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Mikasa Ackerman: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Mikasa Ackerman - Height: 167 cm, Age: 22 years old. The adopted daughter of the Yeager family, whom they took in after the death of Mrs. and Mr. Ackermann. Girlfriend of Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert. One of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps, a member of Squad Levi and Squad Alpha. She participated in the Battle of Trost, in numerous operations to capture the Warriors of Marley and to rescue Eren Yeager, as well as in the war for Paradise. Heiress of the Ackerman clan, well-known outside the island, who renounced the title. She cut off her lover’s head to stop the Earth’s Buzz.


  1. Main character information
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  5. History, Biography and Death
  6. Hero Relationship

Mikasa Ackerman: Main character information

Mikasa Ackerman: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Incredibly strong. Experienced soldiers rate Mikasa as a fighter equal in strength to hundreds or even thousands. The girl herself and all those around her associate her abilities with the power of the Ackermans that awakened in her in childhood. This is especially strongly indicated by the similarity of situations in which abilities were also awakened by Kenny and Levi Ackerman. Eren once compared it to the power of a sentient titan in the body of an ordinary person.

Talented. Mikasa had a penchant for good combat since childhood. Eren and Armin were constantly getting into fights with bullies in Shiganshina. Mikasa had both the physical strength and the strategic cunning to defeat boys bigger and older than herself. Later, while studying at the Cadet Corps, her talent was noted by instructor Kis Shadis. He was amazed at the ease with which Mikasa mastered all the disciplines and skills.

Realistically looks at life. Instructor Kees Shadis could not have expected such a sensible view of the world from a girl who entered the Cadet Corps to study. However, Mikasa, having experienced the death of her parents as a child and killing the slave traders responsible for this, could not look at the world differently. The girl admitted that cruelty has always surrounded her: the killing of animals for cooking, examples of predator hunting for prey in nature. Mikasa said that until a certain point, she simply did not pay attention to it.

Mikasa Ackerman: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Mikasa Ackerman is incredibly strong. She devotes a lot of time to physical training, which is why her body is toned and rather muscular. However, her appearance retained femininity, Mikasa has an attractive figure. However, the girl is one of the female characters with the highest weight. In addition, Mikasa is very tall compared to most heroines.

Appearance. Mikasa has very fair skin, Isayama thus tries to emphasize the heroine’s belonging to the inhabitants of Asia. The girl has dark hair, which she grew to her waist as a child, and after entering the Cadet Corps she cut it short. The front strands are shorter than the rest and fall on the face in the form of bangs. After Eren’s death, the girl grew her hair back and wore it in a ponytail. Mikasa’s eyes are dark brown and slanted. The expression on her face almost always reflects composure and categoricalness.

Cloth. As a child, Mikasa wore a long, light-colored button-down sundress, a pink sweater, and red ballerinas. A distinctive feature of the girl is wearing a red scarf that Eren gave her. Mikasa almost never takes it off. During her training in the Cadet Corps and after graduation, the girl wears the standard uniform of the Survey Corps with a white shirt. After the death of Eren, Mikasa dresses in a light long dress and throws a shawl over it. In her old age, she walks with a cane.

Rarely outwardly shows emotions. After the death of her parents, Mikasa became more closed and quiet. Most of her experiences are not reflected on the girl’s face. However, there are situations that can touch her to the core. As a rule, they are associated with Eren and Armin or with memories of the past. Mikasa is very emotional every time Yeager is in danger. She also cried with happiness when she managed to save Armin with the help of a transforming serum.

Devoted. Mikasa is very dear to people from a narrow circle of people. She is ready for them for a lot. Mikasa is especially devoted to Eren. She always takes care of him: she takes away heavy things, monitors his nutrition, helps in battles. Mikasa, despite Eren’s ideas, defends him in front of the soldiers and seeks to understand his motives. The girl is ready to kill anyone who decides to harm Yeager.

Disciplined. Mikasa is in excellent physical shape. This is the result of her hard training, which is impossible without developed internal discipline. In addition, some of the orders of the captains may go against Mikasa’s priorities, but she always obeys them and puts the task in the foreground.

Mikasa Ackerman: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"If you think it’s natural to die for others, then of course you will understand: sometimes, one death can save many lives" - Mikasa Ackerman tells Dimo ​​Reeves when his wagon prevents the evacuation of people from Trost.

"Our world is cruel, but at the same time so beautiful" - Mikasa talks about the appearance of her powers during her kidnapping as a child.

"One day I will die, and no one will remember you. Therefore, I will win no matter what. I will survive no matter what!" - Mikasa Ackerman mentally refers to Eren while he is being held captive by the Warriors of Marley.

Mikasa Ackerman: History, Biography and Death

Mikasa Ackerman’s background. Mikasa lived with her parents on the outskirts of Shiganshina County. She sometimes saw Eren, who was brought to their house by Dr. Grisha Yeager. The girl grew carefree, surrounded by love and affection. One day the Ackerman family was attacked by slavers. They killed the mother and father of the girl, and she herself was taken prisoner.

When Dr. Yeager and his son went to visit friends, they found the bodies of Mikasa’s parents. Eren managed to find the slavers’ lair and attack them. The boy ordered the girl to "Gather!", which revealed her Ackerman family powers. Together, the children killed the criminals, by which time Grisha Yeager had found them. Eren tied Mikasa his red scarf and called to their house. Then the girl was 9 years old. The Yeager family adopted her and raised her on a par with their own son.

Fall of Shiganshina arc. On the day that the Colossal and Armored Titans attacked Shiganshina County, Mikasa and Eren met with Armin. The guys talked until they saw the head of a giant towering over the wall. A colossal titan broke through the outer gate, which could have damaged the house of the Yeager family, which was nearby.

Mikasa hurried home with Eren, turning the corner of the street, they saw Carla Yeager under the rubble. The girl unsuccessfully tried to help the woman get out from under the beam. Hannes came to the aid of the children, but he did not find the strength to fight a real titan.

He allowed the Smiling Titan to eat Karla, but saved Mikasa and Eren at the woman’s request. The girl looked away so as not to see the death of her foster mother. Hannes helped the children to the evacuation ship and put them on board, where Armin also happened to be. The children witnessed Eren’s oath to kill all the titans. Together they arrived behind the Wall of the Rose, where they were forced to seek shelter and eat food handed out.

Mikasa took on the role of the person responsible for Eren’s survival. She forced him to eat bread, which he refused in protest, and to work for a roof over his head. So they live for some time, and then enter the 104th Cadet Corps.

Arch of the 104th Cadet Corps. On cadet initiation day, instructor Kees Shadis does not perform the humiliation procedure on Mikasa, as her expression reflects a serious understanding of what future awaits her. The girl helps Eren with training and shields him in front of his classmates. Mikasa is shown to be a very capable student and an incredibly skilled soldier.

For all the years spent in the Cadet Corps, she does not seek to get close to the guys, but with some of them she develops a neutral and benevolent relationship. According to the results of training, the girl takes first place in the ranking of graduates.

Arc Battle for Trost. After Mikasa graduates from the Cadet School, the Colossal Titan will attack Trost County. He destroys the outer gate and disappears. Mikasa seeks to be with Eren in the central part of the district to protect him, but the girl is ordered to fight in the rear guard along with strong soldiers. The girl takes a promise from Yeager not to climb on the rampage and survive.

Mikasa kills the deviant titan, saving the peaceful citizens of Trost from his attack. She notices that the evacuation of people is suspended due to a wagon stuck in the gate. Its owner, Dimo ​​Reeves, refused to let the citizens through until Mikasa threatened him with death.

At this moment, she becomes an idol for Louise. After completing the evacuation of the people of Trost, Mikasa returns to her fellow students and searches for Eren. The girl discovers Armin among the soldiers who are running out of gas in the UPM. Mikasa learns from Arlert that Eren was eaten by a titan. The news blinds her, and she gives an inspirational speech to the soldiers, urging them to fight the Titans in order to reach the headquarters.

Having lost his sanity, Mikasa wastes his gas unwisely and falls. She is ready to defend herself from a titan moving towards her when it is killed by an Attack Titan. The girl is shocked, she rethought her behavior and continued to move towards the supply headquarters.

From there, the soldiers watch as the Attack Titan takes on a horde of giants. Mikasa, along with the rest of the soldiers, replenishes the gas supply in the UPM. Later, the girl sees Eren emerge from the back of the Attack Titan’s head and rushes to his aid. Mikasa and Armin, who defend Yeager, are accused of treason. The girl threatens everyone who wants to kill Eren with death.

Armin manages to convince Dot Pixis of the possible benefit of Attack Titan’s powers, which saves his friends. The commander orders Eren to transform and close the gap in Rose’s wall with a boulder, he also leads the operation.

Once Yeager transforms, he attacks Mikasa and injures her, leaving a scar on her right cheek. However, even after this, Ackerman protests against the fact that the soldiers from the elite squad neutralized the Attack Titan. Mikasa convinces them and protects Eren until he closes the breach in the Rose wall gate.

Levi Ackerman saves his joyful friends from the titans running towards them. Mikasa worries about Eren’s condition after transforming into Attack Titan. She learned that the soldiers placed Yeager in a dungeon after the Battle of Trost, and that he was visited by scouts. The girl is waiting for the decision of the authorities about Eren.

Arch Female. Mikasa, along with Armin, is invited to a court session. The girl has to testify against Eren, despite all the desire to protect him. During the beating of Yeager by Captain Levi, she is forced to watch meekly so that he can be saved from execution. However, Mikasa is furious, she threatens to take revenge on Levi Ackerman for what she did.

The girl becomes aware only that Eren will be taken away by the soldiers of the Survey Corps. She herself is waiting for the day when Erwin Smith will come to recruit recruits. Mikasa and the rest of the soldiers are being tested by the UPM after killing Bean and Sonya.

Later, Commander Erwin arrives in Trost, and Mikasa joins the ranks of the scouts. She makes sure that Eren is in good health and in good standing with the Survey Corps. Mikasa then becomes a member of the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls. She, like all those who served less than five years, was not privy to the details of the operation to capture the Female Specimen.

When the formation of soldiers reaches the Forest of Giant Trees, Mikasa is ordered to wait on the outskirts. However, upon hearing the Attack Titan’s roar, she leaves her post and rushes into the thicket of the forest. Mikasa witnesses Eren being abducted by the Female Titan and teaming up with Levi Ackerman starts the chase.

Together they rescue Eren and retreat to the soldiers. Later, Mikasa attends a secret meeting of the Survey Corps, where he learns that Annie is a Female. Together with Eren and Armin, the girl goes on a mission to capture a suspect.

They try to lure her into Trost’s dungeons without arousing suspicion. However, the plan did not succeed, and then Mikasa openly challenges Annie to a fight. Ackerman takes Eren and Armin deeper into the dungeons to ensure their safety.

There, they discover that Yeager doesn’t want to hurt Annie and is therefore unable to transform. Mikasa fights the Female Titan until the Attack Titan attacks Annie’s Titan. Mikasa prevents Leonhart’s attempt to escape by cutting off all of her fingers and pushing her down.

Ackerman witnesses Annie’s imprisonment in the crystal. However, Mikasa then notices the titan’s face peeking out from the crumbling section of the wall. Later, Eren is sent to the infirmary, where the girl takes care of him. They discuss what happened and understand that many of those who are able to become a titan can live among the people living in the kingdom.

Arc Clash of the Titans. Mikasa’s classmates are kept at Rose’s wall due to the suspicion that titans are hiding among them. When information appears about the appearance of giants there, the girl with Eren and the soldiers of the Survey Corps goes to the aid of her comrades. Mikasa then learns that Krista Lenz’s real name is Historia Reiss.

As the rescued classmates climb the wall, Ackerman hears Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover confess to being the Armored and Colossal Titans. She also hears Eren being asked to come with them. In response to this, Mikasa attacks the traitors, but for a second succumbs to doubts and does not kill them.

Reiner, Berthold and Eren transform into titans and fight each other, Ackerman helps Yeager with all his might. However, Mikasa was hurt by the Colossal Titan’s release of hot steam and was unable to prevent Eren from being kidnapped. The girl is desperate, but Hannes manages to cheer up both her and Armin. An old friend gave the guys back faith in Eren and that he could be saved.

Later, Mikasa travels to the Forest of Giant Trees with the scouts. The girl manages to catch up with Reiner, Berthold and Ymir, who kidnapped Historia and Eren. Mikasa is touched by Hoover’s sincere speech about his pangs of conscience and duty, however, Ackerman does not intend to let the traitors take Eren away.

Commander Erwin manages to cut the rags that bind Yeager. Mikasa catches Eren in the fall. They notice the Smiling Titan approaching and remember how it ate Carla Yeager. Hannes enters the fight to protect the boys, but is killed. Recognizing his defenselessness before the giant, Mikasa thanks Eren for his care and friendship.

However, in a rage, he charges at the Smiling Titan with his bare fists and unknowingly activates his Scream ability. On Eren’s orders, the mindless titans attack Dina Fritz’s titan and tear him to pieces. Along with the rest of the soldiers, Mikasa returns to Trost.

Arch Royal Government. Soon, Mikasa and the members of Squad Levi stop at the new headquarters at Wall Rose. She is present at the meeting with the Hange Squad. There was discussion of the return of the Maria Wall and Shiganshina County, made possible by the Attack Titan’s flesh hardening ability.

Mikasa observes Eren’s training under Hange and intervenes at the first sign of Yeager’s exhaustion. Once the girl had to cut it out of the back of the head of a titanium to stop the experiment. During the night, they receive word from Erwin Smith and manage to leave the headquarters before it is attacked by the Military Police.

Scouts infiltrate Trost and play along with the kidnapping of Eren and Historia. Mikasa meets with Dimo ​​Reeves for the second time and neutralizes him. Levy has a conversation with the entrepreneur and agrees on cooperation. Mikasa protests the part of this deal that involves handing over Eren and Historia to the Military Police. The mission went wrong due to the assassination of Dimo ​​Reeves.

The scouts have to face the police, during which Armin kills one of the attackers. Afterwards, he asks Mikasa how she got over her first murder, however the question surprises her. Arlert and Ackerman dress up as Hitch Dreis and Marlo Freudenberg to sneak into the Military Police Headquarters.

After that, they get enough information to guess the location of Eren and Historia. Mikasa and the rest of the scouts head to the Reiss family chapel. There they have to confront the police. Mikasa, seeing the flash of Eren’s transformation into a titan, rushes to find him.

After the transformation of Rod Reiss, the Attack Titan gains the ability to create hardened flesh. Mikasa cuts Eren out of the Titan’s body and helps him get to Orwood County. At its outer wall, the scouts fight the titan Rhoda Reiss. After these events, Eren offers to visit Kis Shadis and ask him about Grisha Yeager. Mikasa and his comrades set out on their journey.

Arc Return to Shiganshina. Instructor Kees Shadis tells the scouts about how he met Grisha, about his meeting with Carla, and about the day when his father injected Eren with a transforming serum. The Survey Corps soldiers plan to return to Shiganshina to reclaim the Maria Wall and find the basement of the Yeagers’ home. The day before, Mikasa discusses with Armin and Eren whether everything will be the same after the return of their home district.

The next morning the scouts go on a mission. As the Attack Titan closes the breach in Maria’s wall, Mikasa cuts Eren out of the back of his head. She leaves Yeager on the wall, wrapped in her cloak. Armored and Beast Titans appear.

Mikasa tries to blind and kill Reiner with his thunder lances. Scouts notice the approach of Berthold, the girl does not miss the opportunity to attack him, but does not kill Hoover. When he transforms into a Colossal Titan, Mikasa attacks the back of his head with thunder spears. However, this does not work, as Berthold’s titan exudes steam that protects it.

Mikasa is wounded by flying shrapnel. She decides to turn her attention to the Armored Titan and manages to rip off her lower jaw. With Reiner captured, Hange decides to harness the power of his titan with a transforming serum. The woman orders Mikasa to take an injection from Captain Levi. However, the girl finds Eren and Levi arguing over whether to administer the serum to Erwin or Armin.

Mikasa will attack the captain after he starts beating Eren. Hange appears and manages to calm the girl down. Mikasa cries of happiness as Armin wakes up from the injection. She later finds the Yeager family’s basement with her friends and Captain Levi. There they find three books with Grisha’s memories and a photograph.

Mikasa and Eren are then placed in prison cells due to their actions against Captain Levi, however, after a while, the guys are released. A year later, the scouts leave the walls and reach the ocean. Mikasa feels happy, but Eren states that the enemy is still waiting to meet them. This makes the girl understand that you can not relax.

Arch Marley. After a while, Mikasa, along with the rest of the soldiers, captures the Marley ship, however, Anti-Marley Volunteers are among the members of his crew. They offer the inhabitants of Paradise Island to make an alliance with them. Volunteers help develop the infrastructure and military power of the island. Later, Hizuru’s delegation, led by Kiyomi Azumabito, arrives at Paradise.

Mikasa confides in a woman at Eren’s request and learns that she is a descendant of the ancient and famous Ackerman clan. Later, the girl, along with the rest of the Survey Corps, arrives in Marley. There, Eren tries to talk to Mikasa, wanting to know if she cares about him as family or otherwise. However, his comrades approached him.

The scouts sneak into Marley’s war meeting about Paradise Island, and Mikasa watches as a frustrated Eren leaves. After a while, Yeager goes to the mainland alone, and Mikasa and scouts come to his rescue. This results in huge losses among the population of Marlia and especially among the inhabitants of the Liberio ghetto.

Mikasa fights the Hammer Titan and the Tooth Titan to protect Eren and help him eat Lara Tyber. The girl then helps Yeager get to the airship. Gabi and Falco make their way to the flying ship, Jean reports that these children shot Sasha Braus. Mikasa spends the last minutes of her life with the girl, and then attends her funeral.

Arc War for Paradise. Mikasa later gathers with her former classmates to discuss Eren’s actions. The girl defends him and continues to insist that she will kill anyone who decides to harm Yeager. Mikasa and Armin then visit Darius Zakklay in his office and witness his death.

At a meeting of the Commanders of the various troops of Paradise, the girl learns that Eren has escaped from his place of imprisonment. Later, scouts led by Hange arrive at Nikolo’s restaurant, along with the Jaegerists. Eren finds Mikasa in one of the rooms with Armin and Gaby. Yeager calls friends to talk and quarrels with them.

Mikasa is depressed as Eren called her a blood slave of the Ackermans and said that he always hated her. Armin is angered by his friend’s words and rushes at him with his fists. Mikasa instinctively stops him. After that, the girl is kept in a prison cell with the rest of the Survey Corps soldiers. Soon they hear the roar of the battle of the titans, they are freed by Onyankopon.

Armin convinces Mikasa that Eren is moving away from them on purpose so as not to harm his friends. The girl leaves her scarf in the locker room and prepares for battle. Mikasa fights the Marley soldiers and the Carrier Titan as the walls collapse. She watches in horror as the crowd of Colossal Titans march.

Eren contacts her and the rest of the Eldians, revealing his intention to destroy all humans outside the island. Mikasa returns to the fortress to find that her scarf has disappeared. The next morning, she visits Louise in the infirmary, who confesses to the theft. The girl explains this by the fact that Eren gave the order to throw away the scarf, but she did not raise her hand to do so.

Mikasa returns a gift from a loved one. She later teams up with Marley’s scouts and soldiers to stop Eren’s genocide. Together, they free Kiyomi Azumabito from the Jaegerists’ captivity and sail away on a ship captured in the port. They arrive in Odiha, where they prepare a flying craft.

At this time, Annie starts a conversation with Mikasa and asks her if she will kill Eren to save humanity, to which she receives a negative answer. Ackerman leaves Odiha with his comrades in an airship. Along the way, she contemplates a plan of action. Mikasa wonders if Eren himself wants to be stopped. At this point, Yeager contacts his friends and warns them that they will have to kill him to stop him. As the airship approaches Eren, the soldiers jump off the ship and land on the Primordial Titan’s body. Mikasa has to defend herself against a horde of titans summoned by Ymir to protect Yeager. The flying Toothy titan Falco arrives to help the guys with Annie and Gaby.

An okapi titan eats Armin, Mikasa manages to cut Arlert out of his mouth. Falco brings Mikasa to the ground so Armin can transform into a Colossal Titan and blow up the Original Titan. When Arlert’s plan succeeds, Mikasa flies the Titan Falco back to Eren. At that moment, Eren mentally connects with her. He asks the girl to forget about him after his death, Mikasa replies that he cannot do this. She returns to reality and asks Falco to take her to the head of the Original Titan. Mikasa enters the titan’s mouth and discovers the real Eren inside. The girl cuts off his head and kisses him goodbye.

Mikasa brings Eren’s head to Armin to mourn the death of a loved one together. She buries him alone at the foot of an ancient tree. Mikasa meets with the spirit of Ymir and realizes that the girl has been waiting all her life for Eren, Mikasa and the murder of her beloved, which Ackerman was obliged to commit.

It was this that helped Ymir’s soul to be freed. Years later, Mikasa visits Eren’s grave and cries because she can’t see him again. To the surprise of the girl, one of the birds flew up to her and wrapped a scarf around her neck. Mikasa thanks Eren for the fact that after so many years, he is still by her side.

Death. Mikasa eventually married a man whose identity is certainly unknown. From the back, he strongly resembles the matured Jean Kirshtein. Mikasa raised children and then grandchildren. Throughout her life, she, along with her entire family, came to Eren’s grave. Even in her old age, sitting in a wheelchair, she was brought to a tree to leave flowers. When Mikasa died, she was buried with a red scarf next to Eren.

Mikasa Ackerman: Hero Relationship

Mikasa Ackerman and Mrs. and Mr. Ackerman. Parents loved their daughter very much, they lived simply and raised the girl in care and affection. Mrs. Ackerman was obliged to leave a scar on Mikasa’s body in the form of the emblem of the Ackerman clan, in order to thus indicate the girl’s belonging to an ancient family. The mother ordered her to perform the same ceremony with her children and subsequent descendants. The girl loved her parents and completely trusted them. When her father and mother were killed in front of Mikasa, the girl was deeply shocked and lost her will to live.

Mikasa Ackerman and Kiyomi Azumabito. Kiyomi-sama arrived on the island as a representative of Mikasa’s homeland - Hizuru. When Ackerman showed her the scar in the form of the emblem of her clan, the woman was very glad to find the last representative of an ancient family in the Walls. Kiyomi invited her to return to her homeland and take her place among the members of a noble family.

However, Mikasa was initially distrustful of the woman and relinquished the title. Kiyomi-sama laments that the Hizuru have long been greedy for money and cunning in foreign policy. In this way, she tries to prove to Mikasa that she is really interested in saving the descendant of the shogun. Later, Mikasa rescues Kiyomi from the captivity of the Jaegerists who have settled in the harbor of Paradise Island.

Mikasa Ackerman and Grisha Yeager. Grisha knew the girl and her parents. The man always invited Eren with him when he went to visit them, in the hope that the children would become good friends. When Mrs. and Mr. Ackerman were killed, he adopted Mikasa and raised him as his own daughter. The girl trusted him as her own father.

Mikasa Ackerman and Carla Yeager. Carla welcomed the girl into the family and carefully raised her. The woman treated her like her own daughter. They reached a complete understanding when it came to protecting Eren from trouble. Carla Yeager asked the girl to look after her brother and protect him.

Mikasa, without a shadow of a doubt, told her foster mother that Eren intended to join the Survey Corps in order to protect him. During the fall of Shiganshina, the girl desperately tried to lift the beam that crushed Karla. Mikasa was unable to look at the death of the second mother and averted her eyes.

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager. Children often saw each other, as their parents were closely acquainted. When Mikasa was kidnapped by slave traders, Eren came to her rescue. It was then that his order "Fight!" awakened Mikasa’s powers. The girl was imbued with especially warm feelings for him when, after all the horrors of that day, the boy tied a red scarf for her and called her to their house.

As a child, Mikasa protected Eren in every possible way and dealt with hooligans with whom Yeager got into a fight. After the death of their mother Carla, the girl took responsibility for their survival in the new conditions. She constantly had to knock down Eren’s pride so that he would not die of hunger or cold.

Later, Mikasa supported him in choosing the fate of a soldier, joining him in the 104th Cadet Corps. During her studies, the girl constantly supported Eren and helped him with training. Mikasa often repeated that she would accompany him throughout his life. The girl saved him every time Eren was kidnapped by Marley’s Warriors.

She also arrived in Marley when Yeager stabbed Willy Tyber and all the people present at the event. Mikasa did not condemn Eren’s actions and defended him in front of his comrades. Ackerman was ready to kill anyone who would be a threat to the health or life of Yeager.

However, fate was so ironic that it was Mikasa who had to cut off Eren’s head in order to stop the Buzz of the Earth. This decision was hard for the girl, because all her life she loved him. After Yeager’s death, Armin realizes that a friend spoke to him and said that everything that happened is a consequence of his love for Mikasa. Eren also admitted that he wants the girl to always love only him. Mikasa buried Eren by a huge tree. Until her old age, she visited his grave and brought flowers. Then her relatives buried the girl next to Eren’s grave.

Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Mikasa and Armin have been good friends since childhood. The girl often helped him escape from bullies, with whom Arlert simply could not fight. Mikasa respects and appreciates his friend, especially for his ability to find extraordinary and the only right solutions in critical situations.

Armin often compares himself to his friends, considering himself inferior to them, but Mikasa always supports and encourages him. Ackerman trusts a friend, a prime example of this is the ability to entrust Armin with the responsibility of saving Eren’s life when Trost’s soldiers learned of his ability to turn into a titan.

When Arlert can be saved by an injection of cerebrospinal fluid, and Levi refuses to do so, Mikasa fights hard to defend his friend’s right to life as Erwin Smith’s replacement. And when Armin is healed and comes to, she cries of happiness.

The guys always act together, even when Eren deliberately pushes them away from him. Armin convinces his friend that Yeager does not hate her, but only seeks to save her. When Eren dies, Mikasa brings his head to Armin and they mourn their friend’s death together. This shows that the girl is able to share the worst moments of her life only with Arlert, and proves their spiritual closeness.

Mikasa Ackerman and Hannes. Hannes often looked after Mikasa and Eren in Shiganshina. A man saves them from the Smiling Titan eating their mother Carla Yeager. There is no doubt that the girl is grateful to him for saving her and Eren’s lives. Mikasa did not stop respecting Hannes even when he admitted to her his cowardice before the battle with a real titan.

Later, the girl willingly reminisced with him about the days of peaceful life in Shiganshina. When Eren is kidnapped by Rainer Braun and Bertolt Hoover, it is Hannes who manages to restore Mikasa’s will to live. When they managed to catch up with the traitors and rescue Eren from captivity, he and Mikasa remain unarmed in front of a crowd of titans, the girl is also injured. Hannes desperately defends them, because of which he dies. Mikasa mourned his death along with Eren and Armin.

Mikasa Ackerman and Bertolt Hoover. There was no special relationship between them, they treated each other only as classmates and comrades. However, Berthold, being an undercover Marley Warrior, was wary of Mikasa due to her outstanding strength. When the suspicion of Armin and Erwin fell on him, the girl began to treat him solely as a danger to Eren’s life.

However, Mikasa momentarily hesitated in her decision to kill Berthold, unable to prevent him from transforming into a Colossal Titan. Later, she reproached herself for this, because otherwise the traitors would not have kidnapped Eren. When Mikasa caught up with the Warriors, she was ready to kill them along with her accomplices, but was touched by Berthold’s sincere speech. The death of Hoover did not cause any special feelings in the girl.

Mikasa Ackerman and Rainer Braun. They were for each other no more than classmates or associates. Mikasa respected his leadership qualities, but rarely interacted with him. Upon learning that Reiner could be a traitor, the girl was furious. She considered herself capable of killing him without hesitation, but still hesitated and only wounded Reiner.

When Mikasa caught up with Eren Brown who had kidnapped her, she was furious. However, after being rescued, Erena allowed Reiner to escape. After the events in Marley and the retaliatory attack by mainland soldiers on Paradise Island, Mikasa is ready to work with Brown to stop the Earth Buzz.

Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart. Some rivalry was noticeable between the girls during their training in the 104th Cadet Corps. This was especially noticeable during hand-to-hand combat training, when Annie showed a technique that her father had taught her. However, after the revelation that Leonhart possesses the power of the Female Specimen, their relationship escalated into open hostility.

When the girls were forced to work together as a result of the association of the soldiers of Paradise with the soldiers of Marley, their relations with each other improved somewhat. Mikasa consoled Annie, who complained that she was tired of fighting for those who mistreated her.

Mikasa Ackerman and Jean Kirstein. On the first evening in the 104th Cadet Corps, Jean is struck by the beauty of the girl and begins to feel sympathy for her. However, Mikasa was most likely unaware of this during their training and service in the Survey Corps. Basically, they communicated on the basis of rivalry between Jean and Eren. It often seemed to Mikasa that Kirstein was trying to discredit Yeager, and therefore the girl fiercely defended her lover.

After the death of Eren, Mikasa got married. Isayama Hajime does not focus on the personality of this person, but in terms of clothes and hairstyle, he is most similar to Jean Kirstein. This could be evidence of his strong feelings for Mikasa. Especially when you consider that he would have to come to terms with the fact that his wife did not stop loving Eren throughout his life.

Mikasa Ackerman and Sasha Braus. Girls often perceived each other solely as classmates. At the beginning of her training, Mikasa was somewhat distant towards her. When instructor Kees Shadis demanded an explanation due to the noise during dinner, Ackerman stated that "Sasha spoiled the air." During the training, the girls were roommates. Mikasa respected Sasha’s instincts and completely trusted her instincts.

Later, Ackerman considered the girl to be her good friend. When Sasha was shot, Mikasa hurried to her place to spend her last moments with her friend. The death of Braus shocked the girl. After the funeral, Ackerman remained at the grave and talked aloud about what needs to be done to save the Eldians.

Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss. Girls rarely communicated during their studies and service, as they had too different characters. Dislike could slip between them when Mikasa was ready to kill Ymir, having learned about her ability to turn into a Toothy Titan. When Historia sided with Reiner and Brown, Ackerman warned her that she would kill anyone who threatened Eren’s health or life. However, in the Reiss cave, Mikasa was the first to rush to the aid of the girl. Therefore, we can say that the relationship between the heroines is ambiguous.

When Historia agreed to become Queen in the Walls and hit Captain Levi, Mikasa smiled as she thought it was funny. Later, Historia rejoices at the news of Mikasa’s holding on to a high title off the island, as she believes that they will now be able to discuss the hardships of their position. However, the Queen is sympathetic to Ackerman’s decision to step down from her high position and continue to follow Eren while living on Paradise Island.

Mikasa Ackerman and Levi Ackerman. At first, Mikasa had a negative attitude towards the captain, as he beat Eren during the trial. Later, a relationship of subordinate and superior developed between them. Levi greatly appreciated such a skilled soldier. They often fought side by side and protected each other. Mikasa was grateful to him for saving Eren when he was kidnapped by the Female Species.

During the next mission, he learned about the girl’s belonging to the Ackerman family and about the circumstances under which her powers were revealed. Later, Levi also learned about his belonging to the Ackermans, but did not begin to treat Mikasa as a relative.

Mikasa Ackerman and Louise. During the Battle of Trost, little Louise, along with her mother, could not evacuate because of Dimo ​​Reeves’ wagon blocking the gate. Mikasa threatened the entrepreneur with a blade, and he agreed to let the residents through. Louise remembered this act and considered Ackerman a heroine.

Many years later, the girl became a soldier of the Survey Corps. She seeks to get closer to Mikasa and even steals the scarf that Mikasa left behind during her moment of doubt in Eren. Later, Ackerman visits the girl and takes Eren’s gift. Louise confesses to Mikasa her feelings for her, but Ackerman does not return the courtesy and silently leaves.

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