention of breaking both of their arms so that they could no longer write what the authorities dictate. After that, she notes that Roy and Billy are just intimidated people who want to protect their loved ones.

Billy starts recording what is happening, Moblit lunges at him and twists his arm. Hange asks not to go to extremes and to let the journalist go. She takes a pen and asks the writers to do her a favor and publish one article, and then continue to obey the government.

Flegel Reeves is cornered by three members of the Military Police and held at gunpoint. As a last wish, he asks the soldiers to name the reason why his father was killed. One of the policemen replies that Flegel’s father was a traitor who sided with the Intelligence Corps.

Flegel asks if his father had an order to kidnap any of the Intelligence Corps members. The soldier confirms this. Then Reeves specifies what would have happened if Dimo ​​had answered them with a refusal. The soldier replies that he would have been killed and that he could now be alive and be safe with his family somewhere in the north, if only he did not care so much about the people of Trost.

Flegel advises the police to look up. Moblit and Hange emerge from there and attack two of the three soldiers of the Military Police. One of them shoots her, but she dodges and punches him in the face. The blow was so strong that she screams in pain.

Hange Zoe says that they have succeeded in carrying out their plans. Soldiers see the inhabitants of Trost emerge from the "abandoned" houses. One of the policemen shouts that all this does not matter, and that ultimately the king will decide who is doing good and who is evil.

Flegel silenced him. Reeves sits on the soldier’s head and announces himself the successor of his father and the new head of the company. He also states that the inhabitants of Trost are now under his protection. Hanji congratulates him.

She then comes to Billy and Roy. Billy insists that they must fight for justice and therefore will publish the article that Hange asked them for. Roy refuses because he cannot risk the safety of his loved ones.

Roy says that anyone who goes openly against the government will have a sad end. We are talking about two cases known to the writer. First, about a miner who tried to dig under the wall and disappeared without a trace after that. Secondly, about a colleague Roy, who tried to investigate the disappearance of a miner. He also suddenly disappeared, and no one else saw him or heard anything about him.

Interestingly, when Roy asks Hange if she can dispose of the fate of many people for the sake of the article, on the publication of which she so persistently insists, Zoe looks into the eyes of the journalist in thought and does not answer.

Hange and Moblit find Squad Levy. At this time they are interrogating a soldier of the Military Police. They also announce that the coup d’etat has ended in success. The Hange reports that the administrative region and the capital are under the jurisdiction of Darius Zakklai, the supreme commander of the kingdom. There is also information that the use of counter-revolutionary measures is not planned in the near future.

Levy’s squad celebrates a successful revolution. Levy notes that despite the happy events, they still have an unresolved problem. It consists in the fact that they do not have a single idea or clue about the whereabouts of History Reiss and Eren Yeager.

Hange replies that the answer may already be almost in their hands. She reveals the contents of the report of Erwin Smith, who was busy searching for information about the Reiss family. It says that on the day that Wall Mary fell, they were attacked and killed all except Rod.

Of particular interest is the fact that the chapel where the Reiss family went to pray was then destroyed. And a year later, Rod invested his own money to restore it. Hanji concludes that the chapel is of great importance to him and that it is the most likely place for him to hide.

Hange Zoe and Levi’s detachment arrive on the lands of the Reiss estate, to the chapel. There they discover a secret door that leads into the caves under the building. Inside the underground passages and premises, the ambush of the Military Police is already ready to hospitably meet the rescuers of History and Eren. The members of the Reconnaissance Corps realize that they are already waiting for them. They decide to make a deceptive maneuver by rolling barrels of gunpowder, oil and gas cylinders fixed to them into the open door.

They begin to implement the plan. Military policemen react to the rumble of rolling barrels. Sasha Braus fires flaming arrows to detonate them, Armin Arlert uses beacon lights as a way of additional disguise. The attackers are hidden by a cloud of smoke formed after this. During the fight, Kenny’s loyal soldier - Trout Curven - wounds Hange in the shoulder, causing her to crash into the wall and fall to the ground.

Rod Reiss licks the injection fluid spilled by History from the floor and becomes titanium. The vault of the cave and the columns begin to crumble. On Levi’s orders, Armin and Moblit take Hange outside. The rest of Squad Levi are busy rescuing History and Eren.

They make their way out of the cave and follow Rod Reiss. Hanji is injured, which causes him to ride in the cart with History and Eren. They tell what they learned during the abduction. Hange summarizes and ponders this information.

She concludes that Eren Yeager possesses the power of the Titan Progenitor, but is unable to fully exploit its potential, since he is not a member of the Reiss family. At the same time, if Reiss gains the power of the Progenitor, he obeys the will of the First King and does not protect humanity from the titans. Hange asks History if she agrees with Rod’s murder. She answers in the affirmative.

Members of the Orwood County Garrison are horrified when they learn that the Survey Corps is stopping the evacuation of the population beyond Wall of Sin. Hanji Zoe explains that the approaching titan is a deviant. If evacuation is organized, he will destroy everything in the area. By doing otherwise, it will turn out to lure the titan to the right place.

In case the Garrison fails to destroy the titan, Erwin has a backup plan. According to him, Hange and Moblit must obtain a net, rope and gunpowder, while Rod Reiss tries to kill with cannon shots on the wall.

The Titan climbs the wall and Eren transforms to carry out a backup plan. With the help of the device collected by Hange and Moblit and Eren’s titanium, Rod’s head is blown up. After this battle in Orwood, the coronation of History Reiss took place, along with the others, Hanji Zoe was present.

Several months passed. Hange is busy preparing for an operation to rebuild Wall Maria. She is experimenting on Eren’s titanium, researching the ability to create a hardened shell. For the first time, Eren was able to use this ability in the Reiss family cave.

I would like to note that Hanji Zoe is also present in Trost County on trials of her new invention to fight giants - the titanium guillotine. A 12-meter specimen can be lured to the device and killed with it. Hange and Moblit celebrate the creation of a weapon against the titans that does not require soldiers to be put in danger.

Hange says that titanium guillotines should be installed in the rest of the cities as well. She pauses as soon as she sees Eren’s nosebleed and Levi holding out a handkerchief to him. Levi says that Eren’s powers have a limit. Hange apologizes for training so much.

Darius Zacclay is holding a meeting with Hange attending. After the end of the event, she reports that it is not possible to examine the fluid from Rod’s syringe. This is not allowed by the weak development of their technologies, besides, the material instantly evaporates upon contact with air.

She also says that, based on the information received from History and Eren, it can be assumed that the basis of the drug for injection is cerebrospinal fluid. Hange wonders what the members of the Reiss family created, how and whether they really did it.

Later, Eren Yeager and the remaining soldiers of the 104th Cadet Corps follow, accompanied by Hange. He decides to find out from the instructor Kis Shadis what connected him and Grisha Yeager. Kees tells how he met Grisha without a horse and UPM behind the wall, escorted him to the kingdom and later played a role in meeting Eren’s parents.

His story was emotional. Hanji became annoyed at this, and she called Kees a child. She also stated that he went to train cadets due to an inferiority complex.

It should be borne in mind that, according to one of the soldiers of the Survey Corps - Marlene, - Hange is in love with Kees. Zoe never showed an outwardly special warm attitude towards him, however, she defended him in front of scouts for hiding secret information.

Later, Hange with select soldiers attends a meeting of the Intelligence Corps. There, they discuss the information that Keys Shadis provided to her and Levy. Erwin and Hanji come to the conclusion that Grisha Yeager pursued the goal of helping all of humanity, but he himself did not succeed.

They also discuss what they might find in the basement of the Yeager family’s house. Later, Hange is at dinner on the eve of the start of the operation to rebuild Wall Maria. Already at dawn, all the soldiers are fully ready to march. Hange Zoe and other elite members of the Survey Corps climb the wall. From its height, they see a huge number of people below.

As it turned out, many civilians learned about the operation and came to support the soldiers. Levi and Hange are angry at how easily and quickly word spread about their mission and their purpose. However, Erwin glows with happiness. They do not want to spoil the moment and become silent.

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