Peak Finger: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Finger Peak - Age: Unknown; Height: 155 cm (human), 4 m (titanium). Marlian Warrior, possessing the power of the Carrier Titan. Participated in the war with the Middle East Alliance and the battle in the Shiganshin district. She was directly involved in stopping the Hum of the Earth. Subsequently, the ambassador of the peace talks on behalf of Paradise Island.


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Finger’s Peak: Basic Information

Peak Finger: Appearance

Finger Peak is a short girl. She is brunette with hair just below the shoulders. Sometimes Peak wears them loose with a parting in the middle and bangs, but more often he collects them in a low ponytail and releases the front strands. The girl’s face is pretty, with a large nose. Peak’s eyes are dark gray, often their gaze expresses indifferent sadness.

The girl wears the standard gauze soldier uniform with a brown pleated skirt and black high boots and a red Warrior band around her shoulder. When Peak Finger arrived on Paradise Island, she hid in the streets under a lilac hooded cloak. After infiltrating the Yeagerist fortress, she kills one of the scouts and changes into his uniform.

Peak Finger: Character

The fate of Peak Finger is rather sad: the girl grows up with her father, who is seriously ill. This is what prompted her to join the ranks of the Warriors, because in this way she was able to provide the only loved one with the necessary medical care. Despite the fact that this burden is heavy, and service in the army is exhausting, Peak often jokes, besides, the girl knows how to enjoy the moment, if the right one comes out.

It is worth noting that Figuer Peak is a man who sincerely believes in the possibility of freeing the Eldians around the world. She wants it with all her heart. Among other things, she dreams of this in order to show her father before dying that Eldia has a future. The girl trusts her comrades in arms and is ready to risk her life for them. Outwardly, Peak is often calm, looks tired. Finger possesses outstanding analytical skills.

Finger’s Peak: Interesting Facts

Peak Finger: Famous Quotes

"I really don’t trust Marlya. I pray that the Eldians will be free. However, I am willing to trust those I fight side by side." - Peak Finger Gabi Brown as they infiltrated Paradise and attacked Eren.

"We are the people of Ymir. This is the truth that cannot be escaped. For all, we will always be the ones who can become a titan." - Peak Finger Gabi Brown, when she pretends to be a traitor to Marlia.

Finger’s Peak: Return to Shiganshina Arc

When the Reconnaissance Corps under the command of Erwin Smith arrives in Shiganshina and finds Reiner in his hideout, the Beast Titan, the Carrier Titan, and many smaller titans surround the inner gate. The Commander notices a weight strapped to the back of a titan on all fours, and makes the assumption that he is an enemy vigilante.

Erwin believes that the Titan Carrier spotted them from afar and warned their opponents. Smith points him to Levi and Armin and claims that this giant is sentient. This surprises the scouts. Armin ponders the contents of the Carrier Titan’s cargo. However, there, in a barrel with holes, Berthold hid, waiting for the right moment to attack.

When Rainer is on the verge of death, he utters a scream with the last of his strength. This serves as a signal to Berthold. The Titan Carrier brings the cargo to the Beast Titan so that he can take the barrel with Hoover and throw it high above Shiganshina. Titan Zika begins shelling the scouts with crumbled stones, for this Peak brings him cobblestones.

As a result of a distraction by Erwin and the recruits, Levi manages to get close to the Beast Titan and extract Yeager from him. The Carrier Titan returns in time, he grabs Zeke with his mouth and runs away with him. Peak, having transplanted him onto his back, takes the man to Eren, where the brothers talk to each other for the first time. The carrier spots Levy on the wall.

Peak escapes over the rooftops of Shiganshina’s houses and finds Rainer being tortured by Hange Zoe. The carrier also grabs his body with his mouth and continues his escape. The peak is lucky, as Levi is delayed by Eren, and Hange, Connie and Jean do not have enough gas to chase. Reaching the outer wall of Shiganshina, Peak and Zeke turn around and stare at the ruined city. They manage to hide without any problems.

Finger’s Peak: Marley Arch

Marlya wages war with the Middle East Alliance with the help of the Eldians and Warriors. During the capture of the Fortress of Glory, the Titan Carrier with a machine-gun bunker on its back enters the battle after Gaby Brown knocks out the anti-titanium composition. The peak is very effective at eliminating enemy soldiers. After the capture of the fortress, the four-year war ends, and the Warriors return to their homeland.

Peak Finger uses a crutch to enter the room where Porco Galliard and Rainer Braun are talking. They are unfriendly to each other, so the girl seeks to defuse the situation. She turns to Porco "Pokko" and asks him to give Reiner a favor for catching the ship’s salvo with his chest. Galliard is angry at his nickname and asks Peak to forget him.

Rainer asks her how she is feeling. Peak says she spent two months in titanium form and forgot how to walk on two legs. She sits down on the adjoining bed and advises Brown to see the young Warrior candidates, who worried about him and missed him. Rainer agrees with the girl and leaves the room.

Peak leans back on the bed and says that she is very tired. Porco notices that they haven’t seen each other for a long time, but Peak counters that they are always there on the battlefield. Galliard expresses the hope of rest, the girl says that she would also like this. They later ride home in a train, Peak in a carriage with the rest of the Warriors, candidates and Theo Magath. In the afternoon they arrive at the station.

Peak walks up to Colt, who is suffering from a hangover, Porco, who helps him to go, and Falco, puzzled by the question of who gave his older brother so drunk yesterday. Finger replies that he did not take his eyes off the bottle. Zeke walks by and chides Colt for repaying Peek unworthily, who took pity on him. Gaby comes up to the guys.

Porco notes that the girl was praised yesterday. Peak puts his arm around Gaby’s shoulders and asks Galliard not to scold her, because they don’t shake their hands for nonsense. The girl is very pleased with Finger’s kindness. Together they reach the gates of the Liberio ghetto, where family and friends await their return. Along the way, Peak stops the squabble between Gabi and Falco, reminding them that everything should know when to stop.

The girl is met by her father, who is happy to see his daughter to tears. In the evening, Zeke Yeager, as the commander of the Warriors squad, invites them to his tea party. Finger’s Peak lies on the sofa during the meeting. Zeke talks about Willie Tyber, who wants to tell the whole world about the true story of the Titans. Peak remarks that this clan, while possessing the Titan Hammer, has never used this power against other nations.

She also notes that the Tibers stripped King Fritz of power during a titanic war, and therefore foreigners listen to them. During the conversation, Zeke says that Willie will arrive in the Liberio ghetto, where the festival will be organized, delegations from other countries will be invited. There, Tiber will announce the start of a mission to subdue Paradise Island.

Rainer recalls his childhood years when he and his comrades were candidates for the Warriors. When Brown was beaten up by Porco, Peak silently left after the rest of the guys. Later, the management decided to entrust the hardy Titan Carrier to the judicious Finger. When Rainer, Berthold, Annie, and Marcel went on a mission to Paradise Island, Peak stayed with Zeke in Marley.

Interestingly, the Carrier Titan’s stamina leaves a trace of influence on the girl’s habits. Since she can remain in the form of a titan on all fours for months, Peak forgets how to walk like a human. Once so she scared Porco. He climbed the stairs in the morning and saw Peak on all fours. She apologized for frightening him.

The Warriors later attend a meeting to discuss the organization of an upcoming operation on Paradise Island. After the event, they stop to discuss what they have heard. Peak notes with sadness that the military can put the responsibility for the success of the operation on the shoulders of children. The girl can see how the candidates are training below.

After a while, a festival is organized in the Liberio ghetto. Peak, Porco and Rainer come to it and spend time with the young candidates. The girl enjoys the surroundings and tries the treats that abound in the counters. At the end of the day, Udo says he would like the festivals to take place more often. Peak silently agrees with him, she closes her eyes and allows herself to remember this moment.

Before Willie Tiber’s performance, the Warriors Porco Galliard, Peak Finger and Zeke Yeager sit in the stands, along with young candidates Colt Grice, Gabi Brown, Udo and Sophie. Elena approaches them with a false beard and a helmet pulled down over her eyes and says that Commander Magath is calling the Warriors, after which Porco, Peak and Zeke follow her.

On the way, Elena orders Zeke to go to the main gate. Peak and Porco keep walking. Finger notices that it seems to her that they have already met somewhere, and she asks Elena where she serves. She replies with a fictional story and rudely declares that she is not going to talk nicely with the Eldians. The peak, in response to the lunge, compliments the fake beard.

The girl is hailed by a group of tank crews serving alongside the Titan Carrier. Peak runs up to them and secretly shares his suspicions about the soldier leading them. Elena demands to go further. She accompanies them into the house and even politely opens the door, letting the Warriors go ahead, and then cuts the cable holding the hole lid. Peak and Porco fall into a deep well in which it is impossible to transform.

After a while, they hear a crash, Peak believes that such a noise can only be produced by a battle between the titans. The tankers appear, and Finger orders them to bring the rope. Porco wonders how they knew where to go. Peek reveals that she took security measures because of a suspicious soldier. They get out of the well.

Tankers report that the Attack Titan has appeared, with which the Titan Hammer is fighting. The peak gives soldiers 10 minutes to prepare a mobile bunker. Porco is in a hurry to join the battle, but the girl asks him to assess the situation judiciously. They notice scouts rushing past them on the rooftops. Peak did not expect them to appear.

In the form of the Titan Carrier, the girl enters the battle. With the help of a machine-gun pillbox attached to her back, she fires at the buildings in which the scouts are hiding. The Beast Titan joins the battle. The peak protects the back of his head from enemy attack and orders the tankers not to let anyone from the rear to the commander of the Warriors.

Finger tells Porco that the Hammer Titan is about to be eaten. Galliard loses his reasoning ability. The peak reminds him that they are in control of the battlefield, and that opponents will not be able to escape through the harbor and that the enemy should have few supplies. In addition, she notices that the exits from Liberio are blocked, and the islanders are not able to conduct a protracted battle.

Porco says that it is enough to deal with the Progenitor, which is now easy to defeat. Peak replies that it is for this reason that they need to carry out the operation without errors. The girl says that the priority is to protect the Beast-like from the Ackermans. Zeke praises her for her good analysis of the situation and attacks the scouts.

An explosion is heard from the transformation of the Colossal Titan from the side of the harbor. Peak concludes that the islanders stole power from Berthold Hoover. Porco rushes to Eren, Finger reports that the enemy is on the offensive. The carrier turns away to follow the scouts, but turns back at the sound of flesh being cut by the blades.

Peak sees that Beast has been attacked by Levi Ackerman. The girl is ready to believe that the commander of the Warriors was killed. Tankers call out to her to remind her of the enemies around them. Sasha Braus from behind cover kills one of the machine gunners - Marlo - and Peak attacks her. The scouts hit the titan with thunder spears. The peak lights up and the Carrier falls to the ground near Gabi, Falco, and Theo Magath.

Grice gets in the way of Jean, who must finish off Finger with a shot of a thunder spear. However, the scout misses. Peak leaves the titan’s body and asks Falco to run away as soon as possible. With the help of Theo Magath covering them, Falco and Gaby manage to carry the Peak to a safer place. The islanders leave Marley in an airship that has arrived after them.

Interestingly, Peak later informs Magat that she saw a soldier with a beard who accompanied them to a trap among the crew of the first missing reconnaissance ships sent to Paradise Island. She also says that she remembered this girl because she literally worships Zeke Yeager. Peak, despite her serious condition, jokes that she immediately realized that the girl’s beard is not to her face.

Finger’s Peak: The War of Paradise Arc

After the scouts’ attack, Peak regained consciousness, her body rebuilding. She came to visit Rainer with Porco and sat down on the next couch. Brown wakes up, Galliard asks if he had a nightmare. He also says that it would be better if it was a dream. Reiner asks where Gaby and Falco are and is told that they escaped after Eren Yeager during the battle.

After a while, Peak makes his way to Paradise Island under cover. In a cloak that hides her face, she sits at the fountain and pretends to read the newspaper. In fact, the girl is watching what is happening on the street. Hanji Zoe, Jean Kirshtein, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman are riding past her. Peak watches the military.

Eren Yeager is informed that scouts have made their way to the fortress they are in. He comes to Gaby and offers to help Falco, if the girl helps to lure out the Marlians. Peak approaches him from behind with a pistol and takes him at gunpoint. Gaby exclaims happily, and Finger asks for a lower voice. Peak orders her to point the rifle at Eren.

She asks Yeager to take his hands out of his pockets, he does not move and asks what threatens him for disobedience. Peak says that in this case, she will shoot him in the head and he will not have time to become a titan. Eren claims that the girl will not shoot, since she did not receive permission to kill the Progenitor. He also reveals her plan to transform and eat him.

Peak asks Gaby to remove his finger from the trigger and raises his hands up. She says that she was already lucky to get to him before the military realized. She also calls the reason that kept her from firing is that with the power of the Titan-Progenitor, Eren is able to destroy Marlia. Yeager asks Peek to say what she wants.

Finger says her goal is the freedom of the Eldians around the world, as well as the need to rescue her relative from Liberio. The girl says that she became a Warrior in order to provide her father with the proper level of medical care. Now she wants to have time before her death to show her father that the Eldians have a future, which is possible only with the destruction of Marlia.

Peak declares that she is ready to do anything to destroy the Marli. Gaby is deeply impressed by Finger’s betrayal, she points the rifle at the girl. This does not bother her, she approaches the girl and asks who they are in her opinion. Gaby replies that they are honorary Marli. Peak argues that for the whole world they always remain those who are able to become a titan.

She tells Gabi that every Eldian will be killed as soon as their power is no longer needed. Eren shows Peek a wounded finger and asks for proof of her sincere desire to side with the Yeagerists. The girl promises to betray her comrades who are hiding in the city. To do this, she offers to go up to the roof, Eren agrees.

Accompanied by soldiers, they climb the stairs. Eren explains that she was handcuffed to Gaby to avoid transforming into the Carrier. On the landing between the floors, she greets the soldiers peacefully. This is a sign to Porco, lurking between them, that everything is going according to plan. Galliard prepares to attack.

Gaby asks Eren about Falco, he replies that the boy swallowed Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid. This surprises Peak, she asks how this could have happened. Yeager replies that wine containing it got into his mouth. Peak then asks if Eren is aware of the reason for Zeke’s special power to command the Titans.

He replies with a counter question if she herself knows something about this. Peak says he has no idea. She reveals that Zeke spoke sincerely for the first time when he met Eren in Shiganshin. She asks Eren to believe her and promises to save him. Peak believes that Yeager is the only one to whom Zeke could trust his secret.

Upstairs, Elena meets them and opens the doors to the roof for them. As a greeting, Peak notices that the girl has shaved off her beard, which was very good for her. Elena warns Eren not to rely on the words of the gauze, he replies that he and Peak do not trust each other. Finger and Gabi come to the edge of the fortress roof.

Peak turns around and asks Eren why he didn’t use the power of the Ancestor and where Zeke is now. Yeager replies that she will find out everything later, and demands to point out the enemy. Gaby begins to cry in fear, and Peak squeezes her hand. Then the girl turns around and points at Eren. For a moment, everything freezes in anticipation, and the next moment Peak covers Gaby’s body with his own.

During Eren’s transformation, both of them are protected by the Tooth Titan. The girl asks Peak if she is a traitor or not. Finger is surprised that she believed what she said, that the Eldians in Marlya have no future. Peak points out to Gabi the blimps flying to help them. The girl sincerely admits that she does not trust Marlia, but is ready to trust those with whom she fights side by side.

Peak asks Porco to help get rid of the handcuffs, and he cuts off her wrist with his claws. The girl jumps off the roof and transforms into the Titan Carrier. Gaby climbs into the titan’s jaws, and Peak runs away from the epicenter of events. She refers the girl to the Marley soldiers, where they are met by Theo Magath. Peak reports the situation to the commander.

She talks about Falco swallowing Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid, and the presence of about 500 scouts in the city and Zeke’s absence. Peak suggests that Eren cannot use the power of the Ancestor at any moment. Gaby recalls hearing the islanders talking about the royal titan on the airship.

Peak remarks that Zeke may very well be a member of the royal family. The girl concludes that they must prevent the meeting of the Yeager brothers. She attaches an anti-titan cannon to the Carrier’s back, Theo Magath and a rifleman mount the titan. The peak climbs the wall, the Marlians aim their cannon at Eren, but when fired they hit him in the head.

Peak remarks that this is also a good shot, as it limited the Attack Titan’s physical capabilities. Next time they also hit the head. Zeke appears, General Magath decides to aim at the back of his head. However, the Beast Titan throws rock pellets at them, and the Transporter has to hide behind a wall.

Jean notices him and orders the scouts to clamp the titan in pincers, splitting into two groups. The peak is forced to retreat. After a while, Zeke notices the crumbling body of the Carrier Titan on the wall and decides that the Peak is dead. However, she and Magath prepared a surprise shot. Zeke did not expect this, literally a few centimeters saved him from instant death.

The bestial titan falls from the wall, and the Attack Titan rushes towards it. The peak transforms again, she and General Magath shoot and hit Eren, causing him to stop moving. Finger notices that Jean has approached them with a detachment of scouts. As she fights off their attacks, she notices that Zeke has survived and realizes that he is going to summon the titans.

When this happens, Peak and General Magath again target the Beast Titan and then aim for the Attack Titan’s head. Mikasa Ackerman attacks the Carrier Titan from the rear and is hit with a thunder spear. Peak fights her and Armin. Meanwhile, Gaby shoots off Eren’s head, which Zeke catches. The Hum of the Earth begins, the Primordial Titan appears.

Peak Finger, like all Eldians, finds himself in the Unknown Lands and hears Eren’s voice. He reports that the Titans will destroy all life on earth without touching Paradise Island. With Theo Magath, she retreats to the forest. There, Peak half leaves the titan’s body and discusses with the general that the situation is hopeless and all that remains is to wait for his death.

Peak notices Hange Zoe and directs the Titan-Transporter at her, but she convinces the Marli people that she is unarmed and tells that she only cares about the dying Levi. Hanji also says that they have a common goal - to kill Zeke. She invites Peak and Theo to join forces. The Marli people agree to such a step, because there are few options.

When Flock arranges lynching, the Titan Carrier appears, grabs Jean, Onyankopon and Elena and escapes. Peak takes them to Hange Zoya, Levi Ackerman and Theo Magath. Non-Jaeger scouts also arrive there, including Mikasa, Armin, Connie, and the recovered Annie Leonhart. All of them, as well as Colt, Falco and Gabi, are having dinner in the woods.

It is worth noting that Peak does not interfere with conversations until Elena insults General Magath. Then Finger reports that she found out information about the girl. She says that Elena falsified her biography, turning into a resident of a defeated country. Peak says he admires Elena’s greed and her desire to be a part of history.

Elena does not react to this provocation and strokes the titan on the face. She says that she sees all those gathered as those who inspire themselves with a noble mission to save humanity and hope to exterminate all existing evil. Then Elena pits the islanders and Marli people against each other. Dinner ends with a fight between Jean and Reiner, after which everyone goes to bed.

In the morning they move out in accordance with the plan to the port of the island. The Titan Carrier heads forward to scout the situation, and returns with bad news - the harbor has already been captured by the Yeagerists. Soldiers stop nearby to work out a course of action. Annie offers to kill everyone indiscriminately, to which Peak objects, since they need the Azumabito clan.

Due to lack of time, the soldiers have to act. They decide to seize the ship, to which the plane they need is tied, and, together with the Azumabito members, sail away on it. While the others are fighting, on the back of the Carrier Titan, Gabi, Falco, Elena and Onyankopon must infiltrate the ship, after which Peak will enter the battle.

However, Falco escapes before that, unable to come to terms with inaction. After bringing the others aboard, Peak destroys the Yeagerists one by one. Falco transforms into a Feral Titan with wings and comes to the rescue of the Transporter. When the boy loses control of the titan and attacks his allies, Peak fails to reason with him.

A bestial titan attacks the back of the Carrier Titan’s head. Theo Magath cuts Falco from the giant’s body. Hange helps Peek board the ship. When everyone got on board, they set sail. However, General Magath remained ashore to blow up the second ship. Peak Finger hugs Gaby Brown when they hear a pop and see a puff of smoke, it hurts both of them to say goodbye to Theo.

They arrive at the city of Odia. There are no ships in its port, since all the inhabitants have left it. Soldiers descend to the shore to prepare the plane. Peak and Gaby visit Falco, who has come to his senses. She tells the boy that their family and friends may already be dead. Levy informs Armin that Elena has already woken up, and Peak decides to go with them to the girl.

They come to her cabin and ask about the whereabouts of Eren Yeager. Helen suggests that he will go first to Karifa airbase and then to Fort Salta. After a while, Peak approaches Lady Kiyomi and asks her to take the children with her on the ship. She asks the girl what Gaby and Falco think about this, while Finger replies that he will lock them up.

Before leaving, Annie approaches Peak and Reiner, because she is the only Warrior who decides not to fly. Finger says that she is not obligated to share the common burden, because she was not devoted to Marlia. Peak witnesses Brown and Leonhart apologize and say goodbye to each other. Hanji approaches Finger and asks to measure the body temperature of her titanium, to which he is refused.

They hear the approach of the Hum of the Earth and decide to take off. Levy, Peak, Rainer, Connie, Jean, Mikasa, Armin and Onyankopon are on board. In flight, they develop a plan of action. Peak suggests that Eren’s body is at the front of the Primordial Titan’s spine, and suggests that Armin destroy Yeager by transforming into the Colossal Titan.

Levy remarks that they can kill Zeke first in order to stop the Rumble of the Earth. Peak replies that nothing is known about his location. Armin draws attention to the fact that Eren is able to control all the Eldians, but they are able to transform and act on their own. Peak asks him to clarify the idea. Arlert believes Yeager is giving them the ability to stop him.

Suddenly, they find themselves in the Unknown Lands again and hear the voice of Eren. He announces that he must be killed in order to stop the Rumble of the Earth. They find the Primordial Titan and jump onto him from the plane. The peak transforms into a Titan Carrier and grabs a tape with explosive projectiles in its mouth. She hopes to wrap it around Eren’s neck.

The progenitor Ymir revives the titans, who must prevent the soldiers from reaching Yeager. Peak is the first to understand this, she communicates her guesses to the others. She says that Eren is not her friend and rushes forward. Peak wraps a tape of explosives around the Primordial’s neck. However, before she can activate the detonator, the Carrier Titan attacks the Hammer Titan.

Jean distracts his attention, thanks to which Peak manages to transform on the run and destroy the Hammer. She then engages in battle and kills the titans and instructs Jean to activate the detonator. However, progress towards the back of the Primordial Titan’s head is slow, during which time Peak fights to the limit. Jean decides that they must retreat.

When Levi kills Zeke, who surrendered to him of his own free will, the Rumble of the Earth stops. This distracts Eren, Jean activates the detonator. Peak climbs onto Falco, who arrives to help, in the form of a flying Beast Titan. He lands among the Marli. Peak sees his father safe and sound. They hug.

Finger tells his father that this is not the end. Levi realizes that soon all the Eldians will become titans, and orders Peak to climb Falco and fly away. They rise into the air. Through his tears, Peak sees a huge number of foolish titans. She transforms into a Titan Carrier and tries to gnaw through the life form, which gives strength to all titans.

When Mikasa kills Eren, everyone becomes human, the dead are resurrected. The world took a long time to recover from the effects of the Hum of the Earth. Three years after these events, Peak and the former intelligence officers are ambassadors of peace negotiations and are sent to the island. Presumably, they were successful, and human civilization existed until its century passed.

Finger’s Peak: Titan Carrier

Titanium Carrier Finger Peak is 4 meters high, but visually it seems smaller due to the fact that it mainly moves on all fours. Because of this, the arms and legs of the titan have developed muscles. In general, the Carrier looks like a man with short dark hair, despite the fact that a girl possesses his power. Titanium has a rather long mouth.

Marley’s army designed many accessories for him. For example, a machine-gun bunker or installation for transporting goods. Plus, the Titan Carrier is extremely hardy. It is possible to transform several times in a row and remain in titanium form for several months. However, neither the previous nor the next owner of the Carrier Titan power is known.

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