Udo: Age, Height, Biography, Relationships, etc.

Udo - Height: 146 cm; Age: about 15 years old. He grew up in a camp in one of the unknown countries. When he ended up in Marley, he decided to become a candidate for the Warriors. Claimant for the power of the Armored Titan. Member of the war with the Middle East Alliance. He died during the attack of Eren on the Liberio ghetto, being trampled by the mob.


  1. General information about the character
  2. Outstanding Skills and Abilities
  3. The appearance and personality of the hero
  4. Interesting Facts and Quotes
  5. History, biography and death
  6. Hero Relationship

Udo: General information about the character

Udo: Outstanding Skills and Abilities

Possesses the skills of military medicine. Most likely this was taught to Udo as part of the education of a candidate for the Warriors of Marley. The boy deftly and efficiently rendered first aid to Falco Grice, and then to the captain of the detachment of the Marley troops. Skill in his movements at the same time testified to a large amount of experience and good knowledge of military medicine.

Diligent student. The boy tried very hard to become a candidate capable of inheriting the power of the Armored Titan. Udo diligently trained his physical form. Thanks to this, the boy showed good results in the races. Udo mastered theoretical disciplines even more diligently. For example, he boasted that his grades in all subjects were higher than those of Gabi.

Good friend. All candidates are, to one degree or another, rivals of each other. Each of them had their own reasons to try for the sake of obtaining the status of an honorary Marli. To do this, each of them needed to seize the power of the Armored Titan as soon as possible. However, Udo was sincerely happy about Gabi’s breakthrough. Also, the boy was genuinely happy for Falco, who for the first time was able to overtake Brown in training.

Udo: The appearance and personality of the hero

Body type. Udo looked short and thin. However, he trained hard and hard to become a Marley Warrior candidate. Thanks to constant physical activity, the boy had an athletic physique. The features of his body determined the low content of subcutaneous fat, which is why he was lean.

Appearance. Udo is a brunette with a short haircut. The top layer of his hair is medium length, causing the front strands to hang over his forehead like bangs. Eyebrows matching the hair were visible from under the hair. His eyes are dark grey. Udo wore oval black-rimmed glasses. The boy has a straight nose and full lips.

Clothing. During his training as a Marleyan Warrior Candidate, Udo wore the standard Marleyan soldier uniform with a yellow Eldian shoulder patch. In his spare time, he dressed in dark trousers, a white shirt, a dark sleeveless vest, and a brown jacket over it. He carried his belongings in a canvas bag worn over his shoulder.

Erudite. Udo is not just a diligent student who devotes a lot of time to learning in the name of a goal. He himself was inquisitive and diversified. This was indicated by knowledge of foreign languages. For example, the boy freely translated the words of a Middle East Alliance soldier rescued by Falco.

far-sighted. In all conversations, Udo wondered what would happen to him and the guys in the future. The boy instantly and emotionally reacted to political and social events. Then he began to analyze their consequences both for the Eldian people as a whole and for himself.

No illusions. Udo was interested beyond his years in what was happening around him. In addition, his views were more mature than one might expect. Moreover, when Gaby dreamed of a positive development, Udo sarcastically agreed that all problems would magically disappear. He emphasized the absurdity of such thoughts with an explosion of an inflated package, imitating a festive salute in honor of the liberation of the Eldians from adversity.

Udo: Interesting Facts and Quotes

"Representatives of the Middle East Alliance, which we defeated, will be there. I grew up in an internment zone in another country. The living conditions there were terrible. The way the Eldians are treated in Marley is still flowers" - Udo, in a conversation with Gaby, expresses understanding of the feelings of people, against whom they fought.

Udo: History, biography and death

Background of Udo. Udo confessed to his friends that his family lived in the internment zone of another state. The boy, comparing the living conditions there and in Marlia, noted that in Liberio the attitude towards the Eldians was "still flowers". Then Udo, with, presumably, his grandmother, arrived in Marley. The boy decided to become a candidate for the Warriors in order to achieve a higher status for his family.

Arch Marley. Udo was sent by Marley to the front lines of the war with the Middle East Alliance. He was present at the capture of the Slava fortress. After that, Udo, with Gabi, Sophie and Falco, watched the return of the surviving soldiers to their home countries. The boy was worried that stories of Eldian warfare in the service of Marley would make people all over the world hate them even more.

On the train, Udo returned to the Liberio ghetto, where he was met by an unknown relative, most likely his grandmother. The next day, the candidates had a training session, in which the boy sincerely rejoiced at Falco’s success. When the ambassadors of various states arrived in Liberio, Udo and his comrades were obliged to serve the guests as waiters.

The boy made a mistake and spilled wine on Ambassador Hizuru’s suit, but Lady Kiyomi did not give it to the Marleys. It was then that he first encountered the kindness of high-ranking people towards an Eldian. The next day, the candidates, including Udo, and the Warriors enjoyed the festival. During the introduction of Willy Tyber, the boy was struck by the revealed truth.

Death. After the appearance of the Attack Titan Eren Yeager, panic began. Udo briefly lost consciousness. When he came to, he saw Sophie’s body crushed by a boulder. The boy wanted to help his friend and went to the stone, but could not resist the flow of the crowd and was trampled to death. Gaby Brown and Colt Grice took his body to the doctor, although Udo died on the square and it was impossible to help him.

Udo: Hero Relationship

Udo and Gabi Brown. Udo and Gabi often spent time together due to their training to become Marley Warrior candidates. Thanks to this, the guys became friends. They were close enough to say what they really thought. Udo often disagreed with the girl, as she was too dreamy and out of touch with reality. Gaby could scold him in a fit of temper, for example, for bandaging Falco’s head too tightly.

Udo and Falco Grice. The guys were friends. Their relationship became even closer after many years of study and war with the Middle East Alliance. The boys took care of each other, they experienced the failure of a friend as their own. They also shared joy: Udo was happy for Falco when he managed to overtake Gaby Brown in training.

Udo and Sophie. Udo and Sophie got on well with each other. They were both calm and quiet, which made them comfortable with each other. When Sophie was crushed by a boulder, Udo rushed to her aid, despite the danger to his own life. The boy was shocked by the death of the girl and died, hugging the stone under which she was.

Udo and Theo Magath. During the training and training of candidates for the Warriors of Marley, as well as during the war, Theo Magath did not show much affection for the boy. However, before his death, the Marley field marshal warmly remembered Udo among his students. Theo regrets that the boy could have had a happy life if he had not been involved in his transformation into the Warriors of Marley.

Udo and Pick Finger. Udo perceived Peak as an older comrade. The girl was very kind to the young candidate for the Warriors. They could drop the chain of command and communicate openly. For example, Udo actively shared his impressions after the festival with Peak.

Udo and Kiyomi-sama. Kiyomi-sama showed Udo that people outside of Marley are capable of treating the Eldians well. The boy accidentally ruined the woman’s festive attire, but she took the blame for this on herself in front of the Marley soldiers. Kiyomi-sama took pity on Udo out of fear that he would be tortured or killed after such a misdeed. Probably, the boy became less skeptical about the positive scenario for the future of the Eldians after that.

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